VIXX Provide  Lovers Four-Hour Long Fanmeeting   Special Surprise

VIXX Provide Lovers Four-Hour Long Fanmeeting Special Surprise

VIXX ProvideLovers Four-Hour Long Fanmeeting Special MarvelJun 20, 2016 09:15

VIXX's fresh fanmeeting "VIXXCHOOL" which came about on June 19 in Olympic Park, Gymnastics Stadium lasted for four hours (longer than maximum concert held) and fans could not be happier and chuffed especially at the men special surprise.

Aside from the a laughidea of sunbaes (VIXX members) and hoobaes (fans), the boys spend intimate moments and fun interactions with their 9000 Starlights. In line with fan accounts, the boys spent practically 2 hours speaking and an hour for performances. With the exception of that, they also played more than a few games which either the individuals and fans enjoyed.

Most importantly,at the finish of fanmeeting, a long list of fans' names is flashed at thelarge LED board shocking the fans on their seats and leaving them much overwhelmed.

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Watch: B1A4s Sandeul, VIXXs Ken, EXIDs Solji, And More Compete In Duet Song Festival Winners Special

Watch: B1A4s Sandeul, VIXXs Ken, EXIDs Solji, And More Compete In Duet Song Festival Winners Special

Watch: B1A4’s Sandeul, VIXX’s Ken, EXID’s Solji, And More Compete In “Duet Song Festival” Winners Specialilmare42 July 22, 2016 0 Watch: B1A4’s Sandeul, VIXX’s Ken, EXID’s Solji, And More Compete In “Duet Song Festival” Winners Special “Duet Song Festival” has invited back some of its maximum memorable winners for its “King of Kings” special!

July 22s episode functions pair performances via fan-favorite former contestants, adding EXID’s Solji, VIXX’s Ken, B1A4’s Sandeul, Lee Young Hyun, So Chan Hwee, Na Yoon Kwon, and Hyun Jin Young. It’s the primary in a two-part special, with the blended votes from eitherthe 1stcircular this week and 2ndaround adjacent week figuring outthe total winner.

Duet Song Festival beneficial propertiesfamous person singers pairing up with talented non-celebrities to accomplish duets, with the winners every week made up our minds on by votes from the audience. In this special episode, the pro singers have returned with their partners with the purpose of wowing the crowd and taking house a specifically special win.

SpoilersLee Young Hyun takes to the degree starting time alongside her duet spouse Park Joon Hyung to sing Cho Jang Hyuk’s Change,” and receives 413 points.

Na Yoon Kwon is up next, and earns 406 issues for his sorrowful quilt of Lee Jung Bong’s “How Are You?” with partner Kim Min Sang.

Hyun Jin Young then plays Shinchon Blues’ song “The Alley” with Cho Han Kyul, grabbing an excellent 439 votes from the audience.

Solji and her partner Doo Jin Soo then sing their own praises their chemistry with their romantic canopy of Deux’s “In Summer,” and take 402 votes.

VIXX’s Ken is next up with his partner Choi Sang Yeop to sing Kim Hyun Sik’s “Like Rain, Like Music.” The pair are awarded 429 points.

Four-time winner B1A4’s Sandeul then takes to the stage with his partner Cho Sun Yeong, and the pair carry out Lee Juk’s “Shall We Walk Together?”. Their gorgeousunity earns them 436 points, and puts them in momentposition so far.

Lastly, So Chan Hwee performs Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” with her partner Kim Min Jae, earning 412 points.

The winner of the first round is hence Hyun Jin Young, yetwithout equal winner of the special might bedecided following week after the second one round’s performances. The second episode of the special will be airing on July 29.

Watch the entire performances in the episode below!

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TWICE lovers amazed at Jungyeon’s good looks with long hair after pre-debut footage emerge

TWICE lovers amazed at Jungyeon’s good looks with long hair after pre-debut footage emerge

2kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Even though shes known for her signature short hair, loversthese daysfound outbeyondpictures of TWICEs Jungyeon sporting much longer hair. 

In addition to old pre-debut photos, fans also discovered a video of Jungyeon after her victory at JYP Entetainments 6th auditions, in addition a photo of Jungyeon with long hair for TWICEs CF with uniform brand Skoolooks. After seeing the photos, fans were surprisedto look how other she looks with longer hair, with some even hard that JYP let her grow it out for the teams next promotion cycle.

Check out this video of Jungyeon acting TWICEs debut song Like OOH-AHH below:

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VIXX Wows Starlights All through Toronto Fanmeeting

VIXX Wows Starlights All through Toronto Fanmeeting

VIXX Wows Starlights During Toronto Fanmeeting(Photo : Photo: Angie Generators For KpopStarz )Toronto's K-Pop Conference kicked things off this beyond Friday evening alongside an unforgettable night with Jellyfish Entertainment's liked idol group, VIXX.

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)Packing the theater to near-capacity, Starlights from around the sector flocked to the convention to turn their love and fortify for their beloved group.

Taking the degreeby way of storm, VIXX opened the evening with a stellar 3-song set that integrated "Chained Up," "Voodoo Doll" and "Beautiful Killer."

