These Are The pinnacle  five K-Pop Songs Of 2016 In reaction to  Overall Inkigayo Points

These Are The pinnacle five K-Pop Songs Of 2016 In reaction to Overall Inkigayo Points

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe year has now not come to the finish just yet yet the lists for the songs with the very bestissues are slowly being revealed! 

Recently, a post released the presentpeak five songs with the topfacets of the year on SBS Inkigayo. On top of the list this year thus far is EXO’s “Monster” with no less than 11,000 pojnts followed by ability of rookie girlgroup, TWICE and G-FRIEND. Coming in at fourth position is Block B’s “Toy” with Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream” trailing close at fifth. Image: SBS Inkigayo / OSEN

As the post was once published, however, some enthusiastscan'tlend a hand but argue about Taeyeon’s involvement in the scores having raked in 10,557 sales for her single, “Why.” If the argument is correct, Taeyeon will have to be in 2nd place appropriatebeneath EXO’s “Monster.”

Image: SBS Inkigayo / OSEN Image: SBS Inkigayo / OSEN

The status remains a debacle online as others argue about the kindscurious about the calculations of the rankings, whilst others insist on Taeyeon’s inclusion at the list.

Others have just speculated if the long-establishedauthoreasily made an error with the itembecame first published.

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Mnet Unearths  Best 30 Hit Songs For First Part Of 2016

Mnet Unearths Best 30 Hit Songs For First Part Of 2016

Mnet UnearthsBest xxx Hit Songs For First Part Of 2016kokoberry June 28, 2016 0 Mnet Exhibits Top 30 Hit Songs For First Half Of 2016 has printedthe head 30 hits on their tune charts for the primary half of 2016. Thoseeffectsquilt January 1 to June 26 and come with streaming and download statistics.

GFRIENDs hit song Rough takes first place. Descendants of the Sun OST songs soak upnumerous spots with quite so much of songs featuring other artists as well.

Other artists adding Zico, MC the Max, TWICE, and MAMAMOO all make it in the pinnacle 10 as well.

GFRIEND RoughDavichi This Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)Yoon Mirae Always (Descendants of the Sun OST)Gummy You're My Everything (Descendants of the Sun OST)Zico I'm You, You Are MeMC the Max Regardless of WhereK.Will Communicate Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)MAMAMOO Youre the maximum productive Two times Cheer UpLee Juk Dont Worry, Pricey (Reply 1988 OST)Chen Punch Everytime (Descendants of the Sun OST)TWICE Like OOH-AHH10cm What the Spring??Taeyeon RainMad Clown Kim Na Young Once Again (Descendants of the Sun OST)Overwhelm featuring Taeyeon Dont Fail to rememberGFRIEND Me Gustas TuProduce 101 Select MeZico Boys and ladiesLim Chang Jung Love BackSuzy Baekhyun DreamOh Hyuk A Little Lady (Reply 1988 OST)Gary Lonely EveningLee Hi BreatheJung Eun Ji Optimistically SkyKihyun When Time Passes (Reply 1988 OST)SG Wannabe Through My Side (Descendants of the Sun OST)Kim Feel Early life (Reply 1988 OST)Jang Bum Joon Memory (Signal OST)Noel In combination (Reply 1988 OST) How many of your favourite songs made the end 30?

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Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Song Charts In 2016 So Far

Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Song Charts In 2016 So Far

Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Tune Charts In 2016 Thus far notclaira June 12, 2016 0 Longest-Running K-Pop Songs On Music Charts In 2016 So Far Currently a Korean media outlet tested the MelOn Bestone hundredto discover songs with the maximum staying power.

Between the primary week of January (December 28 January 3) and the 1st week of June (May 30 June 5), thirteen songs have taken the No. 1 spot in the MelOn weekly chart. Of those songs, 4 stayed in the heada hundred for more than 20 weeks.

The longest-running song is “Little Girl” via Oh Hyuk for the “Reply 1988” OST. It used to be released in November of 2015, yet has stayed in the pinnacle 100 for 23 weeks in 2016 and 29 weeks in total.

Gary’s “Lonely Night” and Suzy and Baekhyun’s duet “Dream” lasted for 21 weeks in the end 100. Zico’s “I Am You, You're Me” stayed for 20 weeks.

