Webtoon Dream Solid for Imitation!

Webtoon Dream Solid for Imitation!

It is correct that webtoons are a go-to source of inspiration for Korean dramas. Maximum recently, MBC expressed pastime in growing a new Television drama according to Hee-Jung Park's Cat and Dog.

And Imitation, a webtoon about K-pop idols, may justwithout problems existthe following inspiration for a movie or a drama series, yet who would be casted as its actors and actresses? Here are a couple of casting conceptsthat might be perfect!

Official Imitation introduction:

"Maha is a member of the ladyteam Tea Party. She wasnotedby way of imitating other popular stars and for this very reason, Ryoc, a member of the boy band SHAX, holds a sturdy hatred against her. However, as they continue to cross paths, his emotionstoward Maha start toexchange and their courting develops into an swiftlycandy romance that they should now hide from everybody around them".

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She is the young primary protagonist of Imitation. With her wispy bangs, medium-length brown hair, and doe-like eyes, Maha Lee is portrayed as an blameless and clueless ladyfinding out her tacticsround the brutal entertainment industry.

Suzy is the epitome of innocence. Just glance at her face and tell me it does not remind you of Maha and her nave outlook on her life.

I know that she isn't a 20-year old girl community idol and as a substitute a veteran actress, but Song Hye-kyo's blank, clueless appearance perfectly captures Maha's naivety. Even her hair tastefits Maha's.

He is the unstated leader of the older idol organization SHAX, and it has change into his nature to act bloodless and indifferent (at first). Those k-pop idols would painting this persona well.

T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyeon) from Giant Bang

His pointed facial capabilities and black hair would make him a superhave compatibility for Ryoc. He may smartly beanyone who acts cold and uncaring towards others and by accident scares someone at first, yet have the most loving nature.

Song Dong-woon from Beast

Song Dong-woon also has sharp facial features, and his black monochromatic outfit is an precisecopy of Ryoc's outfits. He would pull off the fierce character of Ryoc, as the serious and intimidating yet loving and being concerned man.

Always satisfied and protective of Maha, Yujin is a member of the idol-group Sparkling. He has been the largest supporter of Maha. Despite the reality that Maha best considers Yujin as her friend, he aspires to be more. His blond hair is his trademark look, and it adds to his youthful, cheery attitude.

Just study how pleased this blond boy is! He will be alongside Maha this fast and be smiling and guffawing at her quirky comments. His blond hair makes him look even happier.

This pink-haired member of SHAX, who gets made amusing for his height and girl-like traits, is friendlier and more uncomplicated to get at the facet of than Ryok. He warms up to Maha and in the long runthe number one supporter of Ryoc going after Maha.

His younger stare could effortlessly be Hyuk's. His crimson hair adds to his charm and is helping him look more approachable.

His pink hair and boyish facial features capture the essence of Hyuk. He provides off a sweet vibe and turns out like someone who is simple to get along with.

One of Maha's top friends, Hyun-Ji could also be a Tea Birthday celebration member, but she is more timid with her feelings and emotions. Even although she has a overwhelm on Yujin, she doesn't cross afterward him because she doesn't wish to interfere in Yujin's crush on Maha. Her long black hair and long frame are a a section of her signature look.

Her long black hair, best body, and her sweet smile remind us of Hyun-Ji's signature traits. We would not be stunned if Seolhyun makes a decision to assist her most efficient friend's romantic lifestyles despite her private feelings.

Ria is some other member of Tea Party, but her personality is a pointy contrast from Hyun-Ji's and Maha's. She is bold, straight-to-the-point, and no longer afraid to talk her brain openly. She is regularly the voice of reason, and her pink-red hair adds to her fiery character.

Her bright pink hair colour and sharp beneficial properties would make her a excellent Ria. Just look at how intense her gaze is. Jia, Ria? Even their names are so similar. It isintended to be.

So who would be your dream cast??

Read the overall webtoon on SPOTTOON to come to a decision for yourself!

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Kim So Hyun Solid In New Drama Adaptation Of Ghost-Themed Webtoon

Kim So Hyun Solid In New Drama Adaptation Of Ghost-Themed Webtoon

Kim So Hyun Forged In New Drama Adaptation Of Ghost-Themed Webtoonnotclaira April 26, 2016 0 LINE it!Kim So Hyun Cast In New Drama Adaptation Of Ghost-Themed Webtoon Youngster actress Kim So Hyun, who seemed in the drama “Who Are You: Faculty 2015” ultimate year, has been cast in a new drama.

The tvN drama is an adaptation of the webtoon “Let’s Combat Ghost (literal translation),” which was once published from 2007 to 2010 on Naver and accumulated over 700 million views. The script for the drama adaptation may be written via Kim Ji Sun and directed by Park Joon Hwa.

