TWICE’s Jihyo Talks About Tzuyu’s Inability To conceal Her True Feelings

TWICE’s Jihyo Talks About Tzuyu’s Inability To conceal Her True Feelings

TWICEs Jihyo Talks About Tzuyus Inability To conceal Her True Emotions ehk38 July 22, 2016 0 TWICEs Jihyo Talks About Tzuyus Inability To Hide Her True Feelings At the July 21 episode of KBS 2TV program SatisfiedIn combination 3, TWICEs Jihyo and Tzuyu seem as guests.

While on the show, Jihyo talks about Tzuyus inability to hide her true feelings. She makes it in order that youre left speechless, Jihyo says. Shes truly bad at lying.

To check Tzuyus mendacity skills, MCs Yoo Jae Suk, Jeon Hyun Moo, and Park Myung Soo take turns asking Tzuyu if she thinks they are handsome.

She struggles to let the words out, yet she says Yoo Jae Suk and Jeon Hyun Moo are handsome. However, when its Park Myung Soos turn, Tzuyu says instead, He has his person charm.

The MCs erupt in laughter, and Jeon Hyun Moo says, She just couldnt bring herself to do it.

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Kwak Si Yang Talks About “We Were given Married” Wife Kim So Yeon’s True Character

Kwak Si Yang Talks About “We Were given Married” Wife Kim So Yeon’s True Character

Kwak Si Yang Talks About We Were given Married Wife Kim So Yeons True Personality leejojoba February 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Kwak Si Yang Talks About We Got Married Wife Kim So Yeons True Character Actors Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon are recentlyperforming on “We Got Married” in combination every bit a virtual married couple. They painting a candy romance between an older girl and a more youthfulguyat the show. Even if they see every other once each two weeks to checklistevery one episode, every moment they spend together has already change into unforgettable memories for them both. Many fanatics of the displayspecific envy for the stunning couple.

Kwak Si Yang recently sat down for an interview and unfolded about Kim So Yeon. He commented, “She’s very considerate. She is the epitome of being good. I from time to time wonder how any personmay also be so excellent and kind. Since I’m around someone so good, I take a glance at my very best to be like her, too. Remembering every other’s birthdays and making plansa uniquetournamentwas once the maximum memorable section for me from the show. I you must betruthful and provethe genuine Kwak Si Yang on the show.”

The actor revealed that he writes a bucket list every year. What he couldn’t accomplish closing year have become his purpose for the hot year. More than one the things on the list include buying a area for his oldsters and starring in a mini-series drama. There are loads of things he needs to accomplish as an actor just beginning out and receiving spotlight.

He added, “I became so busy last year. I’m still no longercertain if my objective is to becamea celeb or an actor who acts for a long time. Wouldn’t the most efficient actor be someone who has eithermegastar quality and is long-lasting?”

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KARA"s Gyuri gets teary as she talks about never having been able to show her true self


KARA"s Gyuri appeared on Mnet"s "4 Things Show" on June 2 and showed her true side apart from the goddess image she was known to portray on broadcasts. She talked about how she had been unable to easily show her true feelings from promoting in the entertainment industry since youth.

The friends she invited onto the show were her fellow KARA member, Seungyeon, who"s been with her for nine years; her close friend, comedian Lee Kuk Ju, whom she first met as a radio DJ and guest relationship; and her 88-liner friend, T-ara"s Eunjung.

On this show, she revealed for the first time her luxury single house, her habits, the diet food she personally prepared, and more. She said in relation to calling herself a goddess in the beginning of her debut days, "After doing that in order to eat and live, I never called myself a goddess."  Unlike her broadcasted confident image, she proved that she was actually the type who was unable to tell people around her what was going on and held everything in.

She said, "Because I"m somebody who comes out on a screen, it is hard to avoid a fixed image. It is now a bit hard for me to exert energy into [unraveling that fixed image]. That is why I kept even more close-mouthed about myself," and became teary eyed. She revealed that she was trying more different things in order to become a bit more natural about herself, showing satisfaction about these new challenges because she had never healed herself before.

You can see her cutely reading comments about her goddess image above.

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SHINee Talks about Showing Their True Selves through New Album “Odd”

SHINee Talks about Showing Their True Selves through New Album “Odd”

SHINee recently sat down with the news site Osen for a revealing chat about their fourth album, Odd.

Member Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for their title track entitled View, which the band says even SM Entertainments founder Lee Soo Man has complimented him on.

Jonghyun was chosen out of forty competitors who were vying for the role of songwriter for the title track. Ive often lost when songwriters are chosen, he says, so even when I was writing the lyrics I wasnt expecting much. I rewrote the lyrics three or four times because the song is about something thats important to me.

