Vivian featured in her first solo photoshoot with “Leon” Magazine

Vivian featured in her first solo photoshoot with “Leon” Magazine

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter sharing her debut photo shoot with her cousin Yuri of most sensible idol group Girls Generation, Vivian has in any case earned her first actual solo pictorial. 

With a couple of footage from an upcoming factor of Leon Magazine having just been released, the young type has already been garnering numeroushobby from the industry and lovers alike. With professionals and fans all praising Vivian for her surprising visuals and authentic aura, many are left wondering whether or no longershe will be able to only remain a version or if shell ultimatelyapply her cousins footsteps and sign up for the tune industry.

Regardless of her decision, its transformrelativelytransparent that Vivian has a long and bright long run in the Korean entertainment industry.

Watch Yuri introduce Vivian to the public for the primary time:

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Jessica Talks Summer Good looks  Guidelines And Solo Album In Elle Magazine

Jessica Talks Summer Good looks Guidelines And Solo Album In Elle Magazine

Jessica Talks Summer AttractivenessGuidelines And Solo Album In Elle Mag soojji Might 16, 2016 0 Jessica Talks Summer Beauty Tips And Solo Album In Elle Magazine At theMay just 16 edition of favor magazine Elle, Jessica stocks her present activities and style tips for the summer.

In the beauty pictorial entitled “Summer Breeze, she models otherkinds of makeup for more than a few times of the day in the summer.

Jessica, who has lately been busy filming a film in China and recording her solo debut album, shares the secrets at the back of her healthy complexion, advising readers to constantlycope with their skin by potential of drinking a huge number of water and regularlythe use of sheet masks.

Known for her large appetite, Jessica also shares her weight loss program tips, pronouncing she maintains her narrow figure by trading off dining her favourite foods by controlling the quantity of food intake. “Even when I’m dieting, if I would like toconsumefowlI can have a piece. All the food I love are prime calorie foods, so it can’t be helped.”

Jessica also talks about her upcoming solo mini-album, “With Love, J,” which is determined for a May additionally 17 release. “Even although it’s been nine years since I’ve debuted, I’m very fearful for my comeback. I’ve been readyto turnalternative styles of song as a singer over the years, yet this album is different. It's farthe primary album I’ve produced, composed, and written.” The album is expected to express colors, sounds, and feelingsoriginal to Jessica.

Meanwhile, Jessica has been receiving the highlight in Korea and out of the country as a way icon on KBSs Beauty Bible, on which she shares her own beauty tips and fairreviews about makeup and fashion.

Who is excited for Jessicas comeback?

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Jinusean effectively wraps up their first ever solo concert which featured Mino, Bobby, B.I, and more!

Jinusean effectively wraps up their first ever solo concert which featured Mino, Bobby, B.I, and more!

Veteran hip hop duo Jinusean wrapped up 'Jinusean Night,' their first ever solo concert in 18 years with wonderful success! The concert, which happened at Seoul's Olympic Corridor Sunday, featured some of the freshest names in K-Pop equivalent to WINNER's Mino, iKON's Bobby and B.I, Zion.T, Ailee, Epik High plus other reputable names adding Uhm Jung Hwa, DJ DOC, and Se7en, mobilizing over 3,500 people! 

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The duo carried out many in theirbeyond hits such as "Tell Me," "How Deep Is Your Love," and "Phone Number," tracks which had established Jinusean as a respected call in the Korean hip hop scene. Of course, Jinusean also indulged the crowd with their freshunmarried "Tell Me Yet one more Time," and paid homage to DJ DOC and Psy with covers of "I'm A Guy Like This," and "Daddy." 

G-Dragon and Yang Hyun Suk also supported the duo's first solo concert in just about two decades, although the former could notfor my part make it and sent a video message instead. 

Se7en expressed his deep gratitude and appreciateagainst his sunbaes, saying, "If Jinusean did not exist, how would Se7en, 1TYM, Giant Bang, and 2NE1 have debuted? I have known those hyungs for 16, 17 years and they have got taken such excellent care of me in my trainee days. Congratulations, hyungs, for your showtime solo concert since debut." 


Yoo Ah-in becomes the primary solo male type to head at the quilt of Korea Trend magazine

Yoo Ah-in becomes the primary solo male type to head at the quilt of Korea Trend magazine

Actor Yoo Ah-in starred solo at the quilt of fashion mag for the primary time as a male model.

Yoo Ah-in has been appearing what a profound and flexible actor will have to be with his roles in "Veteran", which has already surpassed 10 million viewers, in film "The Throne", which is showing fantastic attainable for a gigantic good fortune as neatly and SBS" 25th anniversary special drama project, "Six Flying Dragons".

