Which Underrated Woman  Workforce Member Took The Crown In this Weeks Girl Spirit

Which Underrated Woman Workforce Member Took The Crown In this Weeks Girl Spirit

Which Underrated LadyStaff Member Took The Crown In this Week’s “Girl Spirit?”notclaira July 26, 2016 0 Which Underrated Girl Organization Member Took The Crown On This Week’s “Girl Spirit?” The July 26 episode of JTBC’s “Girl Spirit” featured performances from Cosmic Girls’ Dawon, Lovelyz’ Kei, CLC’s Seunghee, Sonamoo’s Minjae, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, and Pledis Girlz’s Seongyeon. .

Cosmic Girls’ Dawon covered Girls’ Generation’s “Way to Go” and showed off her robust vocals and a memorable flag performance. “There were loads of things that came about to us when we ready to debut,” she said. “I consideredthe ones things and practiced this performance” Dawon were given 83 points.

Lovelyz’s Kei conducted “Atlantis Princess” via BoA and published that the song encouraged her to turn out to be a singer. Her tough choreography and function won her 88 points.

CLC’s Seunghee sang Ivy’s “I Will have to Be a Fool” and said, “When I practice, even now, every so oftenI think bad about myself. All through my trainee days, each personmost effectiveserious about my susceptible points. I continuously felt that I will have done smartly if any person only cheered me on.” She also expressed her gratitude at the audiences’ reaction to her functionality and won 65 points.

Sonamoo’s Minjae sang Maya’s “Shout of Myself” and mentioned the hardship of leaving her local Busan for Seoul to changed into a trainee. “The toughestsectionwas once feeling people’s passion in us wax and wane. I would like to sing a song that truly comforted me during those times.” Minjae won 90 issues and was crowned the winner of this week’s episode.

Last’s week’s winner, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, covered “A Goose’s Dream.” Her performance was a otheridea from last week’s “Dream Girl,” yet her emotional rendition won her 87 points.

The ultimate functioning of the evening was Pledis Girlz’s Seongyeon. She covered S.E.S’s “Just A Feeling” and gave a groovy and brand new RB-style performance, winning 81 facets with her impressive “3-level note.”

After the performances, the 111 target audienceindividuals voted back in a 2nd round. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Lovelyz’s Kei joined Minjae in the head 3.

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Underrated Lady  Workforce  Festival Girl Spirit Crowns First Winner

Underrated Lady Workforce Festival Girl Spirit Crowns First Winner

Underrated WomanStaffFestival “Girl Spirit” Crowns First Winnernotclaira July 20, 2016 0 Underrated Girl Organization Competition “Girl Spirit” Crowns First Winner JTBC’s new type program “Girl Spirit” has after all made its debut! The show, which targets to exhibitthe skills of girl group participants who have no longer yet hit it big, aired its first episode on July 19.

SpoilersEmceed by way of Jo Se Ho and INFINITE’s Sunggyu, the twelve contestants first gave a functionality with their group sooner thanbeginning their solo stage. They also mentioned the hardships of an idol career.

“We debuted around the similar time as EXID and AOA, yet our public popularity is low,” FIESTAR’s Hyemi said. “In fact, it’s practically non-existent. We haven’t had a unmarried make song in 4 years. We would like todisplayfolks more of us, but it’s frustrating.”

Sojung of Ladies’ Code said, “There are such so much ofthose who cheer us on. Individualslet us know that they would like the States to succeed. But that truly creates more power on us to do well.”

After all twelve contestants gave their performance, they were judged via votes. After the primary and 2dcircular votes were added together, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee took first position and SPICA’s Bohyung took second.

You can watch the remainder of the performances below!

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12 underrated woman group's major vocals to compete in 'Girl Spirit'

12 underrated woman group's major vocals to compete in 'Girl Spirit'

12 underrated woman group's primary vocals to compete in 'Girl Spirit' Jun 27, 2016 03:13

Twelve underrated girl group' major vocals will compete opposed toeach and every other in new JTBC's making a songdisplay 'Girl Spirit'.

On June 27th, JTBC announced that SPICA's Bohyung, FIESTA's Hyemi, Ladies' Code's Sojung, BESTie's U.Ji, LABOUM's Soyeon, Lovelyz's Kei, SONAMOO's Minjae, CLC's Seunghee, Oh My Girl's Seunghee, April's Jinsol, Cosmic Girls's Dawon, Pledis Girlz's Sungyeon had beenshowed for 'Girl Spirit'.

The provecould be a program between girl group' leading vocals who have notwon the highlight even after debut. The 12 girls will be ranked via vocal competitions to make a decisionthe overall winner.