To be honest, when my lyrics were chosen, I was really nervous, he adds. Because its a lot of pressure to write a title song.

Minho says, We all liked the lyrics for the title song right away as soon as we saw them.

Odd is the first Korean album that the band has put out in two years. This year is also the seventh anniversary of their debut, so the album is even more meaningful to the members.

Jonghyun says, Were so grateful that even though SHINees been around for seven years now, throughout that considerably long time weve been able to work hard without any interruption. Its for that reason that we tried even harder on this album to create something new that deviates from our former albums.

He explains, Now that times passed, instead of thinking that we need to be attractive guys, we want to show what we think it is to be SHINee. Our concept this time is our natural selves, the way we usually are, just like other people our age.

So even though the title song is called Odd, the way we present ourselves in this concept is actually the natural and comfortable way that weve all always been since we were young, Jonghyun adds.

Minho says, Despite the fact that seven years have gone by, we havent reached perfection and are still developing. And we want to show you a variety of different sides of us in the future. So I hope that during these promotions, many people will watch us and listen to our music.

SHINee are back this time around with a softer and more relaxed performance, which differs from their previously more powerful concepts. Regarding this change, the band says, We didnt lose our strength, we just wanted to show a more relaxed side of us. As we are trying to show something new, its important for us to express that side.

They add, Since its a genre of song and dance that we havent done before, we were curious about how people would respond to it. But since people are liking it more than wed thought, we feel really encouraged. It seems to be starting out great.

On May 24, SHINee had a special fan meeting at Korea University to celebrate their seventh year as a group.

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UEE and Lim Ji Yeon  appeared  to   have been having talks over their  participation in the  new  movie  called True Romance

UEE and Lim Ji Yeon appeared to have been having talks over their participation in the new movie called True Romance

-- After School′s UEE, Sung Jun, Lim Ji Yeon, and ZE:a′s Hyung Sik could be working together in SBS′ new drama, True Romance.

On May 4, one drama affiliate told Newsen, "Including Hyung Sik and Sung Jun, who were already confirmed, UEE, Lim Ji Yeon are currently fixing up final details regarding their appearances in the drama as the female leads. As long there are no major changes, the four of them will act together."

After School′s UEE and Lim Ji Yeon in Talks of Joining ZE:A Hyung Sik and Sung Jun in ′True Romance′

True Romance, previously known as Chaebol′s Daughter, will be written by writer Ha Myung Hee and Choi Young Hoon PD, who worked on SBS′ A Warm Word together.

True Romance is about a chaebol′s daughter, who hides her identity to find a man who will love her for who she is, and a man from a poor family. It will air in June following I Heard It Through the Grapevine.

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Sung Joon and Lee Ji Yeon confirmed as leads + UEE in talks to join Hyungsik in drama

Sung Joon and Lee Ji Yeon confirmed as leads + UEE in talks to join Hyungsik in drama "True Romance"

Sung Joon and Lee Ji Yeon confirmed as leads + UEE in talks to join Hyungsik in drama

Small shifts and developments have occurred in the casting of drama "True Romance," which was previously called "Chaebol"s Daughter."

Although Hyungsik was previously reported to be playing the lead, he is in fact the secondary character and now Sung Joon and Lim Ji Yeon have been confirmed to play the leading roles! This is a pretty big deal for both actors as Sung Joon"s constantly been playing secondary and this is the first drama for Lim Ji Yeon, who"s a rookie actress. In addition, UEE might be joining the drama, as well.

Sung Joon"s rep revealed on May 4, "Sung Joon is confirmed to appear in "True Romance." The title has changed from "Chaebol"s Daughter" to "True Romance" . . . Sung Joon is the main lead in SBS"s new Monday-Tuesday drama, "True Romance.""  Sung Joon also showed his gratitude for this opportunity and promised his best to develop himself.

Lim Ji Yeon"s rep likewise confirmed her appearance while UEE"s rep said, "UEE is reviewing her appearance in "True Romance." She"s not confirmed yet, but positively reviewing it."

The drama will air after "Heard It Through the Grapevines" in June.


Jessi (Jessica H.o.) talks about her true personality off-camera

Jessi (Jessica H.o.) talks about her true personality off-camera

Jessi (Jessica H.o.) talks about her true personality off-camera

"Unpretty Rapstar"s aggressive member Jessi (Jessica H.o.) was recently featured in an interview with OSEN where she revealed a glimpse of her real personality aside from what viewers see on-air.

She started off the interview by stating, "I"m actually soft-hearted," with a comfortable yet confident smile across her face. Jessi continued, "When I watch the show, it is true that I give off a tough vibe, but it"s not the way I feel."

