"Age of Youth" five lovely women - persona analysis

The idea of the drama on my own makes one wish to know what it is about. Five facultyladiesreside in a share-house and be ordinary. The solid of the drama are Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young and Park Hye-soo.

Director Lee Tae-gon-I stated he had to appearall over the place for this cast. An research has been done at the five characters who are going to hook up with their viewers.

Han Ye-ri takes on the role of Yoon Jin-myeong, a robustwoman who is going to school, does tutoring and works part-time. Han Ye-ri said, "Jin-myeong is at all timesbeneath the shade. She used to bethe soleconsumer 1loved when I read the situation and she looks as ifa decent person".

However, Han Ye-ri said, "Our characters don't appear to be like though. We are either tough-willed and feature a sturdy livelihood".

Han Seung-yeon plays Jeong Ye-eun, a idiot who most effective has eyes for her boyfriend. "I thought she changed into just a nosy person yet she's in fact very self-conscious and needs love from the individual she adores".

"I am no longer a captivating person. I turn out to belovely when I am amongst girlfriends but in front of guys, I wish toglance mature. In the drama, I'm the wrong way around".

Park Eun-bin takes on the role of Song Ji-won who loves to birthday party and drink. "I am very other from Song Ji-won. I'mreallyratherthe other in many ways".

"I am also like a mum or dad angel to the five girls. I am nosy and I admire to party and drink. But I do stay a excellent eye on the five girls. I know them best possible and I play a largesection in letting our friendship bloom".

Ryu Hwa-young plays Kang Yi-na, a prettypersona who is the envy of all women and the affection of all men. "This character is extremelysimilar to me", says Ryu. "Yi-na's sexy, S-line frameand engaging lineament is what makes her special".

Director Lee Tae-gon-I said Ryu Hwa-young was like Kang Yi-na. "I knew it correct away. I knew she would be it".

Park Hye-soo is Yoo Eun-jae, a shy and timid girl who has a stable sense of patience. "I'm like her. As I believetougher and more durable about my character, I believe we are alike in more ways. I realize her much too well".

Lee Tae-gon-I said, "I ponder whether Park Hye-soo can play any other part again. Eun-jae and Park Hae-soo are so alike I used to be very satisfied".

"Age of Youth" is coming on the 22nd at 8:30PM.

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G-Friend cope alongside being called ' women' Generation imitators' + expose lovely interactions alongside senior teams

G-Friend cope alongside being called ' women' Generation imitators' + expose lovely interactions alongside senior teams

G-Friend cope amongst existing called

In A up to date interview, popular rookie workforce thou-Friend mentioned their senior teams And more! now not simplest Are the girls candy And lik in A position yet they likewise take impecc in A position flavor.

Sowon acknowledged, "I in reality sought After to turn out to exist on the subject of MAMAMOO, And freshly, in the track display waiting room, MAMAMOO"s Whee 1n beginning told me that nosotros nosotrosre the similar historic period, And then nosotros would take to become Along like pals, yet 1 maken"t take A mobile telephone, And then nosotros nosotrosre un in A position to switch numbers."

besides, the girls cope amongsted the truth that they nosotrosre existing called imitators of women" thoueneration. making An Allowance for the modest global of idols, there looked to exist no selection yet to take overlapping ideas. thou-Friend proved thankful for the eye, Alternatively.

They published, "a few days Ago, nosotros saw women" thoueneration in the waiting room. even supposing nosotros"re newcomers, they spoke warmly to the States amongst "The dance need to exist And then demanding, congratulations to your comeback, watch out of your knees." We wish to exist told facets of potential from women" thoueneration. women" thoueneration Are excellularent At reside And nosotros mean they"re excellularent At dancing, too."

It"s existen seven months because the girls de yeted, And then what send Away fanatics be are expectinging from them And thenmeday? Umji Acknowledged, "More than having An precise thought nosotros wish to make, nosotros consider that nosotros Are makeing anything that fits the States Appropriate At this historic period. When nosotros become just A little older and feature more years on the States, nosotros mean we'd then exist in A position to turn, once back, other content that fits the States At that point."

