“W” Postponement For Rio Olympics Reasons Heated Reaction

“W” Postponement For Rio Olympics Reasons Heated Reaction

W Postponement For Rio Olympics Reasons Heated Reactionchoralee August 8, 2016 0 W Postponement For Rio Olympics Causes Heated Reaction Previously, MBC posted an legitimate statement announcing the prospective cancellation of W in order to broadcast the Rio Olympic Games.

On August 9, they released some other statement, saying, This weeks episodes of W can bedriven back in order to broadcast the Olympics. MBC then indexed the matches that would air instead of episodes seven and eight. They concluded their statement, saying, After the formerfiteffects are released, W is scheduled to air, yet it could be postponed once more. Because of the 12 hour difference between Rio and Korea, the broadcast network will make their resolution in the morning.

Viewers strongly reacted to the news, and expressed their frustrations through MBCs major homepage, social media sites, and online communities. Comments like, they are creating a mockery of the viewers, and confirm the traditional broadcast, were posted on viewer network sites. On the opposite hand, there were some viewers who acknowledged they sought afterto observe the relay broadcasting.

W” airs each and every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the maximum recent episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

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Jang Keun Suk, Tree J Company Announces Postponement Of US Tour, 'Unavoidable Reasons'

Jang Keun Suk, Tree J Company Announces Postponement Of US Tour, 'Unavoidable Reasons'

jang keun suk, tree j, team h

Jang Keun Suk, Tree J Company Announces Postponement Of US Tour, 'Unavoidable Reasons' JKS and Team H in USJang Keun Suk was set to embark on his first US concert tour a few weeks ago with Team H and now that has all changed.

Earlier in the day US time June 12th, Jang Keun Suk fans had noted a status update by Tree J on the actor's official JP site which was open to the public. In the update, Tree J stated:

"Hello, this is Tree-J company.

We are announcing here that Team H's scheduled U.S. tour is postponed for unavoidable reasons.

Tree J and Team H really regret this postponement. We are sory to all fans who are looking forward to the show. We'll announce the new schedule as soon as possible."

Powerhouse, the show's organizer, also had their official statement included in the update stating:

"We deeply regret to announce that Team H's U.S. tour has been postponed due to internal reasons. The tour was originally set for June 22nd in Los Angeles and 28th in San Jose respectively.

Please understand that we have been facing a situation where it needed more time in preparing the show in many aspects. We apologize for any inconvenience it may affect the fans. The new show date shall be announced on a later date.

Those who have already purchased the tickets will get full refunds from the point of purchase immediately following this announcement. Please allow 3-5 business days to confirm the refunds."

As of press time, refunds have already started to process according to our sources who purchased tickets.Jang Keun Suk's fans should look forward for the future date, as more time to prepare can only guarantee a great show when this finally does take place. Nonetheless, the postponement announcement brings disappointment especially a week before the show opening in Los Angeles.


  Ten Reasons Why The Idol Olympics Are A Must-Watch Guilty Pleasure

Ten Reasons Why The Idol Olympics Are A Must-Watch Guilty Pleasure

Ten Reasons Why The Idol Olympics Are A Must-Watch Guilty Pleasure The Idol Star Athletic Championship is my favorite guilty pleasure of the season. Yes, it is randomwhat do idols have to do with sports, anyways? Yes, nothing , pretty pointless and often even cringeworthycan someone please tell them thats not how you high-jump? I will even say its quite boring most of the time, especially those times when SHINees Minho and ZE:As Dongjun participate. However, I watch it religiously every time it comes out, sometimes even more than once and very often coming back and forth to replay my favorite parts.

This last edition marks the fifth one; MBC first broadcasted it on September 2010 as a Chuseok special and decided to make it a regular act after the success of the first edition. This time, and as a homage to the Olympic Games that will take place this summer in London, the program has been renamed as Idol Star Olympics and features fencing, table tennis and archery aside from the usual athletics. And that means more chances to see our favorite idols fail at new sports, yes.

And again, as I mentioned before, I will definitely watch it this year too. Because aside from the punctual second-hand embarrassment, there are still enough reasons that make it worth. Here are mine.

Ten Reasons Why The Idol Olympics Are A Must-Watch Guilty Pleasure

1. Idols in shorts. Theres not much to explain about this point, but if youre not really into guys in shortsor girls, but lets be honest, we have seen them with shorter hot pants on stageat least you can appreciate idols in tracksuit. Dont they look like normal people, just for a change?

2. You can feed your inner fangirl or fanboy out of it for weeks. From the announcement to the fancams and pictures from the recording day until the episode actually airs and gets subtitled, you basically have spazzing material for at least one month.

