Top one hundred  Maximum Viewed Lady  Workforce  Song Videos Of All Time

Top one hundred Maximum Viewed Lady Workforce Song Videos Of All Time

Top a hundred Most Viewed Girl Group Music Videos Of All Time(Photo : SM Entertainment)The view counts for the 100 hottest girl community music videos has been tallied up and and installed a list.

The No. 1 and No. 2 spot went to Girl's Generation's "I Were given A Boy" and "Gee," respectively. 2NE1's "I Am The Best" snagged the No. 3 spot. yet No. 4, 5, 7, and 8 were all taken up by ability of Girls' Generation songs.

Although the list includes 100 music videos, only 19 teams made it at the list. The crowd alongside the most positions on the list is, as expected, Girl's Generation, with 22 spots. Bobbing up next is 2NE1, who holds 17 positions on the list. The No. 3 and fourmove to SISTAR and 4minute, who every accept eightand seven spots on the list, respectively.

AdvertisementThe video on the list with the least perspectives still has a staggering 21.5 million, appearing that groups will have to cross a vital threshold earlier than they get on the list. Meanwhile, the most viewed video, "I Got A Boy," has nearly 167 million views.

Twice has two spots on the list, adding the No. ninefunction with "Like OOH-AHH," which used to be only released closing year. Here'sa serious accomplishment for a rookie group. Their newest comeback, "Cheer Up," is at No. 20 with 54.5 million views.

Only the pinnacle five songs on the list have crossed the 100 million view threshold.

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Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Song Videos In 2016 So Far

Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Song Videos In 2016 So Far

Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Track Videos In 2016 To this point notclaira June 8, 2016 0 Top 20 Most-Viewed K-Pop Music Videos In 2016 So Far As we go into the month of June, the beginning of summer is a great time to appear back at theoccasions of the primarypart of the year.

Before heavy-hitters EXO and the slew of planned summer comebacks can exchange up the list, a Korean media outlet tested the most-viewed K-pop music videos of the 1st1/2 of 2016.

TWICE, BTS, and GFRIEND take the coveted Best 3 spots. TWICE’s Cheer Up is in first position amongst 43.6 million perspectives as of June 9. BTS’s “Fire” takes 2d home with 28.3 million views and GFRIEND’s “Rough” is close in the back of at 24.6 million views. It must exist noted that TWICE and BTS got here back in the spring whilst “Rough” used to be released in January.

4minute’s “Hate” is in fourth place with 23.6 million views, Taeyeon’s “Rain” is in 5th identify with 21.4 million views, and GOT7’s “Fly” is in 6th position with 20.8 million views. With GOT7 and TWICE’s entries on the list, JYP Entertainment is the only realcorporate to have two idol teams in the pinnacle 10.

Rounding out the tip ten is Baekhyun and Suzy’s duet Dream at No. 7 (18.5 million views), Zico’s “I Am You, You're Me” at No. 8 (16.9 million views), Jessica’s “Fly” at No. nine (13.9 million views), and BTS’ “Save Me” at No. 10 (14.1 million views). BTS is the single idol workforce to have two music videos in the Peak 10.

Moving into the moment one half of the Top 20! At No. 11 is MAMAMOO’s “You Are The Best” (13.7 million views), Jimin’s “Call You Bae” (12.5 million views) featuring EXO’s Xiumin is No. 12, and NCT U’s “The 7th Sense” is No. thirteen with 12 million views. Either “Dream” and “Call You Bae” have shown that cross-company collaborations can lead toa much widertarget marketin additionwonderful music.

Block B’s “Toy” is No. 14 with 11.6 million views, Lee Hi’s “Breathe” is No. 15 with 11.4 million views, and BTS’s “Epilogue: Young Forever” is No. 16 with 11.3 million views. With this 3rdaccess in the list, BTS is the best idol community to have 3 music videos in the Top 20.

WINNER’s long-awaited comeback “Sentimental” is No. 17 with 10.59 million views, Tiffany’s “I Just Wanna Dance” is No. 18 with 10.54 million views, Crush’s “Don’t Forget” is No. 19 with 9.9 million views, and I.O.I’s “Dream Girls” is No. 20 with 9.7 million views.

Which music video changed into your favourite?

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Hidden Gems: thirteen  Maximum Underrated K-Pop Lady  Workforce Singers

Hidden Gems: thirteen Maximum Underrated K-Pop Lady Workforce Singers

Hidden Gems: thirteenMaximum Underrated K-Pop WomanWorkforce Singerssophfly March 13, 2016 0 LINE it!Hidden Gems: 13 Most Underrated K-Pop Girl Organization Singers For the explanation that K-pop is speedyturning into an an expanding number of globalized and popular genre of music, it is going without announcingthat there'ssufficientskill in the scene to validate this. More steadily than not, the largest and most praised voices belong to the major vocals of every respective group. Yet this doesnt necessarily mean others in the teams dont have stunning voices; it just approach that their proficiencyis a little more obscured, especially if they dont repeatedly takethe riskto turn information technology with solo projects or on stage. Stay reading to try a make a choice few whose voices don't appear to be every bit widely favored as they should be.

Although many have heard and praised Yuju’s robust voice in GFRIEND, some distance fewer other people get had the likelihoodto hear Eunha’s sweetly mellow and emotional vocals. Just recently, Eunha released her first ever solo OST track for the drama “Six Flying Dragons,” called “Don’t Come to mention Goodbye” (working title). With GFRIEND’s fresh surge to popularity, optimistically Eunha will have more opportunities someday to show off her stable vocals either alongside her group and in solo projects.

While miss A’s Suzy is most widely referred to as the “nation’s first love,” in addition a a success idol-turned-actress and highly coveted advertisement model, we shouldn’t omit that her debut into the entertainment boxwas once as a singer. Too often, her skills as a singer are driven to the background in gentle of her other achievements and below the misconception that the “visual” of a woman group can’t sing. At the contrary, it’s value taking a concentrate to Suzy’s songs; she in truth has released relativelya couple of solo OST tracks for her dramas as smartly as most recently, a chart-topping duet with EXO’s Baekhyun, “Dream.”

f(x)’s Amber occupies one of the onesgreyspaces of being the designated rapper of her group when she first entered and trained under SM as a vocalist. So as to balance both passions, Amber had a solo debut, “Shake that Brass,” in which she both raps and sings. She additionalshocked her enthusiasts with a different song, “Beautiful,” in which she utterlypublishedthe level of her fantasticallysleek song skills.

Although Luna has at all times been the majorvitality vocal of f(x), it’s sudden butwhat choice of people forget to incorporate her in the standard list of “K-Pop’s Greatest Vocals.” And it’s now notbecause of a loss of her voice in the market; she has sung infinite OST tracks for dramas, been a a phase of collaboration stages, participates in making a songsystems like “Immortal Song,” and is a normal in the musical field. Her powerful voice literally reverberates even thru a pc screen, so test it out for yourself!

Many individuals possess heard Solji’s voice sooner or laterbecause the EXIDs rise in popularity, and everybody who has recognizes her talent. But there’s every otherpressure vocal in this group who isn’t mentioned as much: Hyerin. And while her amazing singing abilitieswon't exist on the radar as of yet, it’s secureto claim that her voice qualifies as far better than average. While you didnt know this already, take a glance at this video.

A Pink also proudly boasts its lead singer with Eunji, but have youwell stopped to listen to Namjoo sing? Quite most likelyone of the most more underrated singers ever, Namjoo turns out to continually take a bit of of a backseat. Her deeper tones trace that she would possiblyno longer be in a position to taskupper notes but of course, she has undoubtedly shattered that misconception even with just this one functionality on “King of Masked Singer.”

AOA has a massive number of memorable group members with Choa’s forged voice, Jimin’s compelling and distinct rap tone, and even Seolhyun’s attraction as Korea’s newest “it” girl. Many could forget that AOA also debuted as a band, which means that the members in this group also have instrumental qualifications on most sensiblein their voices. With that said, Yuna’s emotional voice coupled with her keyboard skills actually deserve the highlight next.

