Audi Korea remains  dependable to 'innocent' Lee Jin-wook

Audi Korea remains dependable to 'innocent' Lee Jin-wook

While Lee Jin-wook's rape accuser is ready to be charged with false accusations, the eye fell on Lee Jin-wook's advertisements.

Lotteria began marketing its AZ Burger with Lee Jin-wook as the model. However, once Lee Jin-wook's recognition started wavering on account of the 'rape case', Lotteria seized all commercials and posters in additionshop monitors featuring the actor.

Hyundai Apartment Care also stopped all ads featuring Lee Jin-wook. No longersimplest that, Black Yak and Samsonite also stopped appearingads amongst Lee Jin-wook in them.

On the alternative hand, Audi Korea stayed on its normaltrail and showed loyalty for Lee Jin-wook.

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Police statement,

Police statement, "The lady who sued Lee Jin-wook could be innocent"

The police are having a look into the probabilities of actor Lee Jin-wook's accuser being innocent.

Seoul Soo-seo police printed that they wondered this girltwo times on July 22nd and 23rd.

Police say chances of the accuser being blameless on false accusation are moderately high.

This woman's attorney announced that he would now not exist representing her criminal event anymore on July 23rd.

The discovery of new information, otherperspectives on how the case must be handled and destroy to the courting of agree with between the attorney and the buyer has resulted in this conclusion.

Meanwhile, in the undies that the accuser submitted to the police as evidence, Lee Jin-wook's DNA used to be found, yetit is notample to turn out that force becomeinterested by the sexual intercourse.

The accuser claimed that she met Lee Jin-wook viaa chumat the 12th of July but later he followed her house and raped her. She pressed fees on July 14th.

Lee Jin-wook countersued her for false accusations on July 16th.

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2PM Taecyeon Is Appointed As Audi Korea Emblem Ambassador

2PM Taecyeon Is Appointed As Audi Korea Emblem Ambassador

2PM Taecyeon Is Appointed As Audi Korea Logo Ambassador Feb 01, 2016 20:27Taecyeon.jpg

2PM's Taecyeon is announced to be the recent brand ambassador of Audi Korea latelyalong side actor Lee Jin Wook.

In particular, Taecyeon is appointed to constitute the sports vehicle "Audi R8 V10 Spyder" model. As one of brand's ambassador, Taecyeon is expectedto waitprimaryprofessional motor sports occasions and activities in either domestic and world scale in the future.

Taecyeon has established himself as a worldbig name after showcasing himself in acting and music. He could also bejust righthaving a look and has an excessively masculine symbol that suits the stylehe is representing.

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Park SEO Joon Remains dependable to KeyEast and Renews Contract alongside agency

Park SEO Joon Remains dependable to KeyEast and Renews Contract alongside agency

Park search engine marketing Joon Remains unswerving to KeyEast And Renews Contract with Agency it's existen reported that Actor Park search engine marketing Joon may exist remaining below the control of his existing Agency, KeyEast!

On July 31, A example of KeyEast showed, “we may exist proceeding our exceptional members of the family with Park search engine marketing Joon.”

Unlike the standard procedure of renewing a freelance with An Agency, which more regularly than now now not takes position toward the finish of the present contract, Park search engine marketing Joon has made up our minds to head thru with the renewal with practically A year yet left in his contract.

The Agency rep persisted, “although there is yet with regards to A year left till the expiration of his contract, Park search engine marketing Joon expressed his preference commencement for A renewal, so every bit to install A long-term design for his long term Activities with the Agency. we volition wholeheartedly supply existef up for Park search engine marketing Joon’s building And long term promotions thru our unchanging consider And conversation.”

Since making his Acting debut thru “Dream prime two,” the Actor has starred in a lot of gain dramas reminiscent of “I Summon you, Gold!” in Addition “Kill Me, Heal Me,” And more.

Not handiest has he Actively existen selling every bit An Actor, Park search engine marketing Joon has besides stood every bit MC of “music banking concern,” took phase in drama OSTs, And may exist proceeding Activities every bit An finishorsement fashion for a lot of brands.

meanwhile, Park search engine marketing Joon has recently existen showed every bit some of the leads in the Approaching MBC drama “She was once pretty.”

Are you pleased with his resolution to stick with KeyEast?

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Ji Chang Wook Delivers Sexual Healing To L'Officiel Homme Korea

Ji Chang Wook Delivers Sexual Healing To L'Officiel Homme Korea

(Photo : L"Officiel Hommes Korea ) On April 17, edaily published some of the first photos featuring Healer star Ji Chang Wook for the fashion magazine, LOfficiel Hommes Korea. The pictorial showcases his rugged appearance and ability to transition into urban fashion.

One of the most compelling photos from the shoot features the actor knealing on a bed, with an anticipatory expression on his face. While other pictorials have highlighted his boy-next-door appeal, his feature in L"Officiel Hommes captures his potential as one of the latest sex symbols of K-Drama.

Ji Chang Wook for L (Photo : L"Officiel Hommes Korea ) The magazine article carries the title The Healer of All, referencing the breakout success of the KBS series, Healer. The 27-year-old actor is not a rookie but gained widespread attention with his heartfelt portrayal of Park Bong Soo, an intrepid investigative reporter whose true identity is Seo Jung Hoo, a night delivery man that operates under the codename Healer. Although, the drama focused on investigative reporting, the action sequences elevated the series from comparisons to Pinocchio.

Audiences were attracted to the mix of action and romance in "Healer," which has been absent from most recent Korean dramas. He maintained an innocent image as Bong Soo, which starkly contrasted with the sexually charged exhuberance of Jung Hoo.

