An Interview with Love X Stereo: Los Angeles, Indie Music, and KCON

An Interview with Love X Stereo: Los Angeles, Indie Music, and KCON

20160808_seoulbeats_lovexstereo3An Interview with Love X Stereo: Los Angeles, Indie Music, and KCONWritten through Lindsay On August 8, 201620160808_seoulbeats_lovexstereoIts now notcontinuously that a Korean music crew indie, K-pop, or another way sticks around in the states long amplenot tobestcarry outa couple ofdisplaysyet as well to have time for some interviews, but this year we were givenfortunate alongside Love X Stereo doing either one ofthe ones things in Los Angeles. The electro rock/synthpop duo has evolved so much since they began making music below the call dear 10 Stereo in 2011, and now theyre expanding their horizons to markets outdoor of Korea. To read more about the teams music, take a glance at our Indie Gem on them!

I had the excitement of spending a while with Annie (vocalist and fugitive astrophysicist) and Toby (skate punk rocker) over waffles this week whilst they enjoyed the gorgeous Southern California weather so shall wetalk aboutnot just their presentremain in the states but also what their long run holds, in addition the destiny of the Korean indie scene.

So, Annie, you grew up in Los Angeles?

I grew up in Los angeles from 1981 to 1987.

Do you believe yourself Korean or Korean-American?

Probably Korean. But I have a comfortable spot for LA.

Do you've relationships with any Korean-American indie artists?

Probably Bobby Choy Large Phony.

Is there a specificexplanation why you lot sing most commonly in English?

Well it’s kinda herbal to pop out in English first but if the lyrics come out first in Korean I cross with Korean. It is dependentat the song.

Do you're thinking thatis helping you get more global fans?

I think so. That’s in truth what we’re aiming for. Not to paste about in Korea. We wish toextend and go out of doors (of Korea).

This year you conducted at KCON, how did that happen?

I think it used to be more of a central authorityarranged thing. The govt has their own emblem of show off called K-pop Evening Out and they choose bands to accomplish at sure stages like The goodGet away or SXSW and they determined to do a equivalent thing this year with KCON and they sought after us to perform.

How became your KCON experience?

For us it was ok. I’m kinda shocked that the showcase was in the path of the conference center, which was weird. There were a couple ofproblems with the sound system, but we were ok. The opposite bands had a more difficult time.

SXSW was in reality great. We played at a very big venue and they had like 1000other folksobserving us and we had a trulywonderful time.

The remaining two years the Korean Indie panel at KCON has been really popular, so it’s a disgrace they didn’t showcase you more. Individuals actuallywish toknow about Korean indie music.

If I were an organizer that had to do (with panels), I may equally well bring an indie artist into the panel to discuss about it. It’s an superb chance to let folks know about Korean indie. If they are willing to do it, then we’d take into consideration being on the panel next year.

I think that’d be great! They wantthose whodefinitely know about the Korean indie scene.

Speaking of indie, what do you're feelingthe present state of the Korean indie network is? Are there more groups seeking toadvertise outside of Korea?

I think numerous indie musicians are testing that (international promotion), and I believeincreasingly indie musicians are getting attention in comparison to ten years ago. I feelwe have gotsome distanceto head because I think the only real indie musician that is making an attempt difficult to navigate the sector is Jambinai, and that’s just a start. The article is I do consider that if the music or the music video content is just right then it's going to expand itself, but the maximum efficient mannerto reach things temporarily is to signal to a label (outside of Korea). But it’s lovely hard for us to do this because we don’t reside here. Jambinai did that, they signed to a label, so they’re on their way. We wish to do that.

Jambinai’s music is more like world music; it has a definite identity (Korean identity). But ours is more universal; there’s a comic story because I truly met the vice-president of Sub Pop (label) and I made him concentrate to our music and he acknowledged “this is so mainstream.” And I used to be like, no its not. In Korea it’s not a mainstream music at all, so for us we want toend up and thena lot more than Jambinai (because they'vethe normal Korean music sound).

Wow, that’s really interesting. The overall public probably don’t place self belief in the difficulties of marketing music cross-culturally or having a legitimate that works in one country but not another.

You guys have done some OST paintings in Korea, how did you get into that?

Well, the OST director of Cheese in the Trap loved our music, so he put it in. That was fairly interesting, though. I all of sudden felt like we were permitted by the K-drama fans! That song, we didn’t intend it to be in the soundtrack, it was our song but it took place to get in. Which was nice! I think like we are more accepted by many ofenthusiastsin the market now.

Do you watched you’ll do more OSTs?

