10 times antifans attempted to injure or kill Idols

10 times antifans attempted to injure or kill Idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterHearing thosestudies of idols is sufficient to make you shudder with fear.

With many fanatics comes many anti-fans as well. Despite the truth thatother peopleconsider that noted idols are enjoyedby capability of everyone, also they aresufferers of anti-fans who send death threats. Apprehensive every bit they are, anti-fans send death threats very repeatedly to idols and will eventake place daily. Here are 10 gruesome times when idols were victims of anti-fans.

10 Times Idols Were Victims of Anti-FansBy Koreaboo

Super Juniors HangengBy Koreaboo

A fan gave a box of cake to the body of workers who passed it along to Hangeng. However, after opening it, the employees saw that the box contained bags of blood, a knife, and a stabbed photo of Hangeng. It was once also showed that the cake contained poison in the type of powder.

Baby VOXs EunhyeBy Koreaboo

In 2000, Eunhye changed into attacked by a male anti-fan who squirted a soy sauce, red pepper, and vinegar aggregate into her eyes the usage of a water gun. As a result, she had to wear an eyepatch on stage. The firm believed that the male attempted to blind the idol yet Eunhye refused to press fees afterwarddeclaring that her damage was minor. Additionally, the singer was also egged and had food thrown at her to the point where she was afraid of anti-fans and refused to stroll alongside her head up.

While the veteran singer was functioning on stage, Na HunA was slashed at the face with a knife by an anti-fan. To this day, the scar still remains on his cheek.

TVXQs YunhoBy Koreaboo

Back in 2006, Yunho drank what he concept was orange juiced that was from a group member. However, it grew to become out that the drink contained super glue which brought about the member to vomit and cough out blood sooner than fainting. On account of the scarring incident, Yunho have becomefurtherwary around other individuals or places that looked very equivalent to the scene of the incident. 

2PM was frightened when they got here across a gift from an anti-fan. They had won a bouquet of plant life that represented death in Korea. Thankfully, the members were now not injured in anyway after receiving the flowers. 

Actress Do Jiwon experienced a terrifying incident when an anti-fan abducted her and locked her in the trunk of a vehicle.

Just recently, BIGBANG and EXO had made comebacks simultaneously, causing the 2 fandoms to flare up opposed toeach and every other. VIPs started panicking after hearing one EXO-L threatening to bomb one of BIGBANGs upcoming concerts. Thankfully,  the EXO-L apologized for the riskin a while after. Though IT was highly not going that the anti-fan were to bomb the concert, it still caused much fear and fright among fans.  

Girls Generation TaeyeonBy Koreaboo

During one in their concerts, while Women Generation was performing, a middle-aged guy came on level and pulled Taeyeon away. Sunny followed the guy and thankfully he was stopped by the safety guards before getting off stage. No one knows what the mans intentions were, but its a larger relief that not anythingtook place to her. 

When Jay Park was making his departure from 2PM while promising to forestall all activities, anti-fans were still infuriated. As a result, many anti-fans signed a petition that called for Jay Parks suicide. The petition gained about 3000 signatures but was later deleted.

Baby VOXs Kan Mi YeonBy Koreaboo

In 1999, because of the truth that Mi Yeon was dating H.O.Ts Moon Heejun, the singer got an envelope stuffed with razor blades as a threat. Mi Yeon briefly reported the incident to the police. 

EXTRA: Woman on Superstar KingBy Koreaboo

This incident was not anything that befell to an idol but still came as a surprise to the singer. After going thru weight loss, a lady came back to the set of Star King and took a photo with Tremendous Juniors Kangin backstage. After uploading the picture on her Cyworld, the lady received many threats and fought with depression. When she couldnt take care of it any longer, the woman committed suicide.

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10 Times Anti-Fans Can have Conspired To Kill Idols

10 Times Anti-Fans Can have Conspired To Kill Idols

21kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Hearing thosestudies of idols is ample to make you shudder with fear.

With many fanatics comes many anti-fans as well. Even ifother folksaccept as true with that noted idols are enjoyedby way of everyone, also they aresufferers of anti-fans who send death threats. Fearful equally they are, anti-fans send death threats very repeatedly to idols and may alsotake place daily. Here are 10 gruesome times when idols were victims of anti-fans.

