When Disco Meets KCON: An Interview With Sultan of the Disco EXCLUSIVE

When Disco Meets KCON: An Interview With Sultan of the Disco EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Tens of thousands of enthusiastscollect in Los Angeles this beyond weekend to revel in3 days of panels, workshops, concerts and more at the world's greatest Korean fan convention, KCON 2016 U.s.a. presented through Toyota.

Ready to enjoy a weekend filled with "all things Hallyu," fans were the restyet disappointed as the conference promised to be largerand higher than ever. So that you canreside up to that promise, KCON invited several K-indie bands to be a a section of the weekend's festivities. Showcasing a massive range styles in the Korean indie genre, those bands perfectly demonstrated just how various the Korean tune industry truly is.

AdvertisementOne such band, a disco/funk band aptly named, Sultan of the Disco, used to be gracious sufficient to take day outin their busy time tableto speak alongside us for a moment. Sitting down with the band's frontman, Nahzam Sue, we mentioned the band's music, their inspiration and their time at KCON 2016.

KPZ:You've been in combination for 10 years and feature made slightly a call for yourself as a disco/funk band. What encouraged you lot to make the kind ofunfashionable sound your own?

Nahzam Sue:Many years ago, my father's friend gave me some difficult discs which become used at a guest center. That hard disc contained music from 1950-1990, it was about one hundred songs per year... about 5000 songs I listened to so naturally, I have become a disco fan. It was just very herbal for me. Especially 70s disco funk and soul, like Phoenix Sublime and Sister Sledge, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire... they are my favourite songs, my favorite musicians. I chose the disco genre to cause them to popular in Korea. I sought after to make disco popular in Korea.

KPZ:You've acknowledged that you attemptto mix "musical seriousness with entertainment." What does this mean, to mix the two?

Nahzam Sue:I integrate funny things with the serious musical taste of the generation because music listeners in Korea do not care about the music vogue then nosotros had to bring some funny things into our functionality to draw in listeners.

KPZ:You've been invited to accomplish at some lovelyprimary music fairsfar and wide the world. Do you've gota favouriteexpertise or memorable moment you wouldlove to share?

Nahzam Sue:Yes! Glastonbury! Yes, that was actually great! The maximum productive ever!

KPZ: You had a excellentreaction there from the audience?

Nahzam Sue:Yes! The target audience all danced along. I never imagined that.

KPZ:You've carried out here in Los angeles before, at the Culture Collide festival ultimate year but here's your first appearance at KCON.

Nahzam Sue:Yes, this is the hotproblem because we never played in front of K-Pop fans before.

KPZ:Do you are expecting there response to be different?

Nahzam Sue:Yes, very different.

KPZ:Do you observed this appearance will open doors for more indie bands in the future?

KPZ:What are you most taking a lookahead to right through your time in LA? Are you playing your time here?

Nahzam Sue:I'm really enjoying my time here. The elementsis truly nice. In Korea it is too humid so I find it irresistible here. The ambience is really great.

KPZ:Is there anything you'd like to mentionon your new fans here at KCON?

Nahzam Sue:Just pay attention to our new music, ensure you see our new performance. You're going to like it!

True to their word, Sultan of the Disco wowed their KCON audience with a performance that was as memorable as it was fun. Once you onlycannotimage what Korean disco sounds like, make sureto have a look at Sultan of the Disco's "탱탱볼" MV below!

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[Exclusive] SPICA Talks U.S. Debut, Dream Collaborations, and More in #AskSPICA Interview at KCON 2014

[Exclusive] SPICA Talks U.S. Debut, Dream Collaborations, and More in #AskSPICA Interview at KCON 2014

Hi Soompiers!

Soompi recently sat down for an exclusive interview with power girl group SPICA at this years KCON 2014 convention in Los Angeles! The girls shed some light on their U.S. debut, I Did It, their dream collaborations with American artists (hintthey love Bruno Mars!), and more questions fans sent in through Soompis #AskSPICA event on Twitter!

Check out the interview below!

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Red Carpet Event featuring Girls Generation, CNBLUE, IU, Lee Seung Gi, B1A4, Teen Top, VIXX, Jung Joon Youn, BTS, SPICA and more.

[Interview] Jung Joon Young Talks Gender Swap, “Fated to Love You” Cameo, and More in Candid Interview at KCON 2014

Bonus next page: Pictures of SPICA from their August 9 performance at Gameboi

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Girls Generations Tiffany Meets Brad Pitt for Exclusive Interview

Girls Generations Tiffany Meets Brad Pitt for Exclusive Interview

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Meets Brad Pitt for Exclusive InterviewGirls’ Generation’s Tiffany recently met up with Brad Pitt for an exclusive interview and it’s drawing the attention from the public.

On June 11, a representative from “Midnight TV Entertainment” said, “[Tiffany] had an exclusive interview with Brad Pitt. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany was specially chosen as the interviewee not only because she’s fluent in English, but she’s also able to create a happy atmosphere with her cheerful personality.”

