DIA, Cosmic Ladies and Gugudan contributors left at a loss for words  throughout greetings for I.O.I

DIA, Cosmic Ladies and Gugudan contributors left at a loss for words throughout greetings for I.O.I

60stocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter With I.O.I simplest being a briefteam and several of the participants already branching off with their reputableteams activities, confusion has arise.

Following the transitoritywoman groups first official activities with Chrysalis and Dream Girls, I.O.I is determinedto pass back once back this summer as a unit of 7 members. The remainder4 members can beselling alongside their official girl group. Jung Chaeyeon returned to DIA, Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina officially debuted as a phase of Jellyfish Entertainments gugudan whilst Yu Yeonjung has been showedto sign up in Starship Entertainments Cosmic Girls as the 13th member.

However, the girls activities below their commonfirm is still overlapping with that of I.O.I regardless of promotions for Dreams Ladies having ended following the Dream Concert.

The 11-members currently took the degree equallyan entire on July 16th where they conducted many in their hits adding Dream Girls, Select Me, Yum Yum and more. For Chaeyeon, Sejeong, Mina and Yeonjung, they were spotted hesitating throughout the groups greeting. During a performance, some members were also observed bumping into one another. With the alteration of choreography (for 7 members as a substitute of 11), the temporary prestige of the gang with more than a few branching off into their own activities have surelyturn out to be confusing for the entireneighborhood members.

Fans have expressed their issues for the group, especially people whoshould attend other schedules for either their groups.

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Netizens Left At a loss for words And Untrusting After Newest Korean Superstar Dating Scandal

Netizens Left At a loss for words And Untrusting After Newest Korean Superstar Dating Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A contemporary scandal between feminine actress and a millionaire is causing confusion among netizens.

A recent scandal involving a feminine actress and a unidentified male, who is allegedly a 2d generation of an impressive and wealthy family, is receiving numerous attention.

The actress Nam Bo Ra used to be first spotted on February 11th with her boyfriend retaining hands in public. However, when the tale broke out on February 15th, Nam Bo Ras firm Will Entertainment claimed that the 2 had damaged up couple days ago.

When the netizens heard in theirruin up, they criticized the journalists for liberating the tale without investigating deep enough. However, a couple hours later, the reporters broke any other story with photo evidence that the couple had in reality enjoyed Valentines Day in combination with a date. The two were observed hugging and appearing affection for one another.

Soon after the free upthe ones reports, Nam Bora and may Entertainment released their reputableobservation admitting that the two enjoyed a date on Valentines Day yet that they broke up in the morning of February 15th.

After gazingthe placement between reporters and Nam Bora, the netizens discovered it very bizarre and stopped believing in the actress.

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this text being published.

16401 / -412 Hahahahaha It's far funny even supposing it is correct

13582 / -512 I would like to know the reality (sponsor episode) hahaha They met on Valentines day the day long past by but broke up lately hahahaha But she attemptedto give an explanation for they broke up couple days ago lol

11595 / -385 Anything is a little off It doesnt make sense

7149 / -272 Hahahaahahahaha What is this

5695 / -388 I wager it becamecomprehensible for reporters to be perplexed

3578 / -54 I guess the boyfriends toughcircle of relativesstressed them. They met yetesrday but broke up today..

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International fanatics  at a loss for words  through  footage of BTS contributors poking every other in the butt

International fanatics at a loss for words through footage of BTS contributors poking every other in the butt

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn a chain of pictureswhich arethese days circulating netizen communities, BTS individualscan also benoticed poking each and every others butts with their hands yep.

You read that right. This kind of finger butt poking is a cultural thing among children in Korea, and it type of feels the BTS members just love goofing around and having fun. Some fanatics who could also beignorant of this cultural paradigm should acceptvisible this photos and been completelyat a loss for words and confused. Some English academics in Korea have even reported their own awkward reviews off students appearing the butt poke on them all over class, and admitted they were completely shocked. What do you consider it? Take a glance at BTS hilarious photos below!

