Country Dwellers More Stressed out Than Town Folk

Country Dwellers More Stressed out Than Town Folk

Retiring to the geographical region is more stressful than living in the city, a new find out about suggests. Despite the truth that conducted on a small sample, the findings appear to contradict popular conceptions that country existence is more non violent than living in the city.The study, through the Korea Institute for Fitness and Social Affairs, analyzed knowledge from the Korea Centers for Disease Keep an eye on and Prevention of 196,995 other folks in 2010.Urban dwellers experienced an reasonablerigiditypoint of 2.86 issues out of a scale of one to four, whilst nation folk experienced 2.9.By age group, individuals in their 30s were the maximumstressed out whether they lived in the town or country, yet in urban spacesstraindegreeslowered as they grew older and in the rustic they rose even beyond the age of 60.City dwellers have get admission toto a far broadernumber ofrecreationalamenities and ample public transport, the researchers said. Some other difference is that there are more hospitals and clinics in towns where of us can allay their health worries.


Farmers help city folk adapt to country life

Farmers help city folk adapt to country life

Farmers help city folk adapt to country life

Participants in a farming program organized by the Seocheon Farmers' Support Center pose for a photo while receiving training on how to saw wood. Founded in 2009, the center aims to help those choosing to move back to the country by teaching farming and carpentry skills. By Kim Seong-tae

A group of about a dozen men in their 40s and 50s gathered in Seocheon, South Chungcheong, as they received a lecture on how to properly saw wood by hand.

The group, composed of former businessmen in major cities, was attending a two-day program organized by the Seocheon Farmers' Support Center that aims to teach farming and carpentry skills to those who have decided to go back to the land and escape their hectic city lifestyles.

During the program, participants stay at a house of those who already made a successful transition to rural life, seeking their advice for their own foray into farming. Since its opening in 2009, about 40 participants have settled in the city.

Park Chung-sik, a 52-year-old former administrator of a hospital in Seoul who moved to Seocheon early last year, is one of the beneficiaries of the program.

"When I first decided to move here, I was really worried as I didn't have much information about farming", said Park.

"But thanks to this program, I was able to make a smooth transition into rural life here".

Park now makes a living as a carpenter after taking lessons in the field from the support center.

The support center is run by those who came to take up farming in the rural town.

They founded the association for "back-to-the-land farmers" in 2006 with 20 members after experiencing difficulty adjusting to rural life due to a lack of farming knowledge.

"We formed the group six years ago to exchange knowledge about farming and better adapt to the countryside", said Jeong Kyung-hwan, director at the center.

In February of 2009, the 20 former urban citizens in Seocheon officially launched the Returned Farmers Association with the aim to help those who wanted to do what they had done.

In November of the same year, the association was granted access to a closed school and transformed it into a support center for would-be farmers.

The association members set up classrooms designed to teach farming and carpentry skills to the next generation.

Lectures are offered by those who are now experienced farmers. Local residents are also invited to give a lecture.

Word about the support center program has spread among those wishing to migrate to the countryside.

The association now has over 400 registered members.

Recognized for its contribution to better prepare those who have opted for rural life, the association was awarded the grand prize for Lifelong Learning by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on Nov. 23.

"Living in an aging society means that we have to keep learning new things to better prepare for our future no matter how old we are", said Lee Byung-do, president of the returned-farmers association.

"We will continue to provide quality programs to educate and help new farmers successfully settle in the countryside".

By Seo Hyung-sik


Shipbuilding, Structure Orders from In a foreign country Plummet

Shipbuilding, Structure Orders from In a foreign country Plummet

Korean structurecompanies and shipbuilder alike are facing a ancient dearth in orders from in a foreign country as they teeter on the point of insolvency.

Overseas orders had been the mainstay of either industries, yet now the global slump compounded by way of falling oil costs is threatening their very existence.

For example, Samsung Heavy Industries, one of Korea's most sensible3 shipbuilders, has yet to win a unmarried overseas order this year.

The ultimate social clubused to be in October 2015 for 4 petroleum tankers from Malaysia's AET for US$200 million. No such dearth has been observed since 2009.

A Samsung staffer said, "We are in talks about three or four projects and be expecting to win orders in the 2d onepart of this year. But industry stipulations have were given worse because of Brexit, so it would in all probability not existsimpleto satisfy our targets".

Construction firms have won $15.4 billion value of overseas orders to this point this year, in comparison to $26.3 billion in the similarduration of 2015.

And the full orders of $46.1 billion for last year already amounted to just 70 % of the former year's.

Due to low crude oil prices, the large Arab oil manufacturers who used to be their heightcustomersscale backconstruction projects by more than 50 percent. And the projects that do arisearen'thugely profitable.