Yoo Ah-in"s pictorial that fashion magazine Vogue has published on September 29th was once created by way of photographer Jo Seon-hee. the explanation why Yoo Ah-in"s pictorial is drawing more attention is because he's the 1st solo male type to megastar on the canopy of Vogue magazine. whilst Vogue is appeared as as the head fashion magazine in Korea and known for its exclusive quality, his appearance as the first solo male version to star on the canopy page of the magazine proves actor and artist Yoo Ah-in"s affect and his present status.

In the pictorial, Yoo Ah-in captivates viewers" eyes with his huge diversity of appeals as though he had one thousand faces. Pure-hearted young man, artist, charismatic manly aspect had been perfectly captured by Yoo Ah-in"s incredibly talent to express.

During the subsequent interview, Yoo Ah-in shared candid evaluations as an actor while speaking about motion picture "The Throne" and other quite so much of projects.


Rain Is a sleek Homme Fatale on canopy of Chinese Magazine LEON

Rain Is a sleek Homme Fatale on canopy of Chinese Magazine LEON

Rain Is a swish Homme Fatale on Quilt of Chinese Magazine LEON Rain is featured in a newly released pictorial from the September factor of Chinese lifestyles magazine LEON.

On August 30, LEON released by way of Weibo cuts from Rain’s pictorial, adding his cover shoot. In the alternative photos, Rain is a sleek homme fatale as he models chic casual wear, adding suits, pea coats, and oxfords.

RAIN 1.55.28 PM

RAIN 1.55.00 PM

Meanwhile, Rain has been taking China’s small screen by typhoon in a drama that has always been hanging in the pinnacle two spots in viewer ratings. Earlier in July, he become once reported to be gearing up for a track comeback in October, yet Rain’s control firm Cube Entertainment denied the reports.

RAIN 1.55.17 PM

RAIN 1.54.52 PM

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GOT7"s JB has his first solo photoshoot with "Dazed and perplexed"

GOT7"s JB had a photoshoot with "Dazed and confused"!

It"s JB"s first ever solo photoshoot, and he showed off his highest for the camera. even despite the fact that he used to be via himself as an alternative of with the remainder of the GOT7 participants, he pulled off the poses and outfits perfectly. He used to be pro all the way through all the photoshoot, yet if he used to be done he stated, "i used to be actually anxious."

During the interview, he stated, "This identityentify song "Just correct" is a song other folks can feel excellent gazing as a result of our mischievous faces and point choreography to the hip hop beat at the pop melody."

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S.M.ROOKIES of "The Mickey Mouse Club" get together for their first ever magazine photoshoot!


The nine S.M.ROOKIES to take part in "The Mickey Mouse Club" are really spreading their wings! Not only are they going to be in a show before their debut, but they"re also featured in the latest issue of "CeCi" magazine!

This is the first magazine photoshoot for the trainees Mark, Jeno, Donghyuck, Jaemin, Jisung, Lami, Koeun, Hina, and Herin.

Even though it was their first photoshoot, not one of them look awkward. They were probably nervous, but it seems they were able to shake off those jitters to appear relaxed and happy with big smiles next to the instruments!

It"s normally hard to find out more details about trainees, since they typically wouldn"t have many interviews like idols who have debuted, but in the August issue of "CeCi", you"ll be introduced to the trainees and be able to read about their thoughts.

You"ll be able to see these nine S.M.ROOKIES in the August issue as well as on "The Mickey Mouse Club" airing on July 23!

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[Photos] Ji Chang-wook featured on Hong Kong magazine

[Photos] Ji Chang-wook featured on Hong Kong magazine

Actor Ji Chang-wook is a rising Hallyu star.

He was featured in the July issue of ELLE Hong Kong.

Ji Chang-wook appeared sporty and dandy according to the summer fashion.

His good looks is attacking the hearts of Hong Kong women.

His manly suit pictures compliment his good looks even more.

Ji Chang-wook managed to pull off anything and everyone on site was in awe.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook"s first Asian Fan Meeting Tour called "THIS IS JCW" was successful in Hong Kong and he"s headed for Japan on the 18th of July. Tickets sold out in 5 minutes of release.


Jung So Min opts for a fresh and sexy image in photoshoot with

Jung So Min opts for a fresh and sexy image in photoshoot with "Sure" magazine

Wet hair can either look really bad or really good. Thankfully for actress Jung So Min, it"s the latter. She"s looking hot in the latest issue of "Sure" magazine!

A representative said, "Jung So Min went beyond her typically cute and lovable image for a new image, showing her amazing skills. She perfectly captured the essence of a photoshoot concept she had not done before, and showed a variety of poses. Everyone on set admired her. It was a satisfying production."

It looks like the people part of this photoshoot were pleased with the results, and they should be considering how well the pictorial turned out!

You can see her full photoshoot in the July issue of "Sure" magazine!

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