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10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Appeared like Ice Cream

10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Appeared like Ice Cream

10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Seemed like Ice Creamvikimiki July 1, 2016 0 10 Times Rainbow-Haired K-pop Idols Looked Like Ice Cream Its after all July, this method that its ice cream season (for the onesfolks in the Northern Hemisphere). Shall we take this time to commemorate some special ice-cream encouraged moments in K-pop.

1. That point when Rapmon looked like Superman flavor ice cream.bts-rapmon-rainbow-hair-2

Superman ice cream is as multi-flavored and multicolored as RM is multitalented.

2. That time when Baro looked like Baskin Robbins cotton sweet ice cream.baro-rainbow-hair-2 920905.com

Baro once confessed that hed in point of fact like to head alongside his lovers to an amusement park and consume cotton candy. We think hes subconsciously realizing his unfulfilled wish with his hair.

3. That time when HyunA looked precisely like Baskin Robbins Wild n Reckless Sherbet.hyuna-rainbow-hair-2 HyunA , cruzines.blogspot.com

HyunA is a wild n reckless troublemaker!

4. That time when Sehun looked like Hawaiian shave ice.exo-sehun-rainbow-2

So much colorful goodness.

5. That time when G-Dragon looked like scrumptiouscomfortable serve.gdragon-rainbow-hair-2

GD is naturally the king of hair color. This crimson and blue combine is soft and sweet.

6. That time when Hyoyeon looked a little like a rainbow paddle pop.hyoyeon-rainbow-hair-i-got-a-boy-2 procrstinatingpolishr.com

What is this magical-looking popsicle, you ask? Its an Australian frozen treat that tastes like rainbows caramel.

7. That time when Key looked like candy pastel sherbet.shinee-key-rainbow-hair-2

A authenticcoiffure for one of K-pops maximumexclusive personalities.

8. That time when T.O.P looked exactly like a mouthwatering blue raspberry slushie.top-hair-2 thissilygirlslife.com

Icy blue (but goofy) hair to enrich that icy bloodless (but goofy) demeanor.

9. That time when Yooyoung looked like a delicious tropical fruit ice.hello-venus-yooyoung-2

Hello Venus Im Sick featured a ton of hair colour inspiration moments. We adore how much a laugh Yooyoung is having with those multicolored stripes!

10. That time when Aoora also looked like rainbow ice.aoora-rainbow-hair-2

Aooras rainbow mohawk is a exotic masterpiece in the history of K-pop hair.

11. And finally, lets be real, usually all K-pop idols in all places have given us each and everyconceivable hair color in eachlikely iteration. Thanks for all of the sweet and colorful moments!tumblr_n9lykrg0d51ti7ge2o1_500

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7 Times Idols Adorably Cuddled With Every Other

7 Times Idols Adorably Cuddled With Every Other

7 Times Idols Adorably Cuddled With Each and every Otherminjiya June 20, 2016 0 7 Times Idols Adorably Cuddled With Every Other In Korean culture, “skinship,” or physical intimacy, isn't reserved for romantic couples only; it's milesreasonablynot unusual for close buddies (usually of the similar gender) to exploit skinship. Boys and ladies alike would possiblydangle hands, embrace, or sit down in each other’s laps. Idols are not any exception!

Here are one of the vitalmaximum adorable skinship moments between idols, in no specific order:

Chen KaiOn episode nine of “EXO Showtime,” the participants played a game to look how long they mightremainutterly silent. All through a game of “007 Bang,” Chen’s fastgamblingreasons Kai to lose one round. The members briefly drag Kai into the center of the circle and playfully hit him as punishment. When Kai whimpers and crawls back to his seat, Chen offers him a large hug to apologize.

Jackson JinyoungOn GOT7’s “Just Right” Reside Party, the members published a video from their dorm after their lovers reached 300,000 comments. The dorm video displays Jackson and Jinyoung cuddling at the couch; Jackson even hooks his leg over Jinyoung’s!

Donghae EunhyukAt Super Junior’s Super Display 4, Donghae and Eunhyuk shared this epic backhug because, well, it’s Donghae and Eunhyuk and they’re thoroughly besties:

Seulgi WendyWhilst shooting a CF for Baskin Robbins, Red Velvets Seulgi and Wendy looked fully adorable when they shared a jacket! (If Ice Cream Cake wasnt stuck to your head the 2d one you saw this gif, it's now. Youre welcome.)

