Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Forged And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Consume Spaghetti On A Curler Coaster

Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Forged And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Consume Spaghetti On A Curler Coaster

Watch: CountlessDifficultySolid And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Devour Spaghetti On A Curler Coasterilmare42 August 13, 2016 0 Watch: Infinite Challenge Cast And GFRIEND Sing Duets And Eat Spaghetti On A Roller Coaster On August 13s episode of Infinite Challenge, the forged meets up with hit womanteam GFRIEND in Los Angeles to take on a challenge together!

The guys of Infinite Challenge are in Los Angeles in section to assistsatisfy Jung Joon Has mission of riding one of the vital scariest roller coasters in the world. GFRIEND arrives to give them a aiding hand at the theme park first, and theyre all given the added mission of making a song a duet on a ride with one of the Infinite Challenge members. However, Jung Joon Ha and his spouse from GFRIEND could be doing the special mission of dining spaghetti whilst theyre at the roller coaster.

Eunha asks the oppositeparticipants if somebodyneeds to be do the spaghetti mission, and Yoo Jae Suk says she turns outkeen herself. Actually, since weve been here in the United States, Ive had pizza and hamburgers yet I havent had spaghetti, she says, and with that its made up our minds shell be doing the mission with Jung Joon Ha.

Naturally, a lot of the members duets on the roller coaster turn out to be more screaming than singing. Amazingly, when Eunha and Jung Joon Ha attempt to eat spaghetti on the ride, Eunha manages to do it like a pro, as Jung Joon Ha screams and gets his spaghetti all over the place his face, in addition the members of GFRIEND at the back of them!

Watch the scene in the episode of Infinite Challenge below.

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Watch: Haha and Byul Blow their own horns Their Unity as They Sing Stunning Love Songs on Infinite Challenge

Watch: Haha and Byul Blow their own horns Their Unity as They Sing Stunning Love Songs on Infinite Challenge

Watch: Haha and Byul Blow their own horns Their Unity equally They Sing Gorgeous Love Songs on “Infinite Challenge”ilmare42 April 2, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Haha and Byul Prove Off Their Harmony as They Sing Gorgeous Love Songs on “Infinite Challenge” Haha no doubt made the correctselectionby way of recruiting his wife Byul as his spouse for the “Wedding Singer” mission on “Infinite Challenge”!

On April 2’s episode of the show, the couple tries to figure out what song they mustcarry out at a fan’s wedding. Haha is decided on acting a reggae track, and tries to convince Byul to get on board with his favourite genre. Byul laughs, yet says to him, “This time, try and let cross of your feeling that you'll need make other folks laugh. I suspect it’d be excellent if we did this seriously.”

Byul suggests that they are trying out the tune that Sung Si Kyung had advised for Haha, Deulgukhwa’s “Everyday With You.” Even though Haha gets jealous over the familiar way that she says Sung Si Kyung’s name, they make a decision to give it a shot.

As they sing, Byul is helping Haha out with probably the mosttop notes, but though it’s a horny rendition of the track, they fear that it kind of feels too similar to a lullaby.

Next, they check out Kim Gun Mo’s “Only You,” and Haha suggests that they either wear shadesto slot alongside Kim Gun Mo’s signature style.

Listen to the 2 covers below!

Haha and Byul also are trying rehearsing Cool’s “All for You,” and Han Dong Joon’s “Love’s Vow.” Although they love the remaining song, they comic story that they don’t have to make a decision now, since they could also bein a position tostay rehearsing at home!

Haha and Byul were given married in November of 2012, and feature a two-year-old son named Dream. Watch more of them in April 2s episode of Endless Challenge!

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“Infinite Challenge” Forged Coincidentally Bumps Into Kim Jong Kook In LA

“Infinite Challenge” Forged Coincidentally Bumps Into Kim Jong Kook In LA

Infinite SubjectForged Coincidentally Bumps Into Kim Jong Kook In Los angeles leonid August 13, 2016 0 Infinite Challenge Cast Coincidentally Bumps Into Kim Jong Kook In LA The Limitless Challenge cast runs into singer and television personality Kim Jong Kook all over their Los Angeles special!