We are getting offers, but like I said before, our music isn't mainstream in Korea, but more or less universal all over the place else, and there is a certain form of music the Korean industry needs and we’re not at all times in agreement with that, so it may also be a little hard for us. So we got some suggestions, and we gave them some music, but we’ve gotten combined reviews. As artists we don’t needto modify our sound, so it doesn’t take placeeach and every time. We really don’t desire to compromise on our music so some productions recommend to us to modify the refrain or something, but we said no.

That attitude would probably go over larger in The us because artistry in music has a tendency to be favored here. A lot of Americans are very taken aback by the K-pop system, for example, because it’s so corporate.

But like, I feel like SM, YG, or JYP, technically they’re like an self sustaining label, they’re on their own, so I don’t know! It's milesbizarre to grow the gadget like that though. Children, very young ladies, have a tendency to be grown out of the components thence ITmight be weird a little like slavery. Like Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers?

I wager Disney is actually our only corporate like that!

What’s some American music you have an interest in?

There’s a label here in LA called Asian Guy Records, its run by a Korean-American. They've got some noted groups like Less Than Jake and Alkeline Trio. I like their music. We’re also lookingto visit the Warped Tour this weekend!

Your last EP got here out in April, so what are your next plans?

Our latestunmarried volition be out later in August, it’s being produced by Nate “Danja” Hills who produced “SexyBack” for Justin Timberlake. It was an excellent opportunity to work with him! I think after that we’re going to have a look at to liberate an LP. We’ve never released an LP so that’s going to occurinside of this year. So that’s our biggest plans, and in all probability a tour next year, but not this year.

lovexstereoWhen are you heading back to Korea?

We’re functioning at Pentaport Park on the 14th. Right once we arrive within one day we'veto arrange to go on stage. At that Pentaport degree we’ll have a unique guest. The special guest will be Rock ‘N’Roll Radio’s Jin-kyu; he’s going to play the guitar for us!

That sounds awesome! I wish I might be there!

For any of our readers in Korea, please visit the display at Pentaport Park. You'll be in a position to go tickets here on Love X Stereo’s website. A numberof different corking groups will be there as well!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you will find Love X Stereo on the 10th at The Mint, or on the 11th at the Sundown Triangle Plaza.

(YouTube, Photo credit: Love X Stereo Facebook)


K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

K-Indie Duo Dead Buttons Talks Music, Inspiration and KCON EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Angie Turbines For KpopStarz)North America's biggestconference of "all things Hallyu," KCON 2016 backedby way of Toyota, wrapped up this beyond weekend in Los Angeles.

Boasting performances by one of the crucial industry's best stars, KCON 2016 L. a. attracted the eye of enthusiaststhe sector over. Yet idol teams and actors were notthe only real artists to make an appearance at this year's convention. Several of Korea's most neatly liked indie bands showed up to accomplishat the convention degree over the process the weekend. For rather a lot of of those bands, this will be the start fourth dimensionthey havecarried out at a traditioncorresponding to KCON. Among these, the indie rock duo, Dead Buttons, tops the list.

Advertisement Regardless of their irritating schedule, the duo, created from guitarist Hong Ji Hyun and drummer Lee Kang Hee, controlledto discover a moment to take a seat down and communicate alongside us about their music, their inspiration and their revel in at KCON 2016 LA.

KPZ: You'vethis type of wide number of sounds to yoursongit ispracticallyvery unlikely to describe your style. How would you describe yourself to somebody who hasn't heard your music before?

Ji Hyun:We've been encouraged by vintage rock and country music and punk rock, especially.

KPZ:Who are some of your favorites?

Ji Hyun:Personally, Johnny Cash. Musically, there is and much. I actually like a lot.

KPZ:Your sound could also be incredibly wealthy and a joy to pay attention and slightlyunforeseen for a duo. Let us knowa section or so your ingeniousprocedure when growing music.

Ji Hyun:Actually, we began out as 3 but if the bassist left, I attempted to fill the bass component but now days it does not matter. There isn't any limits.

KPZ:Are there sure artists who have inspired or impacted your work?

Ji Hyun:I was oncetrulyinterested by US garage rock scene. We are in the 3rd revival now. I have been really interested and inspired by that.

KPZ:Would you assert your sound is more very an identical to this taste or have you simply used this as inspiration to head off and do your own thing?

Ji Hyun: I am into numerous music, I watch so much of music videos, and I'm inspired by all of that but I do notwould like to exist that.

KPZ:When you started out as Dead Buttons, there were 3 of you but your bassist left...

