The Wonder Women  Take a glance at Out Reggae for “Why So Lonely”

The Wonder Women Take a glance at Out Reggae for “Why So Lonely”

20160706_seoulbeats_wonder_girls_why_so_lonely_The sweetnessLadiesCheck out Out Reggae for Why So LonelyWritten by way of Chelsea On July 9, 2016Ah, summer. The time of year where all of theladyteamscome again alongsidethe kind of ear worms which are guaranteed to ring in our ears the complete mannertill Gayo season in the winter. Its a super fourth dimension of year, and not anything is more refreshing than seeing a womancrewgo back with an nice looking concept, and with a song that succeeds in going opposed to K-pop trends.

Thats precisely what the Wonder Girls have done with the unmarried Why So Lonely, which draws from reggae musically, and lathers itself in 60s/70s aesthetics to convey one of if no longer the absolute best comebacks to this point this summer. The band thoughtcould bethe maximum efficient thing to ever take place to the Wonder Girls, because its only expanded their attainable for versatility.

Its a plot thats all-too familiar for Yenny this summer the 4participantsexplicit their unhappiness with the guy in their lives whilst taking revenge on a mannequin. Unlike Get It, though, Why So Lonely is way less angry and an entire lot more ambivalent. The women dont feel suffocated by their boyfriends consistent attention, as an alternative its the precise opposite: his apathy brings them to question the imbalance in their relationship.

Weekend nights spent with you

I thought they’d be sweet

But nothing’s special, you’re nothing other

I wanna be like the beautiful couples in the movies

20160706_seoulbeats_wonder_girls_why_so_lonely_9Theres an air of at a loss for words boredom, blended with a feeling of disillusionment thats carried either by the lyrics and the the visuals. From the intro scene of Sunmi striking a fit solelyto put it in her mouth, we watch the flame of a romance start to extinguish.

The majority of the shots take position in domestic spaces, as each and every member deals with the fading romance in their own way: Yoobin sulks at thesofa with her model lover, while Yenny argues with him. Hyelims scenes draw on the absence of her boyfriend as she waits for him with a cake prior to the candles blow out in time with Sunmis event and she turns to Absolut Vodka for comfort.

Unlike the opposite members in the MV, Sunmis role is more like ours as a spectator; shes the only real member who startsthe taleout of doors of the domestic space, and in some ways she narrates the MV. At the start scene, she peeps into the rentalto look Yoobin and the mannequin on the couch. She later looks over her shoulder as she throws up into the toilet. After things turn violent, Sunmi blow dries his hair before the four members put the mannequin in a trunk and elevate him off to their band trainarea to torture him with confetti, cat toys and condiments.

In the closing scenes, the sun is going down, the members have all had their moment of catharsis, and they glance to the mannequin, lamenting the romance they might own had. The overall blow to the brokendating comes as we see the dynamite theyve strapped to his body, while Yoobin rings out the ultimate roll of the drums. The relationship is over, and the members cant in finding it in themselves to celebrate, because they still long for romance like in the movies.

20160706_seoulbeats_wonder_girls_why_so_lonely_3I wasnt mendacity when I stated the band principlecan bethe most effective thing ever for the wonder girls. Now not but did it permit them new vocal and musical dynamics, but it also brought them the gift of very stylized aesthetics. Theyre a dynamic visual group, and JYPE turns out to have its heart set on the usage ofthe ones dynamics to permit the members to embracealternative decades with each one comeback. Whether theyre being silly in the 80s or grooving in the 70s, they appearance damn just right doing it. Its a trick that may get old, but for now, its operating like a charm.

Perhaps here is because if any other Giant3corporate attempted the similar era-specific styling, itd almost definitely receivegrew to become out a lot more whacky. For keeping things visually cohesive and practically fashionable, JYP merits a circular of applause. Nothing is crazy, or exaggerated, but the members look surprising and the concept that plays off without a hitch. The style-era references doesnt have much to do with the sound of the track itself, and thats okay. The visuals lend any other layer of goodness to the comeback, giving the MV an attraction of its own.

My only wish for the MV would be to see more of Hyelim. Gazing her under the impact of alcohol kick a mannequin was oncea bigspotlight for me, so giving her a little more screen time (and vocal lines) would had been nice. Not that the remainder of the MV wasnt a visible treat, as it very much was.

Aside from the beautiful MV, the most exciting facet of Why So Lonely, for me, is JYPEs continued musical foray into reggae. The company has already played around a little with reggae tones in G.Souls Far, A long way Away previous this year. With the Wonder Girls, theyve taken the reggae base growing a sit back and apathetic tone perfect for summer and the lyrics while still managing to stay things poppy and public friendly. The song builds merely enough to steer transparent of falling flat, but never strays from the laid back tone it set in the hole notes, even all over the non-reggae pre-chorus. Similar to with I think You, the laid back sound in realityfits the members vocal tones, and theyre not achieving for notes out in theirdiversity or wanting to over-sing.

