A purple Namjoo Does A lovable And sexy Idol Dance Medley for My niggling television

A purple Namjoo Does A lovable And sexy Idol Dance Medley for My niggling television

A red Namjoo Does A lovely And sexy Idol Dance Medley for “My niggling tv” On August i, A red’s Namjoo became her “My niggling tv” segment into A Amusing idol dance medley.

right through the broadcast, she says, “ the idea that of this room is dance,” And equallyks audience to hand her requests. She starts off alongside A male child staff dance, BTS’ “Boy in Luv.”

After “Boy in Luv,” then Again, she gets to her house of craftsmanship: feminine idol dances. She is going for SISTAR’s newest, “Shake information technology,” first. Namjoo supplies it her All, striking A cute And comical twist at the dance, And when she sits makewn, she insists she’s now now not Already tired equally she tries to view her breath.

When she Afterwards moves directly to Hyuna’s “Red,” Namjoo exclaims equally she’s dancing, “i hand notice’t try this, this makeesn’t Are compatible alongside A red’s thought! No, this isn’t forgivable!”

Watch the clip from Namjoo’s “My niggling tv” beneath.



15 lovable K-Pop idol best friends

15 lovable K-Pop idol best friends

When life gets too stressful, it"s always nice to have a best friend who just gets you. The K-Pop world is definitely stress-inducing; and in the midst of paparazzi, rumors, crazy sasaeng fans, harsh netizen comments, and public misconceptions, some idols are lucky to have someone whom they can always count on to be on their side.

Check out these 15 idol best friends who are lucky to have each other through thick and thin!

Suzy and IU: Watermelon Sisters

Suzy and IU were not always close. Although the two were co-stars on the famous idol drama "Dream High", they were known to be pretty awkward around each other. That is until one fateful night, Suzy first approached her fellow K-Pop cutie by calling her and singing her happy birthday at 4AM. Now these girls are practically sisters, sealing their best-friendship with matching watermelon seed moles and frequent butt-spankings.

IU smacking Suzy"s butt as a greeting on "Win Win":

Hara and Seungri: Just Friends

Hara and Seungri have been friends for over a decade. Attending the same dance schools in their hometown of Gwangju, they dreamed of becoming singers together ever since they were little. A romantic story in the making? Afraid not. Seungri says that although he knows he can rely on Hara to be there for him whenever and wherever, he doesn"t see her as a girl. Boy must be blind. Here, does Hara doing aegyo change your mind?

KARA showing Seungri aegyo on a radio show:

Eunhyuk and Junsu: The Subject and the Minion

Eunhyuk and Junsu were inseparable during their school years, and their friendship continues to be an unstoppable force even now. No company feud is enough to prevent Eunhyuk from seeing his former classmate and labelmate, even supporting him at his musical "December" this past January. Eunhyuk is a true-blue friend, always around to show Junsu that no matter what happens, the "subject" will always be there for his "minion".

Junsu explaining Eunhyuk and his nicknames for each other:

Jiyoung and Sulli: Eggies

Jiyoung and Sulli are known to be a part of the "94 line with Krystal, Suzy, and Sohyun, but seem to be particularly close to each other, as they call themselves "egg friends." While Sulli refers to Jiyoung as "egg whites," Jiyoung refers to Sulli as "yellow yolk," implying that they complete each other to make a whole egg. Awww, what cute eggies (or "aeggies", "babies" in Korean).

Jiyoung and Sulli dancing to f(x)"s "NU ABO" and KARA"s "Lupin":

Sun and Jo Kwon: Friends that Never Let Go

While they may be countries apart at times, Sun and Jo Kwon are two songbirds that will never let their friendship with each other die. When one is in trouble, the other will come to the rescue. When mini, trainee Jo Kwon had no money to go home and missed his last bus, Sun came to the bus station to spend the night with him. When grown-up Sun got married, Jo Kwon sang at her wedding, making it clear to his precious noona that he can"t let her go even if he died.

Jo Kwon and Sun preforming "This Song" together:

Sunny and Hyomin: Subyung Couple

Sunny and Hyomin"s love story begins in "Invincible Youth". Hyomin was struck with puppy love by Sunny and earned laughs when she began to follow her "eternal sunshine" around. She refused to leave Sunny"s side, earning her the nickname as Sunny"s folding screen. At first, it may have just been a funny gag between the two girls, but what started off as a joke solidified into a friendship that had Hyomin all choked up at Sunny"s departure and continues to last to this date.

Hyomin reading Sunny a goodbye letter on "Invincible Youth":

BoA and Yunho: Dancing Machines

BoA and Yunho are two of SM Entertainment"s best dancers and best friends, who constantly support each other on their ventures. While BoA has praised Yunho on his acting, Yunho has cameo"d in the starlet"s movie "Make Your Move" and also performed her "Only One" choreography with her. The chemistry between the two on stage is crackling, and the two obviously adore each other, as BoA once stated that she would take Yunho to a deserted island with her.

BoA and Yunho performing "Only One" dance break together:

Nicole and Key: "91 Besties

Part of the "91 line that includes Jinwoon and Mir, Key and Nicole are famous among the K-Pop community for being the best of friends. Despite being super close, they denied having feelings for each other. Instead, they exhibit a sibling-like relationship as they attend concerts together and even celebrate their birthdays together.

Key and Nicole celebrating their birthday together:

G.NA and HyunA: Selca Sisters

When you"re a hottie with a body, who can really blame you for your selca spams? G.NA and HyunA are two of the hottest female idols in the K-Pop scene and together, they have "random picture time" sessions, breaking the internet with their double-combo of attractiveness. Good Lord, that"s a lot of pretty!

HyunA excited to see G.NA"s album in Japan:

Dara and Donghae: YG-SM Love

Dara and Donghae were elementary school friends way before any sorting hat decided they were destined to be under different companies. Despite the twist of fate, these two never let their companies" rivalry get in between them as they continue to support each other and talk about each other on various programs.

Donghae announcing that he invited Dara to the "Super Show 6":

Kwanghee and Yewon: Variety Bros

Kwanghee and Yewon are funny by themselves, but when together, they create dangerously hilarious scenarios that even catch their respective idol groups by surprise. This dynamic duo is so comfortable and honest with each other that they"ve had many funny yet violent outbursts from Kwanghee kicking her in the butt for not greeting her to Yewon cursing at Kwanghee in front of all of ZE:A.

Kwanghee and Yewon"s duet "I Can Only See You":

Kai and Taemin: Practically Twins

Kai and Taemin are the SM pretty boys that could practically pass as twins. SM loves sticking these two together for various performances during SMTOWN, but even outside of work, they"re known to be good friends, constantly being touchy-touchy with their skinship. Careful boys lest you feed the imaginative fangirl minds.

Kai trolling Taemin during a friendship speed quiz on radio show "Sukira":

Heechul and Son Dam Bi: "My Man" and "My Woman"

Speaking of skinship, Heechul and Son Dam Bi are so into each other that they have been accused multiple times of being an actual item. Yet despite nicknaming each other "my man" and "my woman"--which isn"t suspicious at all or anything--Heechul claims that he doesn"t have feelings for Son Dam Bi and Son Dam Bi similarly has expressed that Heechul just ain"t her type. Oh well!

Heechul and Son Dam Bi laughing at each other as they pose in the same jacket:

Tiffany and Bora: Girl Power

Tiffany and Bora made their friendship known when they went on the show "Fashion King" together. Girly-girl fashionistas at heart, the two revealed that they have been close friends for a long time, chilling at each other"s houses during their breaks, holding hands at every opportunity, and celebrating each other"s birthdays. They"re true gal pals to the point that Tiffany jokingly promises to stick with Bora until the end of the "Fashion King" competition, only to later say that she aims to stand at the top alone. Girls will be girls.

Tiffany and Bora on "Fashion King":

G-Dragon and Taeyang: the Dragon and his Bae

Although they are known as badass swag-masters now, G-Dragon and Taeyang both had more humble beginnings as YG trainees who were mostly on cleaning duty. As a duo who has gone through a lot of hardships together, it brings G-Dragon to tears just to think of how much Taeyang"s friendship means to him even after debut. To G-Dragon, Taeyang is his bae, his Youngbae, who he can always "kok" (poke) whenever he"s in need.

G-Dragon talking about Taeyang on a radio show in 2007:

These were 15 lovable K-Pop idol best friends! Of course, we were bound to have missed some as the K-Pop world is ripe with admirable friendships--and not just among idols (Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk, anyone?). Any favorites you might like to add?


Watch: GFRIEND Nails Their Choreography At 2x The velocity On “Weekly Idol”

Watch: GFRIEND Nails Their Choreography At 2x The velocity On “Weekly Idol”

Watch: GFRIEND Nails Their Choreography At 2x The rate On Weekly Idolehk38 July 13, 2016 0 Watch: GFRIEND Nails Their Choreography At 2x The Speed On Weekly Idol Ladycrew GFRIEND lives up to their recognition every bitenergy idols on the newest episode of MBC Every1 program Weekly Idol.

Following their impressive execution of the choreography for Rough at double the speed this beyond February, Weekly Idol asked that the ladyneighborhood do it again, yet this time to 3in their hit songs.

The women did now not disappoint as they danced to Navillera, Me gustas tu, and Glass Bead at two times the speed, impressing audience alongside their stamina and mastery of the choreography.

They are practically a blur as they whiz during the moves, which would possibly be physically difficult even at commonplace speed.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND made a comeback with their first complete studio album LOL on July 11 and are latelysellingidentifytune Navillera on music shows.

GFRIEND - LOLReinforce the artist throughpurchasing LOL from YesAsia Related Tags GFRIENDWeekly IdolPost NavigationOutdatedTaleTablos Circle of relatives Has Stuck The Pokémon PassTrojan horse Too

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GFRIEND Finds A Superstition They've About “Weekly Idol”

GFRIEND Finds A Superstition They've About “Weekly Idol”

GFRIEND Unearths A Superstition They've approximately Weekly Idoljun2yng July 13, 2016 0 GFRIEND Exhibits A Superstition They Have About Weekly Idol GFRIEND made an appearance at the episode of MBC every1s Weekly Idol broadcast on July 13. When the MCs asked the women why they got here on the show, they printed a superstition that they have.

Yuju said, We've got a superstition. Earlier than nosotros start promotions, if we movie Weekly Idol, we carry out well.

The girls then told audience what they promise to do if their new song Navillera gets no. 1. Yuju said, Well ride curler skates on stage. Theres a scene in our song video where we ride roller skates, and I would like to ride them on stage, too. Umji statedthe gang would make a human butterfly, whilst SinB promised to bungee jump.

The MCs then asked GFRIEND to mention Weekly Idol and MC Defconn and Kim Heechul if they get no. 1 on MBC every1s Show Champion, and the girls readily agreed.

Weekly Idol airs this night (Wednesday, July 13) at 6 p.m.

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New Idol Actors Lately Making Waves In The Industry

New Idol Actors Lately Making Waves In The Industry

New Idol Actors Recently Making Waves In The Industrynotclaira July 12, 2016 0 New Idol Actors Currently Making Waves In The Industry Even supposingthere's aannouncing in Korean that one can't be chuffed alongsidethe primarytry at anything, a new wave of idol actors have seemedat the scene that would possiblysmartly be convinced at their first debut.

On July 11, TVReport named 3 up-and-coming idol actors who stunned the critics with their first serious debut in the industry and are already raising expectancies for their next project.

Nana recently made her acting debut in the tvN drama “The Just right Wife,” which aired its first episode on July 8. She plays Kim Dan, an investigator at a law place of job who is helping the lead persona Hye Kyung (Jeon Do Yeon).

When Nana was once kickoffsolid for the role, there were some doubts because of her loss of experience, especially in comparison to the veteran actress Jeon Do Yeon. However, after most effective two episodes, Nana has became the critics around with her easiest portrayal of her character and sensible chemistry with Jeon Do Yeon.

Formerly a section ofthe womanworkforce KARA prior to their disbandment previous this year, Youngji made her acting debut in the internet drama “The Alchemist.” However, it becomevia her role in the wonder hit “Oh Hae Young Again” that she made her call every bit an actress.

In “Oh Hae Young Again,” Youngji played Yoon An Na, a part-time convenience shopemployee who believes in taking component in life. Youngji’s original hair color, wide-eyed stare, and lovely pout added believability and style to her quirky character and her acting was a lot moresolid than early critics had expected.

EXO as a collectionisn't new to the acting industry they seemedin combination in the internet drama “EXO Next Door” and nearlyeachunmarried member has appeared in one assignment or another. However, Xiumin has recently been garnering compliment for his acting in the recently released film “Seondal: The guy Who Sells the River.”

In the film, he plays the maknae of Kim Seon Dal’s con team yet his spot-on portrayal of his character’s naivete and dream of converting intoa truly perfect con guysuppliesthe maximum important turning point in the improvement of the movie. He was also praised by co-actor Jo Jae Hyun for his not easypaintings on set.

Thanks to Wulan for the tip!

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K-Pop Idol Lee Hi Embarrasses Herself After Pronouncing “N-Word” On Are living Video

K-Pop Idol Lee Hi Embarrasses Herself After Pronouncing “N-Word” On Are living Video

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKnown for her lovable and quirky symbol onstage, Lee Hi made a convenientebook a rough apology after mumbling an beside the pointlive to inform the tale air. 

Recently, the singer held a different interactive match alongside her fanaticsthru a livestreaming platform. However, as she hummed along to one of her favorite Rihanna tracks, she by accident slipped the derogative term “n*gga” continue to exist air. When she realised the slip up, the singer was onceobservedwearing a startled reaction and straight away apologised for the mistake.

Lee Hi gainedfairly an figuring out set of fans all over the are living broadcast and becamedirectly forgiven for the mistake. On social networking sites, many netizens understood the explanationin the back of the slip and said her prompt reaction to apologise and rectify the situation.

The singer was remaining active onstage with the promotion of her Seoulite back in April.

Lee Hi accidently said nigga apologised straight away looked so baffled dskksjsj pic.twitter.com/haz1EScu9g

♡#blm (@aoafreak) July 12, 2016

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TWICE Dominates “Favorite Feminine K-Pop Idol” Ballot On Popular Korean Male Online Community

TWICE Dominates “Favorite Feminine K-Pop Idol” Ballot On Popular Korean Male Online Community

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAlthough K-Pop girl teams are enjoyedby potential of everyone, Korean men are without a doubtone of the vitalbiggest demographics among their fans. 

And in a contemporaryballot on MLBPARK, one of the maximum important male-dominated forums in all of South Korea, users voted on who they regarded as their favourite among the entirefeminine celebrities in the country. In spite of there being such so much of popular idols and actresses, however, the result of the poll featured six out of the nine contributors of rookie woman group TWICE in the head ten. The consequences are as follows:

3. Nayeon (TWICE) 304 votes

4. Chaeyoung (TWICE) 266 votes

6. Dahyun (TWICE) 261 votes

9. Yura (Girls Day) 233 votes

Watch Two timescarry out dance covers of more than a few popular K-pop songs on Weekly Idol below:

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