Kang Hee:That came about on Korean independence day, actually.

KPZ:Oh really? That is kinda crazy!

KPZ:Most groups, when they lose a member, would either update that member or simplyutterly fall apart. You two did neither. As a substitute you lot scratched your whole old music and begantotally over. What inspired you to take such an atypical path?

Ji Hyun:After going via 2 other bassist, we were givenbeautifuluninterested infacing them so we just made up our minds to do without them.

KPZ:You currently wrapped up a 23-stop Ecuexcursion that integrated stops in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, France and Spain. How became that? Do you have any favourite memories or reviewsyou wouldlove to share?

Ji Hyun:Primavera Sound, this isthe maximum efficient festival ever! Either the musicians and the target audience were the best. They were great.

KPZ:You've played at many of music fairs and such over the last few years and now you would possibly beon the point ofcarry out here at KCON, later today. As an indie band, did you ever see yourself functioning at a convention such as this? How has your expertise been so far?

Ji Hyun:This is our first time at a position like KCON. I don't really know what to name this but whatever it is, here is our first time at a K-Pop thing.

KPZ:Do you watched your time here will bring in more fans for you, will your appearance develop people's musical interests?

Ji Hyun:We don't know. We just play. We're just here for the music and to have a just right time.

KPZ:How has your journey been here so far?

Ji Hyun:This is my first time visiting the US. So I am goingloopy because tools are so reasonable here. It makes me mad! Or not it's cool though.

Ji Hyun:Yeah, it's too big. I like muchof yankee musicians, I used to be inspired to look them in their own country, so this is actually exciting.

(Photo : Dead Buttons Legitimate Facebook )Despite the truth the duo was a little unnerved by the choice of fans attending KCON this year, they did not let that prevent them from giving a stellar functionality this past weekend. To come up withan idea of what Dead Buttons is really like, make sureto try their video for "16-22" below!

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Love X Stereo Rocks New York's CMJ 2014 Following Their West Coast Appearances At Culture Collide [Exclusive Interview]

Love X Stereo Rocks New York's CMJ 2014 Following Their West Coast Appearances At Culture Collide [Exclusive Interview]

Love X Stereo returned to NYC for a stellar performance at CMJ Music Marathon.

(Photo : Haein Michelle Park)

Love X Stereo returned to NYC for a stellar performance at CMJ Music Marathon. On October 21, Korean indie electronic group Love X Stereo delivered their first performance for their return to CMJ Music Marathon.

Love X Stereo appeared at CMJ Music Marathon following critically acclaimed performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles as part of the eclectically curated festival, Culture Collide.

Their performance at the New York City gastropub venue Carroll Place was one of two stages that Love X Stereo would perform as official artists in the CMJ 2014 lineup.

Annie Ko leads Love X Stereo with entrancing synth-rock vocals. (Photo : Haein Michelle Park )

Annie Ko leads Love X Stereo with entrancing synth-rock vocals. The group, led by main vocalist and synthesizer Annie Ko, took the stage around 11PM, following their sound check. In addition to Annie Ko, Love X Stereo includes guitarist and producer Toby Hwang. Bassist and percussionist Sol Han rounds out the official lineup of the group.

Sol Han holding down the bass for Love X Stereo.

(Photo : Haein Michelle Park)

Sol Han holding down the bass for Love X Stereo. Annie charismatically led the group through a set of six songs including a cover of Nirvana"s On A Plain. Love X Stereo kicked off their performance with Fly Over. They warmed up the crowd in attendance with High Road and the hilariously named song Free Ass. Love X Stereo then began to cap off their performance with two of their standout songs HideSeek followed by Chain Reaction.

KpopStarz caught up with Love X Stereo, following their performance, for a question and answer session. Love X Stereo provided answers to help new audiences learn more about their group and to provide a follow up to some of their previous English interviews.

How does it feel to be back in the United States, performing at CMJ for the second time?

It"s always a pleasure to come to the United States and perform. CMJ [Music Marathon] has been really great to us and booked us for two official shows, which is so great! This time, we"re more familiar with the whole thing, so it"s easy to navigate and double the fun.

What are some of your recent milestones which you would consider to be most remarkable?

Befor CMJ, we went to San Francisco and LA for the festival Culture Collide. In Los Angeles, our shows were packed and we received a great response. We are definitely going back to the West Coast, if we can.

The sound of Korean pop and rock has been evolving into a more electronic sound. What are your musical influences and who are your favorite artists outside of Korea?