Five songs have, whilstnow notslightlyattaining xx weeks, have passed 10 weeks in the Peak 100. GFRIEND’s “Rough” lasted 19 weeks, MAMAMOO’s “You’re The Best” lasted 15 weeks, Davichi’s “This Love” from the “Descendants of the Sun” OST lasted 14 weeks, Jang Bum Joon’s “Falling In Love” lasted 11 weeks, and 10cm’s “What the Spring??” lasted 10 weeks.

Many songs released in the spring are receiving numerous love and are most likely to have staying power, but haven't yet damaged records because of their relatively fresh releases. This comprises Jung Eun Ji’s “Hopefully Sky” which is currently at 7 weeks, TWICE’s “Cheer Up” at 6 weeks, Baek A Yeon’s “So So” at 2 weeks, and Urban Zakapa’s “I Don’t Love You” at 2 weeks. All of these songs are still in the top part of the Top 100 as of June 11.

A Loen Entertainment representative stated, “There were an building up in senior votersthe usage of smartphones to hear music. Songs like ‘Little Girl’ that remake vintage songs obtaina lot of love from folks of all ages.”

The representative also explained that acoustic songs and ballads tended to have more staying vitality than dance tracks. “People like songs with lyrics and melodies that they could also beready to relate to.”

Which of these songs are you still listening to?

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Recent Record  Finds  The pinnacle  five  Maximum ILLEGALLY Downloaded K-Pop Artists, Songs, Videos  And television  Displays In Korea

Recent Record Finds The pinnacle five Maximum ILLEGALLY Downloaded K-Pop Artists, Songs, Videos And television Displays In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Despite the truth that music, movies, and dramas are incredibly popular in South Korea, now noteach person is willing to pay for their entertainment. 

In fact, a up to daterecordpublished that tens of thousands of albums and pronounces are illegally downloaded annually in Korea audience from online sources. In step with the list, solo singer IU appears to be probably the mosthottest artists among unlawful downloaders, rating first in either artists and songs.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Artists:1. IU (68,7622. MC The Max  40,3313. BIGBANG  40,2864. DAVICHI  37,8465. Park Hyo Shin  31,229 Songs:1. Friday (IU) 19,1842. Which means of You (IU) 17,5893. Wildflower (Park Hyo Shin) 17,2874. A Midsummer Nights Sweetness (San E Raina)  15,9965. Just Taking a look (MC The Max) 14,417 Movies:1. Interstellar 8,0802. The Interview 5,9433. Spirited Away 5,3714. Howls Moving Castle 5,0475. The Equalizer 4,272 TV:1. Infinity Issue 62,4702. Human Theater 51,4643. Running Guy 47,9124. Supernatural 44,1785. Hwajung 42,584NETIZEN REACTIONS

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

What the heck is a illegal download ranking hahahahahahahaahahahaha

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Choi Sora named the pinnacle Asian type  to stroll F/W 2016 runway

Choi Sora named the pinnacle Asian type to stroll F/W 2016 runway

Choi Sora, the 5'10"attractiveness who turned into a hot subject after taking the winning identifyat the3rd cycle of 'Korea's Next BestStyle ('KNTM'), could bethe head Asian version to rock the runway for the F/W 2016 series in NYC!

SEE ALSO: Awful human being drags dog from back of vehiclefor almost a mile

Choi has walked a overall of 26 presentations in her close to 4-year tenure in the haute couture modeling global and opened one show. She is controlledby capacity of five other agencies, all of which may bepositioned in fashion capitals of the arenasimilar to Paris, Milano, NYC, London, and Seoul.

Name a top manneremblem and Choi has more than likely walked for it, be it Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Proenza Schouler, Vera Wang, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta, Prada,and more.

Power to you Choi Sora, and the entire Korean unitsavailable in the marketoptimistically strutting your stuff!


Poster and main points out for Block B's 'BLOCK B 2016 Reside BLOCKBUSTER' in Seoul!

Poster and main points out for Block B's 'BLOCK B 2016 Reside BLOCKBUSTER' in Seoul!

Block B have released an professional poster in additionmain points for their upcoming 'BLOCK B 2016 Are living BLOCKBUSTER' in Seoul!

SEE ALSO: Get in a position for Block B because they are coming back very soon!

The concert will take position at Seoul's Olympic Park Stadium on April 2 and 3rd, following the group's lead unmarriedfree up later in March. Official BBC should buy tickets starting March 3, whilstall and sundry else can start March 7.

Best of success to Block B on their upcoming concert and comeback!

