Workers in Giant  Agencies Earn Two times  up to in SMEs

Workers in Giant Agencies Earn Two times up to in SMEs

The salaryhole between staff in main conglomerates and small and mid-sized firms has grown such a lot that the former earn practicallytwo timesup to the latter.

The wage gap stood at W31.81 million closing year, up 7.6 %in comparison to 2014 (US$1=W1,143). Normalbody of workers at fundamental conglomerates earned W65.44 million a year on average, whilst workers in SMEs earned most effective W33.63 million.

The Federation of Korean Industries analyzed the payrolls of 14.68 million salaried workers and discovered that the reasonable annual wage stood at W32.81 million last year, up 1.5 percent from 2014.

But in giant conglomerates wages rose 4.2 percent and in SMEs just 1.2 percent.

"More workers in conglomerates remain hired longer because ofincreasedtaskbalance than in SMEs, so their pay degreesstay going up, and robust unions in corporations also get steeper wage hikes", acknowledged Prof. Kim Sung-soo at Seoul National University.

There has been a pointybuild up in the collection of workers who make more than W100 million a year. Last year 2.7 percent or 390,000 of salaried workers earned more than W100 million, up 11.6 percent as compared to 2014.

But the variety of workers who make between W80 million and W100 million dwindled via 10,000 to account for 2.8 percent. Workers who earn between W60 million to W80 million multiplied by 70,000 to account for 6.5 percent. That implies 12 percent of all salaried workers earn more than W60 million.

But 75 percent of make lower than W40 million. Some 38 percent earned between W20 million to W40 million last year, and 37 percent less than W20 million.

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Chinese Entertainment Agencies Call On Giant  Call K-Pop Composers

Chinese Entertainment Agencies Call On Giant Call K-Pop Composers

Shinsadong Tiger Signed as LOEN Label Representative(Photo : skuniv)For some time like a shot the Korean and Chinese song industries wereattractive and synergizing with one every other to additional their growth.To give a contribution to that, Korea Usher in has reported that primary Chinese entertainment firms are now spending huge sums of cash to scout hit Korean composers.

Some of the composers pursued come with Duble Sidekick (who worked on songs like B.A.P's "Stop It," Girl's Day "Something," and MBLAQ's "This is War," among many others) and AB Entertainment owner Shinsadong Tiger (BEAST's "Shock," "Fiction," T-ara's "Bo Peep Bo Peep").

According to reports, either composers gained 10 billion Korean won (roughly $8.2 million USD) for fresh deals in China, more or less double the quantity that many Hallyu entertainers get to megastar in a drama or film. This price ticket covers no longerhandiest the paintings done by way of the composers, yet also the copyright ownership for any music they are going to create.

Chinese businesses accept already aimed to recruit Korean kinddisplaymanufacturers and celebrities, leading to Chinese versions of hit Korean systems like Running Man. As for music, head of In a position Entertainment's China branch Bae Kyung Ryeol explained that China is now "going beyond uploading K-pop content" and "trying to make its own."

"China has yet to broadenpro composers who make pop music," Bae published every bit to why providers are in seek of out such widely known producers. Moreover, music has been shown as a neater export as it surpasses the language barriers that limits the spread of Korean tv programs. "For this reason, Chinese companies have excellentampleexplanation why to spend 12 billion, from time to time 15 billion won, on scouting composers," Bae concluded.

For Asian pop music fans, 2016 is certain to be a captivating year as we watch how the crossover fashion continues to affect both the Chinese and Korean music industries.

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Tough times for temporary workers

Tough times for temporary workers

Being an extra in a parade or at an event is just one unique temporary job that doesn"t require specific experience or a particular age. Contributing writer Kang Seung-han hauled a palanquin carrying a queen in a parade recreating a Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) ritual at Jongmyo Shrine, Jongno, central Seoul, last month.

