12 underrated woman group's major vocals to compete in 'Girl Spirit'

12 underrated woman group's major vocals to compete in 'Girl Spirit'

12 underrated woman group's primary vocals to compete in 'Girl Spirit' Jun 27, 2016 03:13

Twelve underrated girl group' major vocals will compete opposed toeach and every other in new JTBC's making a songdisplay 'Girl Spirit'.

On June 27th, JTBC announced that SPICA's Bohyung, FIESTA's Hyemi, Ladies' Code's Sojung, BESTie's U.Ji, LABOUM's Soyeon, Lovelyz's Kei, SONAMOO's Minjae, CLC's Seunghee, Oh My Girl's Seunghee, April's Jinsol, Cosmic Girls's Dawon, Pledis Girlz's Sungyeon had beenshowed for 'Girl Spirit'.

The provecould be a program between girl group' leading vocals who have notwon the highlight even after debut. The 12 girls will be ranked via vocal competitions to make a decisionthe overall winner.

Tak Jae Hoon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Chun Myung Hoon, Lee Ji Hye and Search engine optimization In Young could be the 'gurus' to help the girls during the show, whilst Jo Se Ho and Infinite's Sunggyu will be the MCs.

'Girl Spirit' is scheduled fpr July broadcast.

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12 Underrated Woman  Staff Singers From SPICA, Ladies’ Code, And More To Compete In New Making a song Show

12 Underrated Woman Staff Singers From SPICA, Ladies’ Code, And More To Compete In New Making a song Show

12 Underrated LadyWorkforce Singers From SPICA, Women Code, And More To Compete In New Making a songDisplay jun2yng June 26, 2016 0 12 Underrated Girl Organization Singers From SPICA, Ladies Code, And More To Compete In New Singing Show Twelve girl group participantswereshowed for “Girl Spirit,” a new vocal pageant show from JTBC for underrated singers.

(first 3 singers pictured above)

Kim Bohyung (SPICA)Hyemi (Fiestar)Sojung (Ladies’ Code) uji soyeon kei

Uji (BESTie)Soyeon (Laboum)Kei (Lovelyz) minjae seunghee clc omg

Minjae (Sonamoo)Seunghee (CLC)Seunghee (Oh My Girl) jinsol dawon seongyeon

Jinsol (April)Dawon (WJSN)Seongyeon (Pledis Girlz) An associate of the show said to media, “With contentioncorrectround the corner, the 12 members are in demandingtrain mode. They're a group of singers that experience failed to look true spotlight, so this can bereasonably the competition, with the girls doing the complete thingthey could also beready to to take dangle of this opportunity.”

In the show, the 12 girls will be ranked, and a winner determined.

Five “gurus” — Tak Jae Hoon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Chun Myung Hoon, Lee Ji Hye, SEO In Young — will be assisting the girls, giving them fortify and recommendationrelating toexistence in entertainment, in additioncomments on their performances.

“Girl Spirit” will be hosted by way ofcomic Jo Se Ho and INFINITE’s Sunggyu.

“For the ones in their youth and twenties, this might occasionally existan opportunity to see other performances from artists that they like,” statedmanufacturer Ma Gun Young, “and for older generations, here isa chance to notice hidden abilities and smash their preconceptions of idol singers.”

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K-Pop Feature (Part Two): Unsung - 9 More Underrated Girl Groups

K-Pop Feature (Part Two): Unsung - 9 More Underrated Girl Groups

K-Pop Feature (Part Two): Unsung - 9 More Underrated Girl Groups


Last month we had a couple articles highlighting underrated boy and girl bands. Many of you mentioned other bands that I missed in my article. And I agree, it was too short. So, here are 9 more for you, still active, still performing, still waiting for their big break...

GLOBAL ICON GI has had its issues, including a new lead singer set to debut in 2014, but just listen to that sleek sound...pure auto-tuned heaven, undeniably catchy. I"ve enjoyed their tracks; they have a hip-hop sound to them that just does it for me.

HELLO VENUS Hello Venus went through a name change and lineup changes; in addition, the joint venture that created them split up. Personally, I think they are cute and adorable, easy on the eyes and ears, and we need more groups like that in K-Pop. A refreshing change from the usual sexy concept.