20160706_seoulbeats_wonder_girls_why_so_lonely_1Why So Lonely is the more or less song I will be ready to groove to, sing along with, and it doesnt have the opportunity ofgetting older quickly. The hot sound reminds me a little of something No Doubt may have done back in the day, and made me all the more exited to hear the other two tracks on the single album (which are great, by the way).

Its nothing new in the grand scheme of musical releases, but reggae summer tracks from girl groups is territory Im satisfied to see explored. Since SM is taking over EDM, and JYP is now tapping into reggae, its just asubject of time before YG combines the 2 and K-pop catches up with the tropical area trend thats been dominating western music for the beyond year or so. Not that it has to, Im just announcingthe basis has been laid.

If summer comeback season is a girl neighborhood race, then Identification say at this point, that the Wonder Ladies have emerged victorious. Really, JYPE is killing it this year.

(YouTube. Photographsby method of JYPE. Translatons thru Pop!Gasa)


K-Pop Enthusiasts Can’t Get Adequate Of Wonder Women Sunmi’s Beautiful  Glance  Whilst Traveling To “Music Bank”

K-Pop Enthusiasts Can’t Get Adequate Of Wonder Women Sunmi’s Beautiful Glance Whilst Traveling To “Music Bank”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilst on her way to a recording for Music Bank, Wonder Girls member Sunmi wowed now nothandiestjournalistsyetfanatics as neatly amongst her sparkling beauty.

Walking around the lot on July 8th, Sunmi used to be spotted dressed in a patterned one-piece get dressed that showed off her long legs. Not just has her visuals brought attention but her legs in addition fans praised her for her lovely legs.

Fans left comments like, Her legs are fairly as well, Pretty ㅠㅠㅠ Sunmi is in point of fact pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ and more.

Meanwhile, Wonder Women take begun their comeback promotions with their newestvirtualunmarried Why So Lonely. The single has been successful on electronic charts and completed a close tobest all-kill.

Image: Sunmi of Wonder Women making her way in opposition toTune banking concern for workforce comeback Image: Sunmi of Wonder Girls making her way toward Music Bank for community comeback

Image: Sunmi posing for the cameras while on her way to Music Bank Image: Sunmi posing for the cameras while on her way to Music Bank

Image: Taking a lookstunning as Sunmi walks across the lot to headthroughout the KBS building Image: Looking outlovable as Sunmi walks across the lot to passinside of the KBS development

Image: Fans are in awe at Sunmi's beauty, who have praised her for her proceedingattractiveness and gaining some much wished weight Image: Fans are in awe at Sunmis beauty, who have praised her for her continuing cosmetic and gaining some much obligatory weight

Image: Sunmi making her way towards Music Bank for Wonder Girls' comeback Image: Sunmi making her way towards Music Bank for Wonder Girls comeback

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Wonder Women  Stocks Plans For Either Band And Dance Performances Of New Music Why So Lonely

Wonder Women Stocks Plans For Either Band And Dance Performances Of New Music Why So Lonely

Wonder LadiesStocks Plans For Either ring And Dance Performances Of New Music “Why So Lonely”ilmare42 July 4, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Shares Plans For Both Band And Dance Performances Of New Track “Why So Lonely” Wonder Girls has revealed how they plan to test outto fulfill all their fanaticsthroughacting both as a band and as a dance staff for their comeback promotions.

On July 5, Wonder Girls made a long-awaited comeback with their new track “Why So Lonely,” and the music video for the song features the individuals equally a band in position of a dance group. Their new unmarried album of the similarcall is their 2ndfree up since they remodeled from a dance community into a four-member band for their 2015 album “Reboot,” with every member gambling an instrument.

In a contemporary interview with Superstar News about their comeback, the members are asked about their go back as a band. Yeeun says, “Last year we did disco music. As a disco band, we used electronic instruments. We used an electronic drum pad to mix both dancing and playing the instruments.”

“We’re seeking toopt fora unconditionally ‘real band’ idea this year,” she is goingdirectly to say. “But there also arethose thatneed us to dance, so we’ve ready a dance edition as well. We’ve attemptedto fulfilleverybody by making both a band and dance version.”

Her fellow member Sunmi adds, “We’re making plansto accomplishare living as a band in the primary week, and then display our dance in the moment one week.”

What do you bring to mind Wonder Girlss plans to carry out as both a band and a dance organization alongside Why So Lonely?

Wonder Girls - Why So LonelyMake stronger the artist by purchasing “Why from YesAsia Related Tags Wonder GirlsPost NavigationOutdatedTaleWatch: Juniel Shares Teaser Video For Comeback With “Pisces” MV

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Watch: Wonder Women Gets Their Revenge In “Why So Lonely” MV

Watch: Wonder Women Gets Their Revenge In “Why So Lonely” MV

Watch: Wonder Women Gets Their Revenge In Why So Lonely MVilmare42 July 4, 2016 0 Watch: Wonder Girls Gets Their Revenge In Why So Lonely MV Hit ladyteam Wonder Girls is back with a new single!

On July fiveat the hours of darkness KST, the four-member band released their newestunmarried “Why So Lonely. It functions3 songs, adding their reggae pop identifysong of the similar name that was co-written and co-composed throughcontributors Hyelim, Sunmi, and Yubin, together with Hong Ji Sang.

