YG Entertainment’s Best Visual Artists Are Their Actors And Actresses, No longer K-Pop Idols

YG Entertainment’s Best Visual Artists Are Their Actors And Actresses, No longer K-Pop Idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWhen YG Entertainment is mentioned, one in an instant thinks of its a success artists beneath the label adding BIGBANG, 2NE1, Jinusean and more. Yet thats no longer all their about.

The hugefirm has its own profitable and most sensible rated actors under its label as neatly with many joining the YG Circle of relatives just currently including Lee Jong Suk, Kang Dong Won, Kang Hee Ae and more. Now more than ever, YG Entertainment has begun to recruit more actors under its label, rivaling even SM Entertainment, who is well known for its visual lawn of idols, in the case of contracting visual entertainers.

Take a glance at the list below. Were you shockedsuch so much of visual actors were under YG Entertainment?

Image: Nam Joo Hyuk / 10Asia Image: Nam Joo Hyuk / 10Asia

Image: Bae Jung Nam / @jungnam_bae Instagram Image: Bae Jung Nam / @jungnam_bae Instagram

Image: Yoo In Na / iMagazineKorea Image: Yoo In Na / iMagazineKorea

Image: Jung Hye Young and her husband Sean Image: Jung Hye Young and her husband Sean

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Korean Enthusiasts Claim 1981 Is The actual Golden Year Of Visual Idols And Actors

Korean Enthusiasts Claim 1981 Is The actual Golden Year Of Visual Idols And Actors

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilst K-pop enthusiastscontinuously argue over whether the 94-line or 99-line is the maximum productivein the case of visuals, Korean fans are claiming that neither are true. 

According to a post on Instiz, which has a gainednumeroussure responses, many Korean fans trust that the year 1981 produced the most mythical visuals in Korean history. Featuring best actors and actresses such as Jun Ji HyunKang Dong Wan, and Song Hye Kyo, many fans argued that there's no year that may compete with 1981 by way of visuals.

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[Gallery] K-Pop Idols, Actors and Actresses Take on The “Ice Bucket Challenge”

[Gallery] K-Pop Idols, Actors and Actresses Take on The “Ice Bucket Challenge”

After sweeping up American CEOs, actors, musicians and athletes in the past few weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge has just spread to the K-Pop world!

If you havent heard the Ice Bucket Challenge before, participants film themselves pouring a bucket of ice water on their head. Once theyve taken the plunge, they call out three friends to take on the challenge, or donate $100 to the ALS Foundation, and upload the video to a social media platform.


Tim, Sean (Jinusean), Brian Joo, Jo In SungLim Juhwan, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungil Park, Eric Nam, Kevin (U-KISS), Amber (f(x)), Peniel (BTOB), Park Hanbyul, BESTie, Jung Eunji (A Pink), Lee Kwang Soo, Kikwang (BEAST)

More will be added as they become available!

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Popular idols, actors, and artists to participate in

Popular idols, actors, and artists to participate in "2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert" this September

Many top nameshave been confirmed for the artist lineup at the upcoming "2014 Oh Joon Sung K-Drama Concert" this September!

The lineup consists of Hallyu drama actors and top K-POP artists, who either participated in the drama or sang theme songs. As Oh Joon Sung has provided many OST songs for various productions, you"ll be able to hear hit songs from dramas like "The Sun of My Master", "Boys Over Flowers", "Cinderella"s Sister", "City Hunter", and more!

Jo Gwan Woo, Park Wan Kyu, Scenery of Riding Bicycle, Bobby Kim, T (Yoon Mi Rae), Bada, ALi, 4men"s Shin Yong Jae, Ailee, Girl"s Day, Monday Kiz, Kim Bo Kyung, and EXO-K were names that were officially mentioned through recent press releases.

However, the concert website revealed more names that were not mentioned in the initial press releases such as TVXQ,TaeTiSeo, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, and Lee Jun Ki.

The "2014 Oh Joon Sung Drama Concert" will be held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on September 27 at 6 PM KST. Check out the full line up listed on the website through the image below!


The “Pink Blonde” Coiffure Is Popular Among K-Pop Artists, Yet  Those 8 Idols Rocked It Best

The “Pink Blonde” Coiffure Is Popular Among K-Pop Artists, Yet Those 8 Idols Rocked It Best

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Red and blonde are two of the maximumneatly liked bright hair colours for idols who wish toexchange up their looks. 

