BEAST Discuss Their Beyond Glory Days And Dreams For The Future

BEAST Discuss Their Beyond Glory Days And Dreams For The Future

BEAST Discuss Their Beyond Glory Days And Dreams For The Long term notclaira July 18, 2016 0 BEAST Discuss Their Past Glory Days And Dreams For The Future In honor in theircontemporary comeback, BEAST sat down for an interview with Famous personDay-to-day News to speak about their career.

“Our purpose for this comeback was once to make this time a ‘highlight’ in our career,” Yang Yoseob said. “We wish to aim for our glory days. I wish to takea laughselling and be readyto seem back in this as a glad time.”

He continued, “Our glory days were most definitely back in 2011. We won the Grand Prize at the Gayo Festival and we were capable ofhave interactionso much amongst our fans. Like that time, we would like to revel in our performances and think handiest of our fans. I’d love toadvertise like that again.”

Son Dongwoon said, “Rather than aiming for our glory days, I would likeas some way tosellfor goodbye as possible. In position ofturning into viral once, I need to transforma collection that often receives love.”

When asked about BEAST’s longevity in the industry, Yoon Doojoon commented, “When we pass to the broadcasting station and consider the cue sheet, there aren’t many singers who were around longer than we have. And we’re all drawing near thirty. Time actuallyis goingthrough fast.”

He added, “We’ve all changed into a little more comfortable though. The genres of tune that we’re able to do has expanded and our self assurance has grown too.”

BEAST Vol. 3 - HighlightBeef up the artist by purchasing Highlight from YesAsia Source (1)

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Watch: iKONs Bobby And His Dad Revel in The Rain And Discuss His Dreams On Daddy And Me

Watch: iKONs Bobby And His Dad Revel in The Rain And Discuss His Dreams On Daddy And Me

Watch: iKON’s Bobby And His Dad Revel in The Rain And Discuss His Desires On “Daddy And Me”ilmare42 June 23, 2016 0 Watch: iKON’s Bobby And His Dad Enjoy The Rain And Focus on His Aims On “Daddy And Me” June 23’s episode of tvNs “Daddy and Me” continues to apply iKON’s Bobby and his father on their commute in Hawaii!

The pair are riding around in a rented convertible when Bobby makes a decisionto placethe head down, because it’s raining! “Alright! Oh man!” he yells in excitement when he's taking down the pinnacle and starts to feel the raindrops, ahead of admiring the stars he can see ahead.

The pair then enjoy the gentle rain as they sing in conjunction with the radio in their car. Bobby’s father explains in his personal interview that they either love the rain, and that once information technology rained when Bobby was once little, they used to lay on grimy laundry and run out of doors to enjoy it.

They then pass to an Italian restaurant, where they sit down down for dinner together. Whilst they’re eating, Bobby’s father asks him if he seems like he’s getting closer to achieving his goals.

“No, no longer at all,” replies Bobby as he devours his food. “You’re no longer eve in the neighborhood, yet?” asks his dad, and Bobby replies that he hasn’t even begun yet, even though he says it’s wonderful that he’s debuted with iKON.

His father asks if there’s any person he’s seeking to measure up to, and Bobby says, “I’ve never once considered myself as cool. Yet y'all know, they say that painters are never happy with their paintings.”

His father, who is a painter himself, consents and says that artists are at all times unsatisfied with their work, and that he’s never felt like his works are done even out after he’s signed them. “I’m constantly like that when I’m writing songs,” replies Bobby.

Watch more of Bobby and his father in this weeks episode of Daddy and Me!

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Big Bang Indistinct On Plans Relating to  Essential  Army Enlistment: 'We Check out  Now not  To discuss Our Future' G-Dragon Claims

Big Bang Indistinct On Plans Relating to Essential Army Enlistment: 'We Check out Now not To discuss Our Future' G-Dragon Claims

G-Dragon (Photo : KpopStarz)Big Bang (Photo : Twitter)The five individualsof huge smashcould be willing to discuss about the group's upcoming hiatus probably planned for when they display up to serve in the South Korean army, yet information technologyobviouslyis just not their favourite topic.

"Actually, we striveno longerto speak about our future," the group's frontman G-Dragon told the Korean newsletterSuperstar news in an interview posted Friday at thewebsite online of Giant Bang's checklist label, YG Entertainment.

"We're busy playingeach and every2nd of the time left for us. Somethingthis ispositive though, is that our long run volition be more than the present. We accept as true with that the next day to come will be higher than as of late and we act with this kind of belief."