The webtoon tells the tale of a ghost and a living individual that has the abilityto look spirits. Kim So Hyun will play the feminine lead named Kim Hyun Ji, who did not anythingyetlearn about her wholeexistencetill she became killed in an coincidence and have become a ghost.

Kim Hyun Ji wanders the sector for years unless she meets Park Bong Pal, who listens to the reports of ghosts and is helping them pass on. The 2 of them paintingsin combinationto accomplish exorcisms and in the procedure grow closer to one another.

On April 27, Kim So Hyun’s firm SidusQ said, “Her casting has been confirmed. Please look ahead to a new facet of Kim So Hyun’s acting.”

tvN also reported, “Kim So Hyun’s casting is confirmed. We are recently in the job of casting the male lead.”

The drama is expected to air someday in July.

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GOT7"s JB releases a solo OST for webtoon "Dream Knight"


GOT7"s JB released his first solo OST for the webtoon series "Dream Knight"

The title of his solo track is "Forever Love," and the lyrics talk about the hesitant feelings that JB has for the female character. With sorrowful lyrics and beautiful instrumentals, this sentimental ballad will make you amazed at JB"s growing vocal prowess.

Check out JB"s first solo OST "Forever Love" above!


Oh My Woman Seunghee’s Amazing Vocal Quilt Of “Dream Girl” Is Going Viral In Korea

Oh My Woman Seunghee’s Amazing Vocal Quilt Of “Dream Girl” Is Going Viral In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOh My Girl’s Seunghee is receiving numerous love for her contemporaryfunctionality on Girl Spirit and it were given her lovers rejoicing! 

Girl Spirit is a program produced via jTBC that goals to introduce vocalists of alternative girl teams to get their skills known via a competition.

In a contemporary episode, Seunghee from girl workforce Oh My Girl, receivedso much of attention for her appealingquilt of SHINee’s “Dream Girl.” The song was once already dubbed by fans as a difficult song to hideyet Seunghee controlled to make it her own and got the approval from the audiences.

The performance also took over online as the singer’s genuinecall Hyun Seunghee have becomeprobably the most offsetsubjects in real time searches.

On this Girl Spirit episode, Seunghee acquired 86 out of one hundred and turned into crowned first place.

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Photos Added posters and up to date  solid for the impending Korean film

Photos Added posters and up to date solid for the impending Korean film "Han River"

Added posters and up to datesolid for the approaching Korean film "Han River" (2014)Directed by way of Lee Moo-yeongWith Bong Man-dae, Ki Tae-yeong, Kim Jeong-seok, Kim Hee-jeong-I, Lee Kyeong-mi-II, Go Won-hee-I,... MoreSynopsisCatholic priest, Myeong-jun, climbs up probably the most bridges crossing the Han River to devote suicide after studying that a lady who enjoyed him in the past, has killed herself. Then Jang-hyo, a homeless person, tells the guyat the bridge that he bet with other homeless other people that the suicide strive will fail. Myeong-jun jumps into the river anyway. Yet Jang-hyo rescues the suicidal priest and shall we him sign up for the homeless community. Chu-ja, a transgender homeless person, is on bad terms with his daughter. When he hesitates about attending his daughter's wedding, the 2 men talk over with the daughter and ask her to forgive her father. Every other homeless person, Maria is going to a soup kitchen at a Catholic church, where she sees the gorgeous nun Angela. Maria, who was once pregnant at the time, supplies birth to a toddler later and comes to a decisionto stay at the church to be a sister. Regardless of their own painful history, each and every of those4individualsrevealssome way to reconcile with the past.Release date in Korea : 2016/09

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Ra Mi Ran Warmly Reassures Min Hyo Rin That Her Dream Isn’t Burdensome

Ra Mi Ran Warmly Reassures Min Hyo Rin That Her Dream Isn’t Burdensome

Ra Mi Ran Warmly Reassures Min Hyo Rin That Her Dream Isnt Burdensomekminjungee July 15, 2016 0 Ra Mi Ran Warmly Reassures Min Hyo Rin That Her Dream Isnt Burdensome minute Hyo Rin may have felt like she was once being a burden because of her ladycrew aspirations, yet Ra Mi Ran is certain to let her know that isnt the case.

During the July 15 episode of KBS2s Sisters Slam Dunk, the solidparticipants are asked to give massages to each and every other, whilst revealing their internalmind and concerns.

This episode takes a small go back and forth back in time, as it's miles set approximately seven days prior to their taskladycommunity Unnies debuted on Song Bank.

Ra Mi Ran first calls Min Hyo Rin to the table so she can give her a massage, and makes yes to upload humor through acting like a true masseuse. They continue the act for a little longer, before the older actress starts candidly chatting with her junior.

