13 Times EXO Published Their *CENSORED* And Made Lovers Faint

13 Times EXO Published Their *CENSORED* And Made Lovers Faint

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter On occasion EXO contributorsgarments just appear to come flying off amidst their fierce dancing, and on more than one instancelovers bore witness to anything unexpected. Here are a couple of times EXO had some cloth wardrobe malfunctions that ended in nip-exposure.Check out those 15 times EXO flashed their *CENSORED* And Made Fangirls Faint.

13 Times EXO Flashed Their *CENSORED*Via Koreaboo

Too much sexiness for one photoBy Koreaboo

Kai bares his nipples with prideBy Koreaboo

Shirtless Tao clutches his banana tightlyBy Koreaboo

Kai posing sexily for the cameraBy Koreaboo

Suho the dashingly good-looking princeBy Koreaboo

Kais best possible absBy Koreaboo

Peek-a-booBy Koreaboo

Baekhyun flashes fansBy Koreaboo

Kai prefers to move shirtlessBy Koreaboo

The howling wolfBy Koreaboo

That six-pack despite the reality thatBy Koreaboo

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12 Times Hyosung’s Sexiness Made Fanboys Drop Dead

12 Times Hyosung’s Sexiness Made Fanboys Drop Dead

8kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter SECRET’s Hyosung has shown herself to be one of the most sexiest idols in the industry, with her amazing curves, adorable personality, and gorgeous looks! Heres some of her hottest live functionality moments.

Check out Hyosungs freshestare living functioning moment stuck on camera!

12 Ultra HD Hyosung Horny StagesBy way of Koreaboo

SECRET’s Hyosung has proven herself to be one of the sexiest idols in the industry, with her amazing curves, cute personality, and lovely looks! Heres some of her hottest live performance moments.

BONUS: Hyosung presentations off her flexibility

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10 times K-Pop stylists made their groups’ skirts way too short

10 times K-Pop stylists made their groups’ skirts way too short

19stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Girls groups level outfits are getting increasinglybold it seems, and stylists activity is to discover the maximumoriginal and attractive outfits as possible. Yetonce in a whileteams have carried out in skirts that can bethought to be also short, and blow their own horns a little more than desired. Here are 10 times when our favouritefeminine idols wore skirts that were just WAY too short!

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K-Pop Lovers  Notice  The real Secret In the back of  Two times Nayeon’s Herbal Beauty

K-Pop Lovers Notice The real Secret In the back of Two times Nayeon’s Herbal Beauty

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In spite of still being a rookie, TWICENayeon has been praised for her shocking beauty, even drawing comparisons to best visuals such as 2NE1Dara and S.E.SEugene

And whilst shes been accused of plastic surgical treatment in the past, enthusiasts have came upon a photo that theyve claimed is undeniable evidence of the singers herbal beauty. The usage of a photo of Nayeons mother, appearingsturdy resemblance to the Two times member, fans argue that its transparent that good looks runs in the family.

Indeed, either Nayeon and her mom are somewhat stunning, possessing original visuals that stand out in the Korean entertainment industry. Take a glance at a video featuring some of Nayeons solo performances below:

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Watch: Two times Wears Fan-Made Outfits For Final “Cheer Up” Performance

Watch: Two times Wears Fan-Made Outfits For Final “Cheer Up” Performance

Watch: Two times Wears Fan-Made Outfits For Final Cheer Up Functionality leonid Might 29, 2016 0 Watch: TWICE Wears Fan-Made Outfits For Last Cheer Up Performance TWICE wears garments designed via their enthusiasts for their ultimate performance of the hit song “Cheer Up.”

On Could 29, the womanstaff wraps up promotions for their album Page Two on SBS’s “Inkigayo, where they glancefascinating onstage dressed in crimson and mint jerseys.

As the tunedisplay aired, noticebriefly spread among netizens that the contributorslevel costumes were individually designed by fans.