The person continued, “This is the first time an interview with a foreign star was held at Gyeongbok Palace because Brad Pitt expressed huge interest in Korean culture and tourism.”

Brad Pitt first visited Korea in 2011 to promote his movie “Money Ball” where he shook fans’ hands and greeted the fans in Korean. He recently came back to Korea to promote his movie “World War Z,” which he also participated as a producer.

He will greet fans at the movie’s premiere and red carpet event on June 11 in Seoul. His interview with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany will air on June 12 at 9pm (KST) through “Midnight TV Entertainment.”


An Interview with Love X Stereo: Los Angeles, Indie Music, and KCON

An Interview with Love X Stereo: Los Angeles, Indie Music, and KCON

20160808_seoulbeats_lovexstereo3An Interview with Love X Stereo: Los Angeles, Indie Music, and KCONWritten through Lindsay On August 8, 201620160808_seoulbeats_lovexstereoIts now notcontinuously that a Korean music crew indie, K-pop, or another way sticks around in the states long amplenot tobestcarry outa couple ofdisplaysyet as well to have time for some interviews, but this year we were givenfortunate alongside Love X Stereo doing either one ofthe ones things in Los Angeles. The electro rock/synthpop duo has evolved so much since they began making music below the call dear 10 Stereo in 2011, and now theyre expanding their horizons to markets outdoor of Korea. To read more about the teams music, take a glance at our Indie Gem on them!

I had the excitement of spending a while with Annie (vocalist and fugitive astrophysicist) and Toby (skate punk rocker) over waffles this week whilst they enjoyed the gorgeous Southern California weather so shall wetalk aboutnot just their presentremain in the states but also what their long run holds, in addition the destiny of the Korean indie scene.

So, Annie, you grew up in Los Angeles?

I grew up in Los angeles from 1981 to 1987.

Do you believe yourself Korean or Korean-American?

Probably Korean. But I have a comfortable spot for LA.

Do you've relationships with any Korean-American indie artists?

Probably Bobby Choy Large Phony.

Is there a specificexplanation why you lot sing most commonly in English?

Well it’s kinda herbal to pop out in English first but if the lyrics come out first in Korean I cross with Korean. It is dependentat the song.

Do you're thinking thatis helping you get more global fans?

I think so. That’s in truth what we’re aiming for. Not to paste about in Korea. We wish toextend and go out of doors (of Korea).

This year you conducted at KCON, how did that happen?

I think it used to be more of a central authorityarranged thing. The govt has their own emblem of show off called K-pop Evening Out and they choose bands to accomplish at sure stages like The goodGet away or SXSW and they determined to do a equivalent thing this year with KCON and they sought after us to perform.

How became your KCON experience?

For us it was ok. I’m kinda shocked that the showcase was in the path of the conference center, which was weird. There were a couple ofproblems with the sound system, but we were ok. The opposite bands had a more difficult time.

SXSW was in reality great. We played at a very big venue and they had like 1000other folksobserving us and we had a trulywonderful time.

The remaining two years the Korean Indie panel at KCON has been really popular, so it’s a disgrace they didn’t showcase you more. Individuals actuallywish toknow about Korean indie music.

If I were an organizer that had to do (with panels), I may equally well bring an indie artist into the panel to discuss about it. It’s an superb chance to let folks know about Korean indie. If they are willing to do it, then we’d take into consideration being on the panel next year.

I think that’d be great! They wantthose whodefinitely know about the Korean indie scene.

Speaking of indie, what do you're feelingthe present state of the Korean indie network is? Are there more groups seeking toadvertise outside of Korea?

I think numerous indie musicians are testing that (international promotion), and I believeincreasingly indie musicians are getting attention in comparison to ten years ago. I feelwe have gotsome distanceto head because I think the only real indie musician that is making an attempt difficult to navigate the sector is Jambinai, and that’s just a start. The article is I do consider that if the music or the music video content is just right then it's going to expand itself, but the maximum efficient mannerto reach things temporarily is to signal to a label (outside of Korea). But it’s lovely hard for us to do this because we don’t reside here. Jambinai did that, they signed to a label, so they’re on their way. We wish to do that.

Jambinai’s music is more like world music; it has a definite identity (Korean identity). But ours is more universal; there’s a comic story because I truly met the vice-president of Sub Pop (label) and I made him concentrate to our music and he acknowledged “this is so mainstream.” And I used to be like, no its not. In Korea it’s not a mainstream music at all, so for us we want toend up and thena lot more than Jambinai (because they'vethe normal Korean music sound).

Wow, that’s really interesting. The overall public probably don’t place self belief in the difficulties of marketing music cross-culturally or having a legitimate that works in one country but not another.

You guys have done some OST paintings in Korea, how did you get into that?

Well, the OST director of Cheese in the Trap loved our music, so he put it in. That was fairly interesting, though. I all of sudden felt like we were permitted by the K-drama fans! That song, we didn’t intend it to be in the soundtrack, it was our song but it took place to get in. Which was nice! I think like we are more accepted by many ofenthusiastsin the market now.

Do you watched you’ll do more OSTs?

