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Members Of T-ara Respond To Allegations They Bullied Former Bandmate Hwayoung Into Leaving The Group [PHOTOS]

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Members Of T-ara Respond To Allegations They Bullied Former Bandmate Hwayoung Into Leaving The Group [PHOTOS] Members Of T-ara Respond To Allegations They Bullied Former Bandmate Hwayoung Into Leaving The Group [PHOTOS]Last July, when T-ara's Hwayoung was reportedly forced out of the group, many K-pop fans accused her former bandmates of bullying, posting video clips and photos of the alleged incidents online.

In one such incident Jiyeon of T-ara mocked Hwayoung online after she won an online popularity poll.

"I won first place in a popularity poll, so I'm sharing this picture," Jiyeon wrote. "Oh, and Hwayoung got zero votes. Haha. Our poor Hwayoung."

Other incidents involved the whole group snubbing her onstage and Jiyeon mocking Hwayoung on the reality show "Star Life Theater" for pretending to read a book.

"It's because of the camera [your're reading a book]," Jiyeon said according to website Soompi. "Wow, you're really funny. I've never seen Hwayoung read a book while being in the same group."

T-ara bandmembers Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Ahreum of the subunit T-ara N4, who made their debut on South Korean television on Sunday, responded to the allegations that they bullied Hwayoung while she was in the group.

"People might think [we bullied Hwayoung] if you just read everything that's online," T-ara's N4 Eunjung told the host of MNET's "Beatles Code 2" on Monday.

"But even I was rumored to being bullied. To be honest, we had an argument with Hwayoung for about two days during the incident. But it was wrong of us to publicly make statements through Twitter. It was wrong to write about the topic, period."

Eunjung said the online speculation of K-pop fans and various media outlets only made matters worse, particularly when the band didn't respond to the rumors directly.

"The more we stayed silent, the rumors and misunderstandings kept growing," she said. "It was so bad that even we were getting confused. I thought I'd lived without any regrets, but I was pained because I felt I'd become a bad person."

Jiyeon feels Hwayoung shares some of the blame for the bullying incidents.

"We had been together for over three years, so Hwayoung might have had difficulties being with us," Jiyeon said. "She probably had a hard time adjusting. If we truly hated her, we wouldn't have even argued. But we disappointed her and made her feel lonely. No matter the reason, we're sorry and also apologize to have created a disturbance as public figures."

Back in July when T-ara's record label Core Contents Media (CCM) announced that Hwayoung was leaving the group, a spokesman denied it was in any way tied to her being bullied.

"We wish to impress upon the fact that this has nothing to do with the 'bullying' reports surrounding T-ara," a CCM spokesman told allkpop. "Althoughthe staff of Core Contents Media stayed up into early morningdiscussing with the T-ara members who all wanted to stay with Hwayoung,we apologize in saying that we could not forsake the arguments of thestaff members."

All four members ofT-ara N4 agreed that the media reports and fan comments have been unpleasant for them to bear.

"Whenever articles about us come out, we get a ton of hate comments," Eunjung said. "At first, I just read it out of curiosity... but I can't read it anymore because the more I read, the more energy I lose."

"The worst one was when Soyeon got into a car accident, and someone wrote, 'she should have just died,'" Hyomin added. "There were others who said the entire accident was made up. It was such a bad accident, that she got tossed out of the car."

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T-ara’s first domestic concert to be postponed after Hwayoung’s leaving

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T-ara’s first domestic concert to be postponed after Hwayoung’s leaving

It looks like it will be a while before we get to see T-ara as they wait for this storm to pass while preparing for their next comeback.

T-ara‘s first domestic concert, which was originally scheduled for August 11th, will be postponed.

Although earlier announcements stated that the group will go on with all their planned activities, T-ara has been canceling upcoming events with the backlash they’ve currently been receiving from the public.

Its quite hard to calm down the public opinion and it seemed inevitable that their upcoming domestic concert would have to face changes in plans as well.

“The upcoming T-ara concert on the 11th has been postponed,” Core Contents Media stated. “The members of T-ara desperately requested for the agency to postpone their first domestic concert on the 11th.”

The representative also added, “While talking it over with CEO Kim Kwang Soo, the members stated, ‘In a situation like this, we don’t think we can show fans bright, happy, and lively sides of ourselves on stage. Fans will probably not enjoy seeing us that way as well,’ and requested for the postponement of the concert.”

The issue of tickets being refunded was also mentioned by the agency when they stated, “Although reports claimed that large amounts of ticket refund requests had come in for T-ara’s first domestic concert, we’ve only received 20-30 requests.”

“We believe that the only way we can repay fans is for T-ara to become more mature and self-reflect in light of this situation and continue to create good music. With that said, we will be concluding ‘Day by Day‘ promotions,” said the agency.

In related news, although there will not be group activities for the time being, Soyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin will be carrying on their individual activities with their respective dramas.

Meanwhile, T-aras former-member Ryu Hwayoung apologised to her fans and the groups management company Core Contents Media (CCM) on Tuesday over Twitter.