Yuju, Alternatively, added, "almost definitely for multiple years, we're going to exist in A position to exist makeing An blameless And younger thought like nosotros make right Away. We mean that our thought at this fourth dimension suits the States the most efficient."

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women’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sooyoung Are lovely Juice 

women’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sooyoung Are lovely Juice pals

 women’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sooyoung Are adorable Juice pals < robust> women’ Generation’s < robust>Tiffany published an adorable selfie video, serious about her teammate < robust>Sooyoung.

On July 25, Tiffany posted a quick video, with the remark “To Osaka!” In the quartered video, Tiffany and Sooyoung are drinking fruit juice and making cute faces. Tiffany’s trademark smile in which her eyes curve into a gorgeous crescent shape, and Sooyoung’s funny expressions are visual.

off to Osaka with @hotsootuff ✈️ #smtown

women’ Generation left for Osaka to accomplish at “< robust>SMTOWN Osaka Concert.” the team these days released their newest song “celebration” and are currently selling it. also they are filming for their type display “Channel women’ Generation.”

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Red Velvet Irene’s ridiculously small waist making women  all over the place Korea jealous

Red Velvet Irene’s ridiculously small waist making women all over the place Korea jealous

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRookie feminine idol Irene has change into a hot subject among netizens following a contemporaryfunctionality where her tiny waist lengthwas once revealed.

Red Velvet latelyconducted their comeback degree with Dumb Dumb on Music Core where they also gave homage to BoA viaappearing her beyond hit track, No.1.

Aired on September 12th, the music display held a distinct episode where they achieved on an out of doors stage for the DMC Festival.

Wearing an all-white outfit consisting of a crop-top and pants very an identical to that of BoAs outfits all over her No.1 promotional days fanatics were ready to capture Irenes ant waist.

In a Instiz post published at the twelfth with the name reading Irenes waist today ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ, the post just shared a photo of her tiny waist (seen above in the featured symbol on the right).

Heol, thin..I feel like cryingAnt waist ㅜㅜㅜ I need one too ㅜㅜㅜHeol.. Is that her waist..?Amazing.Amaaaaazzzinng.Seulgi may be no joke ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ?!?!?!??!??!?!??! IncredibleYes, these days Im going to starve ㅠㅠ

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Wonder Women  Stocks What Idea They Sought after  To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder Women Stocks What Idea They Sought after To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder WomenStocks What Thought They Sought afterTo take a glance at out (But Weren’t Allowed)notclaira July 18, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Shares What Concept They Wanted To Check out (But Weren’t Allowed) On July 18, Wonder Girls held a Naver V app broadcast for their appearance at the SBS LoveFM program “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Guy Show.”

The ladyworkforcethese days made a comeback with the identifymusic “Why So Lonely,” a band song with reggae infusions. However, the girls shared that they to get started with wanted to are trying a hip-hop concept.

“We pitched the speculation to our agency, but Park Jin Young told us firmly that hip-hop used to besimplest for cool people,” they acknowledged jokingly.

Wonder Girls is a veteran woman group, having been around for nearly ten years, but they shared that they haven’t made many palsout of doors the agency.

“There weren’t many opportunities for other folks to manner us,” they explained. Yubin added, “We have guests at our agency, but in relation to age I’m nearlyappropriate afterwards Park Jin Young. It’s been some time since our debut.”

Would you need to haveto peer Wonder Girls strive a hip-hop concept?

Wonder Girls - Why So LonelyBeef up the artist by way ofpurchasing “Why from YesAsia Source (1)

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Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah In’s Excellent  Persona On “Section TV”

Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah In’s Excellent Persona On “Section TV”

Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah Ins ExcellentPersona On PhaseTelevision leonid July 17, 2016 0 Shin Se Kyung Attests To Yoo Ah Ins Nice Character On Section TV Shin Se Kyung shares about fresh co-star Yoo Ah In on Section TV.

On its July 17 episode, the MBC program visits the set of Shin Se Kyungs photo shoot and sits down with the actress for an interview.

