TWICE dances to a quicker  edition of “Cheer Up”

TWICE dances to a quicker edition of “Cheer Up”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIt’s an try that no person can believe doing with ease, yet TWICE has done it graciously on the newest episode of Weekly Idol

In this special episode, Two times joins fellow idol teams G-Friend, BTOB and GOT7. In one of the most segments, however, the individuals were asked to accomplish their hit song “Cheer Up” to a quicker version. Despite the truth that the members controlled to carry out to the speeded upedition of the track, fanatics of the members can notassist but realize their exhaustion against the latter a section of the track.

It used to be also spotted how Jihyo looked after Jungyeon as the functionality finished. Some can't recall if Jungyeon failed to catch up finallyas a result of her oldharmor justfor the explanation that other members were huddled next to her.

Check out the remainder of the performance below!

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WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICE’s “Cheer Up” On Set Of “Doctors”

WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICE’s “Cheer Up” On Set Of “Doctors”

WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICEs Cheer Up On Set Of Doctorsjun2yng July 13, 2016 0 WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICEs Cheer Up On Set Of Doctors On a July thirteen broadcast of V Live, Park Shin Hye kept her promise to audience to dance to TWICEs Cheer Up if Doctors surpassed a fifteen% viewership. The live broadcast used to be shot from the bustling set of Doctors, and Park Shin Hye became accompanied by capacity of actress Moon Ji In, who plays her easiest friend in the drama.

After dancing, Park Shin Hye says, We did our best, yetI suspecthere isso some distance aswe will go.I believe like my soul has left me. Reading supportive viewer comments, she thank you viewers and says, Sorry to the entire TWICE members. I think like Ive ruined a truly perfect song. Its sad, and thanks viewers back for gazing her bad dance.

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Watch: Two times  Stocks Out-Of-This-World Cosplay Edition Of Cheer Up MV

Watch: Two times Stocks Out-Of-This-World Cosplay Edition Of Cheer Up MV

Watch: Two timesStocks Out-Of-This-World Cosplay Edition Of “Cheer Up” MVilmare42 Might 26, 2016 0 Watch: TWICE Shares Out-Of-This-World Cosplay Version Of “Cheer Up” MV TWICE has without warning released a a laugh new dance version in theirnewest hit tune “Cheer Up”!

On Could 27 in the dead of night KST, JYP Entertainment shared a video entitled “TWICE AVENGERS,” which functions the TWICE individuals all dressed up in quite so much of fun costumes, comparable toa standard Korean hanbok, a stylishcelebration dress, and cowgirl and anime-inspired outfits, with just one of them in their same old cheerleader uniform.

The MV was shot on a suite that seems likeany other planet, with a Unidentified flying objectsoaring in the background, yet we also get a glimpse of the members filming in front of a green screen.

Meanwhile, TWICE are recently celebrating their 7th win for “Cheer Up,” which they took house on May also 26’s episode of “M!Countdown.”

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Netizens claim this NCT member looks as if a male edition of Taeyeon

Netizens claim this NCT member looks as if a male edition of Taeyeon

10kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter As smartly as being one of the mostbest singers in the K-pop industry, Girls GenerationTaeyeon has also been praised for possessing improbable visuals as well. 

And whilst the SM Entertainment singer is seemed as one of the headfeminine visuals in the industry, netizens are claiming to have came upon an idol in the similarfirm who looks nearlyprecisely like her. In step with netizens, rookie group NCT member Doyoung looks shockingly very identical to the Ladies Generation member, prompting many to question whether or no longerthe 2 are related.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

They do have that identicalair of secrecyHe looks as if Himchan!!!I believe he looks more like CLC YoojinTheir eyes are very similarI dont in point of fact see Taeyeon in himHe feels like Taeyeons barefaceSo excellenttaking a look Source: Instiz

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Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with “Can’t Assist Myself”

Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with “Can’t Assist Myself”

20160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_1Eric Nam Dances into Hearts with Cant Assist MyselfWritten through Chelsea On July 19, 201620160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_3If Eric Nams freshfree up of the unmarried Cant Assistance Myself has showedthe rest for me, its that Eric Nam is only delightful. He has that slow-burn more or lessair of secrecythat can take a couple of musical encounters to sink its claws in, yet once it does, youre hooked.

Whether it was once his feels-inducing release of Just right For You, his appearance at KCON, his duet with Red Velvets Wendy, or his adorable fake-marriage to Mamamoos Solar on We Were given Married, 2016 has in reality been the year for Eric Nam to shine. Its no marvel that over the last few months hes recruited fairlysome of our Seoulbeats writers into his fan club, and it sounds as if that with Cant Assist Myself I have become the latest member.