And whilstthe 2 colors wereincrediblycommonplace among idols, some have opted to mix the two, developing a new blonde pink glance thats also gaining some traction as well. However, as a result ofthe original blend, now notall and sundry can pull off the look, causing lovers to create an inventory compiling a couple of idols who appearanceimpressive with the originalcolour mix.

Girls GenerationTaeyeon

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Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move  via plastic surgery”

Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move via plastic surgery”

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Veteran actress Hong Jinhee recently printedthat each and every one actors and actresses passvia plastic surgical operation and botox. 

While on SBS Good Morning, the actress stated, Plastic surgery and botox are a should for actors and actresses. Recently I have had widespreadmind on whether I ought to age naturally or get just a little of a face lift.

In a rustic where endless plastic surgeries are done,with procedures starting from double eyelid surgery to whole facial adjustments and an industry where many celebrities, actors, actresses, and K-Pop idols alike are steadily judged on their looks in addition their talent, it comes as no wonder to netizens that actors and actresses pass through plastic surgery and use botox.

1. 671, 14 Of course, regardless of how good you're at acting, when you dont appear to be the lead, you are going to never be lead, yet if you glance the part, you may land a lead role despite the reality that y'all cant act.

2. 535, 10 This ladys role in Sunny went by way oflarge plastic surgery too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. 448, 4 I wonder how many celebrities are all herbal

4. 28, 0 My oppa is a cameraman and he says whatever how beautiful you are, if you dont appearance skilful on camera, you want to have to get plastic surgery.

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These Feminine K-Pop Idols Have No longer  Handiest Beauty, Yet Brains As Well

These Feminine K-Pop Idols Have No longer Handiest Beauty, Yet Brains As Well

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith Korean feminine celebrities continuously times objectified for their looks, symbol and style, a small number are in realityseemed for their intellect as well. 

A document on Sports Chosun regarded the head 1% of Korea’s “sexy female brains” after a couple of celebrities have qualifications that were given them a MENSA member or Harvard University education.

Top at the list is Girl’s Day’s leader, Sojin, who regardless of being known for her female and youngerthoughtphotographs and dance regimenis really an engineering main at Youngnam University. The similar qualification is going for singer Lee So Eun who graduated with an English level from Korea University in 2007 earlier than attending NorthWestern Law School. She is reported to be operating equally a deputy director of the Global Chamber of Commerce.

Other celebrities on the list comprises actress Yoon So Hee, a graduate of Korea Complex Institute of Science and Tecnology (KAIST), Ha Yeon Joo, an actress with an IQ of 156 and a registered MENSA member. Lastly, anchorwoman Shin Ah Young was once noted for her instructional qualification as a History most important who graduated from Harvard University and interned at the Royal Bank of Scotland before her existing role.

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12 Actors Who May just  Utterly Pass As Idols

12 Actors Who May just Utterly Pass As Idols

12 Actors Who May justCompletely die equally Idolsbinahearts Would possibly 25, 2016 0 12 Actors Who Could Totally Pass As Idols always see an actor and think to yourself that he could totally pass as an idol? Idols have a picture to uphold. They sing, dance, rap, and feature other hidden talents that we dont know about. Also, they are patently super good-looking and will evenbreak out amongstdressed in eyeliner! It undoubtedly takes a distinctuser to be an idol star, yetthose actors can have seriously fooled me. Here’s my list of 12 actors who could pass as idols (in no specific order).

Being repeatedlymentioned as being a “flower boy,” physically, Yoon Shi Yoon is the definition of an idol. He’s tall and has the easiest confront and beautiful smile. If that isn’t enough, he too can sing, play the guitar, and has recorded several songs on drama OSTs, adding one for Flower Boy Next Door.

Yoo Seung Ho has were givensuch a lotability on best of his already impressive repertoire of videos and dramas. He’s now notjust a multi award-winning actor, but this cutie can play the piano and sing. He’s even recorded a duet with IU.

Known as being the James Dean of Korea, Yoo Ah In has the picture of looking innocent, but being a bit of of a rebel. And although he’s shy about it, he sings so much at his fan meetings and he’s in truthin point of fact good. He also cares much approximately fashion, which could also bevital for idols!

With the entirefeminineenthusiastswhich are going loopy over Yeo Jin Goo, it wouldn’t be challenging for him to transition into being in a boy band. But, what makes this heart-throb an idol contender? His strikingly just right looks, deep voice, and manly personality.

