4th girl emerges claiming Yoochun also raped her in the washroom

4th girl emerges claiming Yoochun also raped her in the washroom

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA document from International Daily, a Korean news portal printed that the Gangnam police branchgainednow not one yet two reports of alleged rape from JYJ Yoochun

The victim who the report recognizedbest equally A could also be a employee at a adult entertainment status quo and claimed to had been raped in the washroom of this kind of facility.

The report also revealed that the 2dgirl who filed feesopposed to Yoochun stated, Yoochun locked me in the washroom ahead ofmaking an attempt to rape me so please punish him for locking me up as well.

The police mentionedthat they'rehaving a look into this topic and stated that it can beimaginable that he will be charged for locking her up as well.

However if it's far revealed that thosegirls were paid for these sexual services, the ladies are going to turn out to bein charge of prostitution and it'll existvery unlikely for them to keep away from punishment as well.

The police also revealed that the 2nd lady in query reported Yoochun ultimate December correct after the incident. The police stated, When we investigated the matter last time we discovered no signal of forced sexual activities and we were worried about the truth that investigating the matter mayend inany other crime so we didn't investigate further.

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Father Of 19-Year-Old Girl Claiming Cha Seung Won's Son, No Ah Raped Her Says She's 'Too Scared To Even Go To The Hospital'

Father Of 19-Year-Old Girl Claiming Cha Seung Won's Son, No Ah Raped Her Says She's 'Too Scared To Even Go To The Hospital'

Cha Seung-won

Father Of 19-Year-Old Girl Claiming Cha Seung Won's Son, No Ah Raped Her Says She's 'Too Scared To Even Go To The Hospital' Actor Cha Seung Won has said he accepts the blame for the rape charges being brough against his 24-year-old son Cha No Ah. The father of a 19-year-old girl accusing actor Cha Seung Won's 24-year-old son Cha No Ah of raping her, claims his daughter is too scared to seek treatment, according to the website allkpop.

"She is too scared to even go to the hospital," he said in an interview this week with the television program "One Night of TV Entertainment."

"[My daughter's] condition is very serious...people keep asking about the incident. I told Cha Seung Won's side to get on their knees and apologize to my daughter."

Considering the actor and former fashion model's willingness to accept the blame so far, the victim's father could get his wish.

Cha Seung Won took to the website me2day on Saturday to accept the blame for allegations that his 24-year-old son Cha No Ah raped a 19-year-old girl.

"First, I would like to apologize to everyone for being a father who has failed to raise his children properly." Cha wrote, according to the Korea Star Daily.

"Regardless of the facts of the matter, I bear a huge responsibility as the father of a son who had been mired in this. I can't hide my sadness and hurt that I have right now, but I would like to express my deepest apologies to everyone once again."

On Friday, Seoul Central Police locked up Cha No Ah on charges of not only raping the teen, who is reportedly still in high school, but also imprisoning her in his grandfather's villa since April.

"Mr. Cha [No Ah] locked her into a vacation house that his grandfather owned since April until now and sexually assaulted and threatened her multiple times," said the prosecuting attorney.

The girl is reportedly traumatized, and is currently receiving psychological treatment.

Cha Seung Won rose to fame as an actor for his role as an arsonist in the 2000 film "Libera Me."

Other film and television roles followed, including his popular portrayal of egomaniacal star Dokko Jin on the romantic comedy series "The Greatest Love."

Back in June, his son Cha No Ah was reportedly kicked out of an online gaming team he was involved in after being charged with using marijuana.

KPopstarz reader Jackie A. is skeptical of the charges being brought against No Ah.

"Did anyone ever think that she ran away to be with him and he let her stay at his grandfather's house until they figured out what to do next?" she asked.

"Did he have her tied up? Was he feeding her? When whoever found her, did she look like she was not fed or dirty looking? Did she smell?" the reader continued.