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)A short livedcreation from the gang lead directly into some other 2-song set which included the group's maximumcontemporary release, "Dynamite," and the ever-popular tune "Spider," from the album Chained Up.

Taking a couple of moments to larger introduce themselves, VIXX then started to chat among themselves and resolution a few questions from their fans. At one point, VIXX was once asked: If they may take one trait from one in their fellow members, what would it be? Althoughno longereverybody answered, Hyuk did admit that he'd love to get Ravi's bank account and Leo admitted he'd like to have Hyuk's age, to which Hyuk replied, "That's impossible!"

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)Wrapping up their chat, VIXX moved into some other 2-song set that included, "Say U, Say Me" and "B.O.D.Y."

A more large chat time followed, in the path of which the participants of VIXX had a moment to specific their gratitude against their beloved Starlights. It turned intoat some stage in this time Leo and Ken sang a little of Bruno Mars' "Talking to the Moon," Hongbin promised to accomplish in other towns in Canada, as long as Starlights would be there and N promised to arrange for a long run drama.

From there the crew moved into yet one more QA session, best this time the questions were asked by the members themselves. N asked Hongbin why he was so handsome, to which Hyuk answered, "He just is." Hyuk asked Ken how he felt when the got here to Toronto and saw the entire Starlights, to which Ken answered, "I'm incrediblyglad because I like you Starlights. I love this moment correct now. I amlooking to memorize it forever. It isin realityexcellentto peer you all."

During this time Ken asked Leo to carry outa section from his existing musical, Mata Hari to which he thankfully obliged. As the questions continued, Ravi made amusing of N, asking him if he was at all times tired because he was so old and Hyuk promised to be offeringcoverage toeither VIXX and Starlights from all of life's troubles because he is gotten so strong.

Moving into an alternate ready of songs, VIXX conducted "손의이별" and "태어나줘서 고마워" prior to the lighting dimmed and a behind-the-scenes video of the community played.

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)From there the organization moved into their ultimate laid of songs which included a lot of fan-favorites adding "Error," "Secret Night," and "On On."

Taking one last probabilityto mention adieu to their beloved Starlights, VIXX wrapped up the evening with a remix of "Eternity" before disappearing into the darkness.

(Photo : Angie Mills For KpopStarz)Unwilling to let VIXX cross and so soon, the auditorium rang with the voices of masses of Starlights chanting in unison for their beloved group.

Unable to forget about such overwhelming love from their fans, VIXX returned for an encore. With many smiles and waves, VIXX bade their beloved Starlights farewell one last time as they completed their very last song, "Love Equation."

As all good stuff must, this evening with VIXX came to an end, leaving Starlights with pleased hearts one thousandprecious memories.

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B1A4 CNU Cut His Signature Long Hair Short…And Lovers LOVE IT

B1A4 CNU Cut His Signature Long Hair Short…And Lovers LOVE IT

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterB1A4s CNU is fairly popular among fans and is understood for his signature long locks, which hes had for maximum of his career. 

However, lovers were surprised after seeing the WM Entertainment singer rocking a far shorter haircut in contemporary photos. After going loopy over CNUs new short hair, many fans have also expressed their preferenceto peersome other comeback through B1A4.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

How is it imaginable that he were givenHigherHaving a lookwoah he looks so excellent directly In truth men glancesuch a lot better in shorter hair ㅠㅠDaebak now I could beready to die in peaceMy guy ㅠㅠㅠOobba..(dies)My middle oh my god Source: Instiz

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“Running Man” PD Unearths  Information about 300th Special Episode And Long run Plans For The Show

“Running Man” PD Unearths Information about 300th Special Episode And Long run Plans For The Show

Running Guy PD UnearthsInformation about 300th Special Episode And Long term Plans For The Display leonid Would possibly 21, 2016 0 Running Man PD DisplaysSmall print About 300th Special Episode And Future Plans For The Show On May just 22, SBS’s “Running Man” will celebrate its 300th episode. The diversity program has persisted without relaxationbecause itbegan airing in July 2010, making this birthday party very special and meaningful for the seven contributors and the staff.

Stepping up to the role of main PDs after Jo Hyo Jin and Lim Hyung Taek are Lee Hwan Jin, Jung Chul Min, and Park Yong Woo, who wererunningdifficult at incorporating brand newdemanding situations in the show whilst all the same keeping its elementary format.

PD Lee Hwan Jin sat down for an interview where in he shared his sentiments about the 300th episode, and the direction he plans to take the show.

He states, “I would like to thank the audience who have been observingtill now. It’s on account of them that we’ve come so some distance asthree hundred episodes. We’ll paintingstougher to deserve even more support.”

The PD then reveals that the theme of the impending 300th episode special is “7 as adverse to 300.” He explains, “Every project will have anything to do with the number 300, adding writing on 300 meter paper, dining 300 bowls of food, and struggling withopposed to 300 Yonsei university students. It's milesthe biggest among our special episodes so far.”

The special feature can be broadcast over two weeks, and he stocks that it took them two days to movie it. He continues, “The challenges were stuffed withwonderful tension, and it felt very real. There were also some unexpected twists that viewers can glanceahead to.”