The scenario is even worse for shipbuilders, which earn more than 90 percent in their revenues from overseas orders.

Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering and Samsung Heavy, the pinnacle three, have won best $1.9 billion worth of overseas orders in the primary1/2 of this year.

That is not up to 1/25 of the $48.6 billion the 3 shipbuilders won in 2013, when orders got here flooding in for offshore crude oil platforms.

But the shipbuilders soon discoveredthey had taken on more than they maydeal with and in many instances lacked the experience for jobs they had undercut the contest for, leading togiant losses and bruised reputations.

The drought is most likely to continue. Offshore oil platforms are typically in call for when global oil prices surpass $60 a barrel, and it's milesnot goingthat they are going toupward thrustrapid enough.

The shipping industry could also be seeing orders dry up due to Brexit and other global pointsthat experience spooked markets.

At maximum companies, orders from Ecu transportcorporations account for the lion's share, but one European company is already appearingsymptoms of canceling orders.

An industry insider said, "If the lack persists, docks will take a seat empty from the moment half of next year. We urgently wish tostudies new products and services and products and glance for new clients".


2NE1’s CL Announces Cancellation Of Mexico Town Concert

2NE1’s CL Announces Cancellation Of Mexico Town Concert

2NE1s CL Announces Cancellation Of Mexico Town Concertilmare42 July 13, 2016 0 2NE1s CL Announces Cancellation Of Mexico City Concert 2NE1’s CL has had to announce the cancellation of her much-anticipated solo concert in Mexico.

CL and her lovershave been gearing up for her to accomplish on July 15 at a distinctdisplay entitled “Young Evening With CL” in Mexico City. On July 14 KST, CL tweeted to let her fans know about the sad news.

She writes, “Mexico City, I like you guys. Because ofcasesoutdoor of our regulate the prove this Friday has been cancelled.”

She is goingdirectly to promise, “I am going to organizeanythingfurther special for my fans in Mexico and am already operating on it as we speak.”

We hope that CL and her fans in Mexico could bereadyto fulfill soon!

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Bring FTISLAND on your  town with MyMusicTaste

Bring FTISLAND on your town with MyMusicTaste

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter bringing popular SM Entertainment male group EXO to North The usprevious this year, MyMusicTaste has announced their collaboration with hit band FTISLAND

As with EXO, enthusiasts can bring popular FNC Entertainment band FTISLAND to their town for their next global concert thru MyMusicTaste by way of following just six simple steps. MyMusicTaste even brought the lads out to movie a video encouraging fans to make their own wish come true by stop wishing, and get started making!

To make your very own FTISLAND concert in a urbanclose to you, you bestwant toapply six effortless instructions:

Step 1) Consult with our website online

Step 2) Let us know about your song taste! Make a selection your favourite artist!

Step 3) Choose the city and country where you need to “Make!” the concert.

Step 4) Insert the volumeyou're willing to pay for the concert price ticket and click “Make!”

Step 5) Congratulations! You are now a TasteMaker!

Step 6) If more fans need it, the concert will turn into a reality. Invite your buddies and make your dream come true!

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Song Hye Kyo’s Long island  Town Luxury House Induces Main Crib Lust

Song Hye Kyo’s Long island Town Luxury House Induces Main Crib Lust

Song Hye Kyos ManhattanTown Luxury House Induces Primary Crib Lustehk38 June 21, 2016 0 Song Hye Kyos New York City Luxury Domestic Induces Major Crib Lust Song Hye Kyos New York City house is crib goals.

The June 20 broadcast of tvNs The List 2016 ranks stars who had beena hit in genuine estate investments abroad, and Song Hye Kyo is known as among them in 9th place.

Song Hye Kyos New York City home is a luxury condo that overlooks Central Park. Her home has in line with the program greater in priceby way ofpracticallya thousand million won (approximately $867,050 USD) since she received it 8 years ago.

The program showed that the renting value of Song Hye Kyos position is these days 7.7 million won (approximately $6,675 USD) per month.

Song Hye Kyo first received the condo in 2009 in order that she had a home base whilst filming in the U.S. for indie movie Make Yourself At Home (formerly referred to as Fetish).

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Here's The total Artist Line-Up For JYP Country In Korea 2016 Concert This August

Here's The total Artist Line-Up For JYP Country In Korea 2016 Concert This August

JYP Nation JYP Nation in Korea 2016(Photo : Jo Kwon Instagram)Mark your calendars, JYP lovers in South Korea!

Artists from the preferred entertainment firmcould beacting in Jamsil Indoor Stadium at the first weekend of August -- that is August 6 and seven - as a phase of the biennial JYP Nation concert series.

