19 Things Most effective “Running Man” Enthusiasts Understand

19 Things Most effective “Running Man” Enthusiasts Understand

19 Things Best Running GuyFanaticsNotice binahearts June 27, 2016 0 19 Things Only Running Man Lovers Understand The individuals of the SBS typedisplay Running Man have graced audience amongst six years of fun, laughter, and ridiculous games. What would we do on Sunday evening without them? There are an unendingselection of things that only Running Man lovers can understand, and even if ITwas oncechallenging to narrow the list down, I picked some of my favorites!

1. SpartaceThe Monday Couple is notorious and I used to beactuallyenthusiastic about them at one point. Yetdid you know the couple that many Running Man fans are not-so-secretly rooting for? Sparta and Ace.

Just get married, already!

2. The boredom of waiting in jail.Being the primary one to have your call tag ripped off isn'tactually fun. The members/guests also hate it because that suggests theres less air time for them.

On the infrequent occasion, they'llin findinganything to occupy their time.

3. Dining is a luxury.Each fourth dimension the members are given the opportunity to eat freely, the members get suspicious. They are ready toinfrequentlyrevel in their scrumptious meal, in its place spending all the time looking to figure out what the manufacturers volitionlead them to makeafter they are accomplished eating.

You told me to consume and I chose happily, so dont do stuff like this. (No wonder thoseother people wouldnt just give this to us.)

4. Moving boxes.In the sooner episodes, the producers used to put random boxes in the races in order that the members and visitors would have more puts to hide. This become amusing to observe especially when the cameraman would catch them trying to move!

5. The fashioned Song-Song couple.Im just going to leave this here.

6. The egg and Kwang Soos perpetual bad successThat egg game where they get a host of eggs- some boiled, some not- and the members/guests must crack them over their head. Deficient Kwang-Soo lost lovely much each time.

7. Lee Kwang Soos muliple identities and nicknames.Lee Kwang Soo as the giraffe? Kwangvatar? Prince of Asia?

Or how about Song Joong Kis feet?

8. 7012 and the number 7.At the Consensus episode of Running Man (episode 267), the members played a game where six of them had to select a random number and Yoo Jae Suk had to jump rope the number that he concept they picked. The members picked the number seven and crazily enough, Yoo Jae Suk jumped 7 times. It was a simple, but emotional a section of the episode since it displayed their implausible teamwork. Since that episode, the number seven has turn into symbolic of this family.

In a later episode, 7012 was the password for Gary to escape. The numbers 012 mean all the time in Korean. Cheesy, but adorable!

9. The pain this is acupuncture mats.Noted as having many health benefits, the members poured their blood, sweat, and tears when having to compete on these painful mats. From time to time if the producers were being nice, they would let them wear socks.

10. Hahas uncanny resemblance to a cool animated film character.Haha Pororo = Haroro.

11. Betrayal Trio!You'll never believe these 3 to be loyal. If it method winning, these three will betray their team in a heartbeat. Their iconic trio arm cross has became a staple in the provefor lots of years!

12. Patiently waiting for Song Joong Kis return.Its been forever since Song Joong Ki was a member of Running Man. He did get backin shorta couple of months after he left, but I believe its about time he comes back and this time perhaps forever. Please?

13. MongJi is a woman?!Its now notsimple being the only realgirl on the Running Man team. The man members incessantlyfail to remember that shes a fantasticgirltill the days she displays up taking a look like this:

14. Biases and Running Man all in one!When Running Man announces that they're having a guest or guests that I actually truly heart, I might be able to hardly involve myself. I am getting and so excited because its like my two giant loves coming in combination and forming a large love party.

15. THE BELLS.The eerie sound of these bells coming from afar. When youre hiding from the chasers, its a legitimate you lot dread hearing as itskill they are close to and are going to take a glance at out and rip your name tag off.

This worry and terror cant be expressed through a gif or pic. It must be heard.

16. Block Gary.The ever so accurate drawing of Kang Gary.

17. Lee Kwang Soo Lee Sung Kyung FOREVER.They. Are. The. Cutest.

Look at how genuinely glad they are to peer each other.

18. Epic brow slaps.These brow slaps are given as punishment when anyone loses a game. It's milesstated to reason dizziness and blurry vision.

19. HOT PANTS!Back in the previous episodes, as punishment, the wasting team would have to wear hot pants out in public. These hot pants were generally super short and super tight shorts. I feelthey want to bring this punishment back. What do you think?

Did we omitanything else else, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her unfastened time immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her existing obsessions are Song Joong Ki, Akdong Musician, SMTM5, and Fortunate Romance. When she isn’t gazingthe newest Running Man episode, she may also benoticed indulging in her favouriteleisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her center out at karaoke, photography, fidgeting with her dog, and eating dessert!