Our biggest musical influences are New Order, Smashing Pumpkins, and M83. We are influenced by so many bands from the "90s. The "90s rule!

What performances do you intend to check out while you are at CMJ?

We"re going to cool venues that we"d like to check out. We"d just pop into the place and see how it goes. We are planning to go to Glasslands, Santos Party House, Cakeshop, Rockwood [Music Hall], and Terminal 5.

What is your favorite burger: In N Out or Shake Shack?

In N Out is great, we have never been to Shake Shack.

In your journey towards expanding from Korea, you have encountered numerous obstacles. What have been some of the greatest challenges?

Being shutdown last year. Enough said.

Do you watch Korean drama, if so which are your favorites?

Annie from Love X Stereo: Don"t watch them anymore, but I used to like "My Lovely Sam Soon." Sam Soon"s lines were really funny.


CMJ Music Marathon Delivers Second Artist Lineup Including Seoul-Based Electronic Rock Band Love X Stereo

CMJ Music Marathon Delivers Second Artist Lineup Including Seoul-Based Electronic Rock Band Love X Stereo

(Photo : Love X Stereo ) Love X Stereo will return to the U.S. for CMJ Music Marathon. On September 24, CMJ Music Marathon delivered its second lineup announcement, which included seven hundred additional artists.

Korea"s Love x Stereo was included within the list, along with artists such as Chairlift and A Place to Bury Strangers. Love x Stereo were recent participants in the 2014 Seoulsonic Tour and appeared at SXSW.

The latest artists announced join the stellar list of talent which was already provided by CMJ on August 27. Highlights from the initial list include Cold War Kids, the Kills, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Slowdive.

What is CMJ Music Marathon?

CMJ Music Marathon is a music event which fosters the discovery of new music from throughout the world. CMJ 2014 will take place in over eighty venues with more than 1,300 artists.

CMJ 2014 is more than just an opportunity to hear new music. The event includes engaging panels which are focused on issues such as music performance and production. Other highlights of CMJ Music Marathon is the CLE Entertainment Law Business Seminar and College Day.

Tickets are available by purchasing a Full Badge or by attending through a Student Badge.

Fans of Asian music should stay tuned for updates from KpopStarz regarding the upcoming Korean and Taiwanese Showcases.


2NE1 Talks 'Crush' And Their Love Of Music In NYLON Magazine Interview: 'We Do This For Everyone'

2NE1 Talks 'Crush' And Their Love Of Music In NYLON Magazine Interview: 'We Do This For Everyone'

(Photo : 2NE1 official Facebook page) (Photo : Twitter, NYLON Magazine) Although 2NE1 has yet to release an English album, the four ladies of the K-pop group have been making waves in the English market, and their latest interview with NYLON Magazine one such example of that.

“We’re four crazy girls who are very different, but came together through our love for music,” said 2NE1 leader CL for the U.S. edition of NYLON. “Our goal is just to put the best music out there possible. We don’t focus on any one region or country—we do this for everyone.”

2NE1"s feature with NYLON discussed their recent accomplishments, including having the group music featured on "The Bachelor" and "So You Think You Can Dance" and being the current record-holder for releasing the highest charting South Korean album on the Billboard 200 with "Crush."

“We were confident with the results,” continued CL. "But we didn"t know how everyone would react to it."

Earlier in the year, YG record label founder Yang Hyun Suk affirmed that it is entirely possible for Blackjacks to see another 2NE1 album in addition to a CL solo album before the end of the year.

"The long preparation time means there are many songs besides the ones included in the 2nd full album," said a blog post on YG-Life, "so other members’ solo songs initially planned to be included in the latest album are currently put aside for the next album."

"I would love to put my own album out, of course," admitted the 23-year-old rapper to Hypebeast TV. "I don"t know when it will be, but I"m working on it. I"m writing songs, trying to cut demos, everything. Hopefully I can soon."

Currently, 2NE1 is taking their "All or Nothing" world tour to Japan, with concerts at the Yokohama Arena, followed by the World Memorial Hall in Kobe.


K-pop Indie Gem: LOVE X STEREO

K-pop Indie Gem: LOVE X STEREO

K-pop Indie Gem: LOVE X STEREO K-pop Indie Gem: LOVE X STEREO K-pop Indie Gem: LOVE X STEREO Welcome to another edition of Indie Gem! This time we’re talking about LOVE X STEREO, an electronic rock band with roots in 90s alt and punk rock. Furthermore, the band makes note that their music is danceable, for a fanciful touch.

