Why did Kim Tae-hee and Ryoo Seung-beom get at the same aircraft to Paris

Why did Kim Tae-hee and Ryoo Seung-beom get at the same aircraft to Paris

Actress Kim Tae-hee and actor Ryoo Seung-beom were givenat the same aircraft to Paris, France.

This of course, drew attention and got other people wondering why they got on the similar plane.

Apparently, it used to be coincidence. Kim Tae-hee is going to Paris for private reasons and her agendadoes not overlap with Ryoo Seung-beom's.

The same is going for Ryoo Seung-beom.

Although they're going to Paris for other reasons, they shouldtake note ofeach and every other as they are on the flight for over 10 hours.

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Lee Won-geun to famous person in Kim Ki-duk's

Lee Won-geun to famous person in Kim Ki-duk's "Net" with Ryoo Seung-beom

Actor Lee Won-geun is starring in Kim Ki-duk's latest "Net".

According to his company, Lee Won-geun is starring in "Net", the tale of a North Korean fisherman who drifts to the South.

Kim Ki-duk is understood for his sensual photos and considerate lines and rookie actor Lee Won-geun's collaboration with the director is highly anticipated.

Lee Won-geun plays a undercover agent from the South who is helping the North Korean fisherman played via Ryoo Seung-beom triumph over his misery and communicates with him mentally.

Lee Won-geun said, "I am venerated to be starring in director Kim Ki-duk's movie alongside the mythical Ryoo Seung-beom".

Lee Won-geun is lately starring in the film "Your Call Is Rose" starring Yoo Ho-jeong, Park Seong-woong, Oh Jeong-se, Ha Yeon-soo, Choi Woo-sik and more. He may be starring in the motion picture "Schoolmistress" with Kim Ha-neul and Yoo In-yeong.


Ko Joon-hee,

Ko Joon-hee, "I didn"t know Ryoo Seung-beom was such a submissive man"

Ko Joon-hee showed her love for Ryoo Seung-beom.

Ko Joon-hee plays rough girl Nami in the new movie "My Intimate Enemies". She said, "I thought the movie was quite fresh when I saw the scenario. The finished movie is quite so, too. I think the audience might understand what I"m saying when they watch it".

Ko Joon-hee is Nami, a reckless tow truck driver. One day she finds a bag of money and meets a fun man named Jinu (Ryoo Seung-beom). Ko Joon-hee showed everything she can in this movie.

"When I read a scenario, I read mostly about the character I am going to be. Nami is an unexpected character but she"s fun and thinks deep. My heart went for her. Also, I would do anything producer Im Sang-soo asks me to do".

"At first, I didn"t think the movie was going to be like this when my manager brought me the script. I figured it would be of a more serious tone since I know the produce"s past works. I am personally a fan of his so I started reading and I didn"t know it read it that fast".

"Usually, when there is a man and a woman in the story with some action, the woman is usually sexy or is a kind wife or even a victim. However, my role wasn"t like that. I was the leader of every situation and that"s why I want to thank Seung-beom. It would"ve been tough to do that if it wasn"t for him".

"Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong"s role is also very powerful. Seung-beom and Samuel Okyere have to support the women and that"s not easy as actors. But Seung-beom said it himself, "It"s great to be supporting the women submissively. That"s very manly." He helped out a lot in many ways and I didn"t know he was like that".

"My character and Jinu stood out thanks to his consideration. He"s a great guy. All the characters blended well in this movie and I loved watching it".

"My Intimate Enemies" is about Jinu and Nami who find a bag of money and decide to become the bad guys. The movie comes out on the 25th of June.



[Interview] Ryoo Seung-beom after wandering for 3 years,

[Interview] Ryoo Seung-beom after wandering for 3 years, "I"ve become an outsider"

"Freedom" explains only Ryoo Seung-beom in this country. He debuted in the year 2000 and continued to star in "No Manners", "Crying Fist", "Bloody Tie", "The Unjust", "Over my Dead Body", "The Berlin File" and more. He"s always been a free soul in movie and he"s a known fashion freak.

Q: The movie is being released on the 17th. Have you had a chance to see it yet?

Ryoo Seung-beom: "I watched it yesterday (14th). It"s unique. The director"s message is in it and I think it"s necessary for diversity in the movie industry. The color of the movie, the characters and story are all unique. It"s very cool and reckless. There is a hint of comedy in it but a movie won"t do with seriousness all the time. It might seem depressing, but it"s alive. Although I choose my work coldly, I felt a good vibe here".

- How is the character of Jinu?