Lee Hyun Woo manifestlysuits the physical side of being an idol. I could’ve sworn he was once an idol when I first saw him on TV, but turned intostunnedto determine that he was at all times an actor. He does have a actually perfectmaking a song voice and has even recorded a couple of songs for the dramas that he has been in.

With a face like this, there’s not anythingSearch engine marketing Kang Joon can’t do thiswomen won’t squeal over. His face, his lips, and gaze-worthy eyes make him the bestattainable idol. Although he’s not a section of an idol group, he is a element of an acting staff called, 5urprise, where they are known to sing and dance as well! He also can play the piano — his charm never ends!

It’s glaring that Kim Soo Hyun’s face is perfect. We know it, Asia knows it. So, what makes him idol-worthy? Kim Soo Hyun trained at JYP Entertainment for 3 months so asto organize for his role in the drama, Dream High. He even recorded two songs for the drama and made several appearances on song shows.

Here’s an actor who could have really well been an idol. Park Bo Gum’s dream as a kid was to develop into a singer-songwriter and he’s even released candid videos of himself singing and gambling the piano. He can sing, dance, act, and looks fairly – doesnt get much closer than this!

Being signed in the similarcorporate as BIGBANG typically makes you an idol, right? Nam Joo Hyuk not just acts, but is a model, plays basketball, and will sing. His unending list of skills displaceidiotany person into thinking he’s an idol.

Having first stuck a glimpse of Lee Jong Suk in Secret Garden, I presumed he was a singer in genuine life. Little did I know that he had never truly sung prior to and did it only for the drama. Lee Jong Suk also beat out many other idols who had auditioned for the role.

Having not loved being called “pretty” in the past, he now relishes in it as he’s getting older. Not only does Song Joong Ki are compatible the glance of an idol, he also sings and has even rapped at one point. He even sang a song at the OST for his drama, The Innocent Man. What can’t this man do?!

Ji Chang Wook firstly had dreams of converting into an actor in musical theatre, but have becomenoted for his drama appearances. Not able to let move of his love for musical theatre, he still endured to act on degree eventide after he became famous. While youlisten how smartly he can sing, you’ll wonder why he’s not certainly an idol.

Is there some other actor you suspect toilet pass as an idol? Let us know who in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi creator who loves to spend her loose fourth dimension immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her favorite actors are Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, and more recently, Song Joong Ki. She also loves observingmaximumtypepresentations and has claimed to have watched eachunmarried episode of Running Man. Some of her favourite K-pop artists come witha huge number of old-school teams like, Sechskies, g.o.d, and Jinusean. As for more fresh groups, she likes Dean, Giant BANG, Akdong Musician, and GOT7.  When she isn’t watching the newest drama series, she may also beobserved indulging in her favourite spare time activitieswhich come with singing her middle out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and dining dessert!

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Fans Rank The pinnacle 3 Visual K-Pop Idols To Debut Beneath DSP Media

Fans Rank The pinnacle 3 Visual K-Pop Idols To Debut Beneath DSP Media

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Instead of SS501, KARA, Rainbow, A-JAX and April, DSP Media has debuted very talked-aboutteamsbelow its label adding Sechs Kies, Fin.K.L, Shyne, Click-B and more.

On a web community, enthusiasts named the pinnacle 3 visual male idols that experience debuted under the label since its founding in 1991.

02. Click Bs Yoo Ho Suk (now referred to as Evan)

03. SS501s Kim Hyun Joong

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies currently made trending news after five of the usual six individuals signed a freelance with YG Entertainment.

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17 Actors And Actresses That Amazed Us With Their Making a song Ability

17 Actors And Actresses That Amazed Us With Their Making a song Ability

17 Actors And Actresses That Amazed Us With Their Making a songTalent sophfly Might 6, 2016 0 17 Actors And Actresses That Amazed Us With Their Singing Ability Seeing the exponential expansion of the entertainment industry ago few years, it comes as no wonder that a lot of thefolksrunning in this industry possess more than oneskills — talents that make them really well-rounded entertainers. Here'sobservedmaximum prevalently with people whoat first debut as singers and then slowly make their call known thru dramas, musicals, modeling, or evenform shows. Yet there also are many talented actors who possess gorgeous singing skills. Let’s have a look at one of the vital actors and actresses who could or would most likely not have entered the entertainment industry with their vocals, but either way, surprise with how smartly they dangle more than an easy tune.

(Note: The list is in no specific order.)