"Was she allowed to wash or use the bathroom? Those are the things I would be wondering about. If she was allowed to move around, why didn't she break a window [or] jump out and scream for help? Like I said, something don't sound right."


Another Girl Steps Forward, Filing Fees  Opposed to Yoochun In Large K-Pop Rape Scandal

Another Girl Steps Forward, Filing Fees Opposed to Yoochun In Large K-Pop Rape Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYet any othergirl has come forth to accuse JYJYoochun for sexual assault, bringing the full to no less than six girls who have filed fees with authorities. 

According to reports, the latest accusers description of her come upon with Yoochun matched that of the alternative women, adding that Yoochun also attacked her in the bathroom. Reports added that the maximum recent accuser was once an worker at the adult entertainment facility that Yoochun frequented, and that she had performed a framedisplay for him as well.

While police start to investigate this newest case, it become besidespublished that the primarygirl to accuse Yoochun of sexual attack has re-filed ratesopposed to him in spite ofshedding them remaining month.

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Korean Girl Accusing Yoochun Of Rape Describes Sexual Attack In Graphic Detail

Korean Girl Accusing Yoochun Of Rape Describes Sexual Attack In Graphic Detail

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilstgovernment are still investigating main points regarding JYJ member Yoochuns alleged sexual attack cases, the media has persevered to unencumbersmall printrelating toevery case. 

And while precisely which accuser used to benow notparticularly named, one girl has come forth with factsrelating to her assault, revealing the total lot in an nameless interview with broadcasting station MBC. In keeping with the woman, who worked as a server at the adult entertainment established order at which Yoochun frequented and allegedly assaulted several othergirls at, she still recollects the incident vividly.

In the interview, she explained that she worked at the institution because she wantednumerouscash to pay for her tuition. And while such puts are known to be synonymous to brothels, she explained that she knew that the precise institution wouldnt prostitute her because they didnt would like to existconnected to scandalous activities.

In regards to the evening of the alleged assault, the accuser claims that while entertaining himself, Yoochun is understood to sing and turn up the track very high. She went on to supply an explanation for that while she turned into working, Yoochun grabbed her waist and commenced dancing with her. While proceedingto invite her how much cash she obligatory and pronouncing he couldnt pay attention her reply, Yoochun allegedly brought her to the bathroom, where it was noticeably quieter.

She then explained that afterthe 2 reached the bathroom, Yoochun proceeded to take hang of her face and kiss her earlier than breaking it off and complaining, What theyou don't have any emotion on your kiss, no emotion at all. At that point, she added that she was on her period, and that when he lifted her skirt up while kissing her, she told him to stop, even telling him that she was lately on her period.  However, his most effectiveanswer was, YetI believe I want to see if were a just right match.

According to the woman, at that time she attempted to leave, but if she looked at the mirrored image in the mirror, Yoochun was already starting off his pants, and proceeded to snatch her and sat her down. Afterwards, she recounted him saying, Its okay, smartly start date. You'll be ready to give it to me just this once, right?

As she concluded her account of what happened, she explained why she idea Yoochun acted as he did. According to her, he knew that she was running at an adult entertainment establishment, so nobody would agree with her if she reported him to the police for sexual assault. Furthermore, the toilet is the onlyposition that doesnt have a CCTV, so without evidence, there would be no way she would win in a lawsuit opposed to him. Lastly, she added that he most definitelyalthough she wouldnt feel bad about having sex with him because hes a best star. However, she explained that she cant forgive him for taking a look down on her and having sex with her against her will simply because she was wanting money.

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DISPATCH Unearths The Life Of A 5th Lady Who Used to be  Just about Raped Via JYJ Yoochun

DISPATCH Unearths The Life Of A 5th Lady Who Used to be Just about Raped Via JYJ Yoochun

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn June 28th approximately 6:00 PM KST, Dispatch reported of a lady that was oncejust about raped through Yoochun. She alternatively told DISPATCH the explanation that she did now not seek prison action opposed to Yoochun.