LOVE X STEREO consists of Annie, lead vocalist, keyboardist and synth master; Toby, guitarist, vocalist and producer; Sol, bassist and vocals; Koo Kyo-seon, dummer; and Yoontek Jeong, sound engineer and producer.

Initially formed in 1998 under the name Skrew Attack (a skate punk rock band), the group debuted as LOVE X STEREO in 2011 with their EP Buzzin’. Since then, theyve been steadily gaining fans in Korea, but more so internationally. In fact, LOVE X STEREO is one of the most accessible Korean indie bands I’ve come across, because the majority of their lyrics are in English and they have their hands in a vast array of social media. They are definitely making an effort to reach out to their foreign fans, and are embarking on a North American tour in October and November this year.

As Skrew Attack, they firmly planted themselves in punk, as LOVE X STEREO the band has been committed to an electronic sound. Though deceptive in its light-hearted, often poppy tone, their music is a layered mix of synth, standard instruments and genres. Across their discography, one can hear an evolving play with the digital, not only as effects, but also as an infusion with their rock base. LOVE X STEREO gives electro and rock equal weight, creating music that is both delicate and in-your-face. Though the band’s most recent EP, GLOW, shows their continued move deeper into electro-pop, one can still hear influences of The Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, which are just a few of their inspirations.

The first track off Buzzin’, “High Road,” illustrates the band’s rawest expansion into a new style. Rock is still the overarching sound, with digital running in the back; it’s not quite an accent, but also not quite strong a feature. Annie’s voice shifts from light to all out punk, expressing the lyrics’ message of defiantly taking a new road, even if it’s a difficult one.

Within Buzzin’, the band’s shift to a dreamy electronic sound is apparent by the third track, “Ocean Breeze,” which is meant to conjure up images of the beach. “Ocean Breeze” was the turning point for the electronic to take center stage. This performance of “Ocean Breeze” shows how many elements go into their music, and also how awesome they are live:

Their next EP Off The Grid was released in 2012. The first track, “Soul City (Seoul City),” expresses the band’s ambivalent feelings toward Seoul.

I was climbing up the hills of industries

It seems no one speaking up unanimously

Get all dizzy in this town that never sleeps

Keep up with your drinks and then you’re free

The heavy drums and driving guitar are still present, however, the mixing is tighter and more intertwined than in their first EP. The song has the feel of fast movement, pulling the listener through Seoul, which is represented in the music video as well. All three tracks on Off the Grid express more refined electronic sound, and we start to hear an inkling of the mysterious mood that becomes prominent in their next EP.

This month, the group released GLOW, which consists of four new songs and five remixes. The remixes are results of their numerous collaborations, which can also be heard in the single they released right before the EP, “부끄러워요 (Bu​-​kkeu​-​reo​-​wo​-​yo).”

Fresh off GLOW is “Lose to Win,” an emotional song that serves as a hopeful anthem for those who feel alone and uncertain in life. It begins with an almost otherworldly sound, which puts the focus on Annie’s haunting vocals. “Lose to Win” is a perfect illustration of how the group creates a sound that is both intimate and expansive, dreamy and grounded, direct and wandering.

Its apparent that theyve embraced synth-pop with clean electronic sounds, and Annie’s vocals stay in the light, breathy range. However, their signature mix of electronic and rock now works to create a distinct mood for each song, moving beyond the exercise of mixing genres. It’s nice to see how over time, LOVE X STEREO keeps playing with electronic and rock, committing to and expanding on both.

LOVE X STEREO undoubtedly will continue to woo fans overseas, so keep tabs on them. And if you live on the East Coast in the U.S. or in Toronto, see if you can check them out during their tour! And for final funsies, here is their cover of Nirvana’s “On a Plain:

(LOVE X STEREO website, Facebook, sonicbids, bandcamp, Youtube [1][2][3][4][5], SoundCloud [1])


Seungri Talks About Love and Music in "Ask in a Box Interview"

Seungri Talks About Love and Music in "Ask in a Box Interview"

Seungri Talks About Love and Music in Ask in a Box InterviewBig Bangs youngest, Seungri, has been busy promoting his latest solo album Lets Talk About Love and had an interview with Loen TV for their Ask in a Box interview series. The video was shared with English and Japanese subtitles on the official Loen Entertainment YouTube channel. 

Seungri was his usual frank and charming self as he answered fan made questions about Lets Talk About Love. He answered questions about his favorite song in the solo album, what YG thought about his new track, and whether he has ever fallen in love at first sight. Seungri also showed some of the choreography points from his main track, Gotta Talk to U.

Watch the interview below and you can also check out the music video for Gotta Talk to U here.


