7 Reasons Why We Can not Get Adequate Of Park Bo Gum

7 Reasons Why We Can not Get Adequate Of Park Bo Gum

7 Reasons Why We Can not Get Adequate Of Park Bo Gumt0ky0nights August 8, 2016 0 7 Reasons Why We Can't Get Enough Of Park Bo Gum Ever since we fell in love with the drama Answer 1988 and all of its major characters, weve been expecting the actors comebacks. After seeing Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol in their new series, its after all Park Bo Gums turn to look in his maximumcontemporary series, Moonlight Drawn By way of Clouds! The wait is nearly over, yetprior to this drama arrives, we want topercentagea collection of the reasons why we cannot get enough of Park Bo Gum as an actor and as a person!

While Park Bo Gum is now known every bita skilled actor, many are surprised to understand that he's musically proficient as well! He startedreading the piano when he used to be five, and at all timessought after to turn into a singer-songwriter. Whilst he changed into in school, he sent a video of himself gambling the piano and making a song to many alternativeskill agencies, and at one point he in realityhave become a vocal trainee. However, he was promptto take a glance at out acting, and the remainder is history.

Even despite the reality that he did now notfinally finish up being a singer, there isn't any denying his musical proficiency in this video of him singing and playing his own accompaniment!

Obviously we adore Park Bo Gum as an actor, but he is solely as captivating as a musician as well!

His ConsideratePersona All the style through his climb to fame, Park Bo Gum brieflywon the recognition of being a type and thoughtful person. The accounts of his decenthabit never appear to end, and it more or less feels to be just atopic of time till we pay attention just about his next mannerly encounter! Whether he is visiting his costars parents, running his hardest, or greeting fans, he never ceases to provoke alongside his behavior.

Watch this adorable clip underneath of him being thoughtful, even if he has just been advised that he is being abducted and sent to Africa for the truthdisplayFormative years Over Flowers.

Even when he realizes that he cant bring all of his bags and he has most effective spent twelve hours in Korea, he looks after the filming staff first!

Its no wonder that Park Bo Gums attention has influenced his fanatics as well; they even made donations in honor of his birthday!

His Breathtaking VisualsIt is going to look shallow to list his visuals as some of the reasons why we love Park Bo Gum, but his good-lookingcapabilities are very unlikely to ignore! After a photo of him in primefaculty resurfaced, other folks were astonished to see how young he looks. Theres practically no difference between his appearance now and how he looked in school!Visuals

If the photo above somehow didnt overwhelm you, then experience this clip from a photo shoot – its guaranteed to impress.

Those glasses were too much to handle, but we don't seem to be complaining!

His Humble PersonalityNot just is he talented and thoughtful, Park Bo Gum could also be humble about his accomplishments, and thankful for all of the affection he has received. He has a tendency to be crushed by his fans love and is frequently brought to tears at fan meetings, where he profusely thank you fans for their support! He also shared at a fan meet that he enjoys taking the subway, and he sees no factor taking it as it is consistently punctual.

Once, an worker of Park Bo Gums firm shared how he insisted on hailing a taxi for the reluctant actor, only to turn around to see him hightailing it to the nearest subway station exit. Always keeping it genuine – thats Park Bo Gum.

Another example of Park Bo Gums modesty is when he made a cameo appearance at the 293rd episode of Running Man. When Song Ji Hyo contacts him for a mission, he is worked up to lend a hand her or evenshall we her off with a really easy task. He simplyneeds to take a photo with her and get keep of her signature, flattering Ji Hyo with his request. Watch the adorable come across below, as either one ofthose stars became starstruck with one another!

It's milesgreat to see Park Bo Gum remain humble, and no longer let his popularity get to his head!

His Dorky InnocenceAs he turns out to be genuinely sweet, its no wonder that he is amazinglyblameless as well! Whether he reasons an twist of fate or any individual pulls a prank on him, Park Bo Gum is always stunned when things move awry. The incident pictured below is barelyone of the of the unluckyscenarios that took place him while he was on Adolescence Over Plants with his Respond 1988 costars. He manages to back up their automobile into a hotel, smashing a taillight in the process. Of directionno person blames the shocked and apologetic maknae, but none of them argue when he states that riding is not his thing.