"Jinu, as well as the other characters, have a good combination of fakeness and realness".

- How was working with Ko Joon-hee?

"It was great. I learned a lot from the movie. She represents "coolness" and "simplicity" which made me think, she"s a good actress".

- What have you been doing for 3 years? We know you"ve been in Paris most of the time.

"A lot has happened. I"ve become a different person. The last 3 years of my life have been as long as the 30 years I"ve lived. I experienced a lot and got a lot of influence too. My way of thinking has changed and I eat differently now. I"ve been a vegetarian for 2 years. I lost a lot of weight and I don"t drink, either. I don"t do that to lose weight. I feel like the "dirt" has been rid of in my new life".

- Was there a particular reason?

"No particular reason. I just decided to pack up and leave. I sold everything and had two suitcases with me. I guess there were a lot of reasons and I think about it. I wonder if this image of me now is the real me. I feel more free working now and I"ve been resolving things that I"ve been meaning to [resolve]. I also don"t wear make-up. There"s no reason to".

- Have you always admired France?

"Not really. I was curious about their idea of socialism and the way they lived. Many travel to Paris because of what it looks like on the outside, but I went to live there. I am currently in the process of finding a place where I fit culturally and emotionally. I might move to another place soon".

- Is there anything in particular you did in Paris?

"I had time to myself. Only myself".

- If you"ve been there for 3 years, your French should be outstanding. How did you study?

"I use English. I"ve never lived abroad before so I studied mostly English. I didn"t decide to live in France forever unless I had to work or live in a society. I am comfortable being an outsider, though".

- You haven"t been very active lately. Don"t you need income to live abroad?

"I don"t worry about money. I don"t plan on using much. I don"t want to make money, but I need it so I can"t help it. That doesn"t mean I don"t have any money. I have enough for myself".

- Aren"t you worried?

"I live day by day. It"s going to be hard if you worry about tomorrow. I have no house in Seoul and I am not a French citizen. I have become an outsider wherever I go. It"s only depressing to think about tomorrow so I decided not to worry. That"s my way of life".

- Those inner changes might influence the way you choose your work and how you act.

"I do have a different way of choosing work now. It has to be something I"m not ashamed of. A movie is a record in a way. It lasts a long time. The movie remains even if I die. I feel responsible for it. Realizing it made me sincere. I used to use myself up, but now I wonder if I want them to last forever".

- Pictures of you on the streets of Paris in foreign fashion magazines have been the hot topic with your fans. Have you not had the opportunity to work abroad?

"I went there to be an ordinary person. I wanted to live freely. I"m sure there was a chance if there was one, but I want to live quietly. Being famous is quite hard. Living with fame for 365 days a year is not easy. There"s a second life for me in Paris. I am grateful for those who recognize me".

- What does your brother, director Ryoo Seung-wan say about that? Did you tell him when you left?

"He was the first to know. He just gave me a book about Zorba, the Greek. I went camping with him when I visited Korea for a while last year. We didn"t have much time to ourselves so we decided to go camping. We talked all night and I wanted him to meet the new me. I also wanted to know how he"d been. He"s the most comfortable person to be. I still miss him".

- Is he the first person you meet when you come back to Korea?

"He"s always busy. I"m more of a loner when I come to Korea. There aren"t many people who can spend all that time with me. People in Korea are always busy".

- Are you happy with your life now? Aren"t you lonely?

"I"m comfortable. That"s happiness maybe. If I was complicated before, now I am stress-free. It"s lonely though. I have friends everywhere, but I also don"t have friends anywhere. However, I realized I was born lonely and thinking about it that way has made me comfortable. I see other things and being comfortable is bigger than loneliness so I am happy with my life now. I feel awkward in a place with many people. I was so nervous during the production presentation of "Intimate Enemies". I want to less famous now".



"Intimate Enemies" Ko Joon-hee, "Ryoo Seung-beom is a great actor"

Actress Ko Joon-hee complimented her co-star Ryoo Seung-beom.

The media day event for "Intimate Enemies" was held on the 15th and director Lim Sang-soo was there along with the actress.

"I met Ryoo Seung-beom for the first time in 10 years".

"I respect him as an actor", she said.

"Even ordinary scenes become extraordinary when acted out by Ryoo Seung-beom. He"s a born actor. I never thought about overpowering him. I just accepted him the way he is. I just hope I don"t cause harm".

"I was ready to learn and I can learn a lot just by watching him".