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Cosmic Ladies  Proportion Their Mind On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The Group

Cosmic Ladies Proportion Their Mind On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The Group

Cosmic WomenProportion Their Mind On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The crowd leonid July 12, 2016 0 Cosmic Girls Share Their Thoughts On Yoo Yeonjung Joining The Group The participants of Cosmic Girls open up about their restructuring as a 13-member group.

On July 12, Exy, Eunseo, Dayoung, and Soobin of Cosmic Girls dropped by skill of MBCs radio display Park Kyung Lims 2 OClock Date as guests.

During the program, Park Kyung Lim asks them about Yoo Yeonjungs fresh summation to the team and they share, We already knew about it to a few extent. We have got been buddies amongst Yeonjung since we were trainees and we were supporting one every otherso much all this time. The firmamassed us around and instructed us. We are glad and thinking about her addition.

They continue, Yeonjung is a pleased virus. The temper of our group has at all times been bright, yet with Yeonjung its grow to be even brighter. Its fun.

On July 11, Starship Entertainment was once announced that Cosmic Girls will turned into a 13-member group with Yoo Yeonjung joining the team after her promotions with assignmentwoman group I.O.I.

Cosmic Girls - Would You Like?Enhance the artist by purchasing Cosmic Girls - Would You Like? from YesAsia Source (1)

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Watch: Cosmic Ladies Releases Unforeseen And Mysterious Teaser

Watch: Cosmic Ladies Releases Unforeseen And Mysterious Teaser

Watch: Cosmic Ladies Releases Unforeseen And Mysterious Teaserkminjungee July 10, 2016 0 Watch: Cosmic Girls Releases Unexpected And Mysterious Teaser On July 10, Starship Entertainment posted an unexpected teaser for rookie womanworkforce Cosmic Girls (WJSN).

In the mysterious teaser, the 12 western zodiac symbols flash by way ofprior tothe logo for the highly debated 13th zodiac, Ophiuchus, seems after a cluster of gemstones explodes.

Speculations are rife as other peoplearound the interweb try to bet what this teaser mayconceivable mean. Some say that it might be for a attainable comeback, whilst others indicate that the query mark and new symbol could imply the addition of a new member. They also upload that a capacity new member is perhaps I.O.Is Yoo Yeonjung, as she may be housed beneath Starship Entertainment.

Watch the fast teaser below, and let us know what you suspect its for!

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Cosmic Ladies Suffer A huge number of Falls Because of Slippery Stage

Cosmic Ladies Suffer A huge number of Falls Because of Slippery Stage

Cosmic Women Suffer A massive number of Falls Because of Slippery DegreeApr 27, 2016 09:50

The participants of rookie womancrew Cosmic Girls suffer quite so much of slips due to the the slippery stage all over their functionalitynowadays at "Show Champion".

The girls carry out their debut song "Mo Mo Mo". However, today's episode takes position in Ulsan for a distinctout of doors broadcast and the rain is falling difficult making the stage slippery.

Seconds after the track begins, member Dayoung slips and members are worried yet still continue on dancing. Other members also be afflicted by the slippery stage but the gang ends their performance with smiles on their faces showcasing their professionalism. Let's hope the girls are okay. Watch below:

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Netizens criticize Cosmic Ladies for being boring

Netizens criticize Cosmic Ladies for being boring

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPopular show Weekly Idol has been praised for being a shockingly funny and fun way for fanaticsto be told more about their favourite idol groups. 

However, after seeing rookie group Cosmic Girls seem on a contemporary episode, netizens criticized the crowd for being incredibly boring. In addition to complaining about how dull the Starship Entertainment group contributorslooked as though it would be, many also criticized their visuals and claimed that they've and many members to transform popular.

Find out what Netizens had to mention aroundthis newsletter below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

1023, 30 Seriously concept that was once Shin Dong Yups daughter they glancesimilar

1055, 63 Been some time since Ive noticed the display and now not laughed

949, 51 I will see theyre wanting heard yet its too much and its just not funny

831, 51 What is this staff of extraterrestrial beings

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Cosmic Ladies  Duvet Mamamoo's 'You're The Best'

Cosmic Ladies Duvet Mamamoo's 'You're The Best'

Cosmic LadiesDuvