"Tomorrow With You" set for 2017 on Friday and Saturday

"Tomorrow With You" has been set for unencumber in 2017 for Fridays and Saturdays.

"Tomorrow With You" is a romantic romance drama about a time traveler and his wife.

The casting is in development and it is directed through Yoo Je-won whilstor not it's written by Heo Seong-hye.

Meanwhile, "Tomorrow With You" starts filming in August as it is a pre-production drama.

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2PM’s Junho and Chansung Pass Head-to-Head With Friday-Saturday Dramas

2PM’s Junho and Chansung Pass Head-to-Head With Friday-Saturday Dramas

2PMs Junho and Chansung Pass Head-to-Head With Friday-Saturday Dramasan0ya March 4, 2016 0 LINE it!2PMs Junho and Chansung Go Head-to-Head With Friday-Saturday Dramas Appealing times forward for 2PMs Junho and Chansung, who are either starring in upcoming Friday-Saturday dramas.

Junhos upcoming tvN drama Reminiscence and JTBCs Ms. Mood Nam Jung Gi featuring Chansung are set to premiere at the precise same time, on March 18 at 8:30 p.m. KST. This might occasionally mark the 2PM contributors first time to stand off in the small screen.

Many are taking a lookahead to Junhos drama debut, as the idol wonpopularity for his acting abilitiesby manner of stellar performances on final years movies Memories of the Sword and Twenty. In Memory, he'll existgamblinga skilled young attorney with a sharp personality. Other cast members come with Lee Sung Min, who will paintingsheavilyin conjunction with Junho, and Kim Ji Soo.

After two and a part years, Chansung will make his go back to acting thru JTBCs Ms. Temper Nam Jung Gi. He is set to take on one of the crucial supporting roles and play Nam Bong Ki, an outgoing young guy who believes that youth equals having fun. The main characters of this comedy might be portrayed by way of Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Yo Won.

Which one are you making plans to watch?

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2PM's Junho forged in tvN's Friday-Saturday drama 'Memory'

2PM's Junho forged in tvN's Friday-Saturday drama 'Memory'

2PM's Junhohas snagged every other acting role!

He's been solid in the tvNdrama 'Memory', which tells the tale of a legal professional who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Actor Lee Sung Minhas been cast in the leading role, and Junho will play lawyer Jung Jin, a skilled lawyer who can stumble upon as rough sometimes.

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He's a persona taken in by way ofthe major character, and the 2 argue yet are like brothers. The drama will air in March, so stay your eyes out for it!


Will Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Become The Friday-Saturday Couple

Will Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Become The Friday-Saturday Couple

Ex-Girlfriends Club

Script readings for the drama "Ex-Girlfriends Club" demonstrated some promising chemistry between its leading actors Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han.

"I had a great feeling after thereading," said the drama"s director Kwon Sung Jak. "All the actors made the characters come alive. I think it would be even better once we start filming."

According to the director, the Song-Byun couple had great chemistry and might easily become the "Friday-Saturday Couple."

That"s a reference to Song Ji Hyo"s friendly and flirtatious partnership with Gary Kang on the variety show "Running Man." They are often called the "Monday Couple," because the show is on Monday. They don"t date in real life.

Song Ji Hyo has had some great onscreen boyfriends. Besides being adored by "Running Man"s Gary, she played the ex-wife of Choi Jin Hyuk in the comedy "Emergency Couple." She was loved by Jo In Sung in the film "A Frozen Flower" and was devoted to Lee Dong Wook in "The Fugitive of Joseon."

Compared to some of her other onscreen leads, Byun Yo han is something of a rookie. The actor, whose only drama credit so far is "Misaeng," was cast as Song Ji Hyo"s ex-boyfriend in the upcoming comedy. And he"s not only Song Ji Hyo"s ex, but he has several ex girlfriends to contend with. He writes a webtoon about his ex-girlfriends that gets optioned for a film.

Song Ji Hyo plays Kim Soo Jin, a film producer who adapts the webtoon only to realize that the cartoonist is her ex-boyfriend. And the webtoon is about several of his ex-girlfriends. Actresses Lee Yoon Ki, Jang Ji Eun and Ryu Hwa Young play Byun Yo Han"s other exes.

When Kim Soo Jin discovers the connection, she decides that she would rather not work with him but she"s in a financially desperate situation. She has to produce the film. Will she be able to separate her emotional life from her professional life? You"ll have to watch to find out.

And it is appropriate that Byun Yo Han is playing a man with many ex-girlfriends. He was described as "everyone"s sweetheart" after playing the fast-talking, charming Han Yook Sul in "Misaeng."

The actor may be a drama rookie but he did star in over 30 indie films before taking the ex-boyfriend role. He can also be seen this year in the film "Socialphobia.