On the August thirteen broadcast of the MBC program, the contributorsconsult with Los Angeles and notice Kim Jong Kook walking down the streetby capability of chance.

As soon as they see him, the members alight their bus and thankfully greet the singer. Desirous about the coincidence, Haha comments, Is this The usa or Garosu-gil (a popular house in Seoul)?

Kim Jong Kook proudly declares, Here's LA, my 2nd home.

When the members understand two phones and a complete wallet in Kim Jong Kooks hands, Yoo Jae Suk asks, We havent exchanged our moneys currency yet, are you ready to just lend us one hundred dollars?

Kim Jong Kook starts to imagine it for a moment, till Park Myung Soo snatches his telephone from behind.

They continue exchanging pleasantries and banter, and the members remark teasingly, Even in the U.S., he walks around with that duck-footed gait.

Catch closing weeks Infinite Challenge episode below!

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GFRIEND To seem As Special Guest For “Infinite Challenge” U.S. Episode

GFRIEND To seem As Special Guest For “Infinite Challenge” U.S. Episode

GFRIEND To seem equally particular Guest For CountlessDifficulty U.S. Episodechoralee August 4, 2016 0 GFRIEND To Appear As Special Guest For Infinite Challenge U.S. Episode Womanteam GFRIEND may beperforming on MBCs Infinite Challenge as a guest!

GFRIENDs firm Source Track stated, Its true that GFRIEND will be appearing on Infinite Challenge. Correctonce theycarried out for K-CON, they recorded a quick segment at the site.

This isn't the first time GFRIEND seems on Infinite Challenge as a guest. The ganggave the impressionat thedisplayall through the episode Best Sense with Block Bs Zico. A printed source revealed that whilst the neighborhoodwas once in L.A. for 3 days, they filmed a wonderassembly amongst the team of Infinite Challenge. Recently the Infinite Challenge team is in California filming for their special U.S. episode which also stars Zico as a guest.

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Watch: GFRIEND Play Arcade Games And Consume Helium On “Idol Arcade”

Watch: GFRIEND Play Arcade Games And Consume Helium On “Idol Arcade”

Watch: GFRIEND Play Arcade Games And Consume Helium On Idol Arcadechoralee August 3, 2016 0 Watch: GFRIEND Play Arcade Games And Consume Helium On Idol Arcade On a contemporary episode of Idol Arcade, GFRIEND used to beready to play with some fun toys in their waiting room.

The YouTube clip displays the ladies reacting excitedly to an arcade machine, and reliving their early life days. Without much strategy, the GFRIEND participants take at the game The King of Fighters, and randomly slam the buttons so as to win. They win easily, showing an off-the-wall, vigoroussymbol equally they play opposed toevery other.

As if arcade games arent amusing enough, the women also consume amounts of helium in between games, leading to cute, high pitched voices as they cheer one another on.

GFRIEND is recentlyselling with their album LOL and their name song, Navillera.

GFRIEND - LOLGive a spice up to the artist viapurchasing LOL from YesAsia

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Kwanghee’s Utterly  Blameless Drawing Has “Infinite Challenge” Forged Rolling At the Floor

Kwanghee’s Utterly Blameless Drawing Has “Infinite Challenge” Forged Rolling At the Floor

Kwanghees CompletelyBlameless Drawing Has CountlessProblemForged Rolling At theGround jun2yng June 11, 2016 0 Kwanghees Totally Innocent Drawing Has Infinite Challenge Cast Rolling On The Floor On the June 11 episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” the solidcontributors teamed up in pairs with webtoon writers for a pictionary-type quiz game, where one member draws clues on a pad of paper for his spouseto have a look at and guess.

Kwanghee, teamed up with graphic novelist Yoon Tae Ho, most renowned for his works “Moss” and “Incomplete Life,” had to attractmore than a few sports for Yoon Tae Ho to guess.

Several sports were drawn and guessed without incident, but if the clue “wrestling” got here up, all the cast and team cracked up with Kwanghees rushed illustration.

Kwanghee, in a hurry with the clock winding down, said, “What? It’s right!” and Yoon Tae Ho, still laughing, statedthe properresolution for Kwanghee. Clearly, wrestling.