When asked if there's a special reason the episode capabilities boy neighborhood BTS, Lee Hwan Jin answers, “BTS also has seven members, and the rewards from the challenges are to be donated for a just rightmotive then nosotroswishedthose who are younger and energetic. As their call ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ suggests, they are very tough when they perform. Moreover, we felt sorry against Rap Monster about his first appearance on Running Man.”

He reveals that BTS was once very delighted to be on their first form show appearance as an entire group. He says, “It turned intolovable how their ears became red. They started with such a lotpoweryet they’re frailer than you may possibly think, and that made them even cuter. Rap Monster, V, and Jung Kook were very active.”

Finally, the PD commented at the viewers’s unhappiness that the iconic name tag ripping game has no longer been integrated in contemporary episodes.

He states, “Name tag ripping is a section of the identity of ‘Running Man,’ so of path we plan to do it. However, as you'll be able to know, its standardeffects are obvious. On the alternative hand, it couldturn out to be too complex and toughto appearance at if we tradethe guidelinesto turnvarious outcomes. Here is our dilemma.”

He continues, “This is why we've got been making an allowance formany ways to innovate the game. We are making ready fresh adjustments to stay in the long run. It is going todevelop into a hybrid name tag ripping.”

Lee Hwan Jin shares that the manufacturers all wish tocome with mention tag ripping on the show. He says, “We were assigned to take into accounts games for a last challenge, and we ideamost effective roughly name tag ripping. Previous this year there has been an episode where we attempted levelling the gamblingbox for all members, and we implemented segment one of brand tag ripping’s evolution. There are more inventions to make after that, and we are still discussing how to head about them.”

Lets wait and notice what exciting surprises Running Man has in shop for us in the future!

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VIXX Dedicates Special Dance Video For “Dynamite” To Starlights

VIXX Dedicates Special Dance Video For “Dynamite” To Starlights

VIXX Dedicates Special Dance Video For Dynamite To Starlightsehk38 Might 11, 2016 0 VIXX Dedicates Special Dance Video For Dynamite To Starlights Boy band VIXX has released a different choreography video in theirnewestunlock Dynamite.

In the video, the lads impeccably execute the attractive and clever choreography for Dynamite in matching graceful black and white shirts, pants, and neckties. The dance video is particularlydevoted to the boy bands fans, referred to as the Starlights.

Meanwhile, VIXX released their comeback unmarried album Zelos featuring nametune Dynamite on April 20. The crowd has had a a hit promotions run this comeback, these days taking house their 5th music display trophy with Dynamite at the Show.

You can catch VIXXs special choreography video for Dynamite below.

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Online Ballot Of Korean Lovers  Expect  Long term Winner Of Head-To-Head K-Pop Comebacks

Online Ballot Of Korean Lovers Expect Long term Winner Of Head-To-Head K-Pop Comebacks

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens expect who will win the match-up between teams SEVENTEEN and TWICE.

Many groups are making plans to make their comebacks this past due April. Netizens accruedto talk about which of the groups will win amongthe 2 groups that would brand comebacks at the same day.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens speak about which team volition win between SEVENTEEN or TWICE.

Titled TWICE vs SEVENTEEN, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Thumbs up for SEVENTEEN and thumbs down for TWICE.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the long-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

66 / -5 Dont do this.. They are eitherjust right in their own ways

56 / -101 Wasnt SEVENTEEN the maximum efficient rookie group? Two times isnt that great

56 / -5 I like both groups. Im having a lookahead to both.

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Supernova meets 27,000 lovers in Japan in their 'FESTIVAL' fanmeeting

Supernova meets 27,000 lovers in Japan in their 'FESTIVAL' fanmeeting

Supernova had an enormous fanmeeting with their Jap fans!

The boys were in Tokyo at the 26th and 27th for their 'FESTIVAL' fanmeeting. A whopping 27,000 fanaticsgot here to their fanmeeting on either days, and fans were givennot tomost effective encounter the boys perform, yet also see a photo gallery among other things whilst they were waiting.

SEE ALSO: Supernova's Sungmo reaches number 1 on Oricon charts!

The first fanmeeting was once held around solo stages, and the 2d one one become held like a concert. The ladsconducted "Winner", "Shining Star", "Alright", in addition new song "Bye Bye". Labelmates myB came to accomplish for the boys as well. 


Lovers Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin, long holiday in Hawaii

Lovers Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin, long holiday in Hawaii

Actor and actress couple Bae Yong-joon and Park Soo-jin are romancing in Hawaii.

The two left for Hawaii ultimate year and they've been there ever since. It seems like they are playing their honeymoon there. They justgo back to Korea for vitalpaintingsin addition advertisements.

Bae Yong-joon is well-informed of the local scenario as he has a caf there. Park Soo-jin may be mesmerized through the Hawaiian view and it is no lie that they'refreed from public view unlike Korea.

SNS displays how satisfied they are. Park Soo-jin posted images of herself which looks love itused to be taken by her husband and an image of the Hawaiian view.

The couple were given married in July last year which becomebest 3 months when theypublished they were seeing each and every other. They've got an age difference of thirteen years.