Ji Chang Wook for L (Photo : L"Officiel Hommes Korea ) He has experienced increased stardom since leading the cast of Healer but has yet to chose a follow-up K-Drama role. As a seasoned musical theater actor, he recently reprised his role of Mu Young in The Days.

Ji Chang Wook for L (Photo : L"Officiel Hommes Korea ) While his next Korean drama has yet to be announced, he has joined the cast of the period film, Two Constables. He will portray a rookie constable in the period comedy which also stars veteran actor Sol Kyung Gu.


Ji Chang Wook & former Miss Korea Kim Joo Ri caught up in dating rumors, Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook & former Miss Korea Kim Joo Ri caught up in dating rumors, Ji Chang Wook"s company denies

Ji Chang Wook & former Miss Korea Kim Joo Ri caught up in dating rumors, Ji Chang Wook

Actor Ji Chang Wook and former Miss Korea 2009Kim Joo Ri have been caught up in dating rumors as fans began to whisper that the two seem to be dating! Seeing these rumors spread, the actor"s agency spoke up immediately to shoot them down.

The rumors had first begun when an online forum talked about the alleged "couple items" between Ji Chang Wook and Kim Joo Ri, as they had the same necklace and sunglasses.

A rep from Ji Chang Wook"s company Glorious Entertainment told OSEN on April 11, "Fans are misunderstanding. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Joo Ri are friends among a group of mutual friends that hang out."

On the subject of the two"s alleged couple items, the representative said, "The necklace was a gift that Ji Chang Wook"s Chinese fans gave him. We don"t know whether or not Kim Joo Ri happened to purchase the same necklace. The sunglasses are a new trending item that his stylist brought for him."

This is not the first time that dating rumors have been raised based on alleged "couple items" when two stars are seen sporting the same type of accessories. Sometimes these assumptions turn out to be correct, and other times, they"re just merely coincidence.

Hopefully it"s just a coincidence this time too, like the actor"s agency has stated, for there will be a lot of broken hearts if it"s announced that the "Healer" actor is off the market!


"Empress Ki" Star Ji Chang Wook is One of South Korea's Most- Sought after Actors in Hong Kong

Following the sucess of "Empress Ki" and "Healer," Ji Chang Wook becomes one of  South Korea's most sought-after actors in Hong Kong!

Actor Ji Chang-wook was surprised to meet a large number of fans while attending an exclusive dinner at White Cube gallery in Hong Kong, on the invitation of British luxury fashion brand Dunhill, according to a local media outlet on Sunday.



The VIP event, which was attended by Dunhill’s new creative director John Ray, was privately organized but a bit delayed due to plenty of media and hundreds of fans who gathered to see the actor.

“We are grateful for the great attention given to Ji. He will try hard to become a better actor to lead the Korean wave in future,” said an official from his agency Glorious Entertainment.

Ji has a packed schedule, including an interview with Hong Kong’s major daily newspaper Apple Daily and shootings for a local fashion magazine during his stay in Hong Kong.


"Gone Girl" remains at top in Korea

Amid a string of foreign and domestic releases at the box office, David Fincher"s spine-chilling "Gone Girl" has taken over the No. 1 spot for two weeks in a row, according to the Korean Film Council yesterday.Starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as a couple who have been married for five years, the film presents a radically dark side of marriage, making viewers shiver at the thought of experiencing a similar disaster. It sold 452,683 tickets over the weekend, bringing its two-week total to 1,226,438. Domestic film "We Are Brothers", an offbeat comedy about siblings who reunite after being separated during childhood 20 years before, has remained in second place since opening on Oct. 23. At theaters nationwide, 243,239 viewers selected the movie this weekend."My Dictator", starring actors Park Hae-il and Seol Kyeong-gu, opened in third place with 207,684 ticket sales. The film"s theme touches on how Korean fathers are under pressure to carry out a role as head of the family, no matter how solitary this may make them feel.Lim Chan-sang"s remake rom-com "My Love, My Bride - 2014" was in fourth place with 134,645 tickets sold. The film, which opened on Oct. 8, broke the two-million mark this past weekend and has earned 16 billion won ($13 million) so far. In its second week, "Red Carpet", director Park Beom-soo"s comedic yet humane depiction of the adult film industry, stepped down a notch from last week"s fourth place to No. 5, with an audience of 68,827 watching the film over the weekend. British mystery-thriller "Before I Go to Sleep" opened in eighth place, selling 26,182 tickets. The film, based on a best-selling novel of the same title by S. J. Watson, features Nicole Kidman in the lead role as Christine, a woman who wakes up every day with no memory of the past. Her mysterious husband Ben is played by Colin Firth. BY JIN EUN-SOO [[emailprotected] ]


Sharp-Tongued Meets Innocent in “Ironman” – Stills of Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung

Sharp-Tongued Meets Innocent in “Ironman” – Stills of Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung

KBS’ upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Ironman” will be off to an intense start, with the clash of Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung.

In stills released on September 5, an expressionless Lee Dong Wook has Shin Se Kyung cornered, although she seems to not be backing down and is holding steady eye contact. Considering the nature of their respective characters – a sharp-tongued Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) and an innocent but competitive Son Sae Dong (Shin Se Kyung) – they are bound to experience friction, with their teeth bared on their first meeting.

“Ironman” is a romantic fantasy melodrama about these two characters. Joo Hong Bin, whose walls are up from the scars of a first love, comes to find solace in the warmth and kindness of Son Sae Dong.

“Ironman” is set to air its first episode on September 10 at 10 p.m. (KST).

Also released were still of Shin Se Kyung, accurately portraying the kind and innocent nature of her character in the drama.