All eligible men between the ages of 18 and 35 latelyshouldsign up for between 21 and 24 months of navycarrier in South Korea (the period of crucial enrollment adjustmentsby skill of several months dependent on which branch of the army that they serve in), because of the country's decades-long struggle amongst the North.

Yet, Huge Bang member Daesung gave the impact totrace at a destiny for the band beyond the time spent serving their country.

"It is correct that there may not exist that many opportunities to stand on the level equallya whole team sooner than nosotrosmove to serve our army service," he said.

"That is why eachfunctionalitypeopleat the moment is so meaningful and precious. We're going to of route continue to accomplish our tunewhen weget back from the army, but we have not anyparticular plans yet."

Though the group's impendingspoildoesn't suggestthey have got any plans of slowing down.

"We're polishing off our MADE excursion this year," stated large Bang vocalist Taeyang.

"It will lead to March in Seoul. If it's possible, we wish towhole the 'MADE' album and then start a new project. As this year marks the 10th anniversary of our debut, we wish to make the general concert meaningful, to celebrate it."

Like the opposite times the finish of Big Bang has been brought up in interviews or at awards shows, the gangwas oncefast to thank the lovers for their enduring support.

"Thank you, thank you, that's whatI would liketo mention to our fans," Daesung said.

"These are just a fewcommonplace words that everybody says frequently. But these days, I take into accountsthe ones words' genuine meaning. I thank my fans for all their toughen then far. I needto need to continue to create music that makes a deep impression. Thank you for loving these five routine boys and I wishto inform you lot that we adore you so much, too."

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The solid of upcoming movie 'Glory Day' go back to their prime  faculty days in uniforms!

The solid of upcoming movie 'Glory Day' go back to their prime faculty days in uniforms!

Ryu Joon Yeol, EXO's Suho, Ji Soo, and Kim Hee Chan from the approachingmovie 'Glory Day' have returned to their topcollege days in class uniforms!

SEE ALSO: EXO's Suho, Kim Hee Chan, and Ji Soo are overflowing with manliness for 'Vogue'

The photo from the set of 'Glory Day' used to be shared on Ryu Joon Yeol's authentic Facebook page with the caption, "Are you truly going to act about your age like this? Please look forward to the twinkle twinkle Ryu Joon Yeol in 'Glory Day'!"

What do you think? Are they runningthe ones uniforms? The upcoming film 'Glory Day' will hit theaters March 24!


Exclusive: SEVENTEEN Unearths Their Dreams and Plans for the Future

Exclusive: SEVENTEEN Unearths Their Dreams and Plans for the Future

Exclusive: SEVENTEEN Unearths Their Dreams and Plans for the Long term kokoberry February 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Exclusive: SEVENTEEN Exhibits Their Dreams and Plans for the Future Soompi had the opportunity to wait SEVENTEENs encore concert press convention and concert. In spite of their rookie status, their solo concerts were such a success that the crowd held an encore concert because ofprime demand. The lads are indisputably hot and for just right reason, too.

Check out some footageand remarkable comments from the development below!

Leader S.Coups mentioned how its an honor so todangle solo concerts and also to hang their encore concert at any suchhuge venue.

Seungkwan discussed the teamsnewest album Boys Wish and says it comprises their dreams and hopes. He discussed how the team held performances earlier than they debuted and now it sounds like their dream has come true.

Woozi asked enthusiasts to look forward to their functionality of Chocolate which is a song the vocal unit collaborated with Yoon Jong Shin on.

All of the contributors showed their love for their fans. Hoshi also acknowledged they would like to make their fans proud, yet their fans in realitylead them to more proud. He promised that the community will paintingsdemandingin order that their fans may also be proud to mention they are fans of SEVENTEEN.

Dino eagerly commented that SEVENTEEN actuallyneeds to win #1 this year as well.

Soompi were givento invite the members a question on behalf of SEVENTEENs global fans. We asked them what they would actually liketo claim to in every other country fans who are not able to attend their concerts. Chinese members Jun and The8 expressed their hopes to greet Chinese fans in addition other foreign fans. Likewise, Vernon and Joshua said they hope to peer their fans in the U.S. and all over the place the world.

As for their upcoming plans, the organizationmay be greeting fans thru their new factdisplay SEVENTEENs One Fine Day and also they areoperating hard on their future album.