Many people in their 20s opt for temporary jobs while they look for full-time employment. These young people usually search for work that lasts just a day to ensure it doesn"t interfere with their studies or career opportunities. But while it"s easier to get a stop-gap position rather than a full-time job, the "easier" part of making money ends there, and the true graft starts. As a contributing writer to the JoongAng Sunday, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, I tried three different temporary jobs for three days, focusing on the most unique, weird and painstaking positions out there.The strangest jobFor my first temporary job I was a paid wedding guest. All I had to do was show up at the ceremony of a bride and a groom who were embarrassed by the lack of people coming to witness their vows. I was expected to act as if I had known the bride for quite some time, appear in photos taken on the day and eat a free meal.Around 6 p.m. on the day in question, two young couples and three men and women, who all appeared to be in their 20s, gathered for a briefing.We were given set times to enter the wedding hall where the ceremony would be held. We had to stagger our arrival as it could seem too obvious that we didn"t know each other, or even worse, that we didn"t know the bride and groom. The two couples went in first, while the rest of us waited outside the venue. When my turn came, I went into the waiting room where the bride welcomes her guests.

Top: Being a paid guest to a wedding was the easiest way to make the most money in the shortest amount of time according to Kang Seung-han"s on-the-job research. Bottom: Working a temporary shift at a logistics company"s distribution center may be the most painful job, where one person moves around 6,000 boxes for 11 hours.

Usually, the waiting area is crowded with people who want to get a sneak peak of the bride before the ceremony starts, but the room was empty, with just the bride and a photographer. I was asked to act as an underclassman from the bride"s college. I said a very awkward "hi" to her and found my seat in the main hall. The venue was more luxurious than I thought it would be. The ceremony began. While I barely paid any attention, at one point I overheard the emcee saying the phrase "truthful marriage" among his comments, which I felt was rather ironic.After the ceremony, the time finally arrived where all the paid guests were supposed to come under the spotlight. All guests, whether paid or not, gathered near the altar for a photo. But some must have looked very indifferent compared to the couple"s real friends.

"Why do some of you look so scary?" the photographer joked "Are you guys part-time paid guests?"