Hyoyoung, '.....' at Her Sister Hwayoung Leaving T-ARA

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Hyoyoung, '.....' at Her Sister Hwayoung Leaving T-ARA hwayoungWhen the news of Hwayoung leaving T-ARA was delivered, Hwayoung's twin sister Hyoyoung left a comment that showed her frustration.

On the 30th, T-ARA's same agency group Five Dolls' member Hyoyoung posted on her twitter "...............", attracting much attention.

On this day, the head of Core Contents Media Kim Kwang Soo said, "I will be terminating the contract by putting Hwayoung under free contract."

Five Dolls' member Suh Eun Kyo commented on this tweet, "My lovely sister, cheer up", and wrote on Hwayoung's "I'm heartbroken".

Hwayoung had also posted on her twitter, "Facts that aren't true...", also showing her frustration.

SNSD′s Sunny Tweets Her mind on Leaving ′FM Date′

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SNSD′s Sunny Tweets Her mind on Leaving ′FM Date′

--> Following the announcement that Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sunny was once leaving her radio DJ post, the famous person took to Twitter to talk to the fans.

Sunny posted a chain of tweets on November 9, expressing her mind on leaving Sunny′s FM Date, the radio display she has been DJing for the ultimate year and a half.

Below is Sunny′s complete remark translated:

I should′ve told you first^^ You must′ve been surprised and disappointed after seeing the articles. i used to be so glad throughout the year and six months as FM Date′s DJ. I made the verdict after careful consideration, so despite the truth that you′re disappointed, please be figuring out and dangle me! I can be on hearth on a day by way of day basis for the remainder week!!

Each and each dating I shaped as a DJ are all so invaluable and beautiful. I'll preserve onto it and won′t ever fail to remember it!! Let′s save the time we have got left and chat~ Thank you for loving even the perimeters to me that were lacking!! For now, i'll center of attention on SNSD′s concert! I will prove you a excellent stage!!

Ah! There′s also some excellent news coming soon?!^^ I will simplest show you assist you to listen my sensible sides~ all the Sunny′s FM Date family, I like you!! though it won′t be as often, taking a look ahead to assembly you all again!!!!

Photo credit: Sunny′s Twitter

April's Somin leaves the group, leaving it a 5-member group

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April's Somin leaves the group, leaving it a 5-member group

April"s leader Somin is leaving the group.

On the 9th, DSP Media announced, "April has been reconfigured into a 5-member group. beginning today, Somin may be leaving the crowd for a new start. Somin has been thinking deeply about her long term lately. She mentioned this with us, and we talked for a while. After much consideration, Somin will be leaving the group, yet DSP Media will be frequently supporting Somin as our label artist."

April will be coming back as a 5-member staff at the finish of November. we would like the maximum efficient to either Somin and the remainder of April.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Could be Leaving “Sunny’s FM Date”

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Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Will Be Leaving “Sunny’s FM Date” Sunny of Girls’ Generation will be leaving “Sunny’s FM Date” soon.

According to insiders, it used to be printed on November nine that she is discussing how to leave the display with the more than a few production group of workers at MBC. whilst Sunny is still connected to the show, and she loves being a radio DJ, there are numerous concerts scheduled for Girls’ Generation either in Korea and abroad, and she has concluded that it'll no longer be conceivable to do both.

Sunny has been a DJ on “Sunny’s FM Date” since would possibly of 2014. Right through those eighteen months, her voice has recharged quite so much of listeners, and her gift of empathy brought the listeners closer. She will be able to be sorely missed!

SM Entertainment has showed that Sunny is leaving the radio prove because of her busy agenda in the approaching months. Her remaining broadcast will be on November 15.

KBS Responds to the Rumors of Comedians Leaving “Gag Concert”

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KBS Responds to the Rumors of Comedians Leaving “Gag Concert” It was once rumored on November 2 that there were serious disagreements between the comedians performing in KBS‘s “Gag Concert” and the generating team of workers of the show, and that many noted comedians have left the display as a result. the major points of the rumor were moderately explicit, announcing that the comedians will cross to tvN‘s “Comedy Large League.”

However, it type of feels that it turned into all just a rumor, as either KBS and tvN insiders have denied that they've heard the rest from the comedians. KBS insiders said, “This is totally false, and there isn't any explanation why for us to even respond to the allegations.” tvN insiders were in agreement, asserting “We don't appear to be acutely mindful of any comedians who left ‘Gag Concert.’ it's far unknown whether they would wish to come to our channel instead. Our prove adjustments quarterly, and we are without a doubt willing to provide a spot, irrespective of whether they are from KBS or SBS.”

Seoul’s New Slogan Is “I.SEOUL.U,” Leaving Many Scratching Their Heads

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Seoul’s New Slogan Is “I.SEOUL.U,” Leaving Many Scratching Their HeadsSource: Seoul Korea Facebook Your new slogan for Seoul, South Korea’s capital town is…wait for it…

Confused? It’s no longer just you.