We are getting offers, but like I said before, our music isn't mainstream in Korea, but more or less universal all over the place else, and there is a certain form of music the Korean industry needs and we’re not at all times in agreement with that, so it may also be a little hard for us. So we got some suggestions, and we gave them some music, but we’ve gotten combined reviews. As artists we don’t needto modify our sound, so it doesn’t take placeeach and every time. We really don’t desire to compromise on our music so some productions recommend to us to modify the refrain or something, but we said no.

That attitude would probably go over larger in The us because artistry in music has a tendency to be favored here. A lot of Americans are very taken aback by the K-pop system, for example, because it’s so corporate.

But like, I feel like SM, YG, or JYP, technically they’re like an self sustaining label, they’re on their own, so I don’t know! It's milesbizarre to grow the gadget like that though. Children, very young ladies, have a tendency to be grown out of the components thence ITmight be weird a little like slavery. Like Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers?

I wager Disney is actually our only corporate like that!

What’s some American music you have an interest in?

There’s a label here in LA called Asian Guy Records, its run by a Korean-American. They've got some noted groups like Less Than Jake and Alkeline Trio. I like their music. We’re also lookingto visit the Warped Tour this weekend!

Your last EP got here out in April, so what are your next plans?

Our latestunmarried volition be out later in August, it’s being produced by Nate “Danja” Hills who produced “SexyBack” for Justin Timberlake. It was an excellent opportunity to work with him! I think after that we’re going to have a look at to liberate an LP. We’ve never released an LP so that’s going to occurinside of this year. So that’s our biggest plans, and in all probability a tour next year, but not this year.

lovexstereoWhen are you heading back to Korea?

We’re functioning at Pentaport Park on the 14th. Right once we arrive within one day we'veto arrange to go on stage. At that Pentaport degree we’ll have a unique guest. The special guest will be Rock ‘N’Roll Radio’s Jin-kyu; he’s going to play the guitar for us!

That sounds awesome! I wish I might be there!

For any of our readers in Korea, please visit the display at Pentaport Park. You'll be in a position to go tickets here on Love X Stereo’s website. A numberof different corking groups will be there as well!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you will find Love X Stereo on the 10th at The Mint, or on the 11th at the Sundown Triangle Plaza.

(YouTube, Photo credit: Love X Stereo Facebook)


K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Angie Turbines For KpopStarz)North America's biggestconference of "all things Hallyu," KCON 2016 backedby way of Toyota, wrapped up this beyond weekend in Los Angeles.

Boasting performances by one of the crucial industry's best stars, KCON 2016 L. a. attracted the eye of enthusiaststhe sector over. Yet idol teams and actors were notthe only real artists to make an appearance at this year's convention. Several of Korea's most neatly liked indie bands showed up to accomplishat the convention degree over the process the weekend. For rather a lot of of those bands, this will be the start fourth dimensionthey havecarried out at a traditioncorresponding to KCON. Among these, the indie rock duo, Dead Buttons, tops the list.

Advertisement Regardless of their irritating schedule, the duo, created from guitarist Hong Ji Hyun and drummer Lee Kang Hee, controlledto discover a moment to take a seat down and communicate alongside us about their music, their inspiration and their revel in at KCON 2016 LA.

KPZ: You'vethis type of wide number of sounds to yoursongit ispracticallyvery unlikely to describe your style. How would you describe yourself to somebody who hasn't heard your music before?

Ji Hyun:We've been encouraged by vintage rock and country music and punk rock, especially.

KPZ:Who are some of your favorites?

Ji Hyun:Personally, Johnny Cash. Musically, there is and much. I actually like a lot.

KPZ:Your sound could also be incredibly wealthy and a joy to pay attention and slightlyunforeseen for a duo. Let us knowa section or so your ingeniousprocedure when growing music.

Ji Hyun:Actually, we began out as 3 but if the bassist left, I attempted to fill the bass component but now days it does not matter. There isn't any limits.

KPZ:Are there sure artists who have inspired or impacted your work?

Ji Hyun:I was oncetrulyinterested by US garage rock scene. We are in the 3rd revival now. I have been really interested and inspired by that.

KPZ:Would you assert your sound is more very an identical to this taste or have you simply used this as inspiration to head off and do your own thing?

Ji Hyun: I am into numerous music, I watch so much of music videos, and I'm inspired by all of that but I do notwould like to exist that.

KPZ:When you started out as Dead Buttons, there were 3 of you but your bassist left...

Kang Hee:That came about on Korean independence day, actually.

KPZ:Oh really? That is kinda crazy!

KPZ:Most groups, when they lose a member, would either update that member or simplyutterly fall apart. You two did neither. As a substitute you lot scratched your whole old music and begantotally over. What inspired you to take such an atypical path?

Ji Hyun:After going via 2 other bassist, we were givenbeautifuluninterested infacing them so we just made up our minds to do without them.

KPZ:You currently wrapped up a 23-stop Ecuexcursion that integrated stops in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, France and Spain. How became that? Do you have any favourite memories or reviewsyou wouldlove to share?

