Victoria’s Drama “Beautiful Secret” Records Best Ratings

Victoria’s Drama “Beautiful Secret” Records Best Ratings

Victorias Drama Stunning underground Records Most sensible RatingsJiwonYu July 26, 2016 0 Victorias Drama Gorgeous Secret Records Top Ratings f(x) member Victorias Chinese drama Exquisite Secret has recorded the best viewership ratings for the first-half of 2016 in all of China!

According to viewership ratings studiescorporate CSM, Beautiful Secret has won a 3.98 % for the primarypart of the year with the reasonablescore of 2.8 percent. This suggests that the drama is no 1 in ratings national in China.

Beautiful Secret aired from December 21, 2015, although January 12, 2016 with a general of 39 episodes.

The drama is readya lady who grows up to grow to be a singer with a secretive past, and f(x)s Victoria plays the key character Jiang Mei Li.

Victorias persona doesnt consider much about her youthyet has an excessivelysure personality and talented track skills.

Beautiful Secret may berecently airing in Korea at 2 a.m. on Fridays on MBC.

You can catch the entire series here!

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Reply 1988 ratings ruin records scoring through 18% viewer ratings as a cable Television drama

Reply 1988 ratings ruin records scoring through 18% viewer ratings as a cable Television drama

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterReply 1988 is one of the crucialbest dramas this year, and in spite of being a cable drama, the presentationsnewest episodes recorded its easiest ratings. 

Before this beyond weekend, Reply 1988 used to be already the maximuma success cable drama of the year, averaging over 10% ratings since its pilot episode. The display has gaineda massive number ofcompliment for its original storytelling and lovely characters, and loads of of its actors adding Park Bo Gum and Girls DayHyeri have gained a form of popularity.

But netizens were in realityinspired after finding that the prove reached a new high, hitting 18% in viewership this past weekend. After coming across the news, netizens couldnt lend a hand but praise the show for its amazing accomplishment.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

1615, 19 18% thats lovely crazy. Didnt they say that on cable channels anything else over 2% is good?

1440, 21 Wow18% thats fairly amazing

1337,   27 I didnt even know such ratings were conceivable on cable networks..

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New Still of f(x)’s Victoria in Chinese Drama “Beautiful Secret” Released

New Still of f(x)’s Victoria in Chinese Drama “Beautiful Secret” Released

New Still of f(x)s Victoria in Chinese Drama Gorgeous Secret Releasedkiddy_days December 7, 2015 0 LINE it!New Still of f(x)s Victoria in Chinese Drama Gorgeous Secret Released The Chinese drama Exquisite Secret published a new still of f(x)s Victoria, inciting the interest of viewers.

In the photo, Victoria is dressed in a large, black bag across her shoulder and is using a red scooter. Any otherlady sits at the back of her and is speaking to her, yet Victoria remains stone-faced and practically angry as she just looks ahead.

Meanwhile, Beautiful Key is a drama with Jiang Meili, a deficient but self-assuredwoman amongst a secret who works as a birth girl, the primary character. The tale unfurls as songmanufacturer Guan Yi (played by Peter Ho) discovers Jiang Meilis amazing musical ability and makes a decision to make her into a star.

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f(x)"s Victoria and Peter Ho are an adorable couple for upcoming Chinese drama "Beautiful Secret"

f(x) Victoria"s Chinese drama "Beautiful Secret" is fast approaching, and in the meantime we can enjoy newly released "couple photos" of the two leads!

The photos were released on the drama"s official Weibo on June 23.Both Victoria and male lead Peter Ho are looking like the perfect couple with skinship and sweet gazes into each other"s eyes. Victoria also looks cute and totally lovable with that huge grin of hers.

The drama is about a singer played by Victoria who rises in fame from a singing competition, and Peter Ho plays her love interest and producer.

Take a look at the other released photos below! Don"t you think the two make a cute couple?

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f(x)’s Victoria

f(x)’s Victoria"s official poster for Chinese drama "Beautiful Secret"

f(x)"sVictoria revealed her official poster for her upcoming Chinese drama.