EXID I think the reason they"re not bigger is that they released no material in two years. They are incredibly talented, they just need more exposure. These girls can sing!  Solji in particular has a powerful voice, and LE is a very underrated rapper.

C-REAL Despite a promising start, this is another band that hasn"t given us new material since 2012. Bright and lively, these girls, now 19, had some amazing, expressive voices as teens that should mark them as something more than merely unsung.

RANIA RaNia"s "Dr. Feel Good" shows that they are practically the originators of the sexy concept. RaNia has amazing singers and produce a memorable blend of R&B and electro-pop. Other than mismanagement, I can"t imagine why they"re not bigger.

D-UNIT This is a group that deserves more love. To me, they have an edgier sound than most girl groups, and I would have thought that alone would have propelled them to stardom, but alas, they appear to have been lost in the glut of girl groups emerging in 2012.

DAL SHABET Dal Shabet seems to shed concepts like a snake sheds its skin. There is hope, however, that their talent might be recognized: their song "Have, Don"t Have" was the most played girl group song in Korean fashion stores last year--another cute concept with music to match, hook-filled and perfect for summer releases. Since we"re now oversaturated with sexy concepts, let"s give cute concepts another go.

TAHITI TAHITI is adept at making particularly upbeat K-Pop; I think it works and works well. They produce consistently solid material, so I don"t know why they"re not more popular. Close your eyes, you might hear the sounds of paradise.

GLAM Memo to Big Hit Entertainment: get your girls out there and give them a mini-album already! Able to run the gamut from pleasant to fierce, sometimes in the same song, they produce incredibly catchy tracks.

Other honorable mentions are Nine Muses, whose albums actually get pretty high on the charts, and Rainbow, which doesn"t get as much attention as they deserve. Of course, there are even more after that--too many to count and too many that just fall off the map!

I feel all of these girls have something to recommend them, and it"s a crime that they are not more popular than they are. Girl groups fighting!


K-Pop Feature: Unsung - 7 Underrated Girl Groups

K-Pop Feature: Unsung - 7 Underrated Girl Groups

K-Pop Feature: Unsung - 7 Underrated Girl Groups

Unsung - 7 Underrated Girl Groups

K-Pop has many girl groups: 2NE1, SISTAR, 4minute, Girl"s Generation. But there are some girl groups that don"t get as much love. FIESTAR, for example, who has just dropped their new single. Along with SPICA, EvoL and Chocolat, they are one of a slew of talented artists who are under-appreciated. Well, I thought some of these groups needed to get some more of the spotlight so here"s my list of "7 Underrated Girl Groups".

F-VE DOLLS (formerly 5Dolls) A splinter band of Co-Ed School, they formed in late 2010 and debuted with two singles in January 2011. "This and That" is seriously catchy with fierce belted vocals by Soo Mi, Chan Mi, and Eun Gyo in particular. While Co-Ed School had a lot of potential, I think the girls have tons of vocal talent. They haven"t had much of a hit since 2011, though last year"s "Can You Love Me?" might have given them a much-needed shot in the arm popularity-wise.

CHOCOLAT Debuting in 2011, this quintet has released one mini-album and three single albums. Their second single, "I Like It," was on my phone for a while as a ringtone. To me that song stood head and shoulders above most, from the stutter-y beginning to the point when Melanie belts out, "I want it all." They even dropped an inferior version of the song in English, which sadly didn"t mean penetration into the English speaking market. A group which really deserves more recognition.

EVOL Together for nearly two years, EvoL has put out only two mini-albums. They still caught my ear, particularly for their single, "We Are A Bit Different." SAY and Yull have some pretty impressive vocal power, and Jucy is a more than capable rapper, but I haven"t seen them on any variety shows.

FIESTAR Devastatingly underrated, they"ve recently had a comeback produced by Shinsadong Tiger. In the past, such hits as "We Don"t Stop" and "Vista" have showcased their vocal abilities and are incredibly catchy. Despite strong tunes, the band seemed to languish in obscurity. However, it looks as if "One More" has made into the GAON Top 20, which is good. Maybe this will be their year.