Roundtable: Los Angeles KCON Concert Review!

Roundtable: Los Angeles KCON Concert Review!

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16Roundtable: Los Angeles KCON Concert Review!Written via Lindsay On August 4, 2016201600717_seoulbeats_kcon2016Another year, another KCON LA. As usual, the line-up used to beout of the ordinaryeither nights and the fanaticsnearly brought the home down. For other people that didnt attend, or that want a reminder, here's the line-up:

Lets talk about our experiences!

Favorites? Least favorites? Things you liked/thought worked well, or didnt? Fangirl/boy moment?

Willis: Saturday becomemore than likely my favourite of the 2 nights. I for my part had more power and felt like there has been a just rightdrift to the lineup. I used to be pumped to hear Dean and he didnt disappoint with his velvet voice and degree presence.

I was stunned by how much I enjoyed Turbos performance, and the special Turbo duvet stages by Astro and GFriend. It was an ideal throwback to an older era; the songs were catchy and Turbo can still paintings a crowd. SHINee are just unbelievable. Ive observed them a couple of times before, yet they were just electric that night. I even heard Minho have become a bias wrecker for some our of own staff.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16ericMonsta X beganthe 2nd oneevening amongst a bang. They were at KCON L. a.ultimate year, but the enlargementin their phaseair of mysteryover the last year is evident. They are far moreself-assured and charismatic this year and their personalities filled the arena. Astro were a pleasant surprise. They pull off thoselovely songs with some complex choreography and are undoubtedly talented newcomersto appear out for. Twice gave me lifestyles on night 2 when they got here out making a song Cheer Up whilst BTS left me devoid of any life force when they rocked the stage the screams of thousands of fans rang in my ears for the remainder of the night.

Cjontai: Initially, I was worried that being in the pit would be a nightmare, but it in truth wasnt too bad. I kinda lucked out by being close to the back edge because I had a truly good, transparent view of the idols. Being short has many disadvantages if youre in the pit, so do your best possible to be up front or along the sides. Steer clean of getting stuck in the center equallymost sensible as you can. Also, work up your calves for all of thestatus youll be doing for 2 hours.

Surprisingly, I.O.I was my favorite from the night. Agree with that SHINee gatheredeach ounce of my soul, but I.O.I opened the concert with such great, bubbly energy. I didnt be expecting to even sing along, yet here I was bouncing round the pit to select Me.

Going back to SHINee, I believe 1 blacked out in brief when Jonghyun and Key moved to our phase because I still wasnt in a positionto look my bias Jonghyun that freaking close. I recorded a snippet of the historical moment, but the primary 10 seconds is me shaking the camera and looking toacquire my brain cells. I totally lost it!

Seeing Quincy Jones and Lee Min-ho were other noteworthy moments. And yes, Lee Min-ho is super fine in person. Its almost unfair that hes so attractive.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16btsLo: Saturday was certainlythe easier night of the concerts. Ive never been a Dean fan too slow and measured for my tastes but he killed it onstage. Just such a lot charisma. I.O.I. was beautiful fun, even though I was bummed that Overwhelm wasnt on their setlist. The highlight, though, was SHINee. Seeing their dancing up close and privatereplaced my life. The vocals were stunning, the setlist was awesome; Stunning was an unforeseen but fabulous choice. And yes, Willis, Minho by hook or by crook went from my least favorite member to tying with Jonghyun for my SHINee bias. I dont know either.

Day 2 was a little more eh for me, although BTS was ah-may-zing. Dope gave me religion in humanity once again. Davichi was abruptly entertaining, with a command of the stage that only true veterans have. Their styling was also gorgeous; most efficient outfits of the concerts.

Sarah: Interestingly, I massivelymost popular Sundays concert over Saturdays. While Saturdays was very a laugh and entertaining I enjoyed the throwback stages done by GFriend and Astro, and especially Turbos functionality itself. As the veterans of Saturday night, their stage presence and play with the crowd was spectacular.

However, the calories of Sunday night was quite a bitupper overall. From Monsta Xs explosive starting to the earth-shaking screams that welcomed in BTS, the crowd was so a lot morefull of life that moment night. Where Saturday night was very fun and a lovely concert, Sunday absolutely killed it. I believe information technology was partly the go back of Amber midwayvia (which we were hoping for but now not guaranteed) to sing a duet with Eric Nam. Possibly it was the awesome high-flying, board-breaking Taekwondo performance that kicked off all the thing.

