CLC Finds  Respectable Fan Club Name

CLC Finds Respectable Fan Club Name

CLC UnearthsProfessional Fan Club Call kokoberry June 20, 2016 0 CLC Displays Official Fan Club Name After asking lovers to lend a handin finding a fan club name, CLC has announced their official fan club name!

CLC fans can now call themselves Cheshire. It turns out that as although the name used to beencouragedby way of the teams cat logo. Cheshire Cat is a fictional persona from Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland. He is known for his distinct mischievous grin.

They even made a new logo for Cheshire! The fan club logo looks very very equivalent to CLCs logo. The only differences are the colours as the common logo is red and the fan club one is purple. Furthermore, the fan club logo comprises yellow eyes similar to Cheshire Cat.

What are your mind on CLCs fan club name?

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Lee Hong Ki Finds  He's Still Excellent  Buddies With Ai Shinozaki

Lee Hong Ki Finds He's Still Excellent Buddies With Ai Shinozaki

Lee Hong Ki FindsHe's howeverJust rightBuddies With Ai Shinozakisoojji July 17, 2016 0 Lee Hong Ki Exhibits He Is Still PerfectCompany With Ai Shinozaki In a Star News interview that came about on July 15, FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki revealed, I'm still nicepeers alongside Ai Shinozaki.

Back in April of 2015, Lee Hong Ki and the japanesefashion were rumored to be dating. However, Lee Hong Kis firm FNC Entertainment denied the rumors, clarifying that the 2 are Just good friends and now not dating.

Lee Hong Ki added, To my knowledge, Ai Shinozaki is doing well. According tothe former dating rumors, the singer commented, I gaineda huge number of backlash. There were also comments that acknowledged jealous of Lee Hong Ki, and Lee Hong Kis suspicious win.'

On July 18, FTISLAND made a comeback with their 6th studio album, Wheres the Truth? The gang has made a comeback after a year and 4 months. All theindividuals participated in the recording of the album and it's milesthe primary time the members at once produced songs as well.

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Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyang’s Mind On Her Woman  Team Debut

Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyang’s Mind On Her Woman Team Debut

Min Hyo Rin Finds Taeyangs Mind On Her LadyTeam Debutkokoberry July 16, 2016 0 Min Hyo Rin Displays Taeyangs Thoughts On Her Girl Organization Debut In a contemporary interview, Min Hyo Rin used to be asked about Taeyangs comments in regards to thetask girl group she is a phase of. The actress is recently a forged member in KBS2s formdisplay Sisters Slam Dunk.

Min Hyo Rin says, Taeyang in point of fact likes it and sincerely congratulated me. I suspect he also felt actuallyjust right that I used to beready to do what I sought after and the reaction changed into good.

When asked what his reaction to seeing Unnies on level was, she answers, He said, Good activity and congratulations. Every time 1 had a troublesome fourth dimensionwhilst practicing, he encouraged me. He also monitored with me.

Catch up on the newest episode of Sisters Slam Dunk below!

Sisters Slam Dunk aims to make the solidcontributorsperson dreams come true. Min Hyo Rins dream was to debut in a woman group, so the project group Unnies was created. Unnies released their tuneClose Up, filmed a music video, and debuted on a music show.

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Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn an episode of jTBC variety show Knowing BrosSuper JuniorHeechul revealed his secret to seducing women to fans. 

According to Heechul, whos been known to be slightly a smooth-talker, hes never been grew to become down by skill ofa ladysooner than in his life, causing many enthusiasts to concentratefurthermoderately for his seduction technique. However, when asked precisely how he seduces ladies so easily, Heechul printedthat each and every one he does is tell them that hes interested, surprising viewers.

Check out Heechul and Jungmos new trot song Ulsanbawi below:

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Naver Ballot  finds who is the maximum productive  Woman  Crew Visual Member in K-Pop history

Naver Ballot finds who is the maximum productive Woman Crew Visual Member in K-Pop history

23kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter The votes are in! A contemporary polling held by skill of Naver had netizens vote for the headmaximum visual member of womanteams in K-Pop history. 