3. It gives spotlight to usually underexposed idols. Because the Idol Star Athletic Championship is not about singing, dancing, being funny or being good-looking, idols who usually get overlooked get a chance to shine. In the last edition, for example, Dal Shabet’s Ga-eun and Nine MusesEun-ji won medals, a short but gratifying moment of glory. And others, such as Sistars Bora and ZE:As Dongjun have found a niche as athletic idols. Even if you dont have a talent for sports either, you can still manage to garner some attention, maybe falling graciously or jumping in a special wayspecial is actually an euphemism, yes . It also works as a de-typecasting methodwho would expect Jo Kwon, known by his antics and girl groups dances, to be a pro speed racer?

4. That stupid but gratifying feeling when your bias is faster than others or clumsier. Some find it endearing when their favorite idols are good at sports. Im more from the group that likes their idols to be totally uncoordinated people, it makes me feel we may be meant to be after all.

5. You dont even need to wait for the subtitles. Getting the MCs jokes is nice, but if you dont feel like waiting for the fansubs you can just skip their parts and enjoy the show.

6. Idols falling sometimes is justfunny. If no one gets hurt, of course. Just healthy and second-hand embarrassingly fun. How do they actually manage to look so perfectly styled even while tripping, anyways?

7. It provides fans with stupid amounts of fanservice. What are the Idol Star Athletic Championship if not a huge ode to fanservice? Starting from the fancams taken back when the program was recorded, with loads of heart-throwing, gratuitous skinship, silly dances, aegyo, etc., etc. to the broadcast itself that, just like any sports championship, encourages competitivenessbut instead of cheering for your country, you cheer for your fandom. Not that it incites fanwars, but fans sometimes need to feel their favorite group is better than the others, even if its in sports.

Ten Reasons Why The Idol Olympics Are A Must-Watch Guilty Pleasure

8. Fandoms colliding. We all love some brotherly or sisterly love once in a while, and while there are plenty of occasions to watch band members interact (their own variety shows, to start with), there arent that many chances to actually see members from different groups be friendly on air.

9. Its sports, after all. Anybody who enjoys watching athletic championships would also enjoy the Idol Star Olympics. Idols are obviously slower and awkward, but they can also be extremely competitive. Creepingly competitive, sometimes.

10. Its just epicor thats what the editors manage to make it look like through the teasers. Who wouldnt want to watch it with this TV commercial? Just listen to those violins and chants, doesnt it look like its gonna be mind-blowing?

So which are your thoughts on the Idol Star Athletic Championship, Seoulmates? Would you be watching it too or would you rather pass? If so, which are your reasons? Leave your comments below!

(MBC, loveguitar1993, AFXVids)

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Oh My Woman Binnie’s adorable reaction after her shoe flies off throughout  reside concert is going viral in Korea

Oh My Woman Binnie’s adorable reaction after her shoe flies off throughout reside concert is going viral in Korea

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Pictures of Oh My Girl member Binnies freshleveltwist of fate has long gone viral for how adorable she looked right through the incident. 

While functioning on stage, Binnies shoe unexpectedlywas loose and used to be thrown ahead as she conducted a a section of the teams choreography. Stunned at the sensation of her shoe coming off, Binnie reacted with a stunned and quite horrified glance as she watched her shoe fly in opposition to the audience. Whilsteither Binnie and the target audience were relieved that no person was harm from the minor accident, footage of Binnies shocked and worried appearance have gone viral, with many praising her authentic and adorable facial expressions.

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"Doctors" in the end breaks thru 20%, takes complete benefit of the Olympics

SBS drama "Doctors" controlled to step over 20%.

According to Nielson Korea, "Doctors" rated 21.3%.

This is 1.7% more than the former episode and a list breaker. Whilstthe tale is now getting interesting, the Olympic broadcast allowed the drama to have an exclusive airing.

Meanwhile, the Rio 2016 Olympics were broadcasted on KBS and SBS which rated 7.7% and 5.9% respectively.

Meanwhile, Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) and Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) conducted surgical procedure to save a pregnant ladyyet no miracle happened. The husband (Lee Sang-yeob) was once devastated.

#Kim Rae-won #Lee Sang-yeob #Park Shin-hye #Yoo Hye-jeong #Doctors #news

The Sunday Social, 8/7: Rio Olympics Opening Rite Highlights

The Sunday Social, 8/7: Rio Olympics Opening Rite Highlights

20160807_seoulbeats_PitaNikolasTaufatofua_reutersThe Sunday Social, 8/7: Rio Olympics Opening Rite Highlights?Written via Gaya On August 7, 2016Hi everyone, and Satisfied Sunday!

This weekend saw the XXXI Olympiad kick off in Rio Di Janeiro, with a impressive opening ceremony.

Or, at least, I pay attention it was once spectacular. Being at the other facet of the arena (though in the similar hemisphere for once), I controlled to omitlots of theare living telecast; but, I did catch the parade of countries and Tongan flagbearer Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, who has taken the web by storm. Seeing the Olympic Refugee Team input the stadium to a enormous cheer from the Rio crowd changed into also a highlight.