Park Bo Gum gets shocked back when Red Velvets Irene pranks him in the course of a are living broadcast for April Fools. The 2 of them were emcees for Song Bank and Irene picked the easiest moment to trick her harmless partner. Watch the adorable clip below where he tries to figure out what to do when Irene without warningseems to be sick.

He stood as still as a statue for so long, it almost appears like he hasn't ever had someone pull a prank on him before!

His Ability To Play Varying Roles2015 was a very powerful year for this young actor, as he starred in Coin Locker Woman 1Keep in mind You, and Reply 1988. His popularity rose exponentially, and he was solid as the male lead in his upcoming drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Its pleasant to see him as a major cast member! Hes been in a position to blow their own hornsa wide range of feelings and characters during his profession and almost always wins the audiences affections every time he appears. He grabs our attention and hearts, whether he portrays a hardworking and innocent baduk champion, a psychopathic serial killer, or an constructive student stuck in debt. This ability to seriously changetotally is one of his largest charms, and a talent that even some experienced actors will envy!Varying Roles

Enjoy this short compilation of his a lot of characters and big choice of emotions, to expertise the versatility of Park Bo Gum.

We surely dear his intense and emotional acting!

His Adorable Chemistry With His Co-StarsSince Park Bo Gum has won over our affections, its no surprise that he is a favourite among the solid as well. He conveys a lovely younger-brother symbol to his fellow actors, who enjoy interacting with him and gazing over him during filming.

He charms them with his adorable antics and blinding smiles!

After Moonlight Drawn By Clouds released photos of the script reading, we rapidlylearned that we are for sure in for another chemistry-filled series. Watch the adorable interactions between Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung below!

The two of them are simply too cute together!

Bonus! Watch this hilarious trailer for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds below!

Tell us what you like the most about Park Bo Gum, and while you're excited for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds in the comments!

In the meantime, catch watch Park Bo Gum in Reply 1988 and I Do not forget You below: 

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Spoiler 'Neighborhood Legal professional Jo Deul-ho' Park Shin-yang and no longer  employing a  cash and no supporters is wealthy  adequate at his heart

Spoiler 'Neighborhood Legal professional Jo Deul-ho' Park Shin-yang and no longer employing a cash and no supporters is wealthy adequate at his heart

On the 4th episode of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, 'Neighborhood Attorney Jo Deul-ho' won the charm for his defendant Byeon Ji-sik (Kim Gi-cheon) at the court.

Jo Deul-ho had to discover a other way to end up he used to beblameless because he did no longerwould like to involve his son Byeon Seung-mo (Son Seung-won) in the trial. He concluded that, so some distance as he may just prove that Roh Gwang-soo discovered dead at the Yeonhee-dong eating placeprior to the blaze had started, he would be in a position to win the appeal.

Jo Deul-ho found a witness of Roh Gwang-soo's traffic accident. The witness become a grandmother unwell from dementia. However, the testimony by skill of the grandmother was no longersufficient to win the trial. When he saw the tire marks left on the grandmother's umbrella, he have becomecertain it belongs to the automobile of the hit and run.

Jo Deul-ho mightdownload tires of the similartype that matched the tire marks on the grandmother's umbrella thank you to the assist from Bae Dae-soo (Park Won-sang). As the grandmother's testimony matched Byeon Ji-sik's observation and the court in any casegoverned Byeon Ji-sik was not guilty.

Despite the a hit win in the trial, the pinnacle prosecutor Sin Yeong-il (Kim Kap-soo) made amusing of Jo Deul-ho for living at a corner of a personal loaner's office. However, Jo Deul-ho in go back said, "I'm prouder than you who practice around Chairman (Jeong Won-joong) wagging your tail". And then he warned Sin Yeong-il, "I'm excited aboutfiguring out justice for the society I could not do when I used to be a prosecutor. So be ready for that".

The existingstate of affairs for lawyer Jo Deul-ho was not as wonderful equally his outdated status, yet he felt wealthy and content at his heart.


Surprise date with Park Hae-jin in Weekly Entertainment reasons pedestrian traffic congestion in Hongdae area

Surprise date with Park Hae-jin in Weekly Entertainment reasons pedestrian traffic congestion in Hongdae area

Park Hae-jin brought abouta big pedestrian traffic congestion in Hongdae area.