Jimin V JungkookWhen BTS went to Thailand in 2014, this photo of Jimin, V, and Jungkook all snuggled up was once uploaded to the group’s reputable Facebook page. Um, am i ready to get in in this spoon pile?

Chorong BomiIt’s no longerprecisely cuddling, yet in episode 3 of “A Red Showtime,” Chorong is bored and needs to play, but her roommate Bomi is sleepy! So Chorong uses a, uh, ingenious way to wake her up:

Minho SuhoSHINee’s Minho explained that he become excited to percentage a room with EXO’s Suho on the KBS special “Exciting India” because they have become nearpals every bit trainees, but drifted aside for some time when Minho debuted earlier than Suho. On their 3rdevening in India, Minho cuddles with Suho and tells him that he was sorry when they drifted apart:

but Suho is too sleepy and starts mumbling nonsense! Minho laughs and tells him to fall asleep — but the following morning, Suho says he recalls everything, which most effective makes Minho laugh more:

Soompiers, what are your favourite moments of idol skinship?minjiya can normally be discovered writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself thru long runs outside, or plotting her break out from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on [email protected]

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Netizens assemble list of idols who were given the maximum hate in contemporary times

Netizens assemble list of idols who were given the maximum hate in contemporary times

20kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Controversies mightmotive idols to fall from grace, going from some of thehottest celebrities in the country to changing into downright disliked. 

With the year coming near its finish soon, netizens reminisced on several idols who started out the year on best of the industry yet have waned in statusbecause of scandals or controversies. The list, which accommodates a list of many giant names and why theyve transform disliked, has changed intorelatively popular on Pann, drawing in comments from many netizens.

In a thread titled Idols who were likable and then have become unlikable in 2015, a netizen compiled the type of list. Beneath is the list and a short livedassessment of the explanation why this netizen believed the idol became disliked.

Find out what Netizens had to mention roughlythis newsletter below!

Excessive media-play comparing her to miss ASuzy has brought about many to grow bored with her. If the media-play is tone down, she maychanged into likable again.

Through WIN and MIXMATCH, iKON attracted a wide fan base and with Bobby winning Display Me The Money, there was oncea sizable expectation for the rookie crew to debut. However, Bobbys beyond diss tuneof different idols surfaced in which he dissed VIXXs Ravi, BTSs Rap Monster, and others. Additionally, how iKON greeted BIGBANG enthusiaststhroughout a concert was controversial. Now that theyve debuted, YG Entertainments excessive media-play caused many netizens to post negative Pann threads.

Branded as a traitor when he left EXO despite his past comments of proceeding on as a member.

Berated for being irresponsible because of the her movements and soin the end leaving her group.

Yewon Known for her adorable and easy-going personality, however, the viral controversy between her and veteran actress Lee Tae Im in which her impoliteactivities caused Lee Tae Im to be criticized at first. The word Unnie, you dont like me right? is a phrase regularly used to check with this incident. 

Editors Note: The normal postal service also incorporated solo singer IU, but the phase has since been removed.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

456, -181 Why did you're taking IU down? ㅇㅇ I never beloved her anyways.

365, -113 I think its okto place IU?? Right now, isnt she getting hate???? A huge number ofwomen are pronouncing shes worse than YewonㅗShes being called a large fox.

231, -40 Rather than iKON its more like Bobby and B.I What did the others do to deserve itㅋㅋㅋ

136, -104  But why Seolhyunㅋㅋㅋㅋ;; For others, its their own fault but its now not like Seolhyun was accountable for the media-play

107, -13 Tao, Yewon, Sulli, I agree with, with iKON its as a result of their lyrics but I for my part dont find them that dislikableㅋㅋ With Seolhyun, thats her own agencys faultㅋㅋㅋ

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Netizens Compare Those ROOKIE K-Pop Idols Head-To-Head: Two times vs IOI

Netizens Compare Those ROOKIE K-Pop Idols Head-To-Head: Two times vs IOI

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens compare participants of Two times and IOI nose to nose in visuals

Group TWICE and IOI are known for their exceptional visuals in one group. Yet which teams are highertaking a look when when put next brain to head?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens compare members head to head between groups TWICE and IOI.

Titled TWICE vs IOI, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

If you dont like it, you'll just leave this page.

I took 2 members out of IOI because they have got 11.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this text being published.

171 / -69 I still like TWICE better

127 / -19 Youre going to exchange the thumbs down and up once TWICE wins?