A new poster for the JYP Nation in Korea 2016 concert publishedthe overall artist line-up, adding J.Y. Park, veteran ladystaff Wonder Girls, Jo Kwon, 2PM, Min, Fei, Baek A Yeon plus the more youthful acts like Park Ji Min, GOT7, Bernard Park, G.Soul, DAY6 and TWICE.

While the line-up is star-studded, fans were fastto indicatelacking idols comparable to Suzy of omit A and Baek Yerin, one-half of the 15 duo.

Best minute and Fei from miss A will be joining the concert, with Suzy significantly missing in the line-up, with hypothesis that she most likely has every otherprimarymovie or drama assignment scheduled at the time that she can't miss.

Fans were also expressing their sadness that they are going tonot existin a positionto look former member Jia, who currently chose now notto resume her contract as element of miss A and has left JYP Entertainment.

Non-Korean fans that can't fly to the development likewise left comments requesting the JYP Nation concert to be held in their countries like in old iterations. In 2014, for example, the agency brought their circle of relatives concert to Asian countries like Hong Kong and Thailand.

Mickey is a author and virtual content creator primarily based in Manila. He's a co-founder of ZAVI App. He has also been bitten by ability of the K-Pop typemalicious program - apply him on Instagram @mickjami.

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JYP’s new poster for JYP Country Hints At Doubtful  Long term For Omit A

JYP’s new poster for JYP Country Hints At Doubtful Long term For Omit A

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn Might 30th 2:29 PM, JYP tweeted the authentic poster for JYPs concert going down from August 6th to August 7th. Enthusiasts who were to start withthrilledto peer this announcement soon startedto stressfor 2 reasons. The absence of Suzy and the reality that Fei and Min were indexed every bitfolks and now notOmit A.

With the new departure of Jia many fans were worried about the unclear long run of Miss A as a group. However, JYP confidentthose fans that Miss A will still remain together. In spite of these words of assurance fans who witnessed this poster have begun creating worried that Miss A could face an doubtful future.


2016 08.06 08.07

— JYPnation (@jypnation) May also 30, 2016

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Super Junior Bringing “SUPER CAMP” to Los Angeles and Long island  Town This July 2016!

Super Junior Bringing “SUPER CAMP” to Los Angeles and Long island Town This July 2016!

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMyMusicTaste is bringing any other exciting fan assembly to North American lovers this summer with Super Junior set to greet their fans in their first ever U.S. solo event!

On Might 23rd, Tremendous Juniors special fan meeting event SUPER CAMP might be held in Los Angeles and Long island City, presented by ability of MyMusicTaste, DREAM MAKER Entertainment and SM Entertainment.

Debuting beneath SM Entertainment in 2005, Super Junior has turn out to beloved veterans of K-Pop, proceeding to best the charts with everyin their releases. They have gotpersevered to solidify their reputationnow not only in South Korea yetin some other country as smartlybecause of their tuneand colourfuldegree presences with each oneparticipantsappearing off their particular person but sexy personalities and charms.

SUPER CAMP will first hit Los Angeles at the Shrine Expo Corridor on July 1st followed by New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom on July 9th.

As several members of Super Junior are recentlyin the midst of serving their army duties, those that will be attending the development are Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin and Kyuhyun. Currently, members Donghae, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Shindong, and Sungmin are serving with Ryeowook set to enlist on June 14th.

For additional informationin regards to the event, talk over with the website online SuperJuniorSuperCamp ( or observe MyMusicTaste on Facebook.

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Female Stars Below Suspicion Of In every other country Prostitution Fail To seem In Court

Female Stars Below Suspicion Of In every other country Prostitution Fail To seem In Court

Female Stars Under Suspicion Of Overseas Prostitution Fail To Appear In Court(Photo : Nate)Two female K-pop stars who were currentlystuck up in allegations of having indecent foreign sponsors have failed to seem in court at the date in their scheduled hearing.

According to the Seoul Central Court on Might 20, one of the vital celebrities failed to wait the 3rdcircular of hearings for her trial. In keeping with her lawyer, she used to bein a foreign country at the time because offoreign places activities and would now not existready to attend.

The other superstarup to now submitted documents declaring that she would be absent on the day of her hearing.

Regarding one of the celebrities, the prosecution stated, "We sent her a court summons to come testify and showed that she gained the message. However, we are currently not able to get in touch alongside her."

"We will try toconvince her to attend the court hearings," they added.

Final month, 4 celebrities were reported on claims of abroad prostitution involving sponsors. 3 of the onesconcerned claimed they were innocent, whilst one admitted to the fees and became fined 2 million won (approximately $1679 USD).

The three still under investigation are an actress, an ex-girl crew member, and a rookie celebrity.

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