This used to beshowed by a tweet on TWICEs reliable Twitter account from the day before, where JYP representatives announced that the women were indeed going to wear fan-made designs on “Inkigayo.”

The candy gesture is made more meaningful when the womancommunity nabs first position for the overall “Cheer Up” stage.

Watch TWICE carry out in the fan-made jerseys below!

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EXID Hyerin’s Dorky Nature Published To Lovers With Those GIFs

EXID Hyerin’s Dorky Nature Published To Lovers With Those GIFs

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPopular lady group EXID is known for being probably the most sexiest and maximum mature teams in the industry. 

Despite their image, however, workforce member Hyerin has shown to be as dorky as she is sexy. Whilststatus with her group, the Banana Culture singer has been stuck doing embarrassing dances in the past, causing her fellow participantsto forestall her from extra embarrassing herself on screen.

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15 times idols made lovable or hilarious attempts at talking English

15 times idols made lovable or hilarious attempts at talking English

K-Pop idols are enjoyedeverywhere in the world, so it comes as no marvel that they paintingstoughand have a look atto be informed a new language! Even if their efforts are highly commendable-- some more than others, there are a couple of idols who you cannotface up to smirking and chuckling directly or two times when they are attemptingto talk English. No longer pulling a TMZ/EXID moment, yetI will promise after hearing those 15 idols talk English you're going to exist spamming the replay button for a excellent laugh!

SEE ALSO: Superbee calls allkpop 'LoL-kpop' 'Swaggers Made in USA' visits allkpop headquarters

If you know about the Satoori accessory from Busan, then you'll know about the Satoori English accent. Regardless of how much he tries, CNBLUE's Yonghwa can notbreak out his robust accent when looking to repeat the lines "Is it my turn already?"

BESTie's Dahye is not a master, but she knows English decently adequateto mention a few funny lines here and there. There is even a comical moment on 'After College Club' where Dahye and B.I.G's Heedo take a glance at flirting in English! 

2AM's Jo Kwon may be a rebellion and he stops at not anything to make everybody laugh. Feeling self-assured in talking English, he presentations off his talents merely to our surprise it all turns out to be gibberish! Attempt to see if you'll need to brand out his words.

One of the maximum funniest moments in MBLAQ history has to visit Mir writing in his diary in English-- or as he likes to name it, "ENGURISH." Seriously...he literally calls it that. Either way, he's like a lovely little kid equally he learns new words through writing in his magazineday after day and announcingsuch things as "I'm Ouch!" as an alternative of "That hurt!"

Super Junior's Eunhyuk no doubt proves his love for English as he interviews some American fans! Though he says a few words, no person displace deny how fortunate that one woman is when Eunhyuk asks her to marry him and he's taking her hand as though they are ableto stroll into the sundown on their honeymoon.

The boys of TeenagerMost sensible volition have you guffawing as they train their primary English words like, "How are you?" and, "How is the elements today?" The responses are even funnier, especially when L.Joe responds to how are you with "Why do you wanna know that?"

B1A4 were put at the placeall through a are living fan assembly where the hosts tested their English communicating abilities. The lads were a hit in answering the questions, but their few damaged sentences can make any BANA chortle amongst glee.

Park Bom speaks English lovelysmartly and she is reasonablyable tomaintaining her own! Even though enthusiasts watch in amazement at her English speaking abilities, no person privy resist a chuckle or two juston account of how cute she is when she speaks.

This video is the most WTF-worthy English moment in K-Pop. Whenever youidea Jo Kwon was onceasserting some weirdly cute things, Ga In will blow you away with her abnormal 'prepared in advance' sentences.

Victoria, except for Amber and Krystal, is the most capable member to communicate in English; however, Victoria still makes a few cute mistakes here and there when she is wear the spot!

The shortest clip but most definitely the funniest, BTS' V has quite the potty mouth when speaking in English! Well, OK...his pronunciation is more of the issue in this situation but existence is a beach.

G-Dragon has truly perfected his English during the last few years, but sooner than that he become just any other cutie spouting random phrases, making a song song lyrics and hilariously imitating 2NE1's CL's opening lines in "Fire." 

