These five K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Being Large Clumsy And Having “Minus Hands”

These five K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Being Large Clumsy And Having “Minus Hands”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEver had that one favoritesuperstar who turns out to be clumsy at everything? Netizens have indexed down the idol staffcontributors known for their clumsiness, which may be known as, “minus hands.” 

A post on Daum Cafe received attention for record down the head five idols known for their “minus hands,” another way explained as consistent clumsiness all the manner through their pronounces or performances.

On best of the list was Great Junior’s Donghae who was oncenoticedfiddling with their gentle sticks at their concert, yetin the end breaking two. He also is allegedly known to have damaged a fellow member’s pc and is incessantly captured by way ofenthusiasts in failing to drinking water from a bottle.

Second at the list is SHINee’s Taemin who is understood for his “magic hands” and forgetfulness. In the photo featured in the post, he changed intovisible lightly tapping the table ahead of IT slid down on him and the remainder of the members. Is it more of clumsiness or sheer misfortune?

BTS’ RapMonster is also no longer new to this occurrence having been called as “Destroyer Monster” by his fans.

Leading the list amongfeminineladycommunity members, however, is Apink’s Naeun who is popular for her notedcorrect hand. This implies that her fellow members have a tendency to keep away fromrisk if they pass her on her right. The photo integrated in this post proves it.

Last but now not least is TWICE’s Sana, known of her nickname “Sadotteol,” as she has a tendency to drop things slightly often.

Have you discovered any equivalent incidences on your favourite idol?

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Koreans Excited about  Those Two K-Pop Idols And Their Large Difference In Skin Tone

Koreans Excited about Those Two K-Pop Idols And Their Large Difference In Skin Tone

62stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter After seeing a viral screen shot featuring YG Entertainment male group WINNER individuals Song Mino and Kim Jinwoo, Korean enthusiasts acceptturn intoan expanding number of fascinated in the drastic difference in skin tone between the two. 

In a screen shot featuring the 2 fellow team members, viewers noticed that Mino looked such a lot darker than Jinwoo that one fan exemplified the variation in their skin tones through adjusting the lights and tone of the picture. In the now viral pair of edited screen shots, whilst one members skin looks perfectly normal, the opposite member becomes entirely indistinguishable as a result of the extremity of his skin color.

Since seeing the viral pictures, fans have accumulated other circumstances where the difference in the outsidecolour of Mino and Jinwoo had been very apparent, growing a lost post on Instiz about the intriguing photos.

Check out the song video for WINNERs lastest song Sentimental below:

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These 12 K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Their “Perfect” Bodies And Model-Like Proportions

These 12 K-Pop Idols Are Noted For Their “Perfect” Bodies And Model-Like Proportions

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTheres for surethat practically all of K-Pop idols are visually enjoyable amongstpossibly to agree that this will also be a requirement to have excellent looks as smartly as a ability in the profession.

However, there are some idols who now notbest takemost sensible visuals yet their frame shape has been praised for their model-like proportions, tall and lanky with sturdysquaddies for men and are compatible with long legs for women. Beneath is a listing of stated idols in no specific order that satisfy the type proportion description, adding TVXQ, VIXX, 9MUSES, and individuals from SHINee, After School and more.

Looking at the list below, do you suspect there are to any extent further idols netizens ignoredthat still fit the description of idol with model-like proportions?

Curious about the heights of different tall idols? Take a glance atthose articles:

► Peak 10 Tallest Ladies of K-Pop

► These K-Pop TeamsModerate Height Cause them to The Tallest of All Idols

TVXQ Changmin and Yunho Image: TVXQ Changmin 61, Yunho 60

BTS Rap Monster Image: BTS Rap Monster 511

WINNER Lee Seunghoon Image: WINNERs Lee Seunghoon 511

9MUSES Image: 9MUSES Average height of 171.9cm or 57

After Faculty Nana Image: After College Nana 171cm or 57

Girls' Generation Sooyoung Image: Girls Generation Sooyoung 170cm or 57

Hello Venus Nara Image: Hi Venus Nara 172cm or 56

G-Friend Sowon Image: G-Friend Sowon 172cm or 56

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EXO And W Korea Sign up for Hands For Special, Large-Scale “EXOclusive” Project

EXO And W Korea Sign up for Hands For Special, Large-Scale “EXOclusive” Project

EXO And W Korea Sign up for Hands For Special, Large-Scale EXOclusive Assignment crystalcove June 16, 2016 0 EXO And W Korea Connect Hands For Special, Large-Scale EXOclusive Project Stylemag west Korea is going all out for their July issue, freeing 9other covers with each and every featuring a member of the currently returned EXO.

SM Entertainment and W Korea joined hands for this EXOclusive project that wouldposta unique 54-page, nine-cover edition of the magazine.

Each of the nine individuals of EXO were paired with nine different, well-respected photographers Baekhyun, Chen, Lay, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Suho, D.O., Sehun, and Kai were paired with Yun Seok Mu, Shin Seon Hye, Kim Hyeong Sik, Yu Yeong Gyu, Kim Ji Yang, Kim Hui Jun, Kim Hyeon Seong, Han Jong Cheol, and Park Ji Hyeok, respectively, and each one pair worked with a alternative concept.