Already began on drawing the following clue, Kwanghee finally ends updashingthru several clues, to the dismay of the remainder of the cast.

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Watch: Jooheon Takes Jackson On A Curler Coaster Of Feelings With Prank On “Celebrity Bromance”

Watch: Jooheon Takes Jackson On A Curler Coaster Of Feelings With Prank On “Celebrity Bromance”

Watch: Jooheon Takes Jackson On A Curler Coaster Of Feelings alongside Prank On Famous person Bromanceilmare42 Would possibly 3, 2016 0 Watch: Jooheon Takes Jackson On A Roller Coaster Of Emotions With Prank On Celebrity Bromance Thank you to MONSTA X member Jooheon’s prank on “Celebrity Bromance,” GOT7’s Jackson stories a complete spectrum of emotions, from happiness to intense disappointment, and then anger to overall joy!

Jooheon arranges to satisfy with Jackson at the rooftop of a building, and promises to bring him a coffee. Yet instead, he comes to a decision to bring him quite so much ofscrumptious food to have a look at to make it up to Jackson for being not ableto reserve fried fowl for him on their old adventure.

But instead of just give him the dim sum he’s purchased for him, Jooheon decides to consumea phase of IT and hide many of theleisurewithin a vending machine, leaving just a tiny bit in the bag.

When Jackson arrives, he’s satisfied and touched to peer that Jooheon’s brought him some food, but if he opens the bag, all he reveals is a unmarried piece left. His face falls and he asks Jooheon disappointedly, “What’s this?”

Jooheon laughs apologetically and replies, “I used to be hungry, so I ate some.”

“I think here is the finish of our relationships,” says Jackson, and then starts to get angry. Jooheon makes things worse through asking Jackson to shop for him a drink from the vending machine. “Do I seem like a pushover to you?” he yells.

Although angry, he still takes the bait, and orders a drink for Jooheon at the vending machine. When he opens up the door, he finds all his food hidden inside!

Did you purchase this?! says Jackson, having a look thrilled. Surprise! yells Jooheon.

Watch the total episode below, and make certain youactivate English subtitles!

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Watch: Sechs Kies Make Their Long-Awaited Reunion On Infinite Challenge

Watch: Sechs Kies Make Their Long-Awaited Reunion On Infinite Challenge

Watch: Sechs Kies Make Their Long-Awaited Reunion On “Infinite Challenge”boxclub April 30, 2016 0 Watch: Sechs Kies Make Their Long-Awaited Reunion On “Infinite Challenge” Six stars shined brighter than any other in this week’s “Infinite Challenge.”

Together with Pass Ji Yong, first generation idol workforce Sechs Kies in any case stood on degree for the primary fourth dimension in 16 years. It used to be a moment of true happiness as participants and fanatics alike shed tears as they look at every other for the 1st time since their disbandment in 2000.

On the March 30 episode of MBC typedisplay “Infinite Challenge,” after polishing off their Hanamana matchfunctioning at a dual carriagewayleisurepreventin addition at a folk village, Sechs Kies make it to their ultimate destination at the Sangam Global Cup stadium. Sechs Kies members record audio messages for their fans and just five hours sooner than the event, the functionality is at last promoted during the “Infinite Challenge” Twitter page. The members acquire in the dressing room as they wonder about how many fans may be in a position to make it, eitherfearful every bitsmartly as excited.

Lee Jae Jin, who is totally anxious, says, “It’s no longeronly one or two years yet sixteen years that experience passed and so my self assurance has reduced in size only as much.” Regardless of his concerns, however, fans listen some the concert thru Twitter and one at a time make their way to the stadium.

Finally, the 6th member of Sechs Kies, Go Ji Yong, seems in front of the opposite members. Go Ji Yong has now not made a unmarried broadcast appearance since their disbandment, leaving the entertainment industry and achieving good fortune in the company world. As he comes in, the other members burst out in massive smiles. Go Ji Yong says, “Through “Infinite Challenge,” I'm hoping that our members will be capable ofadvertise more actively. Even though information technology doesn’t pertain to me, I do sincerely hope that for the other members,” appearing his choice for their reunion.