90 / -16 Why take out Yeonjung and Yoojung huh?

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10 Idols Attempted To Make The Derpiest Faces Possible…The Effects Were Shocking

10 Idols Attempted To Make The Derpiest Faces Possible…The Effects Were Shocking

12kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter We know K-Pop idols are stunningly gorgeous, yetfrom time to time they just cant assist giving lovers a just right derp % for a laugh (or typicallyvia accident).

Heres a selection offootage of idols, who opt forthe intense derp:

***Proceed with cautionOr you'll be able tofinally finish up like Luna***

2. Ladies Generation  Hyoyeon

BONUS: Minho on a unicorn just because.

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7 Times K-Pop Idols Conducted English Songs

7 Times K-Pop Idols Conducted English Songs

17kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter English would most likely not be any of those idols first language, yet that doesnt forestall them all from handing over in the vocal branch when covering popular English songs. Here are 7 of our favorites.

From Girl Gaga, to Adele, and Beyonce take a glance at these English songs that were covered and conducted on degreevia your favourite K-Pop stars! Heres our new list of 7 Must-hear English Song Covers By K-Pop Stars!

7 Must-hear English Song Covers By K-Pop StarsBy Koreaboo

English mightnow not be any of these idols first language, but that doesnt cease them all from delivering in the vocal department when covering popular English songs. Here are 7 of our favorites.

Spica No Diggity (Blackstreet)By Koreaboo

Short and sweet, Spicas acapella edition of Blackstreets old-school classic, No Diggity is unusually cool. These womenknow the wayto enrich one another, and they do so live, effortlessly.

Shinee Just Dance (Lady Gaga)By Koreaboo

Staying true to the dance-pop direction that made Girl Gagas début effort a enormous hit, Shinee breathes new existence into Just Dance. Sit up for an lively song dance performance.

Ailee Woman On Hearth (Alicia Keys)By Koreaboo

Sharing the identify of best possiblefeminine voice in K-pop with Hyorin, Ailee displays off her implausible vocal diversity and talent amongst this amazing version of Girl On Fire.

Taeyang Dont Wanna Are attempting (Frankie J)By Koreaboo

Taeyang displays off his vocal piano chops in this are livingduvet of Frankie Js Dont Wanna Try. Between his piano gambling and heartfelt singing, we must admit that Taeyang knows how to paintings the crowd.

Hyorin Yiruma Halo (Beyonce)By Koreaboo

Notorious for being one of the crucialtop female singers in K-pop, Hyorin proves all over again why she is deserving of that title by covering the tough Halo conveniently and grace.

Doojoon Yoseob U Were given It Bad (Usher)By Koreaboo

Doojoon Yoseobs impromptu canopy of Ushers RB vintage is more than impressive. Sleek vocals blended with synchronised harmonies makes this cap one of the maximum productive weve heard on live radio.

Lee Hi Rolling in the Deep (Adele)By Koreaboo

Only 16 when she covered Adeles monster hit, Rolling in the Deep, Lee His tough voice does the original song justice and then some.

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18 Times K-Pop Idols Were given Hot And Steamy Together

18 Times K-Pop Idols Were given Hot And Steamy Together

19kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter My center is racing! Those kiss between idols are simply too hot and steamy! Did you know there were such so much of idol couple pairings?

18 K-Pop Idols Who Had Steamy Kiss ScenesVia Koreaboo

My heart is racing! These kiss between idols are just too hot and steamy! Did you know there were so many idol couple pairings? 

Cho Jung Seok IUBy Koreaboo

Jang Keunsuk Ladies Generation YoonaBy Koreaboo

Jang Keunsuk Women Generation YoonaBy Koreaboo

Jang Keunsuk Girls Generation YoonaBy Koreaboo

Lee Minho Goo HyesunBy Koreaboo

Kim Bum APink EunjiBy Koreaboo

Kim Bum APink EunjiBy Koreaboo

Kim Bum APink EunjiBy Koreaboo

Kim Bum APink EunjiBy Koreaboo

Miss A Suzy Lee SungkiBy Koreaboo

Lee Minho 2NE1 DaraBy Koreaboo

Hyuna HyunseungBy Koreaboo

f(x) Krystal CNBLUE Kang MinhyukBy Koreaboo

f(x) Sulli SHINee MinhoBy Koreaboo

f(x) Sulli SHINee MinhoBy Koreaboo

f(x) Krystal RainBy Koreaboo

TOP Lee HyoriBy Koreaboo

2PM ChansungBy Koreaboo

Girls Generation Seohyun Lee Won GeunBy Koreaboo

BONUS: Taemin JonghyunBy Koreaboo

BONUS: Rainbow Hyunyoung Park Doo-sik

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15 times idols made lovable or hilarious attempts at talking English