The Ark is a comparatively new group on the K-pop scene, but their performances seem to talk for themselves, especially the only in which leading vocal Yujin belts out a canopy of “Don’t Think You’re Alone” (working title). In spite ofthe reality that she’s singing at streetlevel with a mic and speaker system, her voice in reality shines via and hints at a bright long term for her and your entire group.

We all know 2NE1, and we all know Minzy’s loopy dance skills. We’ve noticed her popping, locking, typically blowing everyone’s minds. But what about those singing skills? Whilst she isn’t precisely known for her voice in particular, let’s have a look at the steadiness of the husky, darker tones of her voice that let her to hide Beyonce’s “Halo.”

Sunny - Girls Generationsnsd sunny

Girls Generations members are all fairly well-known, and while the women of TaeTiSeo are definitely recognized for their voices, others in the gang who possess fantasticmethodology and vocal quality are usually forgotten. Case in point: Sunny. She’s been part of many OST collaborations/solo tracks, one of which is connected here. Her voice quality is verytransparent and crisp: definitely in the better range. But what’s authentic is that she too can belt out louder and longer notes with this voice timbre.

Ladies Code’s Sojung became a finalist and made it to Height 8 in the primary season of “The Voice Korea,” and in cultivating such talent, sooner or later debuted in Ladies Code as the main vocal. Her huskier, sultry voice quality lends itself to a more uniquely jazzier voice than sometimes heard in K-pop. She has sung on many solo stages on otherpresentations since her debut, and these daysgot here back with a new unmarried album with members Ashley and Zuny.

BESTie is some other group that debuted a while ago and yet hasn’t visible a severe breakthrough. But this doesn’t actually say the rest or so the immense skills the members all possess, especially main vocal Uji. Uji was literallyat the beginning gear up to debut in a set with EXID’s Hani, Secret’s Song Jieun, and SISTAR’s Hyorin, and accordingly, theres definitely no query about her unbelievablediversity as well as flawless technique.

Personally, I'd say that Spica is one group that jointly shines with unspeakable talent yet hasn’t had a true break in the K-pop scene. Some incredibly large voices are in this group adding Spica’s Boa, Bohyung, and Narae. Mix that with Jiwons candy tones and Juhyuns deeper rapping and youve were given an all-star group. Their voices are so incredibly powerful, and their harmonies so seamlessly mixed that you can’t lend a hand but turn into a fan.

sophfly will literally spend hours clicking on Suggested Videos on Youtube, staring at covers and performances one after the next. All of which has led her to discoversuch so much of examples of vocalists not always in the spotlight but nevertheless, still incredibly talented.

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Netizens Claim Every  Best K-Pop Lady  Workforce Has A minimum of ONE “FAILED” Song

Netizens Claim Every Best K-Pop Lady Workforce Has A minimum of ONE “FAILED” Song

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Despite the truth thatmost sensibleteams are known for generating quality music, no longereach song that they pop out amongsttransformquick hits. 

In fact, netizens these days discussed the industrys heightwoman groups and songs theyve released that experience been regarded as flops.

And though the responses in regards to the list has been controversial, netizens appear to accept as true with the truth that girl group SISTAR seems to have had no flop songs since their debut.

Wonder Girls  Like This (2012)

Girls Generation  Mr. Mr. (2014)

After School Shampoo (2011)

4minute Watcha Doin Lately (2014)

miss A I Dont Desire aGuy (2012)

Red Velvet Be Herbal (2014)

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

204, 46 4MINUTEs Hate You is such an lousy song

199, 39 Girls Generations Mr Mr used to be amazing and f(x) changed into amazing all over Red Light. Same with Red Velvet and Wondr Girls, they arent at a degree where you'll touch, please take those down

113, 178 I presumedWomen Generations Mr Mr was god awful

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10 of the maximum productive Plot Twists in K-Pop Song Videos

10 of the maximum productive Plot Twists in K-Pop Song Videos

10 of the maximum productive Plot Twists in K-Pop Song Videoskafox February 29, 2016 0 LINE it!10 of the proper Plot Twists in K-Pop Music Videos Have youobserved a K-pop music video that made your jaw drop on account of a mind-blowing plot twist at the end? Despite the reality thatnormal music videos are enjoyable, lovers are at all times appreciative of businesses that movethe additional mile to create an entertaining, dramatic music video with a fascinating plot. This list comprisesthe pinnacle 10 K-pop music videos that experience a shocking, memorable plot twist that no one saw coming.

