“W” Finds Plans For Special Episode

“W” Finds Plans For Special Episode

W Finds Plans For Special Episodekokoberry August 12, 2016 0 W Displays Plans For Special Episode Popular drama W may beliberatinga unique broadcast.

On August 12, a source from MBC printed that the following west episode will mixall theprimary scenes from the drama in a 100-minute special. This special will duvetthe primary seven episodes and may air on August 15 at 12:50 p.m. KST.

The MBC source explained, It used to be made for those whomay haveoverlooked the fashioned airing of W and are having a hard time keeping up with the story. It'llgive an explanation forportionswhich aredifficultto comprehend alongside subtitles about the adjustments in scenariosin order thatfolks can notice easily.

W is a drama about Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) who expand a romance between two other worlds.

August 15 is National Liberation Day in Korea.

Watch the newest episode of W below!

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“Infinite Challenge” Plans To Movie Special U.S. Episode In August

“Infinite Challenge” Plans To Movie Special U.S. Episode In August

Infinite Subject Plans To Movie particular U.S. Episode In Augustchoralee July 26, 2016 0 Infinite Challenge Plans To Film Special U.S. Episode In August MBC’s Limitless Challenge is in spite of everything coming back to America.

On July 27, a recordprinted that the Infinite Challenge team used to beat the beginningmaking plans to film the special episode in June, yet the episode becomedriven back to August when plans for production fell through.

The team is planning to go back and forth to L.A. on August 1, with a small staff. They'll exist staying in California for approximately a week. Whether or now not the special will feature former guest Jack Black, or if Jung Joon Ha will stay his promise to ride a frighteningcurler coaster is still unconfirmed.

A source from Infinite Challenge says, “While we are in the procedure of making ready for the U.S. episode, we are these days waiting to wrap up Muhan Company, so the present date is flexible.

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“Running Man” PD Unearths  Information about 300th Special Episode And Long run Plans For The Show

“Running Man” PD Unearths Information about 300th Special Episode And Long run Plans For The Show

Running Guy PD UnearthsInformation about 300th Special Episode And Long term Plans For The Display leonid Would possibly 21, 2016 0 Running Man PD DisplaysSmall print About 300th Special Episode And Future Plans For The Show On May just 22, SBS’s “Running Man” will celebrate its 300th episode. The diversity program has persisted without relaxationbecause itbegan airing in July 2010, making this birthday party very special and meaningful for the seven contributors and the staff.

Stepping up to the role of main PDs after Jo Hyo Jin and Lim Hyung Taek are Lee Hwan Jin, Jung Chul Min, and Park Yong Woo, who wererunningdifficult at incorporating brand newdemanding situations in the show whilst all the same keeping its elementary format.

PD Lee Hwan Jin sat down for an interview where in he shared his sentiments about the 300th episode, and the direction he plans to take the show.

He states, “I would like to thank the audience who have been observingtill now. It’s on account of them that we’ve come so some distance asthree hundred episodes. We’ll paintingstougher to deserve even more support.”

The PD then reveals that the theme of the impending 300th episode special is “7 as adverse to 300.” He explains, “Every project will have anything to do with the number 300, adding writing on 300 meter paper, dining 300 bowls of food, and struggling withopposed to 300 Yonsei university students. It's milesthe biggest among our special episodes so far.”

The special feature can be broadcast over two weeks, and he stocks that it took them two days to movie it. He continues, “The challenges were stuffed withwonderful tension, and it felt very real. There were also some unexpected twists that viewers can glanceahead to.”

When asked if there's a special reason the episode capabilities boy neighborhood BTS, Lee Hwan Jin answers, “BTS also has seven members, and the rewards from the challenges are to be donated for a just rightmotive then nosotroswishedthose who are younger and energetic. As their call ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ suggests, they are very tough when they perform. Moreover, we felt sorry against Rap Monster about his first appearance on Running Man.”

He reveals that BTS was once very delighted to be on their first form show appearance as an entire group. He says, “It turned intolovable how their ears became red. They started with such a lotpoweryet they’re frailer than you may possibly think, and that made them even cuter. Rap Monster, V, and Jung Kook were very active.”

Finally, the PD commented at the viewers’s unhappiness that the iconic name tag ripping game has no longer been integrated in contemporary episodes.

He states, “Name tag ripping is a section of the identity of ‘Running Man,’ so of path we plan to do it. However, as you'll be able to know, its standardeffects are obvious. On the alternative hand, it couldturn out to be too complex and toughto appearance at if we tradethe guidelinesto turnvarious outcomes. Here is our dilemma.”