— 블락비 (@blockb_official) February 17, 2016


8 K-Pop Songs You've gotten Missed: January 2016

8 K-Pop Songs You've gotten Missed: January 2016

Lucky J - No Love(Photo : YouTube)Are you a K-pop tremendous fan? We understand howtough it may also beto stickup to the moment on the entire new releases. Here are 8 tracks released remaining month you have overlooked.

Rooftop Space Studio feat. Ben - "Whenever, That Time"

406 Task - "Feels Good"

Free Taste feat. XOXO - "Cold Hands"

CuzD feat. Heenain - "Day via Day"

From 1st studio album CuzDcustik Lounge(Jan. 5)

Jinade feat. Yoo Seungah - "Only For You"

Debut virtualunmarried (Jan. 7)

2nd electronic unmarried (Jan. 8)

1st digital single (Jan. 27)

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WINNER's 2016 Comeback Album To Involve All Self-Written Songs

WINNER's 2016 Comeback Album To Involve All Self-Written Songs

WINNER Exclusive Interview & Photo Shoot With KpopStarz Japan - September 2015 PHOTOS(Photo : Mao Ishikawa - KpopStarz Japan)

Fans can have had to stay up for over a year for WINNER's comeback, yet information technologylooks as if the wait is going to be more than value it.

Earlier this week, WINNER released the primary teaser for what they are calling their 2016 "Exit Movement" project. More main pointshad beenprinted about their new album/project, adding that the crowd contributed in massive part to the writing and composition of each and every song.

Back in November when their new album was once first teased, WINNER's Nam Tae Hyun had been credited for 2 songs that would seemat the upcoming release. Now it seems, in keeping with YG-Life, that all the album will consist of songs written by capacity of the team members.

As for what type ofthought fans can be expecting from WINNER's "Exit Movement" project, apparently to be dark and rebellious. The teaser capabilitiesthe lads partying, drinking, or even a slightlyspecific kissing scene involving Song Minho.

WINNER is expected to unencumber new track on Jan. 11, as promised by a teaser photo released remaining month. Their comeback is highly expected given the long wait since their debut, especially when put next to other rookie groups.

Though many fans were disappointed with the prolongin their comeback, YG Entertainment President Yang Hyun Suk promised that he would advertise the community to the point that fans would accuse him of who prefer them above all other YG Entertainment groups.

"When WINNER makes a comeback there can becommunicate that I prefer WINNER. Just wait till WINNER's new album comes out. I would truly liketo mentionthat after WINNER comes back, I cansell them to the point that folk volition say I favor WINNER," stated Yang (via Soompi).

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Korean videos opening lately 2016/07/28 in Korea

Korean videos opening lately 2016/07/28 in Korea

Korean videos opening nowadays 2016/07/28 in Korea: "My Neighbor's Wife - 2016" and "Russian Mom"

"My Neighbor's Wife - 2016" (2016)Directed by way of Jung Dae-manWith Kim Jin-seon, Kim Geon-I, Min Jae-ha,...SynopsisYoon-jeong asks her mom to deal with her daughter and then she leaves on a secret romantic shuttle amongsta guy in her groupwhilst her husband is clear ofhouse for a trade trip. The fellow and the lady on their secret two evening3 day vacationdisregard someanything else about law, morals, or not unusual sense. They apply their intuitionto meetthe will for each and every other's frame all day long. The never-endingchoice would now notforcefaraway from her body.

"Russian Mom" (2016)Directed by Choi Won-joon-IWith Rina, Kang Ye-na, Kim Do-hee, Yoon Se-hyeong, Ahn Min-sang,...SynopsisMom, we have now a secret of our own.Jang-ho who dreams of turning into a chef is beautifuljust about his dad Yeong-soo; ampleto talk about his female friend and they are living alone. One day, Yeong-soo tells Jang-ho that he is getting remarried to a Russian woman. Jang-ho accepts this and meets Olga. He is shockedto looka tenderand wonderfulladystatusahead of him. A couple of days later, Yeong-soo is going to Russia on a work trip and Jang-ho and Olga get to graspevery one other...

#Ahn Min-sang #Choi Won-joon-I #Jung Dae-man #Kang Ye-na #Kim Do-hee #Kim Geon-I #Kim Jin-seon #Min Jae-ha #Rina #Yoon Se-hyeong #My Neighbor's Wife - 2016 #Russian Mom #news