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7 Things Simplest BTS Stans Understand

7 Things Simplest BTS Stans Understand

7 Things Handiest BTS Stans Realize mayme22 June 12, 2016 0 7 Things Only BTS Stans Understand The Military fandom has many, many, many inside of jokes — most commonly because these boys are a living meme. In honor in their 3rd anniversary, here are seven things that each one Armies have come to comprehend (and accept):

1. You were given no jams erikawolves

Im lovelycertain you guys all knew this one was once coming.

This became made notorious in a Bangtan bomb, where Rap Monster told Jimin that he had no jams. Ever since then, your entire fandoms been on fireplace (insfire?) for jams. In the similar Bangtan bomb also comes a couple ofmythical statements from J-hope:

2. Jungkooks girlfriend: Lamb skewersThe golden maknae is understood for his passionate love of lamb skewers. Suga was the one thatpresented them to him (it has been printed that Suga at all times asks to head get them), and from then on, he was hooked.  He and Suga have even made up our minds on an reliablecall for their lamb skewer eating place in the future.

3. Jins traffic danceI dont think this one wishes explanation

4. From J-hope to J-nope to J-horseAlong side his loud and bright personality, J-hope could also be known for his many facial expressions, like J-nope.

J-horse is every other nickname because of his long face and obvious resemblance to a horse.

5. V: Rest roombuddiesBTSs V is legendary for making friends, like Yook Sungjae and Park Kyung, in the restroom.

6.  Suga: Savage, swag, sassSuga is known for now not giving one tree shoot about the rest or any individual around him.

Some of Sugas memorable quotes:

In reaction to a enthusiasts request that they all do shy shy shy:

7. Rap Monsters adjust egosSimilar to J-Hope, Rap Monster has his fair percentage of nicknames like

and Purple Monster (ft: Dance Monster)

*Bonus: Suga and His Trophy: The genuine OTP

This list is, of course, through no means exhaustive. What other fandom jokes did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!mayme22s favorite Bible verse is 1 Peter 3:3-4.

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TWICE’s Nayeon Wins The Hearts Of Enthusiasts With Impressive Call Tag Race Abilities On “Running Man”

TWICE’s Nayeon Wins The Hearts Of Enthusiasts With Impressive Call Tag Race Abilities On “Running Man”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRookie lady group TWICE recently gave the impression on popular form show Running Man as special guests, and participated in the displaysmythicalcall tag race game. 

And whilst all the girls were praised for their rangetalents and captivating personalities, crew member Nayeon has gainedcompliment for her exhibiting her impressive qualifications in the game, regardless of it being her first time at the program. As smartly asheading offall of the opposing team and distracting Kim Jong Kook with a Shy Shy Shy aegyo, the Two times member was onceready to keep away fromremoving altogether after you have her hair stuck to her name tag.

After making their debut past duefinal year, TWICE made their first comeback with Cheer Up. The tune has been incredibly popular Korea, achieving more than onevery best all-kills and garnering over 43 million perspectives since its unencumber in late April. Take a glance at the music video for Cheer Up below:

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Descendants of the Sun Enthusiasts Create Hilarious Parodies With Shots of Song Hye Kyo Running

Descendants of the Sun Enthusiasts Create Hilarious Parodies With Shots of Song Hye Kyo Running

“Descendants of the Sun” Lovers make Hilarious Parodies With Shots of Song Hye Kyo Runningilmare42 March 23, 2016 0 LINE it!“Descendants of the Sun” Fans Create Hilarious Parodies With Shots of Song Hye Kyo Running Fans of the hit KBS2 display “Descendants of the Sun” have were giveningenious with screenshots of Song Hye Kyo running from the newest episode!

In the show’s March 17 episode, Song Hye Kyo’s personality Kang Mo Yeon is observed anxiously running as she tries to prevent Song Joong Ki’s character from hearing her recorded confession of her emotions for him. Fans have used shots of the scene to create parody photographsthat experience been shared online in fan communities and on social media.

Even Song Hye Kyo herself shared a fan-created symbol of her running in the sport “Cookie Run” (complete with footage of Song Joong Ki along the bottom) to her Instagram on March 19 with the caption, “It’s tiring. I need tostay running till next Wednesday.”

Other fans have inserted Song Hye Kyo’s picture into the preferred Korean caricature “Run, Hani,” a scene from Descendants of the Sun in which Song Joong Ki is operating out shirtless, the poster for the movie “The Maze Runner” (which has been remodeled into “Runner of the Sun”), and a scene of a roaring dinosaur.

Watch Descendants of the Sun, streaming exclusively on Viki, below!