He continues, “This is why we've got been making an allowance formany ways to innovate the game. We are making ready fresh adjustments to stay in the long run. It is going todevelop into a hybrid name tag ripping.”

Lee Hwan Jin shares that the manufacturers all wish tocome with mention tag ripping on the show. He says, “We were assigned to take into accounts games for a last challenge, and we ideamost effective roughly name tag ripping. Previous this year there has been an episode where we attempted levelling the gamblingbox for all members, and we implemented segment one of brand tag ripping’s evolution. There are more inventions to make after that, and we are still discussing how to head about them.”

Lets wait and notice what exciting surprises Running Man has in shop for us in the future!

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EXO Plans Special Level With Yoo Jae Suk For “Infinite Challenge”

EXO Plans Special Level With Yoo Jae Suk For “Infinite Challenge”

EXO Plans Special Degree amongst Yoo Jae Suk For LimitlessSituation choralee August 11, 2016 0 EXO Plans Special Stage With Yoo Jae Suk For Infinite Challenge spaceMission member Yoo Jae Suk can beacting a joint stage with EXO after recording the special U.S. episode.

A source in the broadcast industry states, Yoo Jae Suk and EXO met in Gangnam on August 10 to prepare their functionality together.

The mission began in January during the episode Fortunate Letter, when Kwanghee wrote a letter asking Yoo Jae Suk to accomplish with EXO. Since then, Yoo Jae Suk has practiced with the EXO contributors for the performance. When the Infinite Challenge members called to check on the situation, EXOs Baekhyun responded, We will be ready topaintingsdifficult to create a excellent stage.

In reaction to the news, netizens commented, I canbe expectinggreat things from Yoo Jae Suk, and I wish this would hurry up and air! and I think like the viewer ratings and reputation volition explode.

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“W” Confirms Normal  Time table For Episode 7, Plans For Episode 8 Aren't Finalized

“W” Confirms Normal Time table For Episode 7, Plans For Episode 8 Aren't Finalized

W Confirms NormalTime table For Episode 7, Plans For Episode 8 Aren't Finalizedchoralee August 9, 2016 0 W Confirms Regular Schedule For Episode 7, Plans For Episode 8 Are Not Finalized MBC has showed to air the newest episode of W in keeping withthe traditional schedule.

Previously, the broadcast network announced their plans to put off the drama in order to broadcast relay fits for the Rio Olympics. In reaction to the announcement, audience heatedly took to the dramas reliable social media and online network sites to express their frustration. On August 10, MBC officially stated, Episode seven might not be postponed and may air throughout its regular broadcast time.

However, MBC has not yet proven their plans for episode eight. The broadcasting network stated, For August 11, W is 2d in priority. The first program to air will be the relay games. Because numerousvery important matches are going down on August 11, we've got not yet finalized the schedule.

W” airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the maximum recent episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

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GFRIEND To seem As Special Guest For “Infinite Challenge” U.S. Episode

GFRIEND To seem As Special Guest For “Infinite Challenge” U.S. Episode

GFRIEND To seem equally particular Guest For CountlessDifficulty U.S. Episodechoralee August 4, 2016 0 GFRIEND To Appear As Special Guest For Infinite Challenge U.S. Episode Womanteam GFRIEND may beperforming on MBCs Infinite Challenge as a guest!

GFRIENDs firm Source Track stated, Its true that GFRIEND will be appearing on Infinite Challenge. Correctonce theycarried out for K-CON, they recorded a quick segment at the site.

This isn't the first time GFRIEND seems on Infinite Challenge as a guest. The ganggave the impressionat thedisplayall through the episode Best Sense with Block Bs Zico. A printed source revealed that whilst the neighborhoodwas once in L.A. for 3 days, they filmed a wonderassembly amongst the team of Infinite Challenge. Recently the Infinite Challenge team is in California filming for their special U.S. episode which also stars Zico as a guest.

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“Hit The Stage” Finds Plans To Forged EXO, BTS, And GOT7

“Hit The Stage” Finds Plans To Forged EXO, BTS, And GOT7

Hit The DegreeUnearths Plans To Solid EXO, BTS, And GOT7kokoberry August 3, 2016 0 Hit The Stage Exhibits Plans To Cast EXO, BTS, And GOT7 All of the dance kings on one show. What may smartly be better?

Mnets Hit the Stage satisfies enthusiasts dreams of seeing the absolute best K-pop dancers on one show. The primary episode featured performances from NCTs Ten, SISTARs Bora, TWICEs Momo, and Block Bs U-Kwon. The 2d one episode will display MONSTA Xs Shownu, Women Generations Hyoyeon, INFINITEs Hoya, and SHINees Taemin dance stages.