Cant Help Myself is a summer groove music in the similar vein as Justin Timberlakes recent Cant Prevent the Feeling. As a substitute of the funky backing beat of the latter, Eric takes to his signature guitar and infuses the upbeat track with pop components that make it a catchy, exciting new sound to pay attention from the artist. We know that beneath his recent string of emotional ballads, theres been a dork waiting to wreck free, and Cant Help Myself is precisely that opportunity for the singer.

In Cant Help Myself were offered to Eric Nam as the dork smitten with a sexywoman he encounters day-to-day at the bus stop. In an try to woo her, he tries on a lot of personas whilst also making an attempt to blow their own horns some impressive abilities like magic tricks and dip recipes. Never being discouraged, he endures failure after failure, coming back with more vibrato each and every day. Similar tounderstanding how to overcome AlphaGo, Eric Nam tries to infer a option to win her heart. When he can now not take it, he drops all pretenses and serenades her at the bus ahead of pulling her away to a romantic dinner and (hopefully) winning her heart.

20160717_seoulbeats_eric_nam_cant_help_myself_4Not most effective is his dedication completely endearing, but each one Eric Nam incarnation in the MV is more fascinating than the last. Its demanding not to swoon a little for the artist as you watch him as a significant newscaster, competitive pineapple dip pusher, busker or geography nerd. Not taking himself too seriously, Eric Nam doesnt hesitate to poke amusing at himself (and recent news stories) in every of those incarnations, either. The MV capabilities WGM-style interview segments, Eric getting hit in the face with flurries of pretend snow, the dorkiest smiles you've ever seen, and dancing.

The ultimate nail in my Eric Na- loving coffin got here when that man started to groove with reckless abandon. Theres arguably little capacity to his moves, yet theres a jovial finesse to them that will solely come from the authentic enjoyment he feels appearing the song or in all probability from the feeling of being so enamored with someone. Still not certain why he determined to get dressed up as Michael Jackson and pelvic thrust, but I appreciate it all of the same.

20160718_soulbeats_jyp_eric_namAside from the quirky cuteness of the MVs plot, I have a few similarlyvital observations to get off my chest. First, Eric Nam is solelya couple of aviators short of being a childedition of Whos Your Mama era JYP. If he doesnt benefit from that on an episode of SNL Korea soon, itll be the type of waste. Second, the feminine lead of the MV is a dead-ringer for Exos Xiumin. Third  and most significantlyI'm hopelessly now an Eric Nam stan.

Everything about Cant Help Myself, is sticky, much like Eric Nam himself. While I enjoyed the track instantly, it took a few listens before I used to betotally hooked. The song starts off hesitant, just like Erics efforts to woo the girl. In the process the first chorus, he gains confidence, proudly belting that he doesnt needany one else in his life. The bridge featuring Loco doesnt upload much, but it does supplya pleasingalternate of vocal dynamics before Eric Nam swoops in for the very last chorus. His candy voice is the sort that encourages you to feel the happiness of the song, and its simple to staymaking a song along even after the track is finished.

Unfortunately, Erics foolish dance moves in the MV are equally sticky and I cant not bop my head along, struggling with the urge to moonwalk and do celebratory fist pumps when Im taking note of the song in public.

With such a lot personality packed into a single song and MV, Cant Help Myself marks every otherluck for Eric Nam. As he continues to gain media exposure in South Korea, I could bein a position to but hope we see more equally relaxing releases from him in the future.

Readers, have you hopped on the Eric Nam stan teach yet?

(YouTube. Photographsby the use of CJ EM)


Watch: BTSs Jungkook Motion pictures A Funny Sea coast  Edition Of Fire MV With Jo Se Ho And Yoo Byung Jae

Watch: BTSs Jungkook Motion pictures A Funny Sea coast Edition Of Fire MV With Jo Se Ho And Yoo Byung Jae

Watch: BTS’s Jungkook Motion pictures A Funny Sea coastEdition Of “Fire” MV With Jo Se Ho And Yoo Byung Jaeilmare42 July 16, 2016 0 Watch: BTS’s Jungkook Films A Funny Beach Version Of “Fire” MV With Jo Se Ho And Yoo Byung Jae On July 16’s episode of “Flower Crew,” BTS’s Jungkook heads to the beach with his team members, comedians Yoo Byung Jae and Jo Se Ho.

The guys are travelling on Jeju Island for the show, and they’re all excited so that you can hang out at the sandy beach. After Jo Se Ho takes a dip in the ocean, he says to the others, “Let’s movie a tune video here! How about ‘Fire’?”