Wonder Girls also dropped the colourful and a laugh music video for “Why So Lonely” at midnight, which is heavily encouraged by the glance of the 1970s, and contours the members teaming up to take their revenge.

Check out the music video below!

What do you recall to mind Wonder Girls’ go back amongst “Why So Lonely”?

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Wonder Women  Expose  Time table And Teasers For Comeback

Wonder Women Expose Time table And Teasers For Comeback "Why So Lonely"

Wonder Women are coming back to the degree with a new album, titled "Why So Lonely."

JYP Entertainment has released a teaser symboltime table leading up to the unlock date. First, teaser photographscould be released from June 26-29. Then, on July 1, the tune video teaser will be uploaded.

After that, a track list will pop out on July four at midnight, followed via a V App are living premiere the next night. Finally, the music video and album will either exist released on July five at midnight.

AdvertisementWonder Girls will carry out the song live for the primary time on M Countdown on July 7.

A week after that, they'll release a dance prepare video for the name song.

So far, JYP has released 4 teaser images, one of every member.

The title track, "Why So Lonely," is a regga pop track that used to be composed by individuals Sunmi and Hyerim, along sideevery other composer, Hong Jisang.

Another song at the album, "To the gorgeous You," become composed by Sunmi and includes aunfashionable 70s sound. This track was preleased on the vinyl edition of the album.

(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

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Wonder Women says 'Why So Lonely' in teaser pictures for comeback

Wonder Women says 'Why So Lonely' in teaser pictures for comeback

Wonder Women says 'Why So Lonely' in teaser pictures for comeback Jun 24, 2016 03:02

Wonder Girls has officially kicked off their comeback with the primary batch of teaser images.

Still practice the unfashionableideayet this time they went for a more dreamy and female vibe. The teasers also come with the unlock date and time for 'Why So Lonely'.

Stay tuned for more updates on Wonder Girls' comeback.

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In An internet Post, A Korean Guy  Stocks What Genuine MEN Glance For In Women

In An internet Post, A Korean Guy Stocks What Genuine MEN Glance For In Women

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens rave over a post shared via a Korean male relating to what genuine men glance for in women.

Internet is now not just a positionto appearfor infoyet also to share knowledge, knowledgeand private opinions. One popular subjecton the net is love which is an ongoing debate amongother people on or offline.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens rave over a post shared by a Korean male concerning what real men appearance for in women.

Titled Women That Real Men Wish to Meet, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

It is highest beloved if a lady not most effective can communicateneatly with the fellow but have the these items in common:

1. Identical Personalities.

2. Similar food tastes and preferences.

Of course, we can notforget about appearance, framesort and economical status,

whoever is truly a excellentfit to the guy is the maximum productive woman.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at the original article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

45 / 0 This is solely truthful once they have gotlong pastbeyond physical appeal

38 / 0 This wasnt true There used to be a guy who changed intoan excellentevent to me. But if his physical attributes werent adequate for me, I beganto disregard him and failed to like him much

30 / 0 Your humor codes have to check well to boot

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Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn an episode of jTBC variety show Knowing BrosSuper JuniorHeechul revealed his secret to seducing women to fans. 

According to Heechul, whos been known to be slightly a smooth-talker, hes never been grew to become down by skill ofa ladysooner than in his life, causing many enthusiasts to concentratefurthermoderately for his seduction technique. However, when asked precisely how he seduces ladies so easily, Heechul printedthat each and every one he does is tell them that hes interested, surprising viewers.

Check out Heechul and Jungmos new trot song Ulsanbawi below:

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Watch: Wonder Ladies  Stocks Dance Prepare Video After second Win For Why So Lonely

Watch: Wonder Ladies Stocks Dance Prepare Video After second Win For Why So Lonely

Watch: Wonder LadiesStocks Dance Train Video After 2d Win For “Why So Lonely”ilmare42 July 14, 2016 0 Watch: Wonder Girls Shares Dance Practice Video After 2nd Win For “Why So Lonely” Simplest hours after grabbing their moment win for “Why So Lonely,” Wonder Girls has talentedlovers alongside a dance practice video!

On July 15 in the dark KST, JYP Entertainment uploaded the much-anticipated dance practice video for their self-composed track. As prior to now planned, the crowdbegan out their promotions for “Why So Lonely” with performances as a band with their instruments, and in their second week has been selling with a dance performance.

Not only are the contributors every bitshocking and talented as ever in the dance practice video, yet the video itself could also be so fantastically lit that they seem to bethey have got halos! Make certain you watch below.

The four-member staff grabbed their maximumcontemporary win for their new music “Why So Lonely” on July 14’s “M!Countdown,” with their first win coming from “The Show” previous this week.

Wonder Girls - Why So LonelyGive a spice up to the artist by way ofpurchasing “Why from YesAsia Related Tags Wonder GirlsPost Navigation Previous TaleWatch: John Park Makes Comeback With “Thought Of You” MV

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