15 times idols made lovable or hilarious attempts at talking English

K-Pop idols are enjoyedeverywhere in the world, so it comes as no marvel that they paintingstoughand have a look atto be informed a new language! Even if their efforts are highly commendable-- some more than others, there are a couple of idols who you cannotface up to smirking and chuckling directly or two times when they are attemptingto talk English. No longer pulling a TMZ/EXID moment, yetI will promise after hearing those 15 idols talk English you're going to exist spamming the replay button for a excellent laugh!

SEE ALSO: Superbee calls allkpop 'LoL-kpop' 'Swaggers Made in USA' visits allkpop headquarters

If you know about the Satoori accessory from Busan, then you'll know about the Satoori English accent. Regardless of how much he tries, CNBLUE's Yonghwa can notbreak out his robust accent when looking to repeat the lines "Is it my turn already?"

BESTie's Dahye is not a master, but she knows English decently adequateto mention a few funny lines here and there. There is even a comical moment on 'After College Club' where Dahye and B.I.G's Heedo take a glance at flirting in English! 

2AM's Jo Kwon may be a rebellion and he stops at not anything to make everybody laugh. Feeling self-assured in talking English, he presentations off his talents merely to our surprise it all turns out to be gibberish! Attempt to see if you'll need to brand out his words.

One of the maximum funniest moments in MBLAQ history has to visit Mir writing in his diary in English-- or as he likes to name it, "ENGURISH." Seriously...he literally calls it that. Either way, he's like a lovely little kid equally he learns new words through writing in his magazineday after day and announcingsuch things as "I'm Ouch!" as an alternative of "That hurt!"

Super Junior's Eunhyuk no doubt proves his love for English as he interviews some American fans! Though he says a few words, no person displace deny how fortunate that one woman is when Eunhyuk asks her to marry him and he's taking her hand as though they are ableto stroll into the sundown on their honeymoon.

The boys of TeenagerMost sensible volition have you guffawing as they train their primary English words like, "How are you?" and, "How is the elements today?" The responses are even funnier, especially when L.Joe responds to how are you with "Why do you wanna know that?"

B1A4 were put at the placeall through a are living fan assembly where the hosts tested their English communicating abilities. The lads were a hit in answering the questions, but their few damaged sentences can make any BANA chortle amongst glee.

Park Bom speaks English lovelysmartly and she is reasonablyable tomaintaining her own! Even though enthusiasts watch in amazement at her English speaking abilities, no person privy resist a chuckle or two juston account of how cute she is when she speaks.

This video is the most WTF-worthy English moment in K-Pop. Whenever youidea Jo Kwon was onceasserting some weirdly cute things, Ga In will blow you away with her abnormal 'prepared in advance' sentences.

Victoria, except for Amber and Krystal, is the most capable member to communicate in English; however, Victoria still makes a few cute mistakes here and there when she is wear the spot!

The shortest clip but most definitely the funniest, BTS' V has quite the potty mouth when speaking in English! Well, OK...his pronunciation is more of the issue in this situation but existence is a beach.

G-Dragon has truly perfected his English during the last few years, but sooner than that he become just any other cutie spouting random phrases, making a song song lyrics and hilariously imitating 2NE1's CL's opening lines in "Fire." 

The fascinating boys of boyfriend were put to the check as they practiced their English with a local speaking English speaker on 'W Academy.' They were asked a sequence of questions and expected to answer to them in the most efficient manner possible-- which certainly made for some funny responses!

Seventeen has some individuals who speak English as flawlessly as they speak Korean, but DK is more confident than nice at speaking English. 

Although Girls' Generation has a few members who are quite professional in the English language, their time spent speaking in Korean for see you laterdoes notprevent them from creating a few cute blunders here and there.

No one can put from your mind that terrible fourth dimension TMZ mocked EXID whilst visiting the states. The notorious "I'm so happy" line have become worthy of a segment on SNL Korea that no one may resist laughing at!