ORANGE CARAMEL A sub-unit of the band After School (one of my biases), Orange Caramel has differentiated itself from After School by being over the top cute rather than sexy. Despite singing in an absurdly high octave, Orange Caramel"s songs are seriously ear-wormy. During Billboard"s Girl Group Week, the girls were nominated for the Most Underrated Girl Group award... but they even lost that one!

SPICA From the retro groove of "You Don"t Love Me," to the more conventional, catchy "Russian Roulette," this is one group that needs better management (in my humble opinion). Bohyung is an absolutely outstanding vocalist. The girls also did an awesome cover of Pitch Perfect"s "Cup Song."Even with quite a few singles, MVs and mini-albums, they haven"t quite "made it." No all-kills for these girls yet.

TINY-G Short for "Tiny Giant" because of their height, these girls debuted in 2012. Ironically, they might be better known for their paucity of height than their music. There was even buzz from netizens that Dohee didn"t look much like an idol and should stick to acting. When that news broke, many commenters didn"t even know who she was! Hardly a promising sign. I"ve enjoyed their music since I first heard the debut single "Tiny-G." Besides, Mint is a breakdancer; how cool is that? Even though they are now a trio, I still "got T-frenzy."

So what are the reasons some of these bands don"t get the recognition they deserve? Some might not be marketed as well as other bands, which is a criticism often leveled by fans, notably towards SM Entertainment. Some might be cute and adorable which is more akin to J-Pop and not as marketable. Still others may not have hit their stride yet, releasing relatively few albums and singles. Reality / Variety show appearances, selcas, and paparazzi -- all of these would help to market these girls better than they currently are. I think it"s up to us fans in some ways. If we continue to recognize and reward talent, I think the agencies will follow. If we spread the word about a band you are pumped for, I think the agencies will notice and do right by them.


TWICE, Wonder Girls, And SISTAR Take The Lead In Logo  Recognition Among Woman Groups

TWICE, Wonder Girls, And SISTAR Take The Lead In Logo Recognition Among Woman Groups

TWICE, Wonder Girls, And SISTAR Take The Lead In LogoRecognition Among LadyTeams notclaira July 10, 2016 0 TWICE, Wonder Girls, And SISTAR Take The Lead In Brand Reputation Among Girl Groups In line with the July record from the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, Two times has taken the No. 1 spot in brand reputation among girl groups.

In 2ndposition is Wonder Girls, cementing JYP Entertainment’s domination of the industrial sector. SISTAR, I.O.I, and AOA took No. 3, 4, and five respectively.

In the graph below, the communication, community, and participation rankings are represented through bars and the scores are added to give the red dots.

A representative of the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation said, “As the collection of girl staff comebacks increases, there is an upsurge in giantinformationfor ladyneighborhood brand reputation and the hobby of the patron increases. Girl organization brand intakeis dependent on media consumption rate more than going viral.”

The survey used to beprimarily based on infoamassed between June 8 and July 9.

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JTBC’s New Making a song  Display “Girl Spirit” To Update “Sugar Man”

JTBC’s New Making a song Display “Girl Spirit” To Update “Sugar Man”

JTBCs New Making a songDisplayLady Spirit To Update carbohydrateGuy soojji June 28, 2016 0 JTBCs New Singing Show Girl Spirit To Replace Sugar Man On June 28 a JTBC representative published to OSEN news, Girl Spirit plans to air its first episode on July 19. This implies daughter Spirit will replace presentkind program, Sugar Man.

The show will give the opportunity to underrated feminine idols, who haven't begun to gain recognition, to end up their vocal abilities to viewers.

Girl Spirit might be led through PD Ma Gun Young, who was once the production assistant for MBCs Limitless Challenge. This may just occasionally exist Mas first task as a primary PD after moving to JTBC.

The show will be hosted by comic Jo Se Ho and INFINITEs Sunggyu. Tak Jae Hoon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Chun Myung Hoon, Lee Ji Hye, and SEO In Young will seem as the contestants mentors.