She shares, The maximum memorable assignment for me is at all timesthe latest one, her newest drama being SBSs Six Flying Dragons.

Shin Se Kyung then describes her co-star Yoo Ah In and says, Hes a truly good person. He'sauthenticwith out a pretense, to the point that I concern onewould possiblyno longer sound honest because thats what I say about him on each interview.

Previously, the 2 worked in combination in historic drama Six Flying Dragons which concluded its a hit run in March with soaring ratings.

If you ignored it, you can catch Six Flying Dragons on Viki below!

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Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn an episode of jTBC variety show Knowing BrosSuper JuniorHeechul revealed his secret to seducing women to fans. 

According to Heechul, whos been known to be slightly a smooth-talker, hes never been grew to become down by skill ofa ladysooner than in his life, causing many enthusiasts to concentratefurthermoderately for his seduction technique. However, when asked precisely how he seduces ladies so easily, Heechul printedthat each and every one he does is tell them that hes interested, surprising viewers.

Check out Heechul and Jungmos new trot song Ulsanbawi below:

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New Trailers for Korean Drama Age of youngster Highlights the Lies of Youth

New Trailers for Korean Drama Age of youngster Highlights the Lies of Youth

The new trailers for the impending JTBC drama Age of minor explores the lies of adolescence that our schoolladiesneed to face. It turns out that schoolexistencewill now not be all rosy, and the ladies have some tough truths to deal with.

Age of Teens is a 12 episode drama about the friendships and relationships of five faculty girls who are living together. It stars Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Ryu Hwa Young, Park Eun Bin, and Park Hye Soo.

Age of Youth is scheduled to premiere July 22 on JTBC.

AdvertisementTrailer 1:https://youtu.be/Y_Z_6s2_rxI

Trailer 2:https://youtu.be/VaU48c0By-k

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Watch: SEVENTEEN And sweetness  Women Play The Honesty Game

Watch: SEVENTEEN And sweetness Women Play The Honesty Game

Watch: SEVENTEEN And sweetnessLadies Play The “Honesty Game”notclaira July 13, 2016 0 Watch: SEVENTEEN And Wonder Girls Play The “Honesty Game” A different “Hidden Stage” segment for a song program interviewed two teams that currently made a comeback.

First up used to bethe sweetness Girls. The 4contributors were asked to position on headphones whilstthe alternative members talked truthfully or so them. The member dressed in headphones would bestto find out what changed into being acknowledgedthroughout the broadcast.

Sunmi and Hyelim were selected as the “victims,” yet the other members praised their paintings ethic and shared their hopes for their future. However, this didn’t forestall Hyelim from getting paranoid when it was her turn!

SEVENTEEN was the 2nd onestaff to be interviewed, and they selected four members to sit down down in the “hot seat.”

The8 was up first and nodded along like he maylisten what all and sundry was announcing (which fooled nobody). One of the vital members took the opportunity to take merit ofcasual language, even though the message they delivered was sweet.

Maknae Dino and leader S.Coups were the remaining to be talked about. On S.Coups’ turn, one in their members expressed his worry that the leader could be stealing his moisturizer. The entire members are stunned when S.Coups took off his headphones and asked, “What were you asserting about lotion?”

Although technically S.Coups “cheated,” Seungkwan praised him (much to the other members’ annoyance), which got here back to bite him later. After every other game, Dino was chosen to obtain a special punishment that he had to do on stage!

Watch the video with English subtitles below!

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Here’s how Korea’s most lovely idols would glance if they’d been born masses of years ago

Here’s how Korea’s most lovely idols would glance if they’d been born masses of years ago

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSome feminine idols are so stunning that they wouldve been noted for their visuals regardless of what generation they were born in. 

And whilstenthusiasts will never get to understand what each idol would appear to be if they were born in the far away past, one of the most industrys most sensible female idols have starred in ancient dramas and videos and given fans a glimpse of themselves as ancient beauties. Take a glance at the picturesunderto look what peak singers such as IUGirls GenerationYoona, and Suzy would glance like if they were born loads of years ago.

Girls GenerationYoona

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