"Intimate Enemies" is a movie about Jinu (Ryoo Seung-beom) and Nami (Ko Joon-hee) who end up with a mysterious bag full of money and decide to become real villains. The movie is being released on June 25th.



Director Lim Sang-soo,

Director Lim Sang-soo, "Jeon Do-yeon and Ryoo Seung-beom have the actor DNA"

Director Lim Sang-soo showed affection for a few actors and actresses.

Lim Sang-soo and Ko Joon-hee attended the media day for "Intimate Enemies" on the 15th.

Lim Sang-soo directed "The Housemaid - 2010" before this starring Jeon Do-yeon and Ryoo Seung-beom and said, "They have acting DNA in their blood".

About Ko Joon-hee, "It"s fun working with people like Jeon Do-yeon and Ryoo Seung-beom as a director, but it"s also great working with actresses or actors who have such great passion for acting. Ko Joon-hee was ready to show everyone who was boss".

"Every actor and actress have jealousy. However, Joon-hee respected Ryoo Seung-beom and that"s not easy for an actress to do".

Ko Joon-hee said, "I really think Ryoo Seung-beom was born to be an actor. I have been criticized about my acting before, so I have always respected Ryoo Seung-beom. He doesn"t try to stand out, but instead he brings out the potential in his fellow actors and actresses".

"Intimate Enemies" is a movie about Jinu (Ryoo Seung-beom) and Nami (Ko Joon-hee) who end up with a mysterious bag full of money and decide to become real villains. The movie will be released on June 25th.



[Photos] Ryoo Seung-beom

[Photos] Ryoo Seung-beom"s topless pictures and unique tattoos

Actor Ryoo Seung-beom revealed his naked upper body with unique tattoos.

He was featured in the June issue of the fashion style magazine High Cut. The concept was natural as he wanders around the streets under the sun and hums along to the song coming out of the speakers in a caf.

The clothes in the pictures actually belong to Ryoo Seung-beom and those who are a fan of his style are in for a treat. He is wearing Adidas"s steady seller, Stan Smith Sneakers.

Ryoo Seung-beom talked about "Intimate Enemies" and his three years in France in the following interview.


"Intimate Enemies" Ryoo Seung-beom talks about love scene with Ko Joon-hee, "Bold and different"

Actor Ryoo Seung-beom talked about filming a love scene with Ko Joon-hee.

During the press conference for movie "Intimate Enemies" on May 28th, Ryoo Seung-beom said, "It makes me feel nervous no matter what. Director Lim Sang-soo usually does not use storyboard. He focuses on what"s actually happening on the set. The night before filming the love scene, I was nervous and had so many thoughts".

He also added, "During filming the scene, the concept changed. Although I can"t tell you much about it, a really fun and different scene was created. I"m not saying it"s not sexy. It made everything bold and different. It was a pleasant experience"

Meanwhile, "Intimate Enemies" is a story about Ji-noo (Ryoo Seung-beom) and Na-mi (Ko Joon-hee), who happened to put a mysterious bag full of cash in their hands and decide to become real villains. The new project by director Lim Sang-soo will be released on June 25th.


Ryoo Seung-beom,

Ryoo Seung-beom, "I want to make a movie with Choi Min-sik"

Ryoo Seung-beom expressed that he would like to make a movie with Choi Min-sik.

At the 'Conversation with the Crowd' event during a "The Berlin File" preview on the 23rd, Ryoo Seung-beom was asked when he would do an adult rated passion mellow. He answered, "I like romance in movies. I like watching them and I have that kind of emotion. I am waiting for someone to be curious about me".

When he asked who he would like to work with he said, "What about a gay movie?" and the crowd mentioned names like, Ha Jeong-woo and Hwang Jeong-min.

Ryoo Seung-beom then mentioned, "Choi Min-sik is apparently dreaming of a passionate romance movie. If we both never get a chance to make a mellow movie, then might as well make a passionate romance".

"The Berlin File" is currently running for a record of 7 million audiences.


Kong Hyo-jin & Ryoo Seung-beom Split Up

Kong Hyo-jin & Ryoo Seung-beom Split Up

Kong Hyo-jinRyoo Seung-beom Split Up

One of the most notable celebrity couples in Korea have called it quits.

Representatives of Kong Hyo-jin and Ryoo Seung-beom confirmed on August 15th that the two stars have split up. They've decided to remain just friends, and an official statement with the details will be released soon.

The two had met in 2001 after filming "Splendid Days". They've had an on and off relationship for the past 10 years.

Kong is currently preparing for a documentary film release, "Project 577", while Ryoo is filming his new movie "In Berlin".