Along with the standard availability thruvirtual and physical magazine, the photographsmight be displayed in an exhibition. This may just increasingly exist EXOs first photo exhibition in Korea, and the exhibition will display screenphotographynow notto be had in the magazine, in addition videos. The exhibition will be open for a month, beginning June 24, at the SM Verbal exchangeMiddle and SMTOWN Coex Artium.

This July factor of W Korea will be released June 20. Additionally, the severalfootage and videos will be released on a day-to-day basis at midday for a month, starting June 20, via W Koreas website online ( and its social media accounts.

Check out the nine covers below.

EXO Vol. 3 - Ex'act yesasiaToughen the artist by skill ofpurchasing EX'ACT from YesAsia Related Tags EXOW KoreaPost NavigationOldTaleWe Were given Married Couple Henry and Yewon Reunite 1 Year Later

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BREAKING Noted  Feminine idol stuck up in large prostitution scandal

BREAKING Noted Feminine idol stuck up in large prostitution scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBreaking news is emerging with Korean media accusing a mysterious idol of being concerned with prostitution for tens of thousands of dollars.

A contemporary scandal involving several celebrities and CEOs have emerged in South Korea. An unidentified female idol A was once called in for investigations by skill of the police on February 23rd. Even if she confessed that she turned into indeed given an be offering for sex, she told police that she rejected the offer without a hesitation.

However, via investigation, the police discovered her testimony to be false and found that she was occupied with a prostitution scandal for tens of thousands of dollars.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Although the call of the feminine idol hasnt been identified, Korean media have printed the feminine idol currently ended a freelance alongside an firm on February 1st. Along side the article, Korean media also connected a blurred symbol of the agencys authentic website. The name of the scandal article is EXCLUSIVE Female Idol A Who Disappeared From Agencys Official Website, In contact In Prostitution Scandal.

Even in the process the blurred picture of the agencys official website, the netizens spotted that it was Dice Entertainments official web pageby way of the internet design and the logo. In recent news, female idol G.NA was reported to have ended her contract with her agency.

After the scandal emerged went viral in quite so much of websites,  netizens began to suspect G.NA and have even started to remark on her private Instagram page.

The image attached to the media liberate is below:

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

1. What??? This is simply out in the open who it's miles right???? In reality though??2. . That screenshot (of the agencys official site)3. The agencys logo is just out in the open. I will exactly tell which agency it is4. Hul..5. Hul.???? I heard she recently left that agency I saw the object Is it her..

6. This is just revealing it in the open

7. Am I the just one that doesnt know;;8. Sho.Shocking9. Hul. Is this for real?10. Hul11. A glamorous female idol. what an evident hint.;; Source: NewDaily

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These 14 Male Idols Literally Cannot Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

These 14 Male Idols Literally Cannot Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterIn Korean culture show of affection among friends of the same gender through skinships is considered a norm and these idols arent afraid to show their love for each other in these moments of bromance

1. BobbyJinhwan (IKON)

These boys may look charismatic and tough on stage but when theyre off stage..


Theyre the cutest pair of boys youve ever seen!

Jinhwan cant seem to keep his hands off Bobby

And Bobby just wants some attention _

Aww good Bobby~

2. NichkhunTaecyeon (2PM)

If you live, eat and work together with a group of people youre bound to develop a special bond but these two share something especially unique!

Taecyeon especially cant seem to go a day without his friend NichkhunI wonder how Tiffany feels about this.. hmm

3. Yunho (TVXQ)Jaejoong (JYJ)

It is truly a shame that we can no more witness these two awesome friends openly display their affection for each other..

But one day perhaps Yunho will again caress his lovely friend Jaejoong

4. Kai (EXO)Taemin (SHINee)

Sometimes bromances appear even across different groups


But who can say no to these two handsome yet beautiful boys friendship O_O

5. YonghwaJonghyun (CNBLUE)

These two gorgeous boys are also known to show public displays of their affection quite often

It all started when Jonghyun playfully seduced Yonghwa on stage

After that he couldnt keep his hands off him

So he copped a feel several times too O_O

And now Yonghwa finally shows some love back!!

6. Hongbin (VIXX)Gongchan (B1A4)

These two boys are famous for their bromance moments as well


Well how can anyone miss it when they display their affection for each other so openly??

Although sometimes they are a little more discreet about it.

7. D.O (EXO)Wu Yi Fan (Kris)

I know this may bring tears to some eyes but as much as it hurts that we may not see the bromance between these two anymore let us remember the beautiful moments between the two.

Now that I looks at itit looks more like a fatherson relationship than a bromance lol!!

