“Descendants Of The Sun” Forged And Staff  Acquire Incentive Bonuses

“Descendants Of The Sun” Forged And Staff Acquire Incentive Bonuses

Descendants Of The Sun Solid And TeamAcquire Incentive Bonuseskokoberry June 24, 2016 0 Descendants Of The Sun Cast And Crew Receive Incentive Bonuses Having the perfect ratings of this year thus far, KBS 2TVs Descendants of the Sun cast and production crew contributors acceptgained incentive bonuses from their production company.

A representative of NEW stated, The cultural industry corporate created by way of KBS and NEW made up our minds to praiseeverybody who worked challenging with incentive bonuses after discussions. There used to bediscusswhether they would pass on a gift vacation. However, Descendants of the Sun becameone hundred% pre-produced so the personnel and actors all have their person schedules now. Thats why it was tricky to set a schedule.

The drama recorded top ratings during its run and completed a top of 38.8 percent. Descendants of the Sun fever also spread international and enjoyed global popularity.

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David Lee McInnis Unearths How He Used to be  Forged For “Descendants Of The Sun”

David Lee McInnis Unearths How He Used to be Forged For “Descendants Of The Sun”

David Lee McInnis Finds How He Was onceForged For Descendants Of The Sunan0ya April 30, 2016 0 David Lee McInnis Exhibits How He Was Cast For Descendants Of The Sun David Lee McInnis has printed how he landed his role in the hit drama Descendants of the Sun.

On the April 30 broadcast of KBS2TVs Entertainment Weekly, he sits down for an interview to talk about his existence every bit an actor.

When asked about the taleat the back of his casting, the actor shares, Its rather funny, actually. I went to help Ha Jung Woo with placing up his art exhibition in Los Angeles. Thats where I met the PD of Descendants of the Sun.

He explains about the fortunate coincidence, The PD later told me that onceassembly me, he began thinking, Hed be excellent for the role of Argus.

Regarding his aspirations as an actor, he says, I would like to remain as an actor who at all times make the correct choices.

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Kim Min Suk Describes What It's far  Love to  Paintings With the major  Forged of “Descendants of the Sun”

Kim Min Suk Describes What It's far Love to Paintings With the major Forged of “Descendants of the Sun”

Kim Min Suk Describes What It's farLove toPaintings amongstthe maximum importantForged of Descendants of the Sunhajima April 12, 2016 0 LINE it!Kim Min Suk Describes What It Is Like to Work With the Major Cast of Descendants of the Sun Actor Kim Min Suk, notable for his bromances with Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo in Descendants of the Sun, sat down for an interview in regards to theacclaim for the drama.

Playing a supporting role who has connections with all 4leading characters, Kim Min Suks repute has risen very much as well. Referring to his popularity, the actor commented, I dont know if its since the drama is just rightyet I dont think I can take the credits for my popularity at the moment and Im just any individual being carried by ability of the writers, director, and main characters. Even if he was oncethankful for the sudden attention, Kim Min Suk also felt like he had to makehigher in the future.

The actor went directly toremarkat the actors/actresses playing the four main characters.

Regarding Song Joong Ki, he said, Even despite the reality thathe'smore than likely tired, he in point of factlooks after the staff. He even calls each of them by call later on memorizing all of them. I suspect hes an ideal actor and I would like to take after those parts of him. He printed that Song Hye Kyo turned intoan overly charismatic girl who is extremelysort and easy-going, against this to other best stars who he heard did no longercommunicate much. He praised Jin Goo by announcing that he is very an identical toSearch engine marketing Dae Young. He is rathertruthful and takes sensible care of his juniors. He would do the rehearsals first for us and purchase U.S.excellent food. I used to bemore than pleased for seven months thank you to Jin Goo hyung. Finally he stated that Kim Ji Won is sort and that the entirety she does is lovely She has a very form personality to the point that it that makes you ponder whether its all an act.