While some of the attendees burst into laughter, the bride and groom seemed uncomfortable about the comment. The photographer then asked who would be receiving the bouquet. In Korea, brides usually choose a friend in advance to catch the bouquet. But no one stepped up, so the manager who had been directing the paid guests pushed one of his employees to the front. This woman not only got a free meal worth 70,000 won ($65) and payment for attending the wedding, she also nabbed the bride"s bouquet.After the wedding had almost wrapped up, the approximately 20 people that had gathered earlier met again. Each received an envelope filled with cash and went their separate ways.Our paid work officially began at 7 p.m. when we entered the venue and lasted to the end of dinner.The manager who worked with the fake guests said that even the mother of the groom was a temporary worker. Those who impersonate direct family members are usually explained after the wedding with excuses such as that the parents got divorced or decided to move overseas. The most interesting opportunityWhile being a fake guest at a wedding may require job-seekers to be of a specific age or gender, acting as an extra in a parade is less demanding.One weekend morning, I was part of a crowd standing in front of Jongmyo Shrine in Jongno District, central Seoul. We had gathered to be part of a demonstration that would recreate ancient Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) ancestral rituals. Some people, who seemed to have undertaken similar work before, had grown their mustaches in the style of scholars from the Joseon period.Again, a manager came up and assigned us to different positions. I was hoping to get a role as a higher-level aristocrat but instead was told to haul a palanquin carrying a Joseon queen instead. Another worker told me I was lucky to get the part. Others, who were to work as high-level officials, had to stand in line all day under the scorching sun, but I only needed to carry the palanquin for about 10 minutes.After we changed into traditional Korean garments, the manager came back in and told us all that we were not allowed to look at the queen, as per protocol in Joseon times. I kept my eyes focused on the ground the entire time. The only thing I could see was the bottom layer of the dresses the queen and her assistants wore. But that moment of feeling like I was in the Joseon caste system didn"t last long. I soon had to carry the litter right on my shoulder. Eight people shared the weight, but the sweat still started to run down my back.After the rehearsal, I got a chance to talk to many of the aristocrats or royal family members I wasn"t even allowed to look at earlier. One 25-year-old student said that he came to work so that he could pay for his acting class."I wanted to go to college and major in theater, but I failed to get into school three times", the student said."When I work as an extra in such events, I can at least vicariously experience what working on a film set would be like. So, in another sense, I"m here for my future".It wasn"t just students in their 20s who came for the temporary job. To make 40,000 won, workers at smaller companies or suppliers at regional governments signed up, too.At 1 p.m., we started to put on makeup to look more like the characters we were playing. Some drew on mustaches or attached fake facial hair to show differences in social status. It was relatively easy for me since all I needed to do was draw a quick stroke on my face.The painful shiftAfter taking a day off, I went to work for a shift at a logistics company"s distribution center. This temporary job is notorious among part-timers for its arduousness because you have to load and unload packages for 11 hours at night.I got on the bus after writing down my personal information. After around a two-hour ride, I arrived in Okcheon, where all the packages from across the country are collected. The work is pretty simple. You pick up packages and pile them on a truck for 11 hours.After the screech of a whistle at 8 p.m., dinner was served. We had just 20 minutes to eat seaweed soup and some rice. One of the more seasoned workers told me that I had picked the worst possible day to come in. In September the packages are heavier since it is harvest season, and Mondays are usually the busiest shift because workers have to take care of stock that piled up over the weekend. I barely had the luxury of paying attention to what he was saying, however; boxes started to come at me on the conveyor belt. I had to focus on not making mistakes. If I was not extra cautious, liquid items could leak and ice boxes , which usually contain smelly food such as kimchi, fermented sauces or other side dishes, could break and easily ruin other packages. A burlap sack usually includes 20 small boxes that weigh up to one kilogram. Since these packages are different in shape to the usual rectangular boxes, it is very difficult to create a neat pile. I also needed extra power to throw them into the truck. There is no break time at the distribution center. When there seems to be fewer boxes on the conveyor belt, workers take turns to grab a two-minute rest. After my drinking water ran out, I used my short time off to run to a vending machine and get a drink. Maybe it was because I was sweating so much, but I didn"t need to go to the bathroom at all that day, even after hydrating myself with a few drinks. If a person is clumsy, they usually get yelled at. If a worker is unskilled and slow, it means that more experienced, skilled personnel have to toil harder for the same pay. At 2:30 a.m., a director gave a sharp shout. The conveyor belt stopped. One of the part-timers fell under the rail. Fortunately, they were not injured and were escorted out to the terminal. After some whispered talking, the belt started to move again. We only had smaller boxes left to cart off at around 5:30 in the morning. Throughout the shift, I had hit my knee on a rail, stubbed my toe on the edge of a box and had not been able to stretch my back for hours. My arms and neck were screaming out in pain. In total, I placed 6,000 boxes onto the truck that would travel to Gumi from Okcheon. After sunrise, we got back on the bus to get home. "This work is something that makes you curse, but whether I like it or not, I have to come back to work the shift because I got myself into a car accident", one temporary staff member said on the bus back home. "I need to pay back around 2 million won and I have no other way to make that amount".I passed out when I got home. When I woke up it was already after sundown and my whole body ached. For working three different temporary jobs for three days, I made 150,000 won - barely enough for me to purchase up to four textbooks for school. If I were to take five classes, I would need to make more money to buy maybe two more textbooks. And if the money ran out again, I would have to fake clap at a wedding, carry a palanquin and carry 6,000 boxes again. A college friend I met on the weekend told me that having to undertake temporary work to survive means that they often miss out on internships. But not working these jobs is unimaginable because the temporary workers do not have any other sources of income. The friend said it is like being in a vicious circle with no way out. Throughout my experience, I felt like living life shouldn"t be so hard. I wondered whether things would improve for these people if they managed to graduate from college or find a permanent job. By Kang Seung-han [[emailprotected] ]

Photo credits: Kim Chun-sik


EXO body of workers member beneath  hearth or mocking Kai in Instagram post

EXO body of workers member beneath hearth or mocking Kai in Instagram post

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA workforce member from popular male group EXOs fresh concert has come belowfireplace from EXO-L after allegedly creating a disrespectful post about community member Kai on Instagram. 