As they see the gang on stage for the first time since 2000, the fans get started to chant in unison “Sechs Kies jjang!” and as the members see just how many in their fans have gathered, dressed in the yellow colour that represents their fandom, the Sechs Kies members commence to cry as they includeeach one other.

Sechs Kies puts on a passionate performance for their fans, ranging from “Com’Back” to all of their other hit songs that took the 90’s through storm. Go Ji Young joins them on stage for their last performance “Would You Remember,” which turned into the last song they sang before their disbandment. As he comes on stage, the fans shout out his call and he back starts to rip up as he joins the remainder of his members in the performance.

Check out two of the emotional performances below!

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Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Plays Its Highest Prank at the Cast

Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Plays Its Highest Prank at the Cast

Watch: LimitlessConcern Plays Its Easiest Prank at theSolid kminjungee April 2, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Infinite Challenge Plays Its Most efficient Prank on the Cast With a unmarried car, this weeks Infinite Challenge will have your abdomen hurting from all of the laughter.

On March 2, MBCs Infinite Challenge aired the 2d onea phase ofthe marriage Singers, special, in additionthe primaryelement of a new special, Very best Senses.

One via one, the contributors are blindfolded and are driven around, tillthey come at the skydiving site. The manufacturers made certain to as it must be reenact the sounds of a helicopters propellors, the smell of gasoline, and wind, so asto totallyidiot the members.

First in line is Yoo Jae Suk, whilst still blindfolded, is the 1stto pass into the car, which used to be the helicopter. He falls into a state of panic, thinking that he changed into about to skydive, when they put a seatbeat on him, and hears the order for takeoff. All of this is expounded in the appropriate kind jargon used when riding a helicopter, making the prank even more believable. Eventually, Yoo Jae Suk jumps out, most effectiveto gain that it was all a prank when he lands on padding inside a split second. At the realization, Yoo Jae Suk starts to get mad at the personnel members.

He especially is going over to director Kim Tae Ho, and exclaims, What are you doing right now? If it wasnt for the cameras, I might accept cursed by now.

Yoo Jae Suk isn't the just one exist dumbfounded and explicit such anger to the workers members. The other members, Jung Joon Ha, Haha, Park Myung Soo, and in any case ZE:As Kwanghee all fall for a similar prank, and are surprised after learning the truth.

Hilariously, the whole members react in a identical fashion to the prank, making audience laugh at their agony. Infinite Challenge impressively manages to entertain with a single vehicle and an a laugh prank, once backappearing off its potential.

Which member do you observed was most hilarious?

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Watch: iKONs Bobby Plays With Jung Joon Ha on Infinite Challenge

Watch: iKONs Bobby Plays With Jung Joon Ha on Infinite Challenge

Watch: iKON’s Bobby Plays alongside Jung Joon Ha on “Infinite Challenge”ilmare42 February 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: iKON’s Bobby Performs With Jung Joon Ha on “Infinite Challenge” On February 20’s episode of “Infinite Challenge,” iKON’s Bobby is helping Jung Joon Ha displayeach person his doable as a rapper!

During the “Meet My Unsightly Friend” special, host Yoo Jae Suk says to Bobby, “Jung Joon Ha has to move on ‘Show Me the Money. As his sunbae, please show him a rap.” Jung Joon Ha was onceprior to now given the mission on “Infinite Challenge” of auditioning for the rap functionality prove “Show Me the Money” this year.

When the oppositecontributors ask if they mustget up for Bobby’s performance, Bobby says, “All the grotesqueother peoplemust always stand up!”

Bobby then performs his song “YGGR#Hip Hop” from “Show Me the money 3.” He starts the song via yelling, “Our connecting link is that we’re all ugly people!”

When Bobby starts to rap, Jung Joon Ha excitedly joins in and jumps up and down with Bobby. He briefly gets tired, and so Bobby drags him back into the middle of the stage.

After the performance, probably the most other visitors compliment Jung Joon Ha on his rapping and Jung Joon Ha says, “I’m in a position now!”

When asked if he thinks Jung Joon Ha can make it to the semi-finals of “Show Me the Money,” Bobby replies, “I think he can pass the preliminaries!”

Watch their performance below!

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