Tak Jae Hoon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Chun Myung Hoon, Lee Ji Hye and Search engine optimization In Young could be the 'gurus' to help the girls during the show, whilst Jo Se Ho and Infinite's Sunggyu will be the MCs.

'Girl Spirit' is scheduled fpr July broadcast.

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Watch: Woman  Workforce Member Makes Unforeseen Appearance On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: Woman Workforce Member Makes Unforeseen Appearance On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: LadyWorkforce Member Makes Unforeseen Appearance On King Of Mask Singerkminjungee June 12, 2016 0 Watch: Girl Organization Member Makes Unexpected Appearance On King Of Mask Singer The newest episode of MBCs King of Mask Singer saw once moreany other girl group member making her mark and proving her skills as a professional vocalist!

SpoilerAt the June 12 episode, Victorys Cheerleader and In some other country Musician Michol face off in the primary round, where they sing Byun Ji Subs You to Me Again. Their delicate and candy voices harmonize neatly together, spell binding the audience.

Perhaps it was oncebecause ofan overpoweringquantity of nerves, yet Cheerleader finally ends up unfortunately wasting to Michol, and shoulddisclose her identity. Whilstmaking a song the song she at firstready for the following round, Jo Sumis If I Leave, the contestant gets rid of her mask.

Cheerleader turns out to be no rather then EXIDs Hyerin!

Kim Gura, shockedby way of her appearance, seems likehe's frozen in position from the shock. The panel even idea at one point that it is going to existsomebody closer to the age of 60, as a result of her sensitivity when singing. Born in 1993, as printed by the idol herself, Hyerins bright and cheerful appearance makes all and sundry in the target market and panel smile.

Did you accuratelywager who it was?

Meanwhile, watch highlights from old episodes on Viki:

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Watch: Woman  Workforce Member Puts Her Own Spin On 2NE1′s “Lonely” On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: Woman Workforce Member Puts Her Own Spin On 2NE1′s “Lonely” On “King Of Mask Singer”

Watch: LadyTeam Member Puts Her Own Spin On 2NE1s Lonely On King Of Mask Singerleonid Would possibly 29, 2016 0 Watch: Girl Organization Member Puts Her Own Spin On 2NE1s Lonely On King Of Mask Singer The singer performing under the alias of “Bunny Bunny” takes to the air her mask and unearths a familiar face in the back of it, sudden the target market and panel individuals on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer.

SpoilerAt theCould 29 episode of the show, “Bunny Bunny” and “My Love, My Bride” face off for a possibilityto prevent reigning champion Our VicinitySongTotal from achieving a 10-match winning streak.

For the primary round, the 2 sing a harmonious rendition of 2NE1’s “Lonely” with their own original twists.

The circularleads to a victory for “My Love, My Bride” with a 57-42 vote, and so “Bunny Bunny” finally ends up having to unveil her identity.

As she sings BoA’s “Atlantis Princess, she shows herself to be none as adversarial to A Pinks Bomi!

Watch their melodic duet of “Lonely” and Bomis expose below!

Meanwhile, the identity of her duet spouse My Love, My Bride has no longer yet been revealed. Who do you suspectit could be?

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Girl workforce DIA welcomes new member midst of Cathy and Chaeyeon transient withdrawal

Girl workforce DIA welcomes new member midst of Cathy and Chaeyeon transient withdrawal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMBK Entertainments rookie ladyteam DIA is welcoming a new member as they get ready for an upcoming comeback and promotion.

Officials from the firmpublishedthe hot addition on March 7th by way of a press release, revealing that 18-year old member Chaewon may be joining the crowdso as to fill the distance left empty by the brief withdrawal of Cathy and Chaeyeon who are eitherrecentlytaking part in MnetProduce 101.

While main pointsreferring to their comeback hasnt been revealed yet, they'llgo back every bit a six-member community with Seunghee, Eunice, Jenny, Yebin, Eunjin, and Chaewon.

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Girl Workforce Member Surprises Panel With Identity Expose on King of Mask Singer

Girl Workforce Member Surprises Panel With Identity Expose on King of Mask Singer

Girl Workforce Member Surprises Panel With Identity Disclose on “King of Mask Singer”ilmare42 February 28, 2016 0 LINE it!Girl Organization Member Surprises Panel With Identity Reveal on “King of Mask Singer” A lady group member has inspired the target audience and superstar panel with her vocal talent on this week’s episode of “King of Mask Singer”!

SpoilerIn the 2nd onecircular on February 28’s episode, the contestant Little Fit Girl sings the tune “Honey” through Park Jin Young and beats her opponent, hence making it to the next round. As a result of her modern voice and obviousrevel in on stage, the fame panel debates whether she’s a tender singer or not, and maximum don’t appear to have a clue who she may just be.