Warning: Watch the music video first to keep away from spoilers!

SHINee turn into detectives in this mystery mystery music video. The ladsobtain a mysterious envelope stuffed withpictures and a map, leading them on a hunt to discoverlacking jewelry. Whilstlookinground the mansion, they maintain seeing a mysterious, beautiful woman, played by way of Jessica, who disappears in a while after being spotted.

After they in finding the jewelry, they see Jessica in a newspaper article about the most prettygirl in the sector written in 1910 — over one hundred years ago.

9. BIGBANG - LiesBIGBANGs early music videos regularly had massive plot twists. In Lies, we see G-Dragon get hauled off in a police vehicle after creating atelephone call to a girl. The ladyright away runs out of doors and is going to her old apartment, while having flashbacks of her abusive boyfriend. She sooner or later heads to a club, and we see G-Dragon being led down a hallway in handcuffs, surrounded by reporters.

The next scene displays that the woman had murdered her ex-boyfriend with a potted plant, a scene which G-Dragon walked in on, revealing that G-Dragon voluntarily took the fall for the crime in order that the lady could be free.

8. Mamamoo Uhm Oh Ah YeahSolar tries to seduce a guy she likes by changing into his maid, fitting the stewardess on his plane, or even his nurse when he’s seeing the doctor. She at last catches him slumberingat the bed and is ready to make a flow when he wakes up and every other daughter skates in and interrupts them. It's miles then published that the “he” is if truth be told a “she,” none rather than Moonbyul.

VIXX’s Error music video tells the tale of a forbidden, futuristic love. Hongbin is making an attempt to bring back his beyond love, Youngji of Kara, by developingidentical robot edition of her and placing her memories into it. The plan worked, yetno longer long after, executive agents typhoon in and try to deactivate her. Hongbin is in a role to fight them off and runs away with Youngji.

The two lie down on the working table together, where without equal plot twist is revealed: Hongbin used to be also a robot all along.

The music video for EXID’s Ah Yeah displays that you shouldn’t pass judgement on a e-book by its cover. The ladies are dancing provocatively close to blurred out images and posters on the wall, which the viewer is supposed to suppose are lewd. At the finish of the video the pixelation is removed, appearing the totally benign photographs beneath: cool animated film puppies, bears, and kittens.

When G-Dragon catches his female friend (played by Park Min Young) placing out with T.O.P in an alley, the two get started to fight, but the alternative BIGBANG individualshang them back. G-Dragon is torn aside inside, imagining the girl he loves spending time with T.O.P, but it turns out he has larger things to stress about.

After G-Dragon receives a choice from Taeyang pronouncing that Min Young is in the clinicand wishes surgery, he dashes to her aspect every bitspeedy as he can. When he gets to the hospital, T.O.P tells him, “I’m sorry I lied. She in point of fact loves you.”

Then G-Dragon realizes that Min Young lied to him so that he wouldn’t be harm in case her operation went badly. Min Young has flashbacks to glad memories with G-Dragon prior to the operation begins, but she unfortunately passes away throughout surgery.

4. T-ara Daily and Horny Love

T-ara’s drama music videos stand out thank you to their top production value, especially on the topic of Day By Day and Sexy Love. After a calm day of riding their motorcycles around a post-apocalyptic wasteland, sisters Hyomin and Dani go back home, but they abruptlylocate themselves surrounded by a gang of sword-wielding thugs, led by a blonde-haired Jiyeon. Hyomin gets stabbed in the struggle and Dani gets captured by Jiyeon.

In the 2nd one half, we get hit with a double plot twist. Jiyeon recruits Eunjung to her side, the usage of her to fight. After six years, Hyomin wakes up after getting better from her injuries and sets out to get revenge. She reveals outs that Dani had her reminiscence erased and her face replaced to seem like Eunjung. The 3 meet in a last triple-sword conflict where Hyomin sacrifices herself to save her sister. Dani then finishes off Jiyeon, and is the just one left standing.