The fascinating boys of boyfriend were put to the check as they practiced their English with a local speaking English speaker on 'W Academy.' They were asked a sequence of questions and expected to answer to them in the most efficient manner possible-- which certainly made for some funny responses!

Seventeen has some individuals who speak English as flawlessly as they speak Korean, but DK is more confident than nice at speaking English. 

Although Girls' Generation has a few members who are quite professional in the English language, their time spent speaking in Korean for see you laterdoes notprevent them from creating a few cute blunders here and there.

No one can put from your mind that terrible fourth dimension TMZ mocked EXID whilst visiting the states. The notorious "I'm so happy" line have become worthy of a segment on SNL Korea that no one may resist laughing at!


9 Times K-Pop Idols Made a Fan’s Dream Come True

9 Times K-Pop Idols Made a Fan’s Dream Come True

9 Times K-Pop Idols Made a Enthusiasts Dream Come Truekafox December 1, 2015 0 LINE it!9 Times K-Pop Idols Made a Fans Dream Come True Maximum K-pop fans can simplest dream of being close ampleto talk with or touch their favourite idols. Thosefortunate fans had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to only meet K-pop stars, yethave interaction alongside them in an unforgettable way. The idols underneath showed their love for fans by capability of personally connecting with them and making their K-pop dreams change into reality.

(Caution: list would possiblymotiveexcessive jealousy)

Hani at SBS Awards FestivalEXID was once catapulted into K-pop superstardom remaining year when a fancam of member Hani dancing to Up Down went viral, thank you to a YouTuber named Pharkil, who motion pictures and uploads reside K-pop performances.

Around two months after the video went viral and EXID’s fame shot during the roof, Hani stunned Pharkil by spotting him at a concert, making eye contact, and mouthing the words “Thank you” to him. The gang later invited Pharkil to a meal as well, but he declined, mentioning that he has other womanteams to film.

Girls Day Fan MeetingWhilstacting Darling right through a fanmeeting, either Girl’s Day and the target audience were struck with amusement and confusion when a male fan all of sudden ran up onto the degree and started dancing along the members. The individuals of Girl’s Day just made up our minds to roll with it and let the fan sign up for in.

With Hyeri absent that day, the fan turned intoin a position to take her spot. Yura later joked in an interview that she didn’t know the dancing fan would fill Hyeris position so well.

BEASTs Megastar DateIt’s no secret that the men in k-pop have one of the mostmost sensible bodies at the planet. On BEAST’s Star Date, random audience members were selected to be in the spotlight.

One girl gets close enough to kiss Hyunseung, some other gives Yoon Doojoon a piggyback ride, and the lady below feels Kikwang’s “alive” abs.

EXOs Guerilla DateThere are few things more nerve-wracking than dancing in front of a crowd alone. When this student dancing to EXO’s Overdose starts to falter at some stage in the performance, Lay in an instant jumps in to lend a handtoughen her. A couple of seconds later, Kai and Chen enroll in to assist every bit well.

BIGBANGs MADE TourFans at all timesrespect idols, but it’s infrequent that an idol recognizes a fan. After BIGBANG’s MADE concert in Las Vegas, the members were taking selfies with fans on their way to their limo.

On the way, Taeyang recognizes a Youtuber named JREKML, who makes K-pop reaction videos, and forestallsto mention a few words.

GOT7s 99 Degrees Fan Assembly In the direction ofa distinct holiday GOT7 fan meeting, one lucky fan was chosen from the audience and taken onstage, where she wonwithout equal gift: to be serenaded by all seven members of the staff while they hug her, make eye contact, and dance around her.

Keys Message on InstagramSHINee’s Key touched the hearts of fans, appearing how much he cares about them by posting an Instagram remark to somebody in need. Key stumbled on a photo of a user dressed in a SHINee bracelet with cuts in eachunmarried place her palms and left her a message encouraging her to prevent cutting herself and shared his own privaterevel in with self-harm.