Learn more about the showed contestants here.

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K-Pop Lovers Are Apprehensive For Those Girl-Groups Whose Contracts Are Expiring This Year

K-Pop Lovers Are Apprehensive For Those Girl-Groups Whose Contracts Are Expiring This Year

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith KARA and 4Minute disbanded and 2NE1 and miss A having lost a member each, K-Pop lovers are getting more apprehensive equally there are no less than3 more ladyteams whose contract might be expiring this year.

At the start of 2016, the contributors of KARA went their separate ways after Park Gyuri, Goo Hara and Han Seungyeon chose now notto resume their contract with DSP Media, leaving Heo Youngji to stay as her contract had not yet expired with the agency. Then in April, fans were once backsurprised after it used to be announced that Minzy had left YG Entertainment and workforce 2NE1, opting out from renewing. 

The surprise didnt finish there with Jia also not renewing with JYP Entertainment, thus leaving her womancommunitypass over A, and soon, reports of 4Minute disbanding become published as smartly alongside Hyuna the just one having renewed her contract with Cube Entertainment.

Image: TS Entertainment's girl organization SECRET Image: TS Entertainments girl group SECRET

Image: SM Entertainment's girl group f(x) Image: SM Entertainments girl group f(x)

Image: DSP Media's girl group Rainbow Image: DSP Medias girl group Rainbow

Three more K-Pop girl groups may also be facing that sameresolution and fans are at the edge in their seats as they watch forreputable confirmation relating to their future. The groups come with DSP Medias Rainbow, SM Entertainments f(x) and TS Entertainments SECRET.

On an aspect note, Dice Entertainments boy group BEAST, who currently lost member Hyunseung, is also facing their contract expiration soon as well.

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Netizen query why Oh My Woman YooA’s attractiveness remains underrated

Netizen query why Oh My Woman YooA’s attractiveness remains underrated

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThere are online blogs that center of attention on the maximum efficienthaving a lookcontributors in the group, yet this discussion by skill of the netizens proved that there's one Oh My Girl’s member that has been overlooked. 

A netizen on Pann created a discussion asking fanatics why member YooA gave the impression unpopular in the eyes in their fans, in particular to the male population. The post persevered alongsidepictures of the singer showcasing her other looks as she continues selling with her group.

Netizens, however, in truth pitched their mindat the postal service and published that the singer has original looks, but no longer equallylovelyin comparison tothe normal looks that male fans move for. Whilst others expressed their distate, some netizens puzzled that how can anyone who seems like a doll, be now not continued fairly in genuine life.

YooA made her debut with Oh My Lady with a self-titled debut album closing year.

YooA is a tease Create, Notice and Percentage GIFs on Gfycat

YooA Create, Find and Share GIFs on Gfycat

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Polls From Male-Dominated Online Communities Disclose  The preferred K-Pop Girl-Groups Among Men

Polls From Male-Dominated Online Communities Disclose The preferred K-Pop Girl-Groups Among Men

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even iffeminine idol teams are incredibly well loved bynearlyeach demographic in Korea, theres without a doubt that lady groups greatesttarget audience is male fans. 

To checkthe presentacclaim forthe pinnaclelady groups in the industry, more than one male-dominated online communities polled their users about who they thought to bethe tipstaff at the moment.

While some veteran groups did rank beautifulsmartly on some sites, rookie groups ruledmany of the rankings, appearing just how promising the hot generation of girl groups is already. And even though groups such as I.O.IMAMAMOO, and G-Friend did end up popular among fans, TWICEs function at the bestwas oncesomewhat clear, with an obtrusive majority of eachnetworkopting forthe crowd every bit their peak daughter group.