Although the female rapper first garnered much attention for her blunt and offensive lyrics and straightforward charisma on the show, Jessi explained throughout the interview that she is much more than what meets the eye.

Jessi continued, "I watched every episode of "Unpretty Rapstar." Honestly, I get really nervous so I get scared each time I watch the episodes. I would get nervous because it"s not like I"m just rapping but because it is a reality [show]... but the more I do it the more fun it gets."

When talking about her initial impression on the show, Jessi acknowledged the fact that she did come off strong, but hinted that more of her personality will be shown as the program unfolds. She said, "At first, I came out really strong. Honestly, I can see how people would get scared by the way I came across. However, I"m not really like that. If you watch the show from start to beginning, you"ll be able to see my real personality. I"m human so I would lose my temper and get tired, but I also have fun and take care of the younger ones."

The interviewer also brought up the diss rap on an early episode that first piqued the interest of the viewers. Jessi said, "Honestly, when we do battles, I do have confidence, but my heart hurts when I curse off other people. It"s not that I genuinely hate the person, but it"s just for that particular battle so I would always feel bad [afterwards]."

She continued, "I regretted a lot of things during "Unpretty Rapstar" because of all the hardships, but I am thankful for those who showed me love for who I am. I want to continue to work hard.

Previously, Jessi revealed that she gets along with the cast of "Unpretty Rapstar" behind the scenes and further explained that she and Lil Cham contact each other off-air from time to time.


"We Got Married," Kim So Eun: "I Love Song Jae Rim With All My True Feelings"

Actress Kim So Eun, who recently finished drama "Liar Game," had an interview with fashion magazine "SURE."

Kim So Eun is receiving a lot of attention these days as she created a nice couple with Song Jae Rim in MBC"s "We Got Married".

Kim So Eun said, "I do not need to act in the program, so I show all my real side. I could feel how much variety programs can contribute to my popularity. People started approaching me much easier, and I hope to keep showing that kind of person I am through the program."

Besides career, she also talked about how she takes care of her beauty, "I need to keep my make-up on for 48 hours when I have recording. When I feel my skin getting tried up, I take a shower first, and put some aloe mask on my face. I always buy a lot of masks, and use them a lot often. When I am done with the masks, I put moisturizers on, and go to bed right away."

See more pictures and read full Kim So Eun"s interview on January edition of fashion magazine "SURE".

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Wonderful Days Episode 43 Review: Choi Woong Tells Kim Ji Ho His True Feelings for Her

Wonderful Days Episode 43 Review: Choi Woong Tells Kim Ji Ho His True Feelings for Her

Wonderful Days Episode 43 Review: Choi Woong Tells Kim Ji Ho His True Feelings for Her

In Wonderful Days, episode 43, Min Woo Jin(played by Choi Woong) told Kang Dong Ok(played by Kim Ji Ho) his true feeling for her.

Previously, Dong Ok told Woo Jin that she was going to the hospital to meet Woo Jin. Woo Jin quickly ran to the hospital and changed into a doctors gown. Dong Ok went up to him and said, I lied to you before that I dont feel anthing to you. I missed you so much. Theres this weird man near my neighborhood who looks eactly like you. I kept thinking about you. You look eactly the same.

Later, Woo Jin ran after Dong Ok while she was leaving and said, I lied to you as well. That weird man at your neighborhood is me. I cant forget about you. For th whole year Ive gone crazy without you, and I missed you so much I acted as someone else to approach you. The Woo Jin before and the Woo Jin now still feel the same about you. I cant give up on us.


Sung Joon in talks to star in 'Finding True Love' alongside Jung Yoo Mi and Shinhwa's Eric

Sung Joon in talks to star in 'Finding True Love' alongside Jung Yoo Mi and Shinhwa's Eric

Actor Sung Joon is in talks to star in the upcoming KBS drama "Finding True Love" alongside Jung Yoo Mi and Shinhwa"s Eric.

SEE ALSO: [Drama Review] "Angel Eyes" - Episode 17 ...with special thank you note from Big Bang"s Seungri!

Following his role as a younger man in the drama "I Need Romance 3", Sung Joon might be playing the boyfriend of the female lead Jung Yoo Mi. His agency announced on June 10 that he is in the final stages of negotiations to star in the drama, and that a final decision will be made this week.

Sung Joon would be taking on the character Nam Ha Jin, a cosmetic surgery specialist and boyfriend of Lee Rum (Jung Yoo Mi). A love triangle is formed when Jung Yoo Mi"s ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha (Eric) returns and tries to steal her heart.

"Finding True Love" is set to air in August after "Trot Lovers". Stay tuned for updates!