After figuring out that her favorite idol had left a comment on her photo, the fan spoke back with: “oh. my. god. @bumkeyk reacts on my pic. im shaking, i like you lot Key, this made my life. im going to forestall cutting for you. thank you for saving my life.”

She also demonstrated her preference to never cut back by uploading a video of herself throwing away the blades she have been using. Key has shown how a small gesture can totallyalternate someone’s lifestyles for the better.

Girls Generations Yokohama ConcertDuring a Girls Generation concert in Japan in 2013, Yoona had to leave early because of a drama filming. Who larger to take her position than a member of “Endo Generation”, a qualifiedEastern dance neighborhood that covers Women Generation songs?

Although he sticks out like a sore thumb next to the dainty Women Generation members, no one fire deny that his dance moves are on point. And all while wearing prime heels.

G-Dragon on M!CountdownAs GOT7 fans almost certainly already know, BamBam is a big BIGBANG and G-Dragon fanboy. On an episode of M!Countdown, he met G-Dragon, Daesung, and T.O.P and gave them a special message. After BamBam discussed that he’s a large BIGBANG fan, Daesung read a message that BamBam had written that read, “Hi, G-Dragon sunbae, here is GOT7’s BamBam. Thanks to you, I’ve been capable of get where I'm today.”

At this, G-Dragon excitedly gave BamBam a large hug. The GOT7 member’s last words as the 3 BIGBANG members left the elevator were “I love you!”

Which K-pop idol or group would you favor to meet?

kafox is a K-pop addict and avid viewer and subtitler of Korean dramas on Viki

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Amber gifts lovers self-made 'Beautiful' MV #happybersday

Amber gifts lovers self-made 'Beautiful' MV #happybersday

On her birthday, as a substitute of handiest receiving presents, Amber gifts enthusiasts instead an excessively special self-video for "Beautiful".

The provide is to precise her grattitude for the unconditional toughen and love she"s receiving all this while. Fans can listen Amber"s candy vocals which is completely pleasing and soothing. The message at the finish is indeed motivating and encouraging "You are beautiful regardless of how other you are"

Amber"s voice is very hot and the song is an ideal jam to celebrate her 23rd birthday! Fans love it Amber! Glad Birthday!



12 Times BTS Made Their Fans Smile

12 Times BTS Made Their Fans Smile

(Photo : BTS Official Facebook) With the first stop of BTS" 2015 BTS Live Trilogy Tour, Episode II: The Red Bullet in the U.S. mere days away, the excitement amongst fans continues to grow as the days standing between them and Big Hit Entertainment"s seven-member boy group steadily dwindles.

As every devoted BTS fan knows, this group has a lot to offer as their music covers a wide range of genres and their stage performances are out of this world. However, BTS has made a name for themselves among fans, not just as entertaining artists on-stage but also off.

Uploading over 200 short videos on their YouTube channel, BTS has captured the hearts of their fans by providing a quick glimpse of their life outside the spotlight. These Bangtan Bombs have become a fan-favorite as the group is prone to showing off their more youthful, and often hilarious, fun-loving side.

With so many videos to choose from, it"s difficult to choose just one ultimate Bangtan Bomb favorite but here"s a list of twelve Bangtan Bombs that are sure to make you smile.

1. BTS With Helium-Filled Balloons

2. N.O (trot version) by Jungkook and (opera version) by BTS

3. BTS Magic Show

4. Hello, Jin!

5. Battle of Acting Charming

6. "You Don"t Love Me" by SPICA Dance by BTS

7. Let"s Speak English

8. Runway in the Night

9. Dance #2 Wiggle

10. Jin and Jimin"s Push-up Time #2

11. It"s Tricky (by Run DMC) BTS Here We Go!

12. BTS" Rhythmical Farce!

BTS will be making the first stop of the U.S. leg of The Red Bullet Tour in New York July 16, with shows in Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles to follow. Be sure to check out SubKulture"s Facebook pagefor more information.