And theres more to come! The prove is designed to have new dancers seemat thedisplayin order that new line-ups may also benoticedeach and every round. The momentcircular has already filmed former BEAST member Jang Hyun Seung, I.O.Is Kim Chungha, and BIGSTARs FeelDog. Along sideother contestants for every round, there could also be a alternative theme for each one round.

On August 3, Lee Eung Goo CP (Content Producer) spoke with OSEN to remark on the show and its future. He said, Were these days mediating casting for idol teams like EXO, BTS, and GOT7 who have numerousout of the country schedules and global tours going on all over July and August. We are casting our web widely for boy crewand womanneighborhood contestants.

Which participantsdo you wantto look on the show?

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YG Finds New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink

YG Finds New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink

YG Unearths New Epic Debut Plans For Black Purple kokoberry July 12, 2016 0 YG Exhibits New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink Black Pinks debut is ready to get even more epic.

According to an exclusive file from news outlet Megastar News, YG Entertainment is making plans on freeing Black Pinks songs oftenfor 5 months. It turns out that they are planning to movie a overall of 8song videos.

A source from YG revealed, Black Pink will unencumber their debut song close to the finish of this month as of now. Following that, they'll continously release new songs till December.

The source continued, The music industry nowadays is considering tracks, so when an album is released it's milescommonplace for best the identify track to get keep of attention. The songs that Black Pink has finishedto this point are all of amazing quality, so they can be split up and released separately.

The source additional explained, Teddy, who is in command ofgenerating Black Pinks debut album, has been operating on songs that suit Black Pink for the beyond two years. Currently, there are eight songs that experience been finalized. Each song in Black Pinks debut album will have a music video, so we are currently planning on filming a minimum of eight music videos.

More main points were printed equally the source said, Black Pink has already filmed music videos for 2 songs. They are currently filming for some other song. We are paying special attention to quality paintings for their songs and music videos as Black Pink have Korean and worldfanatics in brainranging from their debut.

Are you hyped for Black Pinks debut?

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YG Entertainment Finds Plans To Debut 2nd “Sister” K-Pop Girl-Group Along Black Pink

YG Entertainment Finds Plans To Debut 2nd “Sister” K-Pop Girl-Group Along Black Pink

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYG Entertainment is stirring up discussion after a press releasein theirlong term plans relating to neverthelessevery otherwomanteam debuting after Black Pink, their latestcommunity to debut this summer.

A senior respectable from the firmpublished on June 29th that also they are aiming to debut some other girl organization side-by-side to their new 4-member group Black Purple (Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé). Black Pink was oncein the beginning set to be a 9-member group. However, since first of all revealing the plan and one of the crucialindividuals two years ago, the plans have replaced significantly. The theorybecome to debut the remainder five trainees as their own group, growing a sister-like feeling, very identical to that of WINNER and iKON.

Unfortunately, the initial reports of yet one more girl group debuting was no longerwonsmartlyvia fans. They believed this would create pointlessfestival between the enthusiasts of either groups, the use of YGs two fresh boy teams every bit an example.

With the overly negative reaction to the news, YG Entertainment has retracted their fashionedremarkthe subsequent day, saying, Like maximumhuge agencies, we've got more than 50 trainees who were spilling their sweat for years, It has yet to be determined whether the last trainees who were now notincorporated in Black Pink will debut in combination or with other trainees. 

Meanwhile, Black Pink is reported to be making ready3othertune videos for their debut with Teddy backing them up as their manufacturer for their debut. In addition, they have got recruited popular foreign choreographers. They are slated for a debut close to the finish of July.

Source: OSEN and TelevisionDocument

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“Running Man” PD Unearths Plans For A Two times Special

“Running Man” PD Unearths Plans For A Two times Special

Running Guy PD Unearths Plans For A Two times exceptional an0ya June 6, 2016 0 Running Man PD Displays Plans For A TWICE Special TWICE is showed to return to Running Man!

In an interview with local news outlet DongA, Running Man PD Jung Chul Min commented on TWICEs brief appearance at the June five episode of Running Man, also guest starring Yeo Jin Goo. Following the broadcast, many audience expressed how they wantedto peer more pictures of TWICE, who best took phase in the call tag battle.

Time just flew throughright through the filming. TWICEs agenda allowed them to only forestall by in the evening, but were thankful they did their best. The Running Man members also wished they couldve spent more time with TWICE.

The PD then printed plans for a complete episode starring only TWICE. TWICE told us that theyll paintingsdifficult if we invite them again, so we promised to positionin combination a TWICE special with all nine individuals in the future.

Watch the newest Running Man episode featuring TWICE and Yeo Jin Goo below!

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