1. TWICE- 42% (427)2. I.O.I 15% (150)3. AOA 9% (97)4. MAMAMOO  9% (92)5. G-Friend 6% (63)6. Lovelyz 5% (58)7. Red Velvet 4% (40)8. 4MINUTE 2% (29)9. Rainbow 2% (23)10. Oh My Girl 2% (19)Dotax (gaming forum)

1. TWICE  45% (202)2. I.O.I- 22% (100)3. MAMAMOO  10% (46)4 (T). Lovelyz- 5% (23) 4 (T). Red Velvet 5% (23)5. G-Friend 3% (15)6. AOA 3% (14)7 (T). Rainbow  1% (7)7 (T). Oh My Girl 1% (7)8. 4MINUTE 0% (3)Dieselmania (fashion website)

1. TWICE- 45.1% (245)2. I.O.I 14.36% (78)3. AOA 6.45% (35)4. G-Friend 5.71% (31)5. Lovelyz 4.97% (27)6. Red Velvet 4.42% (24)7. MAMAMOO- 4.24% (23)8. 9MUSES- 3.31% (18)9. Girls Day 2.95% (16)10. Apink 2.03% (11)11. Girls Generation 1.66% (9)12. Oh My Girl 1.47% (8)13. EXID 1.29% (7)14 (T). f(x)  0.74% (4)14 (T). SISTAR- 0.74% (4)15. Rainbow 0.55% (3)Baseball forum

1. TWICE  37% (866)2. I.O.I 17% (398)3. G-Friend 11% (267)4. EXID 10% (241)5. Girls Generation 9% (207)6. Lovelyz 4% (95)7. Apink 2% (56)8. Red Velvet 2% (49)9. AOA 2% (46)10. Girls Day 1% (34)11. MAMAMOO  1% (28)12. April 1% (18)13. SISTAR  1% (16)14. Rainbow 1% (15)15. f(x) 1% (13)16. 9MUSES  0% (8)Source: Instiz

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4 Of The present  Most up to date  Woman Groups

4 Of The present Most up to date Woman Groups

4 Of The presentMost up to dateWomanTeams orionight June 10, 2016 0 4 Of The RecentMost popular Girl Groups As increasingly new groups debut, it’s most effectiveherbal that some of them shoot immediately for the limelight. Groups like 2NE1, Girls’ Generation, and KARA were the freshest daughter groups from the so-called “second generation” of K-pop, yet approximately groups who’ve debuted in the remaining two years are temporarilyturning into the faces of the 3rd generation.

Here are one of the vital hottest current girl team acts appropriate now, indexed in no specific order.

1. TWICE (JYP Entertainment)

TWICE debuted overdue in 2015 as JYP’s first girl community since omit A. The gang exploded onto the K-pop scene with their super-popular debut song, “Like OOH-AHH,” earning millions of perspectives on YouTube. As it stands, the song recently has the most views of any K-pop debut song with over 69 million views. In spite of an early scandal involving maknae Tzuyu, the organization remains one of the most powerful rookie girl groups. Take a glance at their most contemporary hit, “Cheer Up.”

2. MAMAMOO (Rainbow Bridge World)

MAMAMOO is more incessantlyregarded as a vocal group than an idol group on account of their exceptional song talent, in additionreally extensivecapability in rap and performance. The group has set themselves aside from the crowd by means of forgoing either the suggestive, attractivethought and the young, blameless concept, in its place favoring amusing and foolishtune videos that show off their tough vocals. Their debut song “Um Oh Ah Yeh” cemented their popularity every bit Korea’s girl crush, and their latest attain “You’re The Best” is a undeniable toe-tapper.

3. Red Velvet (SM Entertainment)

The youngest girl group out of SM Entertainment debuted in the summer of 2014 as a quartet, but later added a member to solidify themselves as a five-member group. All thecontributorsaside from Joy were in the primary generation of SM Rookies, becoming more popular even before their debut and proving the option of SM trainees. The group took their first music display win with “Ice Cream Cake,” and the fall 2015 hit “Dumb Dumb” used to be one of the preferred songs of the season.

Arguably having one of the fastest-growing careers, GFRIEND has taken the K-pop scene by hurricane alongside back-to-back hits. The group were givenoverseas fame when a functionality of Me Gustas Tu where they suffered a couple of falls went viral, and the members were praised for their pro demeanor during the performance. Their most recent hit “Rough” swept the weekly music charts, and the girls took house win after win just slightly a year after their debut.

Which other girl groups do you have confidence you studied are popular right now? Let us know in the comments!

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