Ji Hyun:Primavera Sound, this isthe maximum efficient festival ever! Either the musicians and the target audience were the best. They were great.

KPZ:You've played at many of music fairs and such over the last few years and now you would possibly beon the point ofcarry out here at KCON, later today. As an indie band, did you ever see yourself functioning at a convention such as this? How has your expertise been so far?

Ji Hyun:This is our first time at a position like KCON. I don't really know what to name this but whatever it is, here is our first time at a K-Pop thing.

KPZ:Do you watched your time here will bring in more fans for you, will your appearance develop people's musical interests?

Ji Hyun:We don't know. We just play. We're just here for the music and to have a just right time.

KPZ:How has your journey been here so far?

Ji Hyun:This is my first time visiting the US. So I am goingloopy because tools are so reasonable here. It makes me mad! Or not it's cool though.

Ji Hyun:Yeah, it's too big. I like muchof yankee musicians, I used to be inspired to look them in their own country, so this is actually exciting.

(Photo : Dead Buttons Legitimate Facebook )Despite the truth the duo was a little unnerved by the choice of fans attending KCON this year, they did not let that prevent them from giving a stellar functionality this past weekend. To come up withan idea of what Dead Buttons is really like, make sureto try their video for "16-22" below!

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Interview "Oh Hae-Young Again" Eric Moon meets his lifestyles drama

Group Shinhwa's Eric Moon met his existence drama. He isgrow to be the 'romantic comedy king or roco king' and he's met such so much ofworthwhilefolksvia it.

tvN drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" is readya girl named Oh Hae-yeong (Seo Hyeon-jin) whose life is twisted upas a result ofsome other Oh Hae-yeong (Jeon Hye-bin) who is more a success than her. Between them there's aguy named Park Do-kyeong (Eric Moon) who is a song director and Oh Hae-yeong's lover.

Eric made up our minds to do the drama due to Park Do-kyeong. "I concept Park Do-kyeong had eachpart of a guyI mightimagine cool. He acts cool, he does notyou must besaid by others and doesn't take credits to himself".

The 2d thing that took Eric Moon's middleused to be the script. He thought the role of the male personality wasn't too giant when he saw the script. However, he saw the prospective in the script. Also, the folk about him advisedrunning amongst director Song Hyeon-wook. "I heard numerousexcellent things about him and i would be toldmuch from him".

A 3rddetail in Eric Moon's resolution to be in the drama becomeas it was a romantic comedy. "I am also a a section of Shinhwa so I will notburn up all my time in acting alone. I want to do a little of either and a romantic comedy may releasethe maximum efficient effect". There's no need for largemovements and he's discovered what he likes.

Eric's role of Park Do-kyeong looks bored stiffat theout of doorsyet is in fact very affectionate on the interior and he is taking care of Oh Hae-yeong. He worries about her living by myself then he leaves his shoes at her house. When he provides her a birthday present, he's shy so he tells her it was anything he had mendacity around. Eric says, "I get a feeling after Iglance at a script after being in romrnatic comedies so repeatedly now. I attempted to bring out the simplest in what the author had in mind".

Park Do-kyeong has a unique gift. He can see the long run very suddenly. Eric found it tough to act this section out because if he did not do it right, the drama could turn very childish.

Eric overcame this worry with the religion of the body of workers and crew. "I put all my religion in them. They helped me make a neater scene with the cameras or music or technology".

He discussed the director of photography Han Dong-hyeon and said, "He's the suitableby way of filming. I read an interview of his and he said he researched me and Hyeon-jin for two weeks, gazing our paintings and operating out the camera angle. Perhapsthat is why I looked so sensible in the drama and so did Hyeon-jin".

Eric Moon picked out the 'wall kiss' and 'helping hug' as his favourite scenes. He said, "The wall kiss was where Do-kyeong and Hae-yeong burst out their feelings all at once. There has beenquite lots ofpowersince the intensity was prime but after that the total lot was easy".

Filming the scene where Hae-yeong runs and leaps into his arms, Eric wasn't so sure. Seo Hyeon-jin had to wear a twine without train for the primary fourth dimension in her life so time were givenbehind schedule and the scene had no music so it looked awkward and comical. Eric felt greater when the music was put in. "I think the music made the scene appearance very fantastical. The music stored it".

"Oh Hae-Young Again" is a meaningful drama to Eric Moon. It brought him the nickname 'romantic comedy king' and quenched his thirst for a winning drama he hasn't had the flavor of recently. "Oh Hae-Young Again" persevered with nice grades ever since the 1st episode and the overall episode hit a listing breaking 9.991% in cable drama history.

"My performance? I'mproud of it. I have greed for acting now. I did not know what I sought after to do after a drama in the past, but now I am stimulated. The onesindividuals around me have stimulated me; they would laugh and shaggy dog storythroughout a wreck but turn their faces around throughout the set".

Eric Moon says the drama feels more special because he's worked with so many precious people. "We all agreed we will be unable to get out of "Oh Hae-Young Again" easily. We wonder whetherwe will e'er meet anything else that's this satisfying. I could bein a position tocertainly say "Oh Hae-Young Again" is my life's work".

