'Unnies' Finds their Fanclub Name

'Unnies' Finds their Fanclub Name

'Unnies' Finds their Fanclub CallJul 01, 2016 09:13

You would perhaps not see this coming yetwomanteam Unnies who made their debut these days is the total lotcorrect now.

'Unnies' an overlyappealingfemininecommunityis composed of Min Hyo Rin, Jessi, SNSD's Tiifany, comedians Hong Jinkyung Kim Sook and closing but no longer the least veteran actress Ra Miran are getting the highlight after the unencumberin their debut unmarried 'Shut Up' which is currently taking on the charts.

On their special V-live debut broadcast, the gang even resolve their fanclub name and participantsrecommend "Dongsaengs" "Jummas", "Babys" and more. After deliberation, it ismade up our minds that the fanclub name is "Dongsaengs".

Tiffany comment, "I think we actuallydevelop intoa lady group". Meanwhile, Unnies made their debut this gift day on Song Bank level and additionally it is their last stage. 'Unnies' is a distinctorganizationshaped from KBS display "Unnie's Slam Dunk". Similar VideosNEWS,Unnies Facebook Twitter Google

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Park Shin Hye finds how she and Kim Woobin was  speedy friends

Park Shin Hye finds how she and Kim Woobin was speedy friends

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Buddies and former Heirs co-stars Park Shin Hye and Kim Woobin recently published how they wasrapidpalsall the style through an interview with SBS Now

When they first met, their datingwas oncea littlecomplexbecause of the emphasis Korean society puts on senior/junior relationships at the paintingsposition and the age relationship between friends. Despite the truth that Kim Woo Bin is a year older than Park Shin Hye, she repliedby way of pointing out that shes been in the industry longer then he has. Park Shin Hye also added that since she was born in point of fact early in 1990, she if fact exist told went to college early as well.

With the location being a piece complicated, Park Shin Hye gave Kim Woo Bin an ultimatum, announcing So do you needto name me sunbaenim (senior) or must we just be friends? Since then, the 2 have develop intoquick friends.

Check out this adorable video of Kim Woobin and Park Shin Hye sharing a friendly embody at the Heirs after-party:

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“Girls Who Consume Well” Finds New Structure After Controversy

“Girls Who Consume Well” Finds New Structure After Controversy

Girls Who DevourNeatlyFinds New Structure afterwards Controversychoralee July 18, 2016 0 Girls Who Eat Well Exhibits New Format After Controversy JTBCs Ladies Who Eat Well latelyaccomplished its first recording since the changing of the shows format.

The presentationsidentifyLadies Who Eat Well, is changing to We can consume Well (tentative title), and will be a food communicatedisplayas an alternative of a proveconsidering mukbang (eating broadcast).

JTBC printed the title change, and also mentioned that the recording day moved from Wednesday to Saturday. A metamorphosis in the host line up was once as well made, with Jo Se Ho, Yang Sae Hyung, and Moon Hee Jun as a substitute of Kim Sook. The recording of the primary episode included guests equivalent to TWICEs Jungyeon and Momo, gugudans Minah, and Jeong Jinwoon among others.

Girls Who Eat Well is a show in which contributorsof otherwomanteams eat plenty of foods so as to earn the title of the maximum productive girl team eater. The show had handiest aired two episodes when it become met with some criticism, and announced that changes to its format would be made.

The first episode of We'll Eat Well will air on July 23.

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Zhoumi Finds Whats Your Number Track Teaser

Zhoumi Finds Whats Your Number Track Teaser

Zhoumihas published the song video teaser for 'What's Your Number?'. The track might bea section of his2nd mini albumwhich will be released onJuly 19th, 2016, at the facet of the music video.

The teaser is extremely bright and filled withcolourful colors. Lovers are in a position to get a sneak peek into the form of song 'What's Your Number?' is. From that short snippet, the song is noticed to be very upbeat and blends neatly alongside the use of bright colours. On best of that, the teaser cleverly uses phones to lend a hand emphasize the use of telephone numbers.

Zhoumican be all blissful and lovely when he calls the lady in the telephone booth or searching for the girl's number. No longer only were fans given the instrumental portions of the piece, fans were also given a sneak peek into one of the crucial lyrics.'Girl, What is Your Number?' used to be sang and fitted well with the teaser where the singeradorably gave his number to the lead woman in the teaser.

AdvertisementWatch the teaser below:

© Copyright 2016 Officially Kmusic. All Rights Reserved.

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K-Pop Idol SISTAR’s Soyou Finds Her Unhappy Tale Of Excessive Weight Loss And Dieting

K-Pop Idol SISTAR’s Soyou Finds Her Unhappy Tale Of Excessive Weight Loss And Dieting

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSISTAR’s Soyou is getting combined comments after she printed the worst nutrition she has ever been on. 

Appearing at the program 1 as adversarial to 100 on KBS, Soyou revealed that the worst diet she experienced used to be when she lost 8 kilograms in month. She also detailed that the diet integratednow not having any carbohydrates or salt, diningsimplestfour quail eggs without the yolk, low fats milk and salad without any dressing.

Soyou also shared an example where she become given a watermelon to eat, held it and cried that if she ate the fruit the total lot she had worked for would disappear.

Netizens who have noticed the episode right away reacted to Soyou’s excessiveweight loss plan and proved that diets are just just a fad and for the fast term.

http://news.nate.com/view/20160718n22118?mid=n1008 Image: 1 Vs one hundred / XSportsnews

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Rapper Superbee finds why he hates Epik High’s Tablo

Rapper Superbee finds why he hates Epik High’s Tablo

8stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter On a contemporary broadcast on AKATV, rapper Superbee published why he holds this type of deep point of resentment for Epik Highs Tablo

According to Superbee, he came up with the song Oppacha and he used to be very frustrated when he was cut Show Me The cash 4, adding that even the functionality they did on degreebecome his idea. When Oppacha have become a hit, he explained that he suffered from largetension when the song was gamblingall over the place in Korea.

The next time he met Tablo, he was told It was higher for you that you were given cut, to which he responded I lost all appreciate for Tablo correct there. Superbee also auditioned for Show Me The Cash 5, where he sooner or later placed third.

Check out the hit song Oppacha from Show Me The Money 4 below:

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Spoiler 'Doctors' Yoon Gyoon-sang finds he likes Park Shin-hye, Kim Rae-won chuckles confidently

Spoiler 'Doctors' Yoon Gyoon-sang finds he likes Park Shin-hye, Kim Rae-won chuckles confidently

On the episode nine of SBS "Doctors", Jeong Yoon-do (Yoon Gyoon-sang) printed to Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won), "Excuse me Doctor, I should tell you that I love Dr. Yoo Hye-jeong. I heard that there is something special in the courting between you two. I also heard your relationship has changed into the romantic one just recently. Since you areno longer married to each and every other yet, I believeit isgood enough for me to take a section in this".

Jeong Yoon-do also said, "I do not like striking any person from the back. Now that I discovered out you two are dating, I do no longerwould like to makeanythingunusualat the back of your back" Hong Ji-hong chuckled at him.

Hong Ji-hong said, "I have never lost what I wish to someone so far. I am onlysatisfied to ascertain Hye-jeong is popular among men. Why do you glance and so nervous? Excellent luck". Jeong Yoon-do used to be embarrassed.

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Lee Hong Ki Finds  He's Still Excellent  Buddies With Ai Shinozaki

Lee Hong Ki Finds He's Still Excellent Buddies With Ai Shinozaki

Lee Hong Ki FindsHe's howeverJust rightBuddies With Ai Shinozakisoojji July 17, 2016 0 Lee Hong Ki Exhibits He Is Still PerfectCompany With Ai Shinozaki In a Star News interview that came about on July 15, FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki revealed, I'm still nicepeers alongside Ai Shinozaki.

Back in April of 2015, Lee Hong Ki and the japanesefashion were rumored to be dating. However, Lee Hong Kis firm FNC Entertainment denied the rumors, clarifying that the 2 are Just good friends and now not dating.

Lee Hong Ki added, To my knowledge, Ai Shinozaki is doing well. According tothe former dating rumors, the singer commented, I gaineda huge number of backlash. There were also comments that acknowledged jealous of Lee Hong Ki, and Lee Hong Kis suspicious win.'

On July 18, FTISLAND made a comeback with their 6th studio album, Wheres the Truth? The gang has made a comeback after a year and 4 months. All theindividuals participated in the recording of the album and it's milesthe primary time the members at once produced songs as well.

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Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyang’s Mind On Her Woman  Team Debut

Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyang’s Mind On Her Woman Team Debut

Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyangs Mind On Her LadyTeam Debutkokoberry July 16, 2016 0 Min Hyo Rin Displays Taeyangs Thoughts On Her Girl Organization Debut In a contemporary interview, Min Hyo Rin used to be asked about Taeyangs comments in regards to thetask girl group she is a phase of. The actress is recently a forged member in KBS2s formdisplay Sisters Slam Dunk.

Min Hyo Rin says, Taeyang in point of fact likes it and sincerely congratulated me. I suspect he also felt actuallyjust right that I used to beready to do what I sought after and the reaction changed into good.

When asked what his reaction to seeing Unnies on level was, she answers, He said, Good activity and congratulations. Every time 1 had a troublesome fourth dimensionwhilst practicing, he encouraged me. He also monitored with me.

Catch up on the newest episode of Sisters Slam Dunk below!

Sisters Slam Dunk aims to make the solidcontributorsperson dreams come true. Min Hyo Rins dream was to debut in a woman group, so the project group Unnies was created. Unnies released their tuneClose Up, filmed a music video, and debuted on a music show.

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Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn an episode of jTBC variety show Knowing BrosSuper JuniorHeechul revealed his secret to seducing women to fans. 

According to Heechul, whos been known to be slightly a smooth-talker, hes never been grew to become down by skill ofa ladysooner than in his life, causing many enthusiasts to concentratefurthermoderately for his seduction technique. However, when asked precisely how he seduces ladies so easily, Heechul printedthat each and every one he does is tell them that hes interested, surprising viewers.

Check out Heechul and Jungmos new trot song Ulsanbawi below:

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