The lady who Dispatch these days interviewed told them that she turned intovirtually raped on a date that Dispatch chose not to expose at her request.

She said that, Who would accept as true with the words of a woman who works at this sort of place?, however she corroborated her tale alongside a message she sent backward and forward with her friend at the day of.

On that day she sent her friend a message pronouncing Park Yoochun had come as a visitor and soon after she messaged back saying, I nearly were given raped. FXXX Park Yoochun

She recounted the day saying, The band got here in and the songbegangambling he called me to the washroom and attempted to rape me.

She struggled and kept refusing and a couple ofmins later was ready to escape. At this point she was livid and messaged her friend yet she concept to herself that reporting would no good.

I didnt think reporting it should make a difference. Each person would be against me, no they wouldnt have confidence me to start with. A woman that works as an escort being raped.I was afraid they would say that

The woman still has no purpose of in the quest for legal action against him.

DISPATCH also interviewed four other ladies who served Yoochun as a customer.

They remembered Park Yoochun as a guy who tipped smartly and enjoyed music, especially hip-hop.

They all acknowledgedsomething in common, When the band comes in and the music starts he's taking his spouse to the washroom. We dont know what occurs inside, we cant listenthe reston account of the band. When he is going in his buddies started snickering. They almost definitely know whats going on inside. We could be able tobest guess.

Since there had never been an indication of violence Dispathc asked if it mighthad been voluntary. To this they shook their head stating.

Sure some of them potentially were willing but there would have been others that werent. Its difficult to combat such a state of affairs thoughbecause we paintings in this field. A massive number ofmind would go your mind. His chums are sitting appropriate outside, its not the thought about violence but the idea that nobody will assist you to that scares you

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BREAKING 3rd  girl files fees  opposed to JYJ’s Yoochun for raping her

BREAKING 3rd girl files fees opposed to JYJ’s Yoochun for raping her

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYJs Yoochun has been accused of raping yet any other woman, with the 3rduser to come ahead and reportfeesopposed to him for rape.

Earlier this week, actor and singer Park Yoochun was accused of raping a lady in a bathroom of an adult entertainment establishment. Soon after, netizens became disgusted over the reality that Yoochun went to an adult entertainment established order in the primary place, especially all over his army service.

After this usual accusation got here to light, a long-time fan of Yoochun allegedly printed his “secrets,” however they remain unconfirmed. Because of the the accusation of rape, netizens started to bring back his beyondmovements as well.

The original sexual attackrates against Park Yoochun were these days dropped, in a while subsequently the investigation into the charges began.

According to Dispatch, Lee (the lady who first reported the alleged sexual assault) and C-JeS Entertainment‘s executive staff met to unravelthe problemmore than one times at some level in the time between the incident and when she filed an respectable complaint with law enforcement authorities. Lee reportedly approached C-JeS Entertainment for an apology and repayment for Yoochun’s actions, and the firm in turn wanted to forestall the news from going to prison channels.


Its now come to gentle that a 3rdlady has come forward and filed charges against Yoochun for allegedly raping her. The woman has submitted data to Seouls Gangnam police department and they are currently investigating the issue.

The woman has alleged that Yoochun raped her two years ago on June 12, 2014. This woman also accuses him of raping her in a washroom, revealing that a set went to Yoochuns space for beverages after drinking at an entertainment institution or bar. While at his house, she accuses Yoochun of raping her.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Source: Busan News and YTN

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Girl Claiming To Be Former EXO Member’s Lover Uploads Footage In Bed As Proof

Girl Claiming To Be Former EXO Member’s Lover Uploads Footage In Bed As Proof

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFormer EXO member Kris, lately active below the call Wu Yifan, has been embroiled in a scandal after footage of him uploaded by potential of his alleged female friendwas once published online.