In the close to future, Eric Moon is going back to making a song for a while. Then he mayget back with acting. "The most vital thing is that the drama has to be fun" he says.

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Rapper Microdot Talks About Tune Inspirations and Traveling EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Rapper Microdot Talks About Tune Inspirations and Traveling EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Microdot x Snoop(Photo : Microdot Instagram)There's numerousappreciate given to artists that arrange to make it giant without a large label at the back of their backs. Indie rapper Microdot is maximumwithout a doubt one of them.

Brother of Phantom's Sanchez, part of AllBlack, the veteran rapper made it to Team Logo New at the fourth season of MNet's tunetruth show, Show Me The cash 4.

After making his mark on the hit show, the Auckland-native went on his internationalexcursionappearing in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Austrailia and more.

In the midst of his U.S. Tour a couple of weeks back, we had the danger to interview Microdot courtesy of him and his management.

KPS: Who is the artist or the song you listened to that precipitated yous tobecome who you're today?

MD: The artist's who influenced me to transform the artist I'mlately wouldprobably must be my two older brothers who first presented me tohip-hop. My brothers would pay attention and create hiphop music once Iwould come againhouse from number one (elementary) school. This influenced meto mimic them at a tender historic period of 7. Plus in school nosotros use to be told aboutrhythmic poetry that specialize in rhymes.

KPS: What's thewhich means behind the call Microdot?

MD: Microdot - was once made alone at the age of 9, in the studio throughout myfirst ever pro recording consultation in Auckland City. The engineerhad a big mole on his appropriate cheek and at the time my push scooter brandname became "Micro". Manifestly being nine years old I put two and two togetherand it worked and stayed with me. I used to be also very overweight at the time so itsuited me well.

KPS: You and Dok2 first got herein combination every bit AllBlack nearly a decade ago andmade a comeback closing year, what's it like running alongside Gonzo and whenwill be the following release?

MD: Operating with Dok2 back was fairlya laughand engagingreason aneconnected upwith the bro quite often. It wasn't like an afternoon at the place of work at all it wasmore like shall we hit the studio and make a track for my free up afterward Show

me the Cash 4. He was the similar one-time Dok2 as he was when he was 14years oldand I was 11 years old. Fast production and recording yet successfuloutcome.

My next release is due next month (No Precise Dates) with two mini-albumsplanned which one being English orientated and the alternative being Koreanorientated. Shot a music video in Brooklyn Long islandTown too, as smartly asanother person who was shot over Chicago, Japan (Tokyo) and Korea. I am excitedfor those projects as it is not 100% fastened of the release order per trackof album or mini-album. I wager its a surprise.

KPS: How about your brother Sanchez?

MD: Sanchez is a musical genius because of this he is terriblychoosy with his craftwhich I do not blame him. But it is actually fun doing this paintings with himas we are circle of relativesregardless that we argue a lot.

KPS: Is there somebody else you wouldlove to collaborate with?

MD: Device Gun Kelly, J Cole.

KPS: How do you get your inspiration to write music?

MD: I get encouraged from the vibes of the ambience I am in at the time I amwriting... Gym, Rainy Days within my car, Sunny days outside (Driving),in the studio early hours of the morning. My feelings at the time bring

out other vibes too.

KPS: What are the highlights of your overseas tour so far? Favoritecities you definitely would like tocarry out in again?

MD: Japan was quite insane with the vibe it brought out which was after myChicago Show. Chicago Illinois was also quite hype with the crowd beingecstatic for my arrival on level which I liked a lot. Australia had

to be probably the most nigh memorable along San Francisco U.s.a. with sold outshows which was amazing.

KPS: What isyour ownfavourite song to perform?

MD: Tear Fuel which is one of my unreleased new song is rather very puffed up traptype track. Gets the crowd going and of routeObjective Keeper is a classic.

KPS: Are there any rituals you do earlier thanyou are taking the stage?

MD:I like to hear Hillsong worshiping music which assists in keeping me calm and Ipray and I just smile always haha. Its bizarre but I to find gettingnervous does now notlend a hand with a functionality haha. But even so that I truly liketo speak to other people some other things to boot my performance.

KPS: What's to yourtime table after your international tour?

MD: I am recentlymaking ready my completeduration album (not fixed) which might be amixture of English and Korean.

KPS: You could have created an self sufficient clothing line *DOWNBAD.* and arecontinuing your rapping career, what else would you find impossible to resist to do future?

MD: DOWNBAD. is my baby, its being nurtured and is growing. it'll be

rereleasing with a brand spanking new business in mid june (expected) 2016.Rap Career: is my bread and butter but I am taking a lookto cross into the USAmarket as an artist.Future: I would liketo begin up my own industry (outside of music)entrepreneurship. Belongings investment, restaurants, etc. as my university,double main and unmarried tyke degree of Marketing/International Businessand a minor of economics.

KPS: If you must give your EP to any western artist who would it be and why?