He then presentations off probably the most dance moves that he’s learned from the track, as Jungkook plays the song on his telephone and Yoo Byung Jae tries to apply along. When he’s done, Jungkook bends over in laughter, yet says, “You’d make a excellent dancer!”

The trio then films a funny video of them actingthe primarya phase of “Fire” on the beach and seeking to do the dance in a raft. Try it out below!

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Watch: IU Serenades Fanatics With Chinese Edition Of “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” OST

Watch: IU Serenades Fanatics With Chinese Edition Of “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” OST

Watch: IU Serenades Enthusiasts amongst Chinese Edition Of Scarlet Heart: Goryeo OSTleonid July 17, 2016 0 Watch: IU Serenades Fans With Chinese Version Of Scarlet Heart: Goryeo OST IU carried out a Chinese song from the soundtrack of drama Bu Bu Jing Xin (also referred to as ruddy Heart) all over a concert in China.

On July 16, the singer met her supporters in Changsha for her fan assembly concert excursionExcellent Day in China 2016. At some point of the show, IU sung a song she specifically prepared for the local fans.

Admired for her efforts to sing a other Chinese song for each and every concert, this time IU serenaded her fans with a music from Bu Bu Jing Xin, a well timedselection given the approaching premiere of its Korean remake Scarlet Heart: Goryeo in which she stars.

She charmed her fans with her flawless vocals and pronunciation as she sang the Chinese dramas finishing theme, 3 Inches of Heaven.

Meanwhile, IU has finished filming Scarlet Heart: Goryeo as the heroine who slips via fourth dimension into the Goryeo Dynasty. The drama premieres on SBS on August 29.

Listen to her stunning rendition below!

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BEAST: We might be  ready to Cheer On Jang Hyunseung

BEAST: We might be ready to Cheer On Jang Hyunseung


BEASTreturnedto the song scenewith its 3rd studio album 'Highlight' on July 4. The gang held more than a few interviews with local media about their newest comeback, when they toucheduponthe reasons in the back of former memberJang Hyunseung's departure.

The quintet printed that there was once a warfare of hobby in the group's musical direction. Whilst the five other BEAST members most popular mellow songs, Hyunseung took a liking to tough and energetictracks, similar to hissolo debut and efforts withTroublemaker. Hence after a year-long discussion, their agencydecided to permit Hyunseung to pursue his music as a solo artist, while BEAST becameremodeled equally five-member group.

AdvertisementThe members also expressed:

Although we areunclear on how and what Hyunseung's solo promotional activities will entail, we can continue to cheer him on.

When asked if the members still touch Hyunseung, the quintet spoke back that as they were busy getting ready their comeback activities, they did no longer accept many probabilitiesto speak to one another.

"We certainly get our own techniques to stay in contact, yetactuallywe have gotno longer talked to him (personally). However, this is becausethat we have now got been busy recently. We too hope that we can keep up a correspondence and bring excellent news to every other as well."

Check out BEAST's recentname trackRibbonbelow:

This article is contributed by skill of HelloKpop and would notconstitute the perspectives or critiques of KpopStarz.

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Korean film

Korean film "Detective Firm - Ondal the Idiot and Princess Pyeonggang Uncut Edition"

Added the Korean film "Detective Firm - Ondal the Idiot and Princess Pyeonggang Uncut Edition"'s page to HanCinema database"Detective Agency - Ondal the Fool and Princess Pyeonggang Uncut Edition" (2016)Directed by potential of Lee Dong-hyeon-IIWith Kang Hyeon-joong, Han Geu-rim, Kwak Ji-eun, Kim Min-gyoo-I, Park Min-hye, Joo Yeon-seo,...SynopsisKang Hyeon-joong, a former National Intelligence Provider agent, is lately running a personal investigator place of work after he give up his outdated job. Han Mi-so is his secretary aiding him with his day by dayresponsibilities in the office. One day, Kim Jin-hee comes to the detective's workplace and requests him to analyzeall of theladies who apply her husband around. She introduces herself as wife of Jang Joon-seok, CEO of the prominent structure company, Dae-ho Trading. When she began dating her existing husband, who used to be an insignificant frontline employee, her father trained him into a qualified entrepreneur and then promoted him to the present position. When her husband become successful, women started pursuing him. She statedthose women attempted to blackmail her husband for money. Kang Hyeon-joong accepts the request and starts investigating the ladies about Joon-seok. When Kang Hyeon-joong reveals out that there's this woman, So-yeon, who sees joon-seok often, he scolds So-yeon. However, she says it's miles unfair as it is Joon-seok, who is bothering her. Liberate date in Korea : 2016/06/15

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