The episode of KBS 2TV's 'Weekly Entertainment' display on March 5th featured a marvel date ('Guerilla Date') with Park Hae-jin.

Park Hae-jin made a hot debut bringing over the 'younger boy' syndrome ten years ago and now has re-emerged as one of the freshest stars this year. At Park Hae-jin's appearance, the Hongdae spacewas once paralyzed literally.

The filming of the entertainment news prove had to be halt because of the exceptionallength of the crowd. Park Hae-jin asked, "Are you certain they are here to peer me?" and also cared about the security of the pedestrians,

As the location in the arena did no longer calm down, they gave up the 2nd onetry tomovie the show and had to transport to a greaterdomainback to continue filming.


Park Bo Gum claims he’s still no longer popular adequate to get recognized

Park Bo Gum claims he’s still no longer popular adequate to get recognized

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even if Park Bo Gum has wona massive number offame lately, the actor claims that hes still unknown amplenot to get identified in public. 

During his first fan meeting, which used to be filled to the brim with adoring fans, the Reply 1988 actor confessed that he still uses public transportation because nobody recognizes him. Regardless of him pronouncing this, however, netizens were skeptical about the accuracy of his testimony. However, they still showered him with compliment and expressed their anticipation for his next work.

Find out what Netizens had to mention just aboutthis newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

13397, 228 Smartlyyou'll be ready toensure that you wont be capable of take the subway from now on

7948, 285 Hes excellenttaking a lookeven if guys glance at himgood looking out enough that I dont think I may even means him

4597, 179 Park Bo Gum at all times fighting~~!

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29 Reasons To Be In Love With Sandara Park

29 Reasons To Be In Love With Sandara Park

24kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter 2NE1s Dara is adored through all, and shes enjoyeda large deal by her unswervingloversaround the world. Referred to as the visual of her workforce for her herbal beauty, Dara meritsa listingcommitted particularly to her!  We couldlisten it for Dara! The wonderful, kind-hearted, wonderful thing about 2NE1. This list is for all of the Dara fans out there! Experience 29 Reasons Why You Will have to exist In Love With Sandara Park!

29 Reasons To Be In Love With Sandara ParkBy Koreaboo

2NE1s Dara is adored by all, and shes loved greatly by her loyal fans across the world. Is named the visual of her neighborhood for her organic beauty, Dara deserves an inventory dedicated especially to her!

Dara creating a wish with all her centerBy Koreaboo

Dara when her wish comes true!By Koreaboo

Dara having a lookbeautiful and sereneBy Koreaboo

Rocking red hair like nobodys industryBy Koreaboo

The natural attractivenessBy Koreaboo

Dara is going tribal!By Koreaboo

High model Dara!By Koreaboo

Dara partyin on a TuesdayBy Koreaboo

Unspoken angelic cosmeticBy Koreaboo

Beatiful Dara at a serene coastlineBy Koreaboo

A trendyglance for EllE MagBy Koreaboo

Performing passionatelyBy Koreaboo

Queen Dara in her palaceBy Koreaboo

Loving each and every moment on levelBy Koreaboo

No want for an umbrella with a hat like that!By Koreaboo

Dara sleepy timeBy Koreaboo

Triple scoop of berries and cotton candy?By Koreaboo

Looking lovely with her hair flowing freelyBy Koreaboo

Dara can pull off any roughly fashionBy Koreaboo

Space-traveler DaraBy Koreaboo

Its Dara from the long runBy Koreaboo

A coiffure that matches Dara well!By Koreaboo

Posing with a fierce expression!By Koreaboo

Dara and CL 3By Koreaboo

Happy Birthday Dara!!!By Koreaboo

Dara: haters gonna hateBy Koreaboo

Daras fierce sidewatch out!By Koreaboo

Dara being an adorable goofball as at all times :3By Koreaboo

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Four Reasons We Can not Get Adequate Of Yoo Seung Ho

Four Reasons We Can not Get Adequate Of Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho tugs at viewer's heartstrings in 'Remember.' (Photo : SBS ) Yoo Seung Ho delivered a functionality worthy of the silver screen in his newest drama.