Ra Mi Ran straightforwardly reveals, My center hurts seeing Hyo Rin continuously feeling sorry against U.S. and look like shes walking on eggshells around us. It just sounds like youre changing into more timid and shying away, so I used to be worried. Were now not going to be as apologetic when chasing our dreams, and reassures her that she doesnt want to feel like shes a burden.

The actress is relating to how Unnies becameshapedso asto meet Min Hyo Rins beyondfunction of in want of to develop intoa ladyorganization member, as the idea of this display is to give you the opportunity to the cast members to chase their forgotten dreams.

Ra Mi Ran continues, Youre doing neatly and this could occasionallydevelop into a just rightreminiscencesince you allowed us take part in one of thesea laugh dream, and reiterates that she for my part is having a fantastic timemaking ready for Unnies because she sought after to be a singer for a twinkling of an eye when she was more youthful equally well.

Meanwhile, dont fail to spotall the episode below!

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Watch: BEAST’s Dongwoon Reviews His 4-Year Dream Come True

Watch: BEAST’s Dongwoon Reviews His 4-Year Dream Come True

Watch: BEASTs Dongwoon Stories His 4-Year Dream Come Truekokoberry July 15, 2016 0 Watch: BEASTs Dongwoon Experiences His 4-Year Dream Come True BEASTs Dongwoon used to bereadyto meet his four-year dream of being an MC at the July 15 episode of KBS 2TVs Tune Bank.

Subtitles introducing Dongwoon as a unique MC come with the words already ready to be a MC 4 years ago.

Dongwoon interviewed many artists who carried out on todays episode adding Eric Nam, Snuper, GFRIEND, and more. He also paired smartly alongsideexisting Music Bank MCs CNBLUEs Kang Min Hyuk and LABOUMs Solbin. The youngest member of BEAST proved his MC talents with his funny parodies and his very good MCing.

BEAST won first place for this weeks episode, so all through their acceptance speech Yoon Doo Joon also thanked Music Bank for making Dongwoons four-year dream come true.

Check out his MC qualifications below!

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Photo Added new still, free up date and up to date  solid for the impending Korean film

Photo Added new still, free up date and up to date solid for the impending Korean film "The Queen of Crime"

Added new still, unencumber date and up to dateforged for the approaching Korean film "The Queen of Crime" (2016)Directed through Lee Yo-supWith Park Ji-yeong, Jo Bok-rae, Kim Dae-hyeon-I, Heo Jeong-do, Baek Soo-jang, Esom,...Crank in : 2015/07/06Crank up : 2015/08/17SynopsisA mystery about a mom who tracks down the water invoice charged to her son who lives in one room.Release date in Korea : 2016/08/25

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Watch: MAMAMOOs Sun  Stocks MV For Stunning  Quilt Of In My Dream

Watch: MAMAMOOs Sun Stocks MV For Stunning Quilt Of In My Dream

Watch: MAMAMOO’s SunStocks MV For BeautifulQuilt Of “In My Dream”ilmare42 July 11, 2016 0 Watch: MAMAMOO’s Solar Shares MV For Gorgeous Hide Of “In My Dream” MAMAMOO’s leader Solar has once backtalentedfanatics alongsidea sexy comprehend that showcases her vocal talents.

On July 12 in the dark KST, the songstress uploaded the track video for section3 of her solo cover series. This newestliberate is a canopy of Cho Deok Bae’s 1986 song “In My Dream.”

The video is encouragedthrough Hwang Sun Won’s short tale “Rain Shower,” and Solar starts off the video by reading a line from the story. Solar then puts her own spin at the song with her gorgeous voice, and the video presentations her playing a romantic summer day with a good-looking young guy that she dreams about.

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“Moon Lovers” solid unveil their robust chemistry forward of drama premiere

“Moon Lovers” solid unveil their robust chemistry forward of drama premiere

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYet to be aired on SBS, the forged of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Middle Ryeo is already taking pictures the hearts in theirexpecting fans for their unbeatable chemistry. 

The long awaited drama teased fans after a teaser shot of the 8 celebrities decided on for the jobsused to be released to the public. The outtake photo featured IU posing along male forgedindividuals Lee Jun Ki, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Baekhyun and more which earned appealing reactions for all of their visuals.

Fans who have noticed the photo in an instant expressed their jealousy in opposition to the lone actress for having such gorgeous co-stars in onset. The reactions left fellow audience to await the drama even more as the chemistry of the cast members were vividly sure so far.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is set IU’s persona travelling in time where she falls in love with the Prince Wang So, played via Lee Jun Ki.

The pictures were taken from their behind-the-scenes shots for Cosmopolitan. 

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