MD: I might say J Cole or DJ Khaled. Just the vibes and long runturns out most

relatable. But you know its demandingto inform as I would search for some one who

would be ready to upgrade my creativity and artist-ship limitlessly.

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EXCLUSIVE Complete Interview With Feminine K-Pop Idol “C” Unearths Her Facet Of Prostitution Controversy

EXCLUSIVE Complete Interview With Feminine K-Pop Idol “C” Unearths Her Facet Of Prostitution Controversy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean media unearthsthe entire interview of feminine idol C admitting to allegations of prostitution in fresh scandal

In an exclusive interview with Korean media Ilgan Sports, female idol C stated that she admitted to the prostitution feesall over the investigations. Here's the translation of the complete interview QA between Ilgan Sports and feminine idol C.

When female idol C used to be first called in for wonderingby way of the police, she denied all allegations claiming that she changed intointroducedthe type of deal for prostitution yet rejected the be offeringonce she heard it.

But after being called in for investigations by the prosecutors office, female idol  C claims that she determinedto confess to the allegations of prostitution in recent scandal.

Did you admit to the allegations all through investigation?

First of all, I say sorry for causing such concern. I admitted to all the allegations during the investigations. It isnt that I intentionally sold my frame but that I discovered soon ample that what I did can'tbreak outthe bounds of breaking the law of prostitution. Following my realization, I made a decisionno longer to be a phase of the long adventure of scuffling with in the court.

What do you mean that you did no longer realize your movements corresponded to prostitution?

Im not a prostitute. I dont need nor wish to sell my body so as to get preserve ofthe money proposed in the allegations. But I fell for the tips to my friend like an fool who became out to be a broker which led to me turning into a prostitute. I'm lamentable but I felt that anybodymay fall for those tricks, and that any personmightturn into a prostitute without them knowing.

Please provide an explanation for further.

I cant explain in detail because I've been investigated by the prosecutors workplaceand i'm sorry for that. I gainedcash from a pal (who turned out to be a broker) luckily and later was told that you dont must pay back since I'm truly not in demanding times. Following this, the friend told me instead, we could meet a friend of mine who is a huge fan of you in a date setting. After assembly up with the man, I found out that the he was in reality paying money in opposition to the broker in order to satisfy alongside me.

Are you claiming that you never obtained coinat once from the fellow yous met?

No. I met with him like anybody else meets during dates and I met him with just right intent. I never imagined it was prostitution and it was a difficulty for me to accept as true with in anyone during hard times. Of course, it doesnt mean I am not entirely at fault. I used to be stupid. I was immature and I made some stupid decisions. I remorseful about these activities and I am simplest sorry for my circle of relatives and my fans.

My father passed directly tothe nice beyond when I was young and I thought that I had to give coverage to my mom and my little sibling. And during this, I borrowed money without thinking and didnt realize there has been close toindustryoccupied with it. I actuallymake an apology to all of my fans. Im not justpronouncing this to open the chanceto cross back to the industry but because I thought about this each night. I am really sorry to fear all of the enthusiasts who applauded me in the past. Unwellattempt tochanged into someone who is smarter.

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The Legend, The KpopStarz Interview: The Band On Their Sound, Their Favourite Song And Why They are  Loss of life For A Mamamoo Collaboration EXCLUSIVE

The Legend, The KpopStarz Interview: The Band On Their Sound, Their Favourite Song And Why They are Loss of life For A Mamamoo Collaboration EXCLUSIVE

K-pop boy band The Legend(Photo : courtesy of The Legend reputable Facebook page)Legend(Photo : Legend Official )Five guy K-pop boy band The Legend dropped their debut unmarried "The Legend" in July of 2014. The subsequent year, they returned with the heartfelt RB tune "Nail." Returning to the highlight on Jan. 21 with their 2d EP "Sound Up," the music video for leadoff single "Crush on You" reveals the individuals parking antiqueautomobiles amdist a 1950s jukebox musical motif. They even sign up for a varsity team to provoke Nine Muses member Kyungri. Previous this month, The Legend sat down with KpopStarz in wide-ranging exclusive interview touching at the convenience of a smaller (though taller) lineup, why they feel "Nail" perfect represents their taste and their intense preference to collaborate with South Korean womanworkforce Mamamoo.

KpopStarz: You've shown your fanatics several otherfacets since your debut. Which song idea makeyou have confidence you studiedtopsuits The Legend?

Lito: I suspect "Nail" has been the maximum productivehave compatibility and the most at ease for us. Sometimes, we might beready to set about a little too used to actingone of the songs. The get advantages of "Nail" is that we would no longer haveto fret about getting worried or bored when we are performing it.

Listen: I trust Lito. I believe songs like "Nail" paintingsneatly alongsidethe gang overall. There are portions of the song that experience a ballad feel, and there are danceable parts. Those are the forms of songs that fit our style.

Roi: I also thought the song itself would fit our group.

Je Hyok: I agree. I actually like "Nail." I like our functionality and I am prepared on the song. It isn't likewise heavy to listen to. It isno longer together withdull to watch.

Chang Son: I think "Nail" is one of our best-matched songs. We have a tendencyto move with songs that have a ballad-like style.