When asked the query of who he would make a call from Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) if he were a girl, Kim Min Suk answered Seo Dae Young without hesitation. The actor explains, I believeI might exist uneasy if a guy like Yoo Si Jin was my boyfriend because he makes a huge number of jokes and is too perfect. In contrast, I think Seo Dae Young is desirable because he is unassuming and honest.

With Descendants of the Sun coming to an finish this week, watch the primary episode beneathwhile you havent already:

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“Running Man” Forged  Have compatibility in Perfectly as “Descendants of the Sun” Characters

“Running Man” Forged Have compatibility in Perfectly as “Descendants of the Sun” Characters

Running GuySolidHave compatibility in Perfectly as Descendants of the Sun Charactersorionight April 8, 2016 0 LINE it!Running Man Cast Fit in Perfectly as Descendants of the Sun Characters After photoshopping Lee Kwang Soo’s face onto Song Hye Kyo’s, lovers accept taken it a step extraand feature incorporated all the “Running Man” cast into the lead roles of the ultra-popular KBS drama, “Descendants of the Sun.”

The photographshad been gaining traction in contemporary times in online communities either in Korea and abroad. Monday couple Song Ji Hyo and Gary famous person equally the “second-lead syndrome” couple Yoon Myung Joo and SEO Dae Young, whilst Kim Jong Kook is featured as Yoo Si Jin. Hilariously, the fan who created the picturesmade up our minds Lee Kwang Soo will have to reprise his role as Kang Mo Yeon.

Check out more images below!

Have you beganlooking at “Descendants of the Sun”? If not, what are you waiting for? Watch the primary episode below!

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“Oh My Ghost” Forged and Group  Acquire for New Year’s Reunion

“Oh My Ghost” Forged and Group Acquire for New Year’s Reunion

Oh My Ghost Solid and TeamAccumulate for New Years Reunionorionight January 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Oh My Ghost Cast and Crew Gather for New Years Reunion The solid of the preferred 2015 tvN drama Oh My Ghost currently reunited, and shared a photo to end up it.

Actress Kang Ki Young posted a photo of the reunion to her Instagram account on January 9, accompanied via the caption The Oh My Ghost New Years party! In the photo, many faces in the back of the displaysgood fortune are seen, adding Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk. Other attendees pictured are one of the vitalbody of workers and crew of the drama.

It turns out like the cast and crew of Oh My Ghost are still keeping in close touch, even smartly after the display wrapped up!

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Hwang Jeong-min gave out his

Hwang Jeong-min gave out his "Ode to My Father" incentive pay to the product body of workers equally bonuses.

in line alongside industry insiders at the 25th, Actor Hwang Jeong-min used the incentive pay he gained from "JK motion pictures" off the luck of his film "Ode to My Father" to turn over the product workforce an Advantage. The film has sold fourteen million tickets all of the way thru ITs theatrical operate.

The insider stated " a couple of thousand greenbacks were turn overn out to all of the workforce contributors equally bonuses. whilst it's far truthful that the film existcame once a large Arrive At, Hwang Jeong-min has at All times existen very beneficiant to the workforce he industrial plant alongside. It existcame once intended exist upload against the workforce"s holiday finances".

In "Ode to My Father" which existcame once released final December, Hwang Jeong-min made theaters refill alongside tear up via gambling A persona who lived in the course of the turbulent times from the Korean war all of the way in the course of the 50s to the prevailing. More reward, his crime Action film "Veteran" is opening at the fifth of adjacent calendar month in which he plays A member of A veteran police team chasing later on A self-targeted tertiary generation wealthy guy. 

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Shinhwa Gives 60 Staff Members Big Monetary Bonuses

Shinhwa Gives 60 Staff Members Big Monetary Bonuses

Shinhwa Gives 60 Staff Members Big Monetary BonusesShinhwa is setting a new record each day just by being the longest running idol group in K-Pop history. Even with fifteen years under its belt, Shinhwa proves that it is possible to set another record.