Akdong Musician’s 200% music video might leave you with an empty feeling at the end.  At first it type of feelsto inform the tale of the feminine of the duo, Lee Suhyun, hanging out with her first love and going on dates. But the music video takes a pointy turn when it exhibits that she becomein reality forlornly tagging along at the back of the boy while he was on dates with his exact girlfriend.

In One Shot, B.A.P are gang members who reside a high-class lifestyle. But if one in their members, Youngjae, gets abducted and held for a $10 million ransom, they draw up a plan to save him.

B.A.P meet the captors in an old subway tunnel to make the transaction, but just as Youngjae is reunited with his gang, he gets shot in the back by the kidnappers. This starts a shootout where just abouteach person is killed. However, the camera then rewinds, showing that the shootout was just in Yongguk’s imagination.

In reality, after Yongguk hugs Youngjae, a SWAT team storms the tunnel and Youngjae reveals his true identity; he was really an undercover cop all along. Him being kidnapped was just a ruse to arrest the other B.A.P members. Youngjae then paradoxically salutes his former gang leader and walks away.

Make certain y'all watch the music video for this one! To begin with ITturns out like Seo In Guk is secretly in love with Dasom, who is dating Ahn Jae Suk. SEO In Guk even becomes the best possibleguy at the couple’s wedding, although he is obviouslydepressing throughout, because of the fact that his dream girl is marrying some other guy. Right? Wrong!

The ultimate shot shows Seo In Guk tearing the marriage photo in part and sitting next to the only he needs he may neatly be with. And it’s now not Dasom.

Can you call to mind any missing from this list? What music video had the craziest plot twist?kafox is a K-pop addict and avid viewer and subtitler of Korean dramas on Viki.

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The Most sensible 10 Funniest K-Pop Song Videos of All Time

The Most sensible 10 Funniest K-Pop Song Videos of All Time

The Most sensible ten Funniest K-Pop Tune Videos of All Timekafox February 9, 2016 0 LINE it!The Top 10 Funniest K-Pop Music Videos of All Time Has a K-pop music video ever make you burst out laughing? Probably the most nearly memorable music videos are ones with hilarious plotlines, slapstick gags, sophisticated jokes, and witty lyrics. This list has the top 10 most hilarious music videos that would accept yous smiling from ear to ear.

10. iKON Dumb and DumberDumb and Dumber via iKON is full of funny bits, adding Jinhwan in a tree hooting like an owl at 2:41 and the outcome of Bobby and B.Is combat at 1:47.

9. Large Junior Satisfied Cooking CookingCooking Cooking, by Super Junior subgroup Super Junior H, will have you smiling from ear to ear once the beat begins. The lyrics are about a guy who is forced to devour his girlfriend’s awful cooking, and the female friend is played by none other than Sunny of Girls’ Generation, who smiles and watches on as she feeds the individuals terrible meals.

8. PSYThe majority of PSY’s music videos have funny slapstick gags in them, including Gangnam Style, Gentlemen, Hangover, and his newest hit, Daddy.

7. Lizzy Good-bye PMSLizzy’s solo releases have all been creative, and this music video is not any different. The Orange Caramel member is affected by Running Man cast member Park Myung Soo, who is wearing a red satangown alongside the notice “PMS” written at the front. He follows her around and bullies her till they either grow to the dimensions of skyscrapers and feature a Dragon Ball Z-esque fight, with lasers, force fields, and more.

6. Women Day Twinkle TwinkleMinah has her eye on a definite man, and is willing to do whatever it takes to thieve him from the alternative Girl’s Day members. She ruins Yura, Hyeri, and Jihae’s dates with specially devised moves ahead of giving up when she sees Sojin holding hands with the man she likes.

5. 4Minute Center to HeartThe girls of 4Minute get revenge on Hyuna’s boyfriend thrua chain of pranks, poisoning his sandwiches, replacing his toothpaste with medicine, and more.

4. Im Chang Jung Open the DoorIm Chang Jung presentations his unhappiness at just aboutevery person he meets by pointing out what they are doing is wrong, beginning with boy staff U-KISS. He continues by knocking MSG-filled food on the ground, forcing litterers to pick out out up their trash, stops scholars from bullying a primecollege girl, and more.