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Running Man Has an Epic Maze Special Episode ready for enthusiasts (Spoiler)

Running Man Has an Epic Maze Special Episode ready for enthusiasts (Spoiler)

“Running Man” Has an Epic Maze Special Episode willing for Fans (Spoiler) Note: imaginable Spoilers Ahead

Get able “Running Man” fans because this week’s episode is going to be one fun-filled adventure!

You know the body of workers has prepared anything epic when there aren't any visitors in an episode. For this upcoming show, “Running Man” has planned something very unforeseen for the members.

When the individuals arrive, they are chauffeured in a posh limo and are taken to an overly beneficiant lunch.

running man 1

The members are very shocked and satisfied yet also just a little suspicious. Their animal-like instincts are later shown correct for the explanation that members are then taken to a gigantic maze set.

running man 3

It’s as though they’ve fallen into the rabbit hollow of “Alice in Wonderland” as they are left to figure out the maze and break out safely.

running man 4

running man 6

What occurs in the maze might be published when the following episode of “Running Man” airs on October 25 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Watch the preview here.

Catch up to the newest episode here!



Monday Couple enthusiasts Take pleasure in Song Ji Hyo and Garys Kiss at Running Man Fan Meeting

Monday Couple enthusiasts Take pleasure in Song Ji Hyo and Garys Kiss at Running Man Fan Meeting

Monday Couple Lovers bask in Song Ji Hyo and Gary’s Kiss at “Running Man” Fan Meeting Fans of the “Running Man” Monday Couple are delighting in pictures of Song Ji Hyo giving Gary a kiss at the cheek at the show’s fan meeting in Shanghai, China that came about on August 21.

While the 20,000 fans at the fan meeting were in a position to witness this signal of love in person, the remainder of the world have to be content with fan pictures and accounts of that day. It appears the kiss become once a phase of a song functionality at the fan meeting and mirrors the style Gary once gave Song Ji Hyo a wonder kiss all the style through an episode of “Running Man.”

Gary and Jihyo – Racestart shanghai – kiss cr: G-NA橙子 #월요커플# #songjihyo# #kanggary# #gary# #runningman# #mondaycouple #런닝맨# #송지효# #강희건# #개리# #mondaycouplecom# #mondaycouplesite#

A video posted by means of MondayCouple.com’s IG (@mondaycouple_com) on Aug 23, 2015 at 6:58am PDT

23Aug OMG‼️



Idols Do The Darndest Things: Running Man Edition

Idols Do The Darndest Things: Running Man Edition


Who doesnt love Running Man nowadays? Not only can you get a huge laugh from the main casts antics, but when other guests are invited to the popular variety Sunday show, all bets are off.

The non-scripted variety show has invited hundreds of guests ranging from comedians, actors, singers, idols, Jackie Chan and more, revealing their shenanigans through each missions and of course, their talent in the popular Name Tag game!

But being on Running Man is not always just fun and games for MBLAQ"s Lee Joon in particular, it"s devastatingly scream-tastic.

Did anyone know how incredibly flexible Lee Joon is? Both he and ZE:A"s Im Siwan showed off their acrobatic skills before playing some trampoline volleyball against the Running Man TeamLee Joon even decides to display said skill during the actual game! Oh boy!

2NE1"s Dara is known for her fear of animals, specifically big ones. Her behavior towards the dog is still adorable though 3

EXO"s Kai and Sehun appeared on the show with Taemin, and was Kai was the first to go mud-wrestling. He may have been done with the mud after his first match against Ji Sukjin, but the mud wasnt done with him!

Kim Jongkook is known for his beastly strength, which he has used his opponents (and sometimes teammates) on more than several occasions..actually every chance he gets. And he has no problem pushing someone away to win the game. Oh, Kim Woobin, how you fell so easily ㅠ.ㅠ

G-Dragon is known for his fashionista style, and he will continue being fashionable even when hes in the mud! What a beautiful hair flip you have sir, what kind of mud is that and where can I buy it?


Yoo Jaesuk takes a special mud bath delivered by Kim Jongkook.

Gary, Running Mans random Mr. Capable and resident airhead, at his finest during an important peak in the game where his team would have taken a huge lead.

(He forgot the tape, which you must have before taking off. Its okay Gary, youre still our #1 favorite 3)

What was your favorite moment of Running Man? Can you choose just one?

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"Running Man" PD Doesn't Understand How Lee Kwang Soo Is So Popular

"Running Man" PD Doesn't Understand How Lee Kwang Soo Is So Popular

Running Man PD Doesnt Understand How Lee Kwang Soo Is So Popular As SBS Running Man aired the Asian Race special over the past two weeks, Lee Kwang Soos incredible popularity in Macao and Vietnam garnered much attention. He was welcomed everywhere he went, more so than any other Running Man members. 