KpopStarz: Let us know about the procedure of recording "Nail"?

Je Hyok: In truth onewere given that song closing year from one of my friends, he composed the music. Once I heard, I enjoyed IT and thought, "Okay, here is for Legend. I want this." I told my friend I had to sing this song and he acknowledged okay. So, perhaps about January, we began to listthe primaryedition and then the dance part. He restructured the song so it worked higher with our solos. It took 10 months to end it.

KpopStarz: Five-member K-pop teams used to be the trend, yet directly many acts are much larger. What are the pros and cons of being a quintet?

Lito: Since we've got five members, or not it'smore straightforwardto satisfy when we travel. When we say, "let's meet," we only need to get the five folks together. The bad facet is when we carry out on huge stages, it looks a little empty. For groups with a big issue of members, the level looks great and packed, but with five people, it is not every bit balanced.

Je Hyok: We see groups with seven or nine or thirteen members. Every time they are shooting anything they are full of life and they are, like, so chatty, you know? They communicate a lot. They dance. They'vesuch a lot stuff to show. We've five members so we strivein point of fact hard. But, I think it's little less lively than some huge member groups.

KpopStarz: Is there anything elseevery member of Legend needsto have a look at out in the arrival year?

Chang Son: I would like tocheck out and be faster when I wash up in the morning.

Listen: It is a large problem.

Lito: Since our jobs are on the line {Laughs}

Lito: For 2016, I'm hopingI will be able to take no less than one vacation.

Roi: I'm going to make holiday plans then.

Je Hyok: The wish list on Roi's messenger said that he wants to visit the beachand he wants to go on vacation. So we went to the beach. But we really filmed something. So he erased "beach" but still has "vacation" on the list. He said, "when I go on vacation I will erase that." We certainlydid not take any breaks ahead of "Shadow" used to be released. We are still running on that and still dreaming about a vacation. Some other promise for the recent year is to have larger fan meetings and concerts, if possible. That is one of my biggest hopes.

Listen: Since we now have been given some other year, I hope to be told more about songwriting in 2016. Unlikely back to basics, but I would love to compose a song incorporating alternativeparts and melodies.

KpopStarz: What are the secret characteristics that assist Legend stand out some of theexisting slew of boy groups?

Chang Son: We are all tall. People are not screaming about how tall we are when we're on stage. But, when we are all status separately, we all glancelovely tall.

Je Hyok: It is helping our performance because folks are the usage offabricsto boost their performance. VIXX for instance, literally had some roughly chains on their neck. We have some degree and our positions on stage and two boxes. We climb up on the ones to sing and we can really dance on them. So we have the foundation, I might say, to do well on the stage. People, like other singers and our friends, say, "oh, this is actually a excellent performance." They prefer the box. Not too many of us are acutely mindful of it, but you'll be able to catch it in some concert pictures on YouTube.

KpopStarz: How would you describe the group's musical style?

Listen: Let's just say our genre is a little the various from your reasonable K-pop music. That's how we feel about it. There are pop factors hidden during our songs. Even in our earliest songs, there are some centerelementswhich are a little different, giving the songs a different identity, that sort of stuff. In this case, for this song, it is slightly more Korean in style. I think it has a range of musical ingredients that are characteristically Korean. In my opinion, in our upcoming work, we may notjust repeat ourselves, but incessantlytrade and increase new sounds. I think that's our style.

Roi: Yes, that's a cute concept. We love fun, cute songs.

Lito: And fresh, we were not that brand new before. {Laughs}

KpopStarz: Do you likereside operation or studio singing?

Chang Son: I think the others agree, but we like performing outdoors, right? I myself like outside performances.

Je Hyok: I like what Chang Son said. Of route nosotros like all of the concert venues but we went to one middle school, a girl's school, and we had a performance there and the reaction...

Je Hyok: Yes, the reaction in opposition to Legend was, it turned into amazing. So, whenever youvisit a show, obviouslywe are going to get big, monumental reactions from fans, but it is a bit moment dissimilar at a school. When we went to accomplish at the school, we got power from that. I think I like that.

KpopStarz: How would The Legend describe their music style?

Lito: When we listen to our early records, we sometimes think, "Oh, if we did something like this, it might stimulate sounded better." We staythat duringbrainsomeday when we write our songs. I think that is whatassists in keeping U.S.A. evolving.

KpopStarz: Do you get so much of encouragement from other artists?

Je Hyok: Min Hyok from B2B posted our song on his Twitter and also EXID. They are actuallysensiblebuddies of ours. Before a song comes out, we in actuality let them listen to our song, and they say they love it. And then Jong Hwa from EXID truthfullysubmit our song links on her Instagram. They could not post it yet, but our other chums like VIXX, Tahiti, BtoB, Son Ji, Jackson from Got7 said it's an overlynice song and veryimprove us.

KpopStarz: What other artists do you want to collaborate with?

Lito: For a complete year, Mamamoo.

Chang Son: Are we able to make this happen?

Je Hyok: I hope Mama's observing this.