On May 27, Shinhwa Company’s CEO Eric (the leader of Shinhwa) rewarded every staff member in the company, from the executive board to the newest employee, with big bonuses and its drawing the attention of the public.

Eric previously made a promise on May 23 on “M! Countdown.” He said, “If we get first place, we will give all the company employees bonuses.” Companies usually have a “company dinner treating beef” so the staff members were surprised by the unexpected gift.

One industry insider commented, “Usually, entertainment agencies have a great mood through company dinners, but I heard that the staff members were really surprised when they received money. Especially since they gave the same amount to all the staff members without regards to their position in the company creating an inspiring atmosphere.”

It wasn’t revealed how much each staff member received, but it was shared that it’s a substantial amount.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa plans to kickstart its Asian tour in June.


Shinhwa Gives Hefty Bonuses to Shinhwa Company Staff

Shinhwa Gives Hefty Bonuses to Shinhwa Company Staff

Keeping their promises, no matter how light, the Shinhwa members gave bonuses to 60 members of the Shinhwa Company staff.

On May 27, Shinhwa gave bonuses to all employees of Shinhwa Company, from representatives to the youngest hair stylists and dancers.

Shinhwa Gives Hefty Bonuses to Shinhwa Company Staff

Each person was given the same amount regardless of position, surprising the staff. The individual amount has not been mentioned, but the total is said to equal to tens of millions of won.

Shinhwa Company’s CEO, Eric, recently promised that if Shinhwa wins on May 23’s broadcast of Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN, he would give all the staff members bonuses.

Not only did Shinhwa win on M COUNTDOWN, the group also took the number one trophy for MBC’s Music Core as well.

“Honestly, when he said he would keep his promise, we thought he meant a large get-together of staff, but we never imagined he would express his sincerity like this,” said a Shinhwa Company employee. “The amount is not important, but the fact that he expressed his gratitude to all the people around him is more touching. They are definitely a group of 15 years.”

Meanwhile, Shinhwa took another win with This Love on MBC Music’s Show Champion on May 29.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan


Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow Yong Good friendForged Park Hye SooJiwonYu July 19, 2016 0 Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, Always An Oppa To Fellow Yong Pal Cast Park Hye Soo Actress Park Hye Soo expressed her love for actor Joo Won in her contemporary Naver V app broadcast!

On July 19, Park Hye Soo did her first V app broadcast and mentioned herself and her works.

During the show, she learns that her label-mate and Yong Pal co-star and Joo Won, who played her older brother in the drama, is looking at her broadcast, too. Then she says, Oppa, how are you doing?

Later, she says, Please leave a comment. I dont know your Identity though.

She tells her fans, Im going to be just rightagainst Joo Won. Once my brother, always my brother. I went to Singapore with Joo Won, too. It was once for a fan meeting, and I used to be so worried since there were such so much offolks there.

Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo has been cast in JTBCs new drama Formative years Generation as the maximum important lead.

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Kim Hee Ae’s Amazing Agility Surprises “Running Man” Participants And Staff

Kim Hee Ae’s Amazing Agility Surprises “Running Man” Participants And Staff

Kim Hee Aes Amazing Agility Surprises Running GuyContributors And Body of workers JiwonYu July 17, 2016 0 Kim Hee Aes Amazing Agility Surprises Running Man Members And Staff Running Man has released new preview stills of actress Kim Hee Ae appearing on the show!

For this episode, the visitors Kim Hee Ae and Ji Jin Hee will seem and take part in a race to procure healthy pieces for the summer.

According to the staff, Kim Hee Aes elegance and fancy charisma overshadows the alternative members. Yetregardless of her high-class image, Kim Hee Ae offers her all all over the missions and actively participates in competing with the other members.

She surprises the solid and staff by capability of being slightlyprofessional in the name-tag race, laying flat at theflooring so others can not take her out.

To see how smartly she does on the show, catch the following episode of Running Man on July 17 at 6:30 p.m. KST.

Watch the maximum recent episode of the display here:

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