Readers, what were your favorite moments from this opening ceremony?

(YouTube. Symbol via: Reuters)


These five K-Pop Idol Teams Have The Maximum Adorable Reaction To Their Maknaes’ Goofy Antics

These five K-Pop Idol Teams Have The Maximum Adorable Reaction To Their Maknaes’ Goofy Antics

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBeing the youngest member in an idol crewfrequently fourth dimension makes it an insufferable position, yetthose older participants react otherwise to their cuteness. 

On August 4th, a post on Instiz enumerated the days older members took good thing about their maknae’s cuteness. Some even exploding in toughen of the youngest member’s achievements.

For example, Jonghyun, Key, Onew and Minho all can'tassist but explode and react to Taemin’s unforeseen aegyo, even cheering enthusiastically each time SHINee’s youngest hits the stage.

WINNER, at the other hand, crossloopy whenever they've member Taehyun beneath their possession, even supporting the young singer and actor when he attempted to look for his shadesthrough the beach.

The same case took place when Joy used to be the maknae of Red Velvet, but in the end escaped the location when Seulgi joined the group.

For sibling-group Akdong Musician, however, Chanhyuk turns outno longer amused with Soohyun’s aegyo, additional calling her as his mother’s daughter in position of his sibling.

Other maknaes incorporated in the list are BTS’ Jungkook and INFINITE’s Sungjong. 

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April’s Jinsol Explains Her Reasons For Leaving School

April’s Jinsol Explains Her Reasons For Leaving School

Aprils Jinsol Explains Her Reasons For Leaving Faculty boxclub August 2, 2016 0 Aprils Jinsol Explains Her Reasons For Leaving School Jinsol, a member of ladycrew April, opens up about her trickyresolution to leave school.

On the August 2 broadcast of JTBCs vocal pageantdisplayLady Spirit, Jinsol stocks around how she had to drop out of center school and is these daysreading for her top school front exams.

She confesses, I worried about leaving school for approximately a month with my mom. I would like to study, practicing, and paintingsdifficultin spite of being not ableto wait school. I wish to work hard here. My function is to succeed.

She shares a adorablelearn about tip, revealing, Ive heard that you'll memorize higheronce you teach it to any person else, and then laughs as she sets up filled animals and startsto educate to them.

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EXO’s Baekhyun has invaluable reaction to enthusiasts throwing things at him on stage

EXO’s Baekhyun has invaluable reaction to enthusiasts throwing things at him on stage

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGIFs of EXOs Baekhyun went viral yet again, this time for his precious reaction to lovers throwing things at him on stage.

A contemporary post at the Korean network board website online Instiz via the name of Baekhyuns reaction to fans throwing things on levelfunctions of series of GIFs that illustrate Baekhyuns lovely reactions when fans throw things at him whilsthe's on stage.

In the clips, Baekhyun can also beobserved being hit by a fan-thrown object, however, his reaction is cutely pretending he is harm and pointing towards the fan who threw the item. In some other one, after being fairly scared by the flying object, Baekhyun provides the fan a sly smile and throws the object back into the crowd.

Every time he is nearly gain alongside something, the idol turns out to fake to be mad, yet in the end, flashes his fans a gigantic smile.

Check out the fashioned posts gifs of Baekhyuns reactions below!

Meanwhile, EXO made their summer comeback in June with their 3rd album, EXACT, and double title tracks Monster and Fortunate One. Their comeback was once highly successful, as EXO demonstrated their reputation with fantastic physical album sales numbers.

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These Are The pinnacle  five K-Pop Songs Of 2016 In reaction to  Overall Inkigayo Points

These Are The pinnacle five K-Pop Songs Of 2016 In reaction to Overall Inkigayo Points

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe year has now not come to the finish just yet yet the lists for the songs with the very bestissues are slowly being revealed! 

Recently, a post released the presentpeak five songs with the topfacets of the year on SBS Inkigayo. On top of the list this year thus far is EXO’s “Monster” with no less than 11,000 pojnts followed by ability of rookie girlgroup, TWICE and G-FRIEND. Coming in at fourth position is Block B’s “Toy” with Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream” trailing close at fifth.

http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109aid=0003364824 Image: SBS Inkigayo / OSEN

As the post was once published, however, some enthusiastscan'tlend a hand but argue about Taeyeon’s involvement in the scores having raked in 10,557 sales for her single, “Why.” If the argument is correct, Taeyeon will have to be in 2nd place appropriatebeneath EXO’s “Monster.”

Image: SBS Inkigayo / OSEN Image: SBS Inkigayo / OSEN

The status remains a debacle online as others argue about the kindscurious about the calculations of the rankings, whilst others insist on Taeyeon’s inclusion at the list.

Others have just speculated if the long-establishedauthoreasily made an error with the itembecame first published.

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