3. GD TOP ZutterNow not many music videos have scenes where the members are relieving themselves. Even fewer displaycommunity members peeing on each and every other, yethere'sprecisely what occurs in Zutter by GD TOP. After the 2get started spraying like firehoses, T.O.P aims immediately at G-Dragon’s back at 3:20.

2. Bestie Excuse MeThe girls of Bestie in findinga couple of magic glasses that allow the wearer see a otheraspect of the men around them. In the coffee shop, the men transform wild perverts as soon as Hyeyeon puts the glasses on, sucking on ketchup bottles and smelling the members hair. Later, they all passout of doors and put the glasses on and spotthe entire men sitting around them as homosexual couples.

1. Big Byung Pressure The number 1 most hilarious K-pop music video is goingto worry by Big Byung, a taskorganization made up of GOT7’s Jackson, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, and N and Hyuk of Vixx. The lyrics about #firstworldproblems and strain are made even funnier by each one member’s deadpan shipping of the lines. Let alone that ending.

Did we leave any out? What do you observed is the funniest K-pop music video of all time?kafox is a K-pop addict and avid viewer and subtitler of Korean dramas on Viki.

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10 Maximum Viewed K-Pop MVs of All Time

10 Maximum Viewed K-Pop MVs of All Time

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterK-Pop has grow to bea world phenomenon as of late, which translates into some primary YouTube views! Who made the list of all time highs? Whilst roughly artists are expected, others mightmarvel you!

Check out this list of K-Pop Most sensible 10 Maximuma successtrack videos on YouTube! Did your favouriteteams brand the list?

10 Most Viewed K-Pop MVs of All TimeBy way of Koreaboo

K-Pop has changed into a global phenomenon as of late, which translates into some major Youtube views. Who made the list of all time highs? While some artists are expected, others could surprise you.

10. Large Junior Mr. UndeniableBy Koreaboo

Rounding out the pinnacle ten is Super Junior with Mr. Simple. Either the song and music video proved that sometimes, simplicity is all you need to have to make a killer piece.

9. Ladies Generation Mr. TaxiBy Koreaboo

Technically, it used to beLadies Generations Easternedition of Mr. Taxi that made the tip 10, yet were giving them the number nine spot anyway.

8. 2NE1 I'mthe most productiveBy Koreaboo

This is most likelyone of the vital most iconic K-Pop songs of all time on peak of being one of the most viewed. I Am the simplest solidified 2NE1s prestige equallya feminine super-group.

7. Girls Generation The menBy Koreaboo

Yet every other MV from Girls Generation, and some other chart topper at that too. Slightly soon, were certain that youll understand a SNSD style as you cycle via this list.

6. Girls Generation I Were given A BoyBy Koreaboo

Although I Got A Boy is also one of women Generations more fresh offerings, it briefly sky-rocketed to the top of Youtubes most viewed videos.

5. Giant Bang GreatToddlerBy Koreaboo

If Large Bangs High qualityChild didnt make this list, we mightwerefully choked. Very an identical to 2NE1s case, this was most likely the song that earned the boys foreign recognition.

4. Girls Generation GeeBy Koreaboo

Not only did Girls Generation make the list of most viewed MVs of all time, they made the list a general of 4 times. If that isnt evidencein their insane popularity, we dont know what is.

3. PSY ft. Snoop Dogg HangoverBy Koreaboo

As you've gotten suspected, the top 3 spots in this list will all be going againsta definite gentleman. First up is the unforeseen yet completely fitting collaboration between PSY Snoop Dogg.

2. PSY GentlemanBy Koreaboo

As we alluded to in the former item, Gentleman made the list. PSY will have borrowed from the Brown Eyed Girls when it got here to his cocky, hip-swaying dance, but boy did he re-popularize it.

1. PSY Gangnam TasteBy Koreaboo

The most viewed K-Pop video of all time also is the most viewed Youtube video of all time. Both Gangnam Style MVs in truth made the top 4, but we made up our minds to give the remaining spot to the SuJu boys.