KpopStarz: How do you get an emotional point across thru your music?

Listen: We take into consideration the lyrics we'll sing. When we place self assurance in the lyrics in the proper context, we can paintingthe right emotion in our voices when we sing.

Chang Son: In the past, we used to be fairly intimidated by ability of everyone. But now, we are more self-assured about ourselves as a group, so this may also be a footling better. But if we're operating with anyone new we can typicallygive an explanation for what sound are having a look for.

KpopStarz: While you get-gogot here out you said you were a little daunted by the call The Legend. Do you still fear about living up to the name?

Je Hyok: I think I like the theory of having a name like Legend, because Legend isn't a commonplace name, you know? So it's more difficultfor individuals to disregard our name. At first when we debuted, we'd get to music shows, other fans and the workforce actually failed to know our names. They would ask, "who are they? Who are they?" But when we go to concerts now, they say, "oh, Legend! Oh, Legend!" So I think what we are doing is operating and I ampleased with it.

KpopStarz: Now that you're studio veterans, how is it different from you first recording sessions?

Listen: When we went to the studio for our first recording, the manufacturer would ask us for something, and we didn't really know what to do. He would say, "do something like this" and we didn't know what he meant. But now when we go to record, we can do it very easily without a number of direction. Even if the producer does come in to assist us, we can without difficulty and temporarily practicethe entirety since we are all in-sync.

KpopStarz: Please talk about your task in the recording studio. Do you hang out in the studio while the others are working?

Je Hyok: When we first go to the studio, we listen to our song e book and give thought which phase would suit Chang Son, which component would suit Pay attention or Roi. We consider that first. Then we separate these elements before recording. After that, we every one record the whole song separately, listen to the recordings and figure out which section suits every of us the best. When we figure that out, we just record in order. Like, if Chang Son is a part A, he is going in. If I'm part B, I go in afterwards. That's how the process works.

Lito: We also devour snacks and drink beverages.

Roi: I'm practicing my Korean pronunciation.

Listen: When we are in the recording booth, we support one another by goofing around in front of whoever is singing. During breaks, we never leave outthe danger to have some fun.

KpopStarz: How do you're feeling about how K-pop boom is developing internationally? How do you noticethe arena music network viewing K-pop?

Je Hyok: I think K-pop is still booming, and I think we mustpreserve working tough to keep K-pop popular and relevant.

KpopStarz: What do you are feeling it is that makes Legend different from the opposite K-pop groups out there?

Roi: I can discuss Chinese. Jae Hyuk can speak English. Listen can speak Japanese. I can even speak in a rustic accent. That'sthe 1st advantage. The moment one is that Lito has written lots of our identify tracks. Then the 3rdbenefit is {points to Je Hyok's face}

Je Hyok: What about my face?

Roi: Yes. We also have eight-pack abs.

Listen: Oh, thank you. {Laughs}

KpopStarz: What would you prefer your symbol to be?

Chang Son: We wish Legend to be referred to asa pacesetter in K-pop and as a role fashion for those whowish toturn into singers.

KpopStarz: Do you ever feel strain to live up to a definite standard?

Listen: We repeatedlytrain to be better and appearance at what we give our fans. Not only for the song "Nail," but as a sort of ongoing homework. Those are the types of expectancies we set for ourselves and work towards. We canat all timestry and alive up to expectations.

KpopStarz: When can we think your next release?

Lito: We are getting ready for it now. We will be popping out with a new album early next year anyway, so we are desirous about introducing that as well. We are working on the new album appropriate now.

Je Hyok: Thank you KpopStarz for having us and interviewing us. We had one of thesefantastic fourth dimension with you. Lately we are working on selling "Nail," our single album, so please, if you have not listened to our song yet, please go and hear it and watch the video! Once again, thank you for supporting us and we'll be back with a performance of our new song. See you soon.

All five members in unison: Be the legend! This has been The Legend. Bye!

Watch the music video for Legend's most contemporary unmarried "Nails" RIGHT HERE

© 2016 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Don't reproduce without permission.

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Exclusive Eric Nam Answers Fan Questions in Candid #AskEricNam Interview   Polaroid Giveaway!

Exclusive Eric Nam Answers Fan Questions in Candid #AskEricNam Interview Polaroid Giveaway!

Exclusive Eric Nam Answers Fan Questions in Candid #AskEricNam Interview Polaroid Giveaway!benightedxflame October 11, 2014 0 LINE it!Exclusive Eric Nam Answers Fan Questions in Candid #AskEricNam Interview Polaroid Giveaway! Hi Soompiers!

Soompi had the dangerto take a seat down down with Eric Nam for an interview throughout this years KCON in Los Angeles! Eric, who is a former Soompier, gave some insight on reputation and living the famelifestyles thus far, or evenmentioned who he would pick out to shape a famous person ragtag team in the development of a zombie apocalypse! Thank you to all the fans who sent in questions via Soompis #AskEricNam match on Twitter!

PS: Eric mentions that hes taking zombie apocalypse and We Were given Married applications on Twitter so be certain you send him some love at @ericnamofficial!

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