Towards the finish of EXOs concert EXOrdiums first weekend in Seoul, a feminineemployees member made a small comic story on Instagram by way of posting a photo of a tower she made with leftover products from the event, captioning it I wager Kais no longer that popular, such a lot of his merch used to be left over that I made a tower out of it.

After seeing the post, however, many EXO-L changed into infuriated with the workers member, accusing her of mocking Kai. The post then have becomequite viral among EXO-L, with heaps of lovers swarming to the post to terrorize the staff member for her comments. The account has since been set to private.

Check out this video of a few of EXOs funniest moments below:

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EXO group of workers member terrorized on Instagram by way of EXO-Ls

EXO group of workers member terrorized on Instagram by way of EXO-Ls

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA personnel member from popular male group EXOs contemporary concert has come beneathfireplace from EXO-L after allegedly creating a disrespectful post about team member Kai on Instagram. 

Towards the finish of EXOs concert EXOrdiums first weekend in Seoul, a feminineworkers member made a small funny story on Instagram through posting a photo of a tower she made with leftover products from the event, captioning it I wager Kais now not that popular, such a lot of his merch used to be left over that I made a tower out of it.

After seeing the post, however, many EXO-L become infuriated with the employees member, accusing her of mocking Kai. The post then have becomemoderately viral among EXO-L, with lots of fanatics swarming to the post to terrorize the staff member for her comments. The account has since been set to private.

Check out this video of a few of EXOs funniest moments below:

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Jay Park Finds Why He At all times Takes His Blouse Off When Performing

Jay Park Finds Why He At all times Takes His Blouse Off When Performing

Jay Park Unearths Why He At all times Takes His Blouse Off When Acting leonid July 23, 2016 0 Jay Park Displays Why He Always Takes His Shirt Off When Performing Singer Jay Park reveals the explanation he always is going topless for his performances.

On the July 22 episode of KBS2s Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook, he and unsightly Duck seem as visitors and captivate the audiences with their upbeat performances.

During the interview, Jay Park is asked why he is taking his shirt off on each and every show. He replies, If I dont take it off, the target market screams at me to.

He cracks up the audience on set when he comments, At this rate, In deficient health existsetting out my shirt even if onechange into a grandfather.

During the episode, Jay Park could also be all praises for Unsightly Duck, an artist beneath his label AOMG, with whom he collaborates for the album Scene Stealers.

He shares, I didnt like other people amongst beards yet now I do, thank you to Gruesome Duck. Hes any person who makes song with depth. His music suits him neatly and has authenticity.

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“1N2D” gets their wish and invitations  Two times for upcoming episode

“1N2D” gets their wish and invitations Two times for upcoming episode

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter It kind of feels like TWICE did now not just dominate the song charts this year as they head their way to guest on hit sort program, 1N2D. 

On July 22nd, it was once widely reported that Two timeschanged into spotted in the direction of filming for hit range program with further reports that the forgedparticipants themselves were self-proclaimed lovers of the girlgroup. Despite the truth that the stated appearance was confirmed, a representative explained that the idea thatin their episode could beprintedthroughout the broadcast.

The overwhelming passion for the girlgroup has sparked some certain reaction in terms of their progressing popularity, especially on having been invited to seemat the program. Others also are already expecting the content of the episode.

Stay tuned for more updates about their appearance!

Check out the music video for TWICEs Cheer Up below:

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8 Times We Fell In Love With Wonder Girls

8 Times We Fell In Love With Wonder Girls

Wonder Women have just won their first trophy for their new single,"Why So Lovely," and so in honor in their win and their comeback let's glance at 8 of their greatest hits to remind us why we likethose ladies!

Remember the days of "So Hot"? We love this video!

AdvertisementLove how this song makes us feel!

We needno oneyet Wonder Girls!

How are we in a position to ever disregard the song that introduced these girls into superstardom?

We love the outfits in this video!

During their days in America, Wonder Girls released this song with singer Akon.

We for sureomit SunYe and SoHee!

And ofcourse we can not forget their latest hit single!

Congratulations on a large comeback girls!