Conducted between October 26th and 27th, the ballot attracted over 140,000 netizens (146,136 to be exact) in precisely a span of 2 days.

Taking over a quarter of the votes was once S.E.Ss Eugene with 25.8%. S.E.S is a first generation idol team who have becomeone of the crucialmost neatly liked girl community at the time, and debuted below SM Entertainment as a trio adding Bada and Shoo in 1997.

Despite breaking apart in 2002 and going their own way, the 3 makeenduredto turnsturdy friendship right through the years even thru marriage. They these days held a quick reunion on Infinite Challenges Saturday, Saturday, I'm A Singer (commonly referred to as Totoga) althoughbecause of her pregancy, Eugene turned intonot ableto take part and was represented by Girls Generations Seohyun.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

In 2dpositionis women Generations Yoona with 15.9%. She debuted with the gang in 2007 and continues to advertise alongside them till today. Since her debut, Yoona has spanned her talents into acting, acting in such dramas as You Are My Destiny, Love Rain, and Cinderella Man.

JYP Entertainment vitality visual and omit A member Suzy takes in 3rd place with a close 15.4%. Very identical to Yoona, she has branched off into acting as well, appearing in dramas such as Dream High and Gu Circle of relatives Book and flicks like Architecture 101. She is determined to have every othermovie released this year, The Sound of A Flower.

2nd Women Generations Yoona (15.9%)

4th Fin.K.Ls Sung Yuri (12.3%)

8th Red Velvets Irene (4.2%)

12th Etc Please comment (0.8%)

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

5131, 565 On the primary airing of S.E.S all the country went loopy eventide celebrities were going crazy how lovely she was.

3577, 452 Of path its Eugene

2901, 765 Sung Yuris visuals tho

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Bobby’s Father Finds Heartbreaking Beyond Immigration Story

Bobby’s Father Finds Heartbreaking Beyond Immigration Story

Bobbys Father Finds Heartbreaking Beyond Immigration Tale choralee July 14, 2016 0 Bobbys Father Exhibits Heartbreaking Past Immigration Story On an upcoming episode of tvNs My Father and Me, iKONs Bobby enjoys some quality time with his father in Hawaii. Throughout their talk, Bobbys father reveals to his son one of the vital economic hardships that got here amongst their immigration experience. Bobby describes the tale as one this is heartbreaking for him to hear.

Bobby and his father shuttle to a well-likedcoastline spot, where the 2proportion their reports with each and every other. His father reminisces on what it was once like to immigrate to the States with Bobby at a tender age. He describes how paintingsand monetaryproblems were tough, and how he dreamed of being a painter in his youth. His father says that sacrificing his dream turned intono longer hard because he enjoyed his family.  After being readyto pass back to Korea thanks to Bobby, he reveals that he beganportrayback with his dream reforming once more. He even presentations Bobby a self-portrait.

This episode of My Father and Me will air on July 14 at 11 p.m. KST. Actor Yoon Park and his fathers adventures in Switzerland will air at the following episodes.

What father-son moments on the display are your favourite so far?

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Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Income And Long run Goals

Rapper Dok2 Finds Staggering Profits And Long runDreams soojji July 13, 2016 0 Rapper Dok2 Exhibits Staggering Earnings And Future Goals The July thirteen episode of MBCs Radio Superstarcapabilities rapper Dok2, actor Kim Bo Sung, former U-KISS member Dongho, and style Joo Woo Jae for the displays My Life, Turn~Up! special.

On the show, Dok2 says that he does no longerbring to mind himself as a celebrity, yet rather as a rapstar. He also stocks his future goals and activities.

Dok2 talks about his supercar collection, which has at all timesbrought about conversation. MC Yoon Jong Shin comments, While you think Dok2, you can not leave out cars. He these dayspurchased two six-figure cars. The rapper reveals that he sold himself two automobiles (one that starts with a B and the alternative a F) as a birthday provide for himself. Either cars are value more than 800 million won (approximately $702,000). Dok2 comments that he heard he used to bein a position to straight awaypurchase cars that prime actors such as Jang Dong Gun and Kang Dong Won would need to wait 3 years to buy.