On December 9, he captivated audiences as the leading guy of SBS' crime series, "Remember."

In "Remember," he portrays Search engine optimization Jin Woo, a tender man who is afflicted with hyperthymesia, an extraordinary condition where folks have near-photographic memories of events.

Jin Woo encounters Lee Ah In (Park Min Young) throughout a high-school elderly pick-pocketing incident and is in the end reunited with her in adulthood.

In an unlucky turn of events, his father, who suffers from Alzheimer's is accused of murdering a young woman. Jin Woo becomes a legal professionalso as to exonerate his father and end up his innocence, thru his atypical memory.

The first episode featured several melodramatic, tearjerking moments as Jin Woo mourned what he believed to be the unjust imprisonment of his dad and his inability to lend a hand him, at the time.

While many actors aggressively pursue projects after polishing off their vitalprovider in the Korean military, his role in "Remember" is airing similtaneously amongst the MBC Every1 mini-drama, "Imaginary Cat."

'Imaginary Cat' is a drama which might be forgettable, yet Yoo Seung Ho makes the series palatable. (Photo : MBC Every1 ) Here are five reasons why Korean drama audiences can not get sufficient of Yoo Seung Ho.

1. In 'Remember,' he demonstrates his abilities equally a dramatic actorwhile he's a cuddly boy-next-door in 'Imaginary Cat.'

The simultaneous airing of "Remember" and "Imaginary Cat" suppliesa considerable portrait into his versatility as an actor.

"Imaginary Cat" is fairly far-fetched and is according tothe idea of a speaking cat, bearing similarities to the yankee tale, "Garfield." However, Yoo breathes lifestyles into the drama, making the drama a palatable and imaginative series.

2. Via entering the army at age 19, Yoo Seung Ho returned to the drama scene earlier than he reached his prime.

Yoo Seung Ho returned to Korean drama as critics bemoan the inevitable departure of famous person actors like Lee Min Ho and emerging Hallyu star, Ji Chang Wook, who soon go away for the military. Audiences who are just getting to grasp him will now not have to fret about his absence from K-Entertainment and those that have remained with him since the beginning of his occupation can have fun at his skill to take on demanding new roles.

3. He proves that kid stars in Korean entertainment normallygive a spice up to with age.

He effectively transitioned from his breakout role as a nine-year-old kid actor in the sleeper hit, "A Way Home," to emerge as an adolescent star in "Master of Study."

Prior to entering the military, he gave the impression in a supporting role in "Arirang and the Magistrate," before serving as the lead in the melodrama, "Missing You."

4. Whilst he continues to undergo the nickname, Little So Ji Sub, he has demonstrated his ability to carry star energy to eithertv and film.

An article published by Xportsnews right away following the premiere of "Remember," praised him for his performance in the series, likening it to a 60-minute film, in position of a primetime soap.

His ability to drag at the heartstrings of audience bears similarity to Lee Jong Suk, as an actor in his Nineteen Twenties who conjures the large emotionality that eludes many older stars.


Five Reasons Park Hyung Sik And Lim Ji Yeon Make A Great K-Drama Couple

Five Reasons Park Hyung Sik And Lim Ji Yeon Make A Great K-Drama Couple

(Photo : SBS ) The comedic and heartfelt interactions between ZE:A"s Park Hyung Sik and Lim Ji Yeon have helped to make "High Society" one of the most compelling dramas to examine the upper echelon of Korean society, in quite some time.

Park Hyun Sik portrays Yoo Chang Soo, the wealthy heir of a department store chain, who has had very few obstacles placed before him. When the series opens, the world is his oyster and he is willing to go on blind dates that will likely lead to an arranged marriage. Few people have challenged Chang Soo, especially women, who are awestruck by his handsome charm.

His tidy world is upended when he meets Lee Ji Yi, a part-time employee who demonstrates food at the supermarket owned by his family. Lim Ji Yeon plays Ji Yi with a jaded air of authenticity that is often removed from K-Drama Cinderellas. She is a practical girl who initially falls for Choi Joon Gi (Sung Joon), a member of upper management at the company, before realizing that her strong feelings towards Chang Soo are actually based in romance.