I SEOUL U 2 Source: Seoul Korea Facebook

The Seoul Metropolitan Government wished a new slogan to update its rather meaningless “Hi Seoul” slogan, which used to be selected by capacity of politicans, so it reached out to the public for ideas, launching a competition that gained over 16,000 submissions from round the world, despite the reality that maximum were from Koreans. A branding firm narrowed down the ones entries to multiple hundred, and from there, a panel of Koreans and foreigners and a panel of professionals narrowed the applicants down to 20 and then to 3, respectively. the general 3 were “Seoulmate,” “SEOULing,” and “I.SEOUL.U.,” with the winning slogan being decided by a public vote.

I SEOUL U 3 Source: Seoul Korea Facebook

“SEOULing” didn’t get much support, with “Seoulmate” polling upper than “I.SEOUL.U” on a web poll. yet at the on-the-spot ballot held yesterday, October 29, at the development to announce the recent slogan, “I.SEOUL.U” pulled forward to win, changing into the new slogan for the capital urban of South Korea.

“I.SEOUL.U” became supported by all nine experts and about 60% of the 1,140 citzen provide to vote yesterday. The slogan was submitted by a Korean student who stories philosophy in college, winning three million won (approximately $2,700) as a prize.

Reaction to the new slogan by the overseas communtiy and Korean network was skewed toward ridicule and disbelief, with many taking to social media to precise their opinion.

Seoul's new crowdsourced slogan #ISeoulU proves that infrequently it's very best to leave branding, marketing up to the pros pic.twitter.com/HvXw7b7vdN

— Edward Mishaud (@emishaud) October 29, 2015

Some saw the singer IU in the slogan.

— 마네키네코 (@philia75) October 28, 2015

Translation: “Are they just looking to advertise Seoul by just placing it between IU?”

I SEOUL U sounds like IU's fanclub or anything => LOLing at this remark XD

— 시카유 ~ (@melloviciousiu) October 28, 2015

Some were more focusd on BTS being there at the match to sing.

Yes Jin please strike a cord in me that #ISEOULU #INEEDU https://t.co/OL8javbtDR

— 진로 (@sparkjinro) October 28, 2015

Still, others enjoyed the slogan and concept it in point of fact conveyed what Seoul intended to them.

A Durex (a condom manufacturer) evangelist in Korea had its amusing with a play at the slogan.

— 듀렉스 전도사 (@durexmania) October 28, 2015

The overall opinion turns out to be that the video presentation for “I.SEOUL.U” at the launching rite the day sooner than this was greater than the entire others, and made a just right argument for the slogan. Unforunately, that’s no longer how slogans work; the words must be sufficient without a long video to give an explanation for it, and whilst the Korean target audience sitting there gazing the video may have beloved the which means it conveyed, it doesn’t mean the international audience will feel the similar way. It’s a slogan for a Korean city, yes, but it's miles manifestly meant to be read by a world audience. “I.SEOUL.U” slogan doesn’t put across its meaning intuitively, leaving numerous other people asking, Koreans and non-Koreans alike, “What does it mean?”

What about you, readers? What do you call to mind Seoul’s new slogan?

Song Il Gook and Triplets Reported to Be Leaving “The go back of Superman,” display Responds

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Song Il Gook and Triplets Reported to Be Leaving “The Return of Superman,” prove Responds We all know it’s inevitable. Song Il Gook and his adorable triplets will one day leave the preferred KBS kind show “The Return of Superman.” it is going to leave a hollow in our hearts and feature us crying tears equivalent to, yet now not as cute as, the quantity Minguk has shed over his food being taken away.

Local news source Ilgan Sports reports that actor Song Il Gook has determined that he and his sons will forestall performing at the show early next year (around January – February). The precise timing is still in discussion. This reportedly turned into known all the manner through discussions about CF contracts that involve the triplets, with the firms short of to grasp the Song family’s plans for leaving the show that made them famous.

In reaction to this report, either Song Il Gook’ reps and KBS have said that not anything is decided, which is a indistinct sufficient solution to have fanatics of the show worried.

This beyond July, it used to be reported that Song Il Gook will famous person in the KBS historic drama “Jang Young Sil” (working title), expected to air beginning January 2016.

Yoon Hye Jin Explains Why Uhm Tae Woong and Uhm Ji On Are Leaving “The go back of Superman”

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Yoon Hye Jin Explains Why Uhm Tae Woong and Uhm Ji On Are Leaving “The Return of Superman” While Uhm Tae Woong and his daughter Uhm Ji On have announced that they are going to be leaving “The Return of Superman,” Uhm Tae Woong’s wife, Yoon Hye Jin, printed why they've determined to do so.

On October 14, she posted on her Instagram, “We sought after to inform you all over our ultimate broadcast yet the scoop articles got here out first.”

The mother continued, “I wish to sincerely thank each person who has enjoyed Ji On for the beyond 10 months. We came to this resolution because we think it’s easiest that each and every circle of relatives member focuses on their major jobs. i might be ready to do my most sensible to lift her healthily, happily, and well.”

She also requested support for Ji On who will be on “The Return of Superman” until November.

Watch the newest episode here!