As Willis mentioned, Monsta X were significantlystepped forward over their already fantastic functioning of last year and verywere given the crowd going with All In. Astro, in spite of their cutie image, kept that energy up, and Two timescontrolled to buoy it along as neatly with their upbeat hits and dancing. Eric Nam, while singing slower songs, supplied a stablesmash with his open crowd flirting and belted top notes. I must say, I was reasonably disappointed with the song alternatives of Davichi as they broke the momentum a little (and Ive never been a big Girls Generation fan, so theres that), but the low energy was stored when Twice came out backto accomplish a smashing canopy of Uptown Funk.

And when Amber and Eric Nam returned as MCs in a while and the stage lighting went down, you want to feel the crowd suddenly realize who was up next. The palpable excitement was only partially expressed in the process the rabid screaming and the instant when Eric Nam in any case gave up on his adventto only turn over the stage as an alternative to BTS. I can be able to never disregard that communal feeling of sky-high anticipation. Even BTSs complete set felt longer and more puffed up than SHINees. Perhaps nosotros were just sitting in a clump of Armys, or maybe it was the reality that SHINee chose ballads where BTS chose Cypher Pt.3. Not denying I didnt sing along to Everybody, with literally everybody, but BTSs finishing simply felt more wholeand actually wrapped up the overall weekend very nicely.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16gfriendMark: Despite the crowd being much rowdier and more into it the second night, Im with Willis in feeling that the 1st night was the more enjoyable. I cant assist that they put GFriend and Block B at the same night; I just experience their discographies so even more than that of the others. Plus, the first night was my first time experiencing a star-packed collaboration concert so I was definitely taken aback by the trap of the lineup. I had a feeling that Zico was going to be in the collaboration stage for Saturday but I had no concept he was going to come with Boys and women featuring fellow Block B member U-Kwon. That felt like icing on peak of the cake for a phenomenal beginning night.

The second night felt like everybody was just looking forward to BTS. Like Sarah, I too felt that the lineup transitions were a little bit jarring at times. The night started out very high energy with the rookie and sophomore teams paving the style and then it floor to a halt as the vocal-focused acts took the stage. Davichi was by a long way the maximum impressive vocalists to carry out and I was surprised at how well Minkyung and Haeri complemented each other and pulled their own weight in each one song. TTS was one of the vital disappointing for me because I didnt realize how little choreography they truly did. Following Davichi is difficult for any vocal neighborhood and TTS indeed faltered as a result of that.

When BTS came on stage, it ultimately felt like I was at a true concert as almost everyone in the venue got on their feet. This made the concert expertisefar more enjoyable. As a substitute of the standard awkward golfing claps from non-enthused fans, everyone got into it and it ultimately felt like a party. BTS fairly much played all the songs I sought after them to, just that my only gripe was that they did the Suga-dominated cypher which had no choreography rather than doing Baepsae. But now Im just nitpicking.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16deanLorenza: My first intuition is to mention Sunday was the larger night in my opinion, but Saturday had more respiring room between every set which made the generaljourney lessfeels intense. The sole agency Saturday can havecrowned Sunday is if Amber had only one more song. Honestly, Im still improving from the emotional curler coaster that was KCON.

For Saturday, the stand-out was GFriend; I wasnt partial to them, despite really, really, short of to get into them. Now, I think In deficient health acceptto head and watch their performance videos. Seeing Turbo was also amazing, but I think thats simply because I never expected so that you could run across Kim Jungkook in all his glory. I honestly cried all through Borders; seeing Amber get emotional while she offered the song and then while acting exactly struck a chord with me.

Seeing SHINee reside was amazing. I knew they would be phenomenal and they solely surpassed all my expectations. Everyone was a sensible wayto near Saturday.

Sunday, though, was electric. From the moment Monsta X took the stage to BTS closing the night with Dope, it was one pumped up moment to the next. It was a section overwhelming. I agree with everyone else when they say that Monsta X has improved their stage performance. I also want to give their stylists a hug for placing Wonho in a choker and then a studded leather jacket. That glance never gets old on him. The one let down for me was TTS, but thats because Im just not a fan of women Generation. Their vocals were great, but I just wasnt feeling it.

Seeing BTS live was amazing. The crowd was obviously there for them and was so prepared by the time they came on stage. They wearan overwhelmingdisplay and I would like to see a solo concert. They left me trying more at the finish of the concert and it's likely you'll tell they also werent waiting to leave yet.

If this is the quality of performances KCON is going to be generatingboth year, Ill definitely be back.

20160803_seoulbeats_kcon16idolsLindsay: Im having a troublesome fourth dimension picking one night as better! I wager for me they were both amazing but in other ways.