The relationship dynamic between Chang Soo and Ji Yi is K-Drama gold. Here are five reasons why Park Hyung Sik and Lim Ji Yeon are a great on-screen couple.

1. Park Hyung Sik and Lim Ji Yeon perfectly capture the conflicted emotions of a couple struggling to maintain their love against-all-odds.

The unspoken, run-on joke is that their breakup is inevitable. Park Hyun Sik and Lim Ji Yeon brilliantly translate the complex emotions of a couple who have embarked on an ill-fated relationship.

2. Yoo Chang Soo is a complex, yet sweet-natured character that is unlike most other K-Drama heirs.

Screenwriter Ha Myung Hee has crafted Yoo Chang Soo into a nuanced character whose personality reflects compassion and intelligence. He is not unwittingly plunging into a relationship with Ji Yi and recognizes the consequences of their actions.

3. The evolution of Lee Ji Yi is a Cinderella story, with a twist.

Ji Yi does not approach Chang Soo for lavish dates or extravagant shopping sprees. She attempts to keep Chang Soo grounded, which is a far cry from many K-Drama Cinderella tales.

4. Chang Soo and Ji Yi are pragmatists, who are a more realistic alternative to couples like "The Heirs" Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan.

Many K-Dramas, like "The Heirs," operate on the premise that a wealthy conglomerate heir can fall hopelessly in love with a commoner, with little recourse other than a few relatives that object to the union."The Heirs" was a fantastic teen series but "High Society" examines the relationship of a poor girl and rich man from a more mature angle. "High Society" approaches this dynamic from a pragmatic perspective, as Yi Ji is relentlessly harassed by Chang Soo"s mother.

5. Viewers have been prepared for Chang Soo and Ji Yi to receive an unhappy ending, which will make a positive conclusion an unexpected treat.

Some of the most beloved tales like "Secret Garden," "The Heirs" and "Master"s Sun" featured disgruntled family members, who continued to argue against the relationship of the protagonists, until the series" concluded. While they could have a happy ending, the on-going dialog of their breakup has prepared viewers for what could be an inevitable split.

What are your thoughts on Park Hyung Sik and Lim Ji Yeon in "High Society?"


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramastars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).


Six Reasons We Think Park Shin Hye And Lee Jong Suk Are Dating

Six Reasons We Think Park Shin Hye And Lee Jong Suk Are Dating


The agencies representing Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk have denied that the actors are dating. They have done so despite the photographs published in the Korean media outlet Dispatch. The photographs don"t quite confirm they are dating but do indicate the actors spend a lot of time together and from the cautious way they act seem to work at avoiding any publicity.

Rumors say the actors, who played onscreen lovers in the drama "Pinocchio," have been a couple for about four months.

Here are six reasons that make us suspect they are dating. Some of them pre-date the photographs.

1. They seem like they are trying to hide something. Park Shin Hye is very open about spending time with male friends such as Lee Hong Ki and Jang Geun Suk. She always meets them in public and often posts pictures of such get-togethers on her SNS. But she is definitely being more cautious when she meets Lee Jong Suk. The Dispatch reported that they meet late at night and spend time in the car or at his apartment. He alternates cars when picking her up. Is it because they are dating? Or is she worried people will think they are dating?

2. They could just be good friends but they did keep complimenting each other while making "Pinocchio."

"I"ve never seen an actor this pretty," said Park Shin Hye when she appeared on the program TV News At Night."

"I think Park Shin Hye is pretty," said Lee Jong Suk.

3. They were close and affectionate on set. He was seen affectionately touching her. She said he was easy to get along with.

"I"ve had tough times when I don"t get along with my male partner but not with Lee Jong Suk," she said.

This still doesn"t prove anything because he was also physically affectionate with the soon-to-be-married Lee Bo Young on the set of "I Hear Your Voice." They complimented each other and she invited him to her wedding.

4. The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk was obvious. For evidence, we can present the toast kiss that took place in "Pinocchio" and the "couple" photos they took together for InSyle in London. But then they have both demonstrated chemistry with other actors.