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Big Bang Dominate YouTube With five Of The pinnacle 10 Maximum Viewed K-Pop Tune Videos In 2015

Big Bang Dominate YouTube With five Of The pinnacle 10 Maximum Viewed K-Pop Tune Videos In 2015

Big Bang leads MAMA categories.(Photo : YG Entertainment )K-pop fanatics from around the world have shown numerous love fro Giant hit in 2015.

The YG Entertainment K-pop idol teamgot here out on most sensible of this year's ratings of the maximum watched videos on YouTube. Huge Bang's tune videos for "Bang Bang Bang" and "Loser" took the head two spots on YouTube's reliable 2015 K-pop rankings, followed heavilythrough EXO's "Call Me Baby" in 3rd place.

With over 85 million views, Big Bang's was once the transparent winner of the year.

Three other Big Bang songs gave the impression in the head 10, giving Big Bang part of the 10 height spots.

The music videos for "Bae Bae," "Let's Now not Fall In Love," and "Sober" seemed in the fourth, sixth, and 9th spots at the list, respectively.

Other than Big Bang and EXO, K-pop womanteams took over the chart.

Fifth position went to Girls' Generation's "Party," the 7th spot went to 4Minute's "Crazy," and omit A's "Only You" came in 8th place.

The list become rounded out by EXO's "Love Me Right" in the general spot, which have beenobserved over 35 million times. Psy's "Daddy," featuring 2NE1's CL, followed closely at the back of as of Dec. 7.

Big Bang made a comeback after three years with the "MADE" assignment album. The quintet released 8 singles in 2015, and won limitless awards during the year.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance author and reproduction editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

© 2015 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Don't reproduce without permission.

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Girl Workforce f(x) Will carry out Their New Song 4 Walls for the primary Time on M!Countdown

Girl Workforce f(x) Will carry out Their New Song 4 Walls for the primary Time on M!Countdown

Girl Neighborhood f(x) Will Operate Their New Song “4 Walls” for the 1st Time on “M!Countdown” SM Entertainment has announced on October 22 that girl organization f(x) may be appearing their name song in their new album, “4 Walls,” for the first time on October 29.

Many fanatics are excited as f(x) is scheduled to accomplish “4 Walls” on Mnet’s “M Countdown” first, then will continue onto KBS’s “Music Bank” and MBC’s “Music Core.”

The new title song, an electronic dance music space track, is described as being a classy and new sound for f(x).

It isn't a surprise that expectancies are prime for f(x) as the group’s comebacks at all times consisted of now not best wonderful music, yet super hairstyles, fashion, and choreography as well.

Adding to the entire hype, f(x) opened a gallery called “4 Walls – An Exhibit” on October 21 and may be open to fans till October 26. In the gallery, a projector will assignment videos of the participants on 4 walls and on a day-to-day basis will display a other member of the group.

f(x)’s fourth album will be released on October 27 so make certain you mark your calendars!

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Update: DSP Media’s New lady workforce April Unveils 
participants amongst Teaser Videos

Update: DSP Media’s New lady workforce April Unveils participants amongst Teaser Videos

Update: DSP Media’s New woman group April Unveils members amongst Teaser Videos < robust>Update vii/28: group teaser featuring All members of April released.

< robust>Update vii/27: sixth member < robust>Hyunjoo is printed.

< robust>Update 07/24: 5th member < robust>YeNa is unveiled.

< robust>Update 07/23: Fourth member < robust>Chaewon printed thru sectionicular person teaser video.

< robust>Update 07/22: An sectionicular person teaser video for 3rd member < robust>Naeun is out.

Entertainment firm < robust>DSP Media‘s newest girl group < robust>April has released outset sectionicular person teaser videos for members < robust>Somin and < robust>Jinsol.

the outset teaser video that changed into once released by way of April’s professional Youtube channel featured Somin, who changed into once a section of the contest display “< robust>Kara assignment” that Aired remaining year. She changed into once the runner-up at the display, After < robust>Youngji who has since transform A member of < robust>Kara.

the 2nd teaser video featured < robust>Jinsol, A more moderen expression up who changed into once now now not a section of the little one Kara group.

April has existen reported to exist A five-member group, with one of the members existing erstwhile members of little one Kara.

Watch the teaser videos for Somin And Jinsol existneath!