The rapper reveals that his objective this year is to make five billion won (approximately $4.4 million). MC Kim Gook Jin states, Dok2s salary doubles each year. In 2013, he made 500 million won (approximately $438,700), in 2014 he made 1 billion won (approximately $878,000), and in 2015 he made 2 billion won (approximately $1.8 million). This year your intention is 5 billion won? Dok2 comments, Usuallytake benefit of songs are calculated later in the year. It's miles my objective to make 5 billion won through December or January.

MC Kyuhyun adds, The explanation why Dok2 uses such a lotcash is so he does no longer get lazy at making songs. He has produced 320 songs inside of 10 years after his debut. Dok2 comments, I have numerous unofficial songs too. The 320 songs are the songs that experience been released.

Watch a clip of Dok2s functionality on Radio Star below:

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GFRIEND Finds A Superstition They've About “Weekly Idol”

GFRIEND Finds A Superstition They've About “Weekly Idol”

GFRIEND Unearths A Superstition They've approximately Weekly Idoljun2yng July 13, 2016 0 GFRIEND Exhibits A Superstition They Have About Weekly Idol GFRIEND made an appearance at the episode of MBC every1s Weekly Idol broadcast on July 13. When the MCs asked the women why they got here on the show, they printed a superstition that they have.

Yuju said, We've got a superstition. Earlier than nosotros start promotions, if we movie Weekly Idol, we carry out well.

The girls then told audience what they promise to do if their new song Navillera gets no. 1. Yuju said, Well ride curler skates on stage. Theres a scene in our song video where we ride roller skates, and I would like to ride them on stage, too. Umji statedthe gang would make a human butterfly, whilst SinB promised to bungee jump.

The MCs then asked GFRIEND to mention Weekly Idol and MC Defconn and Kim Heechul if they get no. 1 on MBC every1s Show Champion, and the girls readily agreed.

Weekly Idol airs this night (Wednesday, July 13) at 6 p.m.

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CL turns up at the club proving she’s the only and handiest queen to birthday celebration with

CL turns up at the club proving she’s the only and handiest queen to birthday celebration with

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterCL was once spotted at an evening club dancing her middle out. When she discovered she become being filmed, everyone witnessed a beneficialreaction from the Queen of rap.

CL uploaded a video of herself at a nightclub in Shanghai, partying with her crew. In the video CL dances, feeling the tunewhilstenthusiasts are simplest feet away screaming and looking get a catch a glimpse of her on their cameras. When CL takes realize she puts on a show, exhibiting her swagged out moves and attitude as though she were on degree at a concert, giving fans an up-close and privatedisplaycorrect at your step of her VIP table. What more may any fan want! Take a glance at the dope video below.

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YG Finds New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink

YG Finds New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink

YG Unearths New Epic Debut Plans For Black Purple kokoberry July 12, 2016 0 YG Exhibits New Epic Debut Plans For Black Pink Black Pinks debut is ready to get even more epic.

According to an exclusive file from news outlet Megastar News, YG Entertainment is making plans on freeing Black Pinks songs oftenfor 5 months. It turns out that they are planning to movie a overall of 8song videos.

A source from YG revealed, Black Pink will unencumber their debut song close to the finish of this month as of now. Following that, they'll continously release new songs till December.

The source continued, The music industry nowadays is considering tracks, so when an album is released it's milescommonplace for best the identify track to get keep of attention. The songs that Black Pink has finishedto this point are all of amazing quality, so they can be split up and released separately.

The source additional explained, Teddy, who is in command ofgenerating Black Pinks debut album, has been operating on songs that suit Black Pink for the beyond two years. Currently, there are eight songs that experience been finalized. Each song in Black Pinks debut album will have a music video, so we are currently planning on filming a minimum of eight music videos.

More main points were printed equally the source said, Black Pink has already filmed music videos for 2 songs. They are currently filming for some other song. We are paying special attention to quality paintings for their songs and music videos as Black Pink have Korean and worldfanatics in brainranging from their debut.

Are you hyped for Black Pinks debut?

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