Victoria is part ofChinese drama "Beautiful Secret" where she plays as a glamorous diva named Zhang Mei Li who has a rough childhood but gains popularity after joining a singing contest.

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f(x)"s Victoria wraps up filming for drama "Beautiful Secret", set to air this summer


f(x)"s Victoria has been very busy this year with filming for Chinese drama, Hunan"s "Beautiful Secret", and it looks like she had a great time on set for the production!

On April 23, Victoria uploaded photos of herself and her castmates on her Weibo with the caption, "Filming finished~ Jiang Mei Li is leaving~Let"s meet again soon."

The photo above has Victoria looking lovely as she poses with an intricately made cake and a bouquet of flowers. In one photo, Victoria and her fellow cast members look like they"re having a ton of fun as they playfully lean back, and in another photo, she and her cast mate both look chic in white as they pose together.

Now that filming is wrapped up, it means we"re one step closer to seeing Victoria on the small screen! "Beautiful Secret" is set to broadcast this summer.

Will you be watching the drama when it comes out?


Poster of the Much Awaited Korean-Chinese Joint Drama

Poster of the Much Awaited Korean-Chinese Joint Drama "Beautiful Secret" Revealed

The much awaited poster and image teaser of the Chinese drama "Beautiful Secret" are out to entice the fans.

Starring f(x)’s Victoria and Taiwanese actor Peter Ho (He Run Dong)Beautiful Secret revolves around the dramatic story of the change in the life of the female lead. Abandoned by her biological mother when young, Jiang Meili (played by Victoria) will see a drastic change in her life after she amazes everyone during an audition and becomes stronger with the loving relationships around her.

News of this television series was first announced in November last year, and filming was reported to have started end last year. Other casts for the drama include Zhang Xianzi, Shawn Wei Qianxiang, Ning Ji, Ying Li, and Ivy Shao Yuwei.

In other news, Victoria has also recently joined the cast for Chinese show Noonas over Flowers.

Beautiful Secret is planned to premiere on television this year.

Beautiful Secret starring Victoria

f(x) Victoria for Beautiful Secret

f(x) Victoria for Beautiful Secret

f(x) Victoria for Beautiful Secret

f(x) Victoria for Beautiful Secret


Still-cut photo from Victoria

Still-cut photo from Victoria"s upcoming Chinese drama "Beautiful Secret" revealed

Still-cut photo from Victoria

A still-cut photo of f(x)"s Victoria was released on February 9 for her upcoming Chinese drama, "Beautiful Secret."

In the picture that was released, Victoria is looking adorable on a delivery scooter, making a phone call. The photo brings out a bit of a curiosity as to whom she is making a phone call to and why she is dressed in a delivery outfit.

After seeing the picture, fans commented, "Cute Victoria," "Be careful, don"t get hurt," and "Starting the week with Victoria."

Meanwhile, Victoria will be appearing in "Beautiful Secret" along with Taiwanese actor Peter Ho. It was previously reported that she would be taking on the lead role as Zhang Mei Li, a woman who develops as a singer after going through a lot of pain at a young age.


Victoria will take over a lead role in drama  'Beautiful Secret'

Victoria will take over a lead role in drama 'Beautiful Secret'

f(x) (Photo : Twitter) f(x)"s

According to the confirmation of Victoria, she will take over the main character in the forthcoming drama with actor Peter Ho.

After Victoria completed her role in drama Thank You, Everyone, fans of Victoria expected to see her on screen with a new drama.

At present, according to the confirmation of Victoria, she will take over a lead role in the forthcoming drama titled Beautiful Secret. A lot of news sources reported that before the end of this year, this drama will begin shooting.

Additionally, it was confirmed that the f(x) member will be part of the main cast for the Chinese drama Beautiful Secret. The singer and now actress will work alongside Taiwanese singer and actor Peter Ho.

Victoria will act as Zhang Mei Li, a woman who becomes a famous singer. With no mother to care for her at a young age, Zhang grew up without a parent"s guidance.

Victoria"s character gets known in China as a famous singer who has a bright personality. She then meets Peter Ho"s character and two fall in love.

Beautiful Secret will follow the love story of the couple.

The new drama is expected to hit the airwaves sometime in early 2015.