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Photo Added new still for the approaching Korean animated film

Photo Added new still for the approaching Korean animated film "Ulsik the Clumsy Boy"

Added new still for the impending Korean animated film "Ulsik the Clumsy Boy" (2016)Directed by potential of Hwang Chul, Kim Dae-changWith Ahn Se-hyeon, Kim Dae-chang, Kim Chang-hoo, Jeong Yeong-soo, No Byeol-i,...SynopsisA children's comedy animation."Random Revenge"Ulsik is clumsy and Heung-sik with a square chin is off the wall. Those two get at the wrong aspect of the group bully Bam-tol by making his weigh down So-hyeon cry on her birthday and such. One day, Ulsik plans on avenging Heung-sik by giving his skin disease to Bam-tol and his gang."He's Been Dumped!"Heung-sik and Bam-tol are scuffling with over So-hyeon when Heung-sik's early lifespouse So-yeong comes to the college and Heung-sik falls in love with her. However, So-yeong ignores the square-chinned Heung-sik. Heung-sik does not know this and tries to make her recall. Bam-tol who hates Heung-sik gets in each and every step of his way. Elegance president So-hyeon returns Bam-tol's ring and rejects him. Meanwhile, Fatty has a crush on the supermarket woman Na-yeong yethe's rejected because he is fat. Fatty is going on a vitamin and becomes slim. Na-yeong falls for the good-looking Fatty but Bam-tol who feels jealous and makes Fatty fats again. In the end, Fatty loses Na-yeong and is in despair. "Love Goals"While every person is unhappy over the affection they could not brand comes true, the faculty and the vicinityhang a football festival. Heung-sik, Bam-tol, Fatty and Ulsik take part in the game...The completetale is released in animation according toauthor Lee Kyeong-seok's comic.Release date in Korea : 2016/09/08

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The developing  style of “chaebol idols”

The developing style of “chaebol idols”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens are calling it as the maximum importantexplanation whyall and sundryneeds to grow to be an idol after they have gotcame upon the trending upward push in “chaebol idols.” 

A contemporaryfileprinted that a type of idols weremaking an investment their not easy earned profits and royalties into homes with the fashion being called as “chaebol idols.” Former TVXQ and JYJ’s Junsu, for example, owns a hotel and apartment, costing no less than 37.3 billion won. Some of the luxury complex he owns is in Jeju Island which boasts a romantic environment with its Tuscan vibe and seasonal out of doors swimming pool. It opened to the public back in 2014.

Aside from being a singer, musical actor and entertainer, Super Juniors Kyuhyun owns a guesthouse that in particular caters to foreigners and worldlovers in the guts of Seoul.

Other celebrities integrated Han Seungyeon and BoA, who either takeconstructions and villas in their own in the Cheongdamdong area.

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How Does Sandara Park Actually Feel About YG’s Noted Cafeteria Food

How Does Sandara Park Actually Feel About YG’s Noted Cafeteria Food

How Does Sandara Park In point of fact Feel About YGs Noted Cafeteria Food?notclaira July 27, 2016 0 How Does Sandara Park Feel more or less YGs Famous Cafeteria Food? At the July 27 episode of Wednesday Food Talk, Sandara Park published her true emotions about YG Entertainments famous cafeteria.

I in my viewcherished the cafeteria, she said. I ate lunch, dinner, and snacks there. But if the cafeteria attempted out a comments system, a lot of people commented that the food used to be too salty or spicy. They made up our minds to make more fit food after that.

She went on, They reduced the salt and the flavor changed. Its still just right but… The singer then made everybody laugh via adding, I may just get in hassle for announcing this. YG is a corporation that looks after its workers health.

Would you still needto take a glance at out it out?

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Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Kim So-hyeon-I 's middle starts racing even with slight touch by way of Taecyeon's hands

Spoiler 'Bring It On, Ghost' Kim So-hyeon-I 's middle starts racing even with slight touch by way of Taecyeon's hands

On the episode 6 of tvN Monday Tuesday drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost', Hyeon-ji (Kim So-hyeon-I)'s face grew to become red as Bong-pal (Taecyeon)'s hands touched her hair accidentally.

When Bong-pal saw flower petals stuck on Hyeon-ji's hair, he stretched his palmsand began take off the petals. Hyeon-ji all of unexpected felt her center racing. Her face turned red even.

Bong-pal asked her, "What's wrong? Why is your face so red?" Hyeon-ji briefly left the spot after saying, "What do you mean...". Whilst Bong-pal mumbled, "What's wrong with her now?", Hyeon-ji used to bepuzzled amongst herself and said, "What's going down to me seriously? It is still pounding".

Hyeon-ji confessed to Oh Gyeong-ja (Lee Do-yeon), "I think there is something incorrect with me. Do ghosts' hearts flutter too? Each time I see Bong-pal, my heart starts pounding" Oh Gyeong-ja asked her back, "Isn't it because you prefer him?"

Hyeon-ji answered, "No way". However, when Bong-pal blocked a baseball flying into them, her heart fluttered again. Thosesymptoms implied that Hyeon-ji fell in one-sided love with him.

#Kim So-hyeon-I #Lee Do-yeon #Taecyeon #Bring It On #Ghost #news