(Photo :

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Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow Yong Good friendForged Park Hye SooJiwonYu July 19, 2016 0 Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, Always An Oppa To Fellow Yong Pal Cast Park Hye Soo Actress Park Hye Soo expressed her love for actor Joo Won in her contemporary Naver V app broadcast!

On July 19, Park Hye Soo did her first V app broadcast and mentioned herself and her works.

During the show, she learns that her label-mate and Yong Pal co-star and Joo Won, who played her older brother in the drama, is looking at her broadcast, too. Then she says, Oppa, how are you doing?

Later, she says, Please leave a comment. I dont know your Identity though.

She tells her fans, Im going to be just rightagainst Joo Won. Once my brother, always my brother. I went to Singapore with Joo Won, too. It was once for a fan meeting, and I used to be so worried since there were such so much offolks there.

Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo has been cast in JTBCs new drama Formative years Generation as the maximum important lead.

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7 Times We All Went Loopy For Lee Jong Suk

7 Times We All Went Loopy For Lee Jong Suk

7 Times We All Went Loopy For Lee Jong Sukbinahearts July 19, 2016 0 7 Times We All Went Crazy For Lee Jong Suk Whether it be a film or a drama, Lee Jong Suk makes it so simpleto glance at him on screen. He has the powerto attract yous into his characters and storyline, so its no wonder that virtuallyeach and every drama he stars in is guaranteed to be a large reach (and were eagerly looking forward to W). Heres a walk down reminiscence lane as we have a look at seven times Lee Jong Suk left us in want ofto look more of him on screen (in no specific order).

1. Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Boxes love-lineTheres not anything like a excellent bromance in a drama and college 2013 used to be the epitome of it. Audience were ready to see Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bins relationship progress from a position of hate and resentment to like and loyalty. I especially enjoyed the scene where they either come blank about their emotions and expressed how much they overlooked having one another in their lives. The entirety about this felt so authentic and real and it’s most likely because they’re longtime pals in genuine life!

(Re)Watch the drama below.

2. The aquarium kiss1Listen Your Voice is viaa ways my favourite Lee Jong Suk drama. I loved how Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) would apply Jang Hye Seong (Lee Bo Young) around, wantingto give coverage to her. Theres nothing like a primary drama lead who wears his center on his sleeve. Consider when Lee Jong Suk kisses her in the aquarium whilstdropping a tear as a result of his intense undying love? Yes.

(Re)Watch the drama below.

3. Lee Jong Suk’s aegyoCan this scene from Top Kick 3 be to any extent further cringe-worthy (in an even way)? It’s amazing how he can pull this off!

4. His savage one-linersMore commonly than not when Lee Jong Suk changed into on screen in Secret Garden, his lines would be short and to the point. He couldn’t be bothered with Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) and his pestering.

(Re)Watch the drama below.

5. Kissing Park Shin Hye’s handI know I acknowledged in no special order, yet this scene from Pinocchio would doubtlessly exist my no. 1 Lee Jong Suk moment. I shipped (still ship) this couple and need they would just date in real life. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye had such a lot chemistry and this scene just exuded it all. The snow, the music, the actor, and actress. Dreamy, right? Ugh, I cant maintain the chemistry!

Weve perfectly timed the video beneath for your viewing pleasure. Just press play.

Did you watch the clip twice? Since you should.

6. Lee Jong Suk and beautyLadiesHow are we able todisregardall of the Tell Me scenes in Physician Stranger?

Heres every other video of him dancing because why not.

(Re)Watch the drama below.

7. When he fell for an older girl at the health centerThe KBS Drama Special When I used to be the Prettiest was in particular special due to Lee Jong Suk. The very best moment? When he showed up after being hit with rain and gave Shin Ae (Jeon Ik Ryeong) a sectionthat might make her toy dog paintings again.

What are your favorite Lee Jong Suk moments? Let me know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi creator who loves to spend her loose fourth dimension immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her existing obsessions are Song Joong Ki, Display Me the cash 5, and Doctors. When she isn’t staring atthe maximum recent Running Guy episode, she will also benoticed indulging in her favorite spare time activitieswhich come withmaking a song her heart out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and dining dessert!

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