First up at the list is a familiar voice, Kim Soo Hyun. Whilst his bestluckwill also be attributed to his hit projects, “Dream High,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” “My Love From the Stars,” and “Producers,” his voice is regularly heard on the OST tracks of those dramas as well, making all his loversfar and wide fall doubly, once for fantastic acting talents and two times for his rich, mellow voice.

Lee Min Ho is every other widely acclaimed Hallyu big name who has shown no longerbest his hobby for acting but also his willingness to exhibit his deep voice in the dramas that he acts in.

Here is an actress — one this is a true veteran of the drama industry but also a shockingly prolific singer. It kind of feelsas though Park Shin Hye if reality exist toldactually enjoys singing as she’s released a huge number of OST tracks and even covers of songs cut loose her drama work. Her candy vocals are without a doubtat all timesdelightful to pay attention to.

Park Search engine optimization Joon is yet some other crowd favourite with his contemporary projects, “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “She used to be Pretty,” truly solidifying his role equally an actor to observe out for. So it’s a gigantic plus that he also knows how to carryfeelings with his astounding singing ability.

Lee Sung Kyung is one more actress who pursues singing as a zeal in and of itself. While she hasn’t officially released OST tracks for her dramas, Lee Sung Kyung has showcased her vocals in quite so much of collaboration projects with the likes of singer-songwriter, Eddy Kim.

Ji Chang Wook in reality made his debut in musical theatre and is the reasoneither his affinity for and robust background in music. As he slowly broke his way into the public eye with several a success dramas, Ji Chang Wook turned into thus ready to scouse borrow evening more hearts with his ringing voice.

Park Bo Young is yet an alternate actress who possesses sweetly mild vocals to supplement her amazing acting abilities. Her most modern OST track was featured in the hit drama, “Oh My Ghostess.

Like Ji Chang Wook, Joo Won also debuted as a musical actor prior to making a solid cite for himself as an actor in other non-musical productions. Thus, he also was capable of surprise the ones who have become fans of his non-musical dramas with his fascinating voice.

Ku Hye Sun could be one of the most multi-talented entertainers available in the market as now not only an actress but also a director, artist, and singer-songwriter. For how various her interests are, Ku Hye Sun continues to astound with just how made up our minds she is still in cultivating some of these interests. She not just has several OST tracks to her name but also such much of more released songs that she has composed herself. She even wearan entire solo concert in 2015.

Jang Geun Suk is one of these actors that everybody already knows has a lovely voice to boot, maybebecause of having starred in so many music-inspired dramas. Hearing his smooth, wealthy voice is continually a enormousget advantages to following his acting projects.

Lee Joon Gi will be known best possible for his flower-boy symbol and really extensive acting roles, but not many appearto grasp that he’s released a total album by way of himself before, let alone that he also starred in a musical back in 2010. It turns out like there genuinelyis not anyrestrict to the quite plenty of talents he possesses.

Song Joong Ki is the epitome of a Hallyu star at the moment, especially in the aftermath of the massive hit “Descendants of the Sun,” and it was only after seeing him sing one of the OST tracks at a fanmeeting currently that I researched his musical background and discovered a pleasantly unexpected solo OST track. Take a listen.

Jo Jung Suk is yet another actor from the sector of musical theater and production. But for those thatwon't have known this actual portion of his background, his gorgeous baritone voice only makes him stand out even more.

For having began his entertainment occupation as a fashion earlier delving into acting, Sung Joon has a voice so stable that one might mistake him for having had extensive training. His first leading role was in “Shut up Flower Boy Band” in which he played the lead singer of a band. His charmingly rough voice made its first debut together with his first lead acting role.

Do many actors originally debut in musical theatre? It appears like there’s yet another musical theatre actor in this list with Kang Ha Neul, who met abundant acclaim on degree before switching to the screen to fulfill with even more success.

It’s slightly unfair to behold all these amazingly talented actors also possess vocals that only extra cement their positions as winning entertainers in this industry. Choi Jin Hyuk’s deep voice reverberates impressively even if he speaks but hear that voice in a song? Blown away.

Ji Hyun Woo also had musical theatre background to supply an explanation for his musical endeavors and prowess but even more appealing is his background as a lead guitarist for an indie rock band called “The Nuts.” His first solo unmarried was definitely written and composed by Ji Hyun Woo himself and then produced by his older brother.

sophfly is very partial to rich and deep bass vocals, voices that trulytake place to belong to several of the actors incorporated in this list. Its both stunning and a true testomony to the astounding talent in this industry as a whole. 

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