5. They seem to be in the same place a lot lately. When Lee traveled to Hawaii, Park was there too. His agency said he was there for work and she was there on vacation but they did not meet each other. They were also reported to be in Shanghai at the same time when they both had fan meetings but her agency denied that the couple had the time to meet each other. Probably just a coincidence, right?

6. But there is no getting around what Lee Jong Suk said at the 2014 SBS Drama Awards. He was asked if the couple was affectionate even when they were not shooting their drama. He said, simply, yes.

And to think that before the couple was cast in "Pinocchio," the actress expressed some doubt about whether they would make a believable couple.


Five Reasons The Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park Dating Rumors Might Be True

Five Reasons The Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park Dating Rumors Might Be True

Sandara Park and Kim Soo Hyun

Rumors have been flying about a possible relationship between actor Kim Soo Hyun and 2NE1 member and actress Sandara Park aka Dara.

Often rumors are just a prequel to the news that a couple really is dating. That was the case with Big Bang member Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin. But just what started the Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park rumors? And why do they make a lot of sense?

Here are five reasons we think these two k-celebs might be dating.

1. They have been seen dining in restaurants alone. So far, no actual photos have surfaced of this couple dining together but both stars are easily recognizable. It would be hard to mistake them for someone else.

2. Sandara Park had cameos in two dramas that starred Kim Soo Hyun. She walked down a red carpet, playing herself in "You Who Came From The Stars," and played a celebrity variety show guest in his new drama "Producer." In "Producer" his rookie PD character doesn"t have much chance to interact with her because he is busy taking care of Cindy, played by IU. But in real life, maybe he took her out to dinner.

3. They have a mutual friend. Jung Il Woo has said that Sandara Park is his only female friend. They became friends when they worked together on the drama "Iljimae together. Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun played rivals and became friends on the set of the saeguk "The Moon Embracing The Sun." And Jung Il Woo has spoken about how he likes to introduce his friends to each other. Both Park and Kim are known for their sense of humor.

4. Sandara Park was a big fan of "You Who Came From The Stars." She said she was motivated to get in shape by watching Jun Ji Hyun"s character struggle with her weight. And Jun Ji Hyun"s character wanted to look her best for the character played by Kim Soo Hyun. Also, 2NE1"s music video for the song "Come Back Home" was so science fiction that it looked as if it was inspired by the alien-human romance. It was released shortly after the drama ended.

5. Sandara Park has expressed her admiration for various actors including Won Bin and Kang Dong Gun. But when asked about her ideal type, she said she wanted to date a younger guy.

"I"m the type to date younger guys," she said. "Since I don"t think very maturely, I think I"d get along well with younger guys."

Park is 30 and Kim Soo Hyun is 27.

What do you think shippers? Is this a real relationship or a rumor?


Seo Kang Jun says Park Bom is one of the reasons to watch 'Roommate'

Seo Kang Jun says Park Bom is one of the reasons to watch 'Roommate'

5urprise member and rookie actor Seo Kang Jun picked 2NE1"s Park Bom as one of the fun points of their upcoming SBS variety show "Roommate"!

SEE ALSO: SBS" new variety show "Roommate" airs another preview video

During a recent interview with Sports Donga, Seo Kang Jun revealed his reason for joining "Roommate", "Since variety shows are a field I haven"t done yet, I definitely wanted to do it. After appearing on "Radio Star", I had let go of my thoughts of becoming an MC but I got a casting offer as a participant for this new reality show, so I thankfully decided to accept... Since an actor shines as his character, there aren"t many opportunities to show one"s real self so through "Roommate", I hope to get close with viewers."

When asked to name something to look for in the upcoming show, Seo Kang Jun pointed out without hesitation, "Please watch 2NE1"s Park Bom closely."

"Park Bom noona is a person who has her own distinctive world. She has a unique charm to her to the point that you can"t even describe her as 4D... Even while accepting the group living rules, she clearly shows her unique charms. Please check it out through the broadcast."

Tune in to find out what Seo Kang Jun is talking about when "Roommate" premieres on May 4 at 4:20 PM KST! Also check out the new character card for Lee So Ra revealed below!

Seo Kang Jun says Park Bom is one of the reasons to watch 'Roommate'

Lee So Ra (model)

- The queen of makeovers! Elegance Lee

- King counselor unni

- "Mixer girl" who will blend anything to drink