On June 14th, a talk log became published online by anyone claiming to be Wu Yifans girlfriend. In response, the actor and artist denied the allegations. At thenight of the similar day, more images were published with the poster writing, A memory, thats all. The photos are of a male that turns out to resemble Wu Yifan asleep in bed with the girl, whose arm can also be see in some of the photos.

While Wu Yifans representatives haven't begun to remark on the photos, as Sina reports to have attempted to touch them yet has yet to acquire an answer, enthusiasts take disapprove that the individual in the photo is Wu Yifan, pronouncing that he does no longer stimulatean analogous scar on the base of his head as the actor.

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JYJ's Park Yoochun Visits Japan For The Girl Who Sees Smells Fan Meeting

JYJ's Park Yoochun Visits Japan For The Girl Who Sees Smells Fan Meeting

(Photo : C-Jes Entertainment)

JYJ member Park Yoochun went to Japan to attend the fan meeting for the SBS drama The Girl Who Sees Smells.

"Park Yoochun went to Japan on June 22 to attend the drama fan meeting. Fans who heard about his visit came to Haneda Airport to welcome him and he warmly exchanged greetings with them," commented C-Jes Entertainment.

About 500 Japanese fans rushed in to see Park Yoochun at the airport and shouted his name. Some held up posters of the drama The Girl Who Sees Smellsand some screamed Park Yoochun"s famous line from the drama "Chua!" and proved that they have been keeping up with Park Yoochun"s works despite the fact that the drama has never been released in Japan.

Park Yoochun, in return, held up a V sign toward his fans and drew hot responses by interacting with them before leaving the airport.

Park Yoochun successfully wrapped up the fan meeting on June 23.


Yoochun says filming for

Yoochun says filming for "The Girl Who Can See Smells" is the most fun he"s had on a drama set

Yoochun says filming for

JYJ"s Yoochun admitted that filming for "The Girl Who Can See Smells" has been more fun than any other filming experience he"s had!

C-JeS Entertainment said, "Yoochun had a press conference for "The Girl Who Can See Smells" on May 8. There, Yoochun said he his happily filming on set and he"s getting attention for his smiles that last from the beginning of filming till the end."

At the press conference, Yoochun said, "I filmed until yesterday and I"m filming more happily than I ever have on any set. Despite the fact that I"m extremely tired, I keep laughing while filming. The relationships with the sunbae"s and staff are so good that I gain strength and work."

It"s always great to hear about fellow actors and staff getting along so well with each other!

Do you think the good relationships on set are showing through in the episodes? "The Girl Who Sees Smells" airs every Wednesday and Thursday so be sure to watch it!


Lets  take  a  look at  Park Yoochun  when  he took part  in    The Girl Who Sees Smells'

Lets take a look at Park Yoochun when he took part in The Girl Who Sees Smells'

Park Yoochun on The Girl Who Sees Smells Is Every Girls Heartache Park Yoochun is a pro when it comes to sweeping women off their feet.

Spoiler alert

On the latest episode (episode 8) of SBS’s “The Girl Who Sees Smells,” Moo Gak (Park Yoochun) sends Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) off to the market to run errands while he face times her.

When Cho Rim complains, “A random stranger would think I’m your girlfriend,” he surprises her by nonchalantly replying, “Yup.” He, however, smoothly moves on, saying, “ I meant gather some carrots.” This is a play on words because the Korean word for yes sounds the same as the word for carrots. Moo Gak uses this sly method to make Cho Rim’s heart flutter.

In another scene, Moo Gak appeals to Cho Rim’s compassion by saying that her tteokbokki reminds him of his mom’s. Then, when Cho Rim leans in to wipe some sauce from his lips, he gives her a surprise kiss.

As seen, Park Yoochun’s straightforward methods of romance are mesmerizing the hearts of many of his fans.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is staring in the SBS drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells,” which tells the comedic love story between a guy who cannot sense anything and a girl who can visualize smells.

You can watch the episode here:

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