She next plays “Love Is” by Leessang (featuring Jung In) in the 3rd round, and wins again, which method that she is going up opposed to the reigning champion, Music General.

Little EventWoman is not able to defeat Music Overall in the finals, and so she has to show her identity. When she takes to the air her mask, it’s published that she is EXID’s Hani!

Most of the panel looks utterlysurprised when they in finding out who she is, even if Kim Gura claims that he knew it used to be her all along.

“I’ve at all timescherished jazzy songs,” Hani says, and explains that she used to practise making a song jazz songs yet had to modify her way of singing after she become a member of EXID.

Kim Sung Joo issues out that many of uscall to mind her fellow member Solji as being in command of vocals for the group, especially after she seemedat thedisplay before, and that Hani herself is considered in price of offering entertainment on form shows.

“A lot of folks think that each and every team’s member in charge of ’entertainment’ or ‘visuals’ has no hobby or ardour about singing or music,” Hani says. “In my case, I wish to sing truly well, and be on a betternumber of stages, but there haven’t been many opportunities for me. So I used to beactuallygladso to sing lately with thosewonderful musicians.”

Watch the clip of her reveal below!

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Girl Workforce Member Stuck in Sponsor Relationship

Girl Workforce Member Stuck in Sponsor Relationship

Girl Staff Member Stuck in Sponsor Dating kokoberry January 21, 2016 0 LINE it!Girl Organization Member Caught in Sponsor Relationship A rookie girl group member in her twenties identified as A, has been caught in a sponsor relationship after falsely accusing her boyfriend of the similar age of sexual assault. After suing him and being brought into custody, her sponsor relationship with B was once revealed.

Sponsor relationships talk over with when a person has an influential sponsor who can pay them and offersotherforms offortify in change for sexual favors.

It turned intopublished on January 22 that the Uijeongbu District Prosecutors Office (Chief Prosecutor Kim Tae Chul) has charged A, who has also been charged with offering simulated accusations, and sponsor B with grievous physically harm.

B has been described as a guyof substantial wealth in his thirties. He is being charged for again and again assaulting As boyfriend C which led todamaged ribs and quite so much of fractures that took 4 weeks to recuperate from. After assaulting C, B also stole Cs SIM card from his cellular phone. This attackcame about on Might 15 of remaining year.

At the time, B claimed that he committed assault so as to get pictures of A from Cs cell phone. However, investigations discovered no special photos of A on Cs cell phone.

C sued B for grievous physicaldamage afterwards the assault occurred. Later, A sued C for sexual assault that happened terminal January on June 25 of last year.

However, the prosecution showed that A threatened C with accusations of sexual assault because C had sued B.

The prosecution explained that A and B had been placed in limited prosecution because of their heavy crimes of false accusation and grievous bodily harm.

Meanwhile, A is a rookie girl group member who previously won a prize at a fashiongood looks pageant.

What are your mindin this case?

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Girl workforce G-Friend swiftly undergoes hilarious member addition on “Star King”

Girl workforce G-Friend swiftly undergoes hilarious member addition on “Star King”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn a recent Star King episode, womancrew G-Friend made an appearance at thedisplay where they wona stunning7th member!

Aired on December 22nd, an fundamentalcollege teacher Ju Shin Seok made an appearance with his team Community G-Friend, consisting of a few of his students. He showed off his love for G-Friend with his cosplay and showed off his insync skillsto accomplish Me Gustas Tu with the gang without undergoing prior train amongst the girls.

His cosplay of G-Friend with his pig tailed styled hair and the mix of his manly facial functions amused a huge number of the panel, arousing laughter.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented on the usual article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this text being published.

Hes an elementary faculty teacher????I just saw thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and Im crying from giggling and then hardㅠㅠㅠㅠYou scared me,,,but here is thence funnyI keep in mind him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hes a excellent dancer ㅋㅋㅋㅋHes a instructor who danced with his scholars at a abilityprove and the video went viral ㅋㅋㅋHe was once rapping and stuff too and hes so talentedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He went viral on facebook and now hes on Television ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Source: Instiz

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Son Heung-min Dating Ex-Girl Workforce Member

Son Heung-min Dating Ex-Girl Workforce Member

Son Heung-min (left) and Yoo So-yeong

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Son Heung-min has been papped on a date with Yoo So-yeong, an ex-member of lady crew After College who has became her hand to acting.The candid shots were published via online gossip rag the Fact.The site stated Son and Yoo went on an evening out in combination somewhere close to Paju on Nov. 14, when Son was once in Korea getting ready for a fit opposed to Laos 3 days later.Yoo, who is six years Son"s senior, admitted their courting in a press unencumber once the within track broke, yet Son has thus far declined to remark on that matter.In July ultimate year, rumors circulated of a romance between Son and singer Minah of K-pop community Girls" Day.