Nothing in the arena give notice beat seeing SHINee live for the first time. It was a practically non secular experience for a long-time Shawol like myself. The quality of their live singing was more perfect than I presumed possible, and yes, Minho is literally the cutest thing ever (my bias has been Onew since 2010 and Im not converting it now, but Minho has definitely taken second place). I think the article roughly Minho is that he is a superbmixture of sexy and cute, but most significantlyhe's the most aware of fans during live performances which makes him very unlikely not to love.

The other giantspotlight for me on Saturday was Turbo. They were so much fun, plus the special stages by Gfriend and Astro were an even tribute to an era. There is anythingenticing about seasoned performers that just presentationsby way of in concerts it was the similar with Shinhwa last year. Turbo made me would like to dance and sing and jump around, plus they were very interactive with the crowed, which is at all timesa large plus.

On Sunday I just got an overload of boy organization feels. Astro is my presentinfant group, I absolutely love them, and getting to see their fun choreography and adorable aegyo in consumer had me shrieking like the fangirl I actually am. And even supposingI admire cute, I also love sexy and powerful, so Monsta X constantly gets me going with their hot and heavy choreography and are we able to please have a circular of applause for their stylist? Because my bias Shownu looked so perfect (unlike Zico, I swear to god that boy wishes an intervention). And then there was Eric Nam, who Im lately madly in love with. Im really satisfied for him that he finally got to be on the massive stage at KCON because I think he completelymerits it and come on, we know hes an unbelievable singer.

Honorable mentions to Block B and BTS, regardless of how time and again I see them live theyre always high-energy and on-top of their choreography and rapping. And of routeeachlady group did well and was exquisite and adorable, but as my fellow writers know, Im boy band trash forever.

Readers, what was your favorite a phase of the concerts once you went to KCON? If you couldnt attend this year, does this review make you need to pass adjacent year?


Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

(Photo : ESL)Calling all KCON-ers! The Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League Summer 2016 Season Finals can begoing down at KCON 2016 L. a. next week.

AdvertisementPresented via Toyota, the world's greatest Korean culture conference and song festival, KCON, has added the HCS Pro League Finals to this year's LA lineup. The tournament will be held at The Novo by Microsoft at L.A. Resideand may run July 30-31.

Tickets for the tournament are on sale now and will also bebought at Overall admission tickets are $40 whilst VIP tickets will most probably be purchased for $55. While eitherprice ticket tiers come with a one-day admission to the KCON convention, the VIP tickets comprisea massive number ofadvantages including: top rate leather seating closer to the actions, fiveunfastened Gold REQ Packs to be used in Halo 5: Guardians, a possibility to get in at the action with the Halo 5: Guardians Free-For-All tournament, featuring a prize pool of $5,000, and more!

Those who arrive early are in for a treat. On Saturday the primarytwo hundred attendees to the tournament will get keep of a collector's Halo Mega Bloks set, while on Sunday, the 1st 200 will receive a plush mobile phone holder, courtesy of LINE.

Over the processthose two days at KCON 2016 LA, the maximum efficient North American Halo groups from both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will fight for the championship identify and a percentage of the $225,000 prize pool.

Relegation and Finals for both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will start on Saturday, July 30 with four teams combating their way thru a double removing bracket. The epic conclusion to these two tournaments will take position on Sunday, July 31.

For additional info on the rundown of the development please discuss with HERE.

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Seventeen Unencumber  Music List For Their Love & Letter Repackaged Album

Seventeen Unencumber Music List For Their Love & Letter Repackaged Album

Seventeenhave after all released the tune list for their repackaged album with the identify track been 'Very Nice'. Added to their normal track list from their first album 'Love Letter', they have gotofferedfive new songs to their album!This album might be released at the 4th of July. Take a glance at the track list in the picture below!

'Love Letter' repackage album is composed of a general of 15 tracks adding 'Pretty U', 'Still Lonely' and 'Popular Song'. The hotbrought songs to the album contains the title track, 'Very Nice', 'Healing', 'NO F.U.N', 'Simple' and 'Can't See The End'.

Advertisement All theseannounced songs have already been showcased at their concert, with 'Simple' beenWoozi's solo self-composed track. On best of that, 'No F.U.N' was once outsetobservedcarried out on their Televisiontruth show, 'Seventeen Project' where at the timeWonwoo,HoshiandJeonghanonly played it. So it is going to exist pretty exciting for their loversto look the re-arranged edition for all of the members.

Are you excited for this album? Let use know in the comments below!

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