Here are some pictures of them appearing Mansae and NO F.U.N.

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BEASTs Yong Jun Hyung Spills on His<b>Per thirty days </b>Income

BEASTs Yong Jun Hyung Spills on HisPer thirty days Income

--> The BEAST members gave the impression as visitors on Park Myung Soo′s radio show, where they mentioned theirper thirty days income.

On the August 7 broadcast of Park Myung Soo′s Radio Show, Park Myung Soo asked thecontributors how much they make in a month, but now no longer to get toonon-public and to make their answers fun.

BEAST′s Yong Jun Hyung Spills on His Monthly Income

Yong Jun Hyung said, "I think I make enough to shop for a pair of shoeseach month."

Park Myung Soo, who gave the impression dissatisfiedby way of the answer, added "Extremely designer?"

Yong Jun Hyung then said, "It′s differenteach month."

Photo credit: Park Myung Soo′s Instagram


[Video] Shinhwas Kim Dong Wan Meets EXOs Su Ho and Jisoo for Glory Days on I Live Alone

[Video] Shinhwas Kim Dong Wan Meets EXOs Su Ho and Jisoo for Glory Days on I Live Alone

--> Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan has a surprise meeting with EXO′s Su Ho and rising star, actor Ji Soo.

According to MBC I Live Alone staff, the upcoming episode will show Kim Dong Wan heading to Pohang to prepare for his new movie Glory Day.

[Video] Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Meets EXO′s Su Ho and Jisoo for ′Glory Days′ on ′I Live Alone′

Having 13 years of acting experience since Children of Heaven in 2002, Kim Dong Wan headed to the movie set several days early to have a time to get closer to staff and actors.

As soon as he arrived in Pohang, Kim Dong Wan especially had a surprise meeting with Su Ho and Jisoo, who were already in the area due to fimling.

With a pretty large age gap between him and the younger actors, an awkward atmosphere seeped in despite efforts to get close. Kim Dong Wan was born in 1979, Su Ho in 1991, and Jisoo in 1993.

On his alone time, Kim Dong Wan traveled to noteworthy areas in Pohang, taking photos and presenting snacks to the staff.

The episode will air on May 29.

Watch the preview below!

이번 주 나혼자산다 본방사수각 #나혼자산다 미리보기영화 촬영 차 포항에 내려간 김동완EXO 수호배우 지수와의 첫 만남!금요일 밤 11시10분 MBC 나 혼자 산다 본방사수

Posted by MBC 예능연구소 on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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"Glory Days" Ji Soo becomes a rebel with a just cause on screen

The new actor, Ji Soo, who has been presenting the great acting performances in MBC"s "Angry Mom", has confirmed his cast for movie, "Glory Days" and he is now about to make his new challenge on the big screen.

Movie "Glory Days" depicts an accident overnight that flipped over the fate of the four nineteen year old friends. The project has been attracting attention as the new generation storyteller, director Choi Jeong-yeol and the new actors, "Suho", Ryu Jun-yeol, and Kim Hee-chan-I joined as a team.

Ji Soo will play Yong-bi, who is a rebel with a just cause. The character will be in the center of the accident and will bring up the dynamic energy to steal the viewer"s hearts.

Ji Soo has been building up his acting abilities through the theater performances and acting in short films since 2009. He is currently proving his acting for his role in MBC"s "Angry Mom". By his cast for movie, "Glory Days", he has now proved to be good enough to be named as rookie of the year.

Ji Soo said, "I am really thankful that I could afford being in such good projects, from "Angry Mom" to "Glory Days". I believe this year will be a very meaningful one for me. Yong-bi in "Glory Days" is a character with a painful story different again from Go Bok-dong in "Angry Mom". I will do my best to show the best of my ability in the movie as well".

"Glory Days" is known to be the first winner of the "Butterfly project open completion" for new directors by CJ EM. The movie has begun filming on May 1st.


Lee Ji-yeon to star in

Lee Ji-yeon to star in "Glory Days" with EXO Suho

Actress Lee Ji-yeon is starring in the movie "Glory Days".

"Glory Days" is a youth film about four nineteen year-old friends who are shaken up overnight by a work of art that is nominated in a contest.

The movie is directed by Choi Jeong-yeol.

Lee Ji-yeong takes on the role of a pretty announcer named Park Eun-hye that causes the whole shake of fate to happen.

Meanwhile, "Glory Days" will crank in this May and stars EXO"s Suho, Ji Soo and more.