Producer Cho Hyo Jin of Running Man commented, I wrote this in the subtitles of the show too, but I really dont understand why or how he is so popular. Im guessing its because hes become so much funnier recently. According to Yoo Jae Suk, the god of variety shows help Kwang Soo. Its rather mysterious how he became so popular. 

Producer Cho Hyo Jin also explained that although Kwang Soo seemed to be exceptionally popular on the show, all Running Man members were evenly welcomed, with similar numbers of placards and signs. She emphasized Kwang Soos unexpected popularity once again, The way people were calling for his name was so powerful. It wont be a hyperbole to compare his popularity to that of Jang Dong Gun.

The producer also commented on Kwang Soos reaction. She said, He was really happy to see everyone so excited to see him. But it was more in the embarrassed way than the arrogant one. Meanwhile, Running Man had the Asian Race in Macao and around major landmarks in Vietnam. On Feburary 10, the prequel of The Secrets of Nine Swords will be aired. 


Park Shin Hye Thank you 2PM’s Taecyeon And Enthusiasts For Their Make stronger On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Thank you 2PM’s Taecyeon And Enthusiasts For Their Make stronger On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Thank you 2PMs Taecyeon And Lovers For Their Fortify On Set Of Doctorskminjungee July 15, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye Thanks 2PMs Taecyeon And Fans For Their Support On Set Of Doctors On July 15, Park Shin Hye posted on her Instagram so as to thank either Taecyeon and her fans for sending food support to the set of her existing drama, Doctors.

Taecyeon seems to have sent a churro and coffee truck, along side a message that says, Shin Hye, its hot yetdevour this and gain energy! He also ready cards that say, Physician Yoo Hae Jung, keep me *crying noises*, giving a shout out to the actress persona every bit well.

A photo posted via 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on Jul 15, 2016 at 2:39am PDT

Along with a collage taken by the truck, Park Shin Hye encompasses a caption that says, Is as of late my special occasion or somethinggggg! Following the fans food gift, 3FoodsAn afternoonGood enough Sung Bong circle of relatives member Taecyeon oppas coffee truck! churros! Appropriate now, its drizzling here on set, and it strikes a chord in my memory of the corn we picked while status in the rain. Thank you oppa! Scuffling with Bring It On, Ghost.'

As discussed by the actress, the 2 stars up to nowseemed on tvNs Three Food A Day together, where they showed off an adorable friendship.

A photo posted by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on Jul 15, 2016 at 2:31am PDT

She also thanks her Chinese fans, who sent food support as well, offering meals for all thesolid and crew. Her message says, Oh my god thank you. In deficient healthrevel in the food and gain strength in order to film. Park Shin Hye also cutely adds a last hashtag that says, Nutrition will get startedday after today instead.

Meanwhile, the actress is lately starring as the highly competent and autonomous Yoo Hae Jung in Doctors.

Check out her abilities in action all the manner throughthe maximum recent episode below!

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Royal Pirates’ James Thank you  Enthusiasts For Their Power  Improve Following Surgery

Royal Pirates’ James Thank you Enthusiasts For Their Power Improve Following Surgery

Royal Pirates James Thank youEnthusiasts For Their PersistentStrengthen Following Surgical treatment kminjungee July 14, 2016 0 Royal Pirates James Thanks Fans For Their Continual Support Following Surgery On July 14, James Lee of rock band Royal Pirates up to date fans following his surgery, and thanks everyone for all in their prayers and support.

수술이생각보다 길었지만 드디오 좋아지는것에집중할수있다! 여러분 기도와긍정적인매새지들보고 큰힘이되었어요! 아이러뷰 땡큐~ The surgery took two timesso long as expected as a result of several headachesyeti'mafter all done. Thank you for the prayers and certain messages! I like yous guys. #hospitalgrease #toshave #ornottoshave #thank you !

A photo posted by way of James (@jamesjhl) on Jul 14, 2016 at 5:28am PDT

A little over a year ago, the band contributors left shoulder and wrist was severely injured when a steel-framed glass door crashed down on him. The damage severed his nerves, and was once so serious that he switched to gambling keyboard for the band, as he now notmay play bass guitar.

Since then, hes endured receiving physical remedy for his broken nerves, and it seems that evidently has had several surgeries as well. He discussedin the past that this maximumfresh surgery would be his 5th time going below the knife.

수술이생각보다 길었지만 드디오 좋아지는것에집중할수있다! 여러분 기도와긍정적인매새지들보고 큰힘이되었어요! 아이러뷰 땡큐~ The surgery took twice as long as expected due to several complications but i am ultimately done. Thank you for the prayers and nice messages! I love you guys. #hospitalgrease #toshave #ornottoshave #thank you !

A photo posted by James (@jamesjhl) on Jul 14, 2016 at 5:28am PDT

Our mindcross out to James and we are hoping he is able to make a complete recovery!

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