"Ex-Girlfriends Club" begins filming at the end of April and will be broadcast in May following "Super Daddy Yeol."


Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han are a

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han are a "Friday-Saturday couple" during script reading for "Ex-Girlfriend Club"

tvN"s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama are giving you a peek at what went on during their first script reading session for "The Ex-Girlfriends Club"!

Those who took part in the script reading included Song Ji Hyo, taking on the lead female role of Kim Soo Jin, "Misaeng" actorByun Yo Han as the lead male role of Bang Myung Soo, and supporting actors Lee Yoon Ji, Jang Ji Eun, and former T-ara member turned actress Hwayoung, and more.

Song Ji Hyo was said to have perfectly pulled off her lines and comic situations in the script during the reading, while Byun Yo Han added in ad-libs and made his sly character into an attractive one.

Those who were at the script reading cleverly nicknamed Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han as the "Friday-Saturday Couple", referring to Song Ji Hyo and Gary"s "Monday Couple" nickname from "Running Man".

"Ex-Girlfriend Club" is a romantic comedy about a popular webtoon artist who"s story about his ex-girlfriends is being made into a movie. The drama will air after "Super Daddy Yeol" in May.


Selca of Hwayoung playfully taking a bite of her script!



IUs Beauty Secret Eat a Lot on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Strict Diet on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

IUs Beauty Secret Eat a Lot on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Strict Diet on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

IU, The Show

IU’s Beauty Secret ‘Eat a Lot on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… Strict Diet on Friday, Saturday, Sunday’ IU’s Beauty Secret ‘Eat a Lot on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… Strict Diet on Friday, Saturday, Sunday’ Singer IU revealed the secret to her beauty.

On October 23rd, SBS MTV "The Show, All About K-Pop" featured IU on "The Show Talk" interview via their official website (http://tv.sbs.co.kr/theshow/).

IU was asked the question, "What do you eat that makes you so pretty? Do you have a secret way to manage your beauty?" She answered, "I eat a lot on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday I eat a little less. I strictly watch my diet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday," and revealed her diet for each day of the week.

IU also spoke about her favorite food and said, "I like sweet and sour pork. One food I don't like is paprika."

She revealed, "Starting from week 2 I plan to wear pink shoes and dance."

Photo credit: SBS MTV "The Show, All About K-Pop" website


Upcoming Korean film

Upcoming Korean film "A Day - 2017"

Added the approaching Korean film "A Day - 2017"'s page to HanCinema database"A Day - 2017" (2016)Directed through Jo Seon-hoWith Kim Myeong-min, Byeon Yo-han, Jo Eun-hyeong, Sin Hye-seon,...Crank in : 2016/06/29SynopsisAfter a guy lost his daughter in an accident, his day is repeated endlessly. The guy starts following the secrets of his repeated days so as to solve the mystery and bring his daughter back to life.Release date in Korea : 2017

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'Descendants Of The Sun' Season 2 In The Works For 2017

'Descendants Of The Sun' Season 2 In The Works For 2017

Descendants Of The Sun Season 2 In The Works For 2017(Photo : KBS)The hit drama "Descendants of the Sun" is most likely getting a 2d season.

In a up to date interview with the director of KBS's drama department, Jeong Seongho, he mentioned plans for "Descendants of the Sun: Season 2."

When asked how he felt about the drama ending, Seongho spoke back with, "I wish to thank all of theaudience that watched the display and showed it such a lot love. I would love to pay off them through giving the prove a moment season."

Advertisement"I've already reached out to KBS and hope to repay their strengthen by developingsome other season of the show," he added.

However, in the following question, Seongho used to be asked to elucidate if a better season would be a continuation of old events. He responded with, "One of the top writers, Kim Wonsuk, acknowledgedthat they'veso much to are living up to if they call it 'Season 2.' We're going tomuststay adjusting to look whether to make it center of attentionat themilitary or make a choice a other theme."

"Since 'Descendants' changed intothe preferred program all year, we are having a look to preserve that momentum going by freeing a new task in 2017," Seongho continued, expressing his prefer to continue the story.

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"Incomplete Life" author Jeong Yoon-jeong to write "Bride of the Water God 2017"

Writer Jeong Yoon-jeong who created a syndrome with "Incomplete Life" is coming back with "Bride of the Water God 2017".

"Bride of the Water God 2017" is a spin off edition of the comedian "Bride of the Water God". 'Spin off' method a deviated version from the original, so the vintagedelusion and characters might be modernized and moved by potential of time and location to Seoul today.

The long-established "Bride of the Water God" used to be published serially for 10 years and become published in Russia, Hungary and other countries in e bookshape for the primary time in Korean comic history.

Number 3Imagessaid that Jeong Yoon-jeong has finished up to 4 episodes and the filming will start later this year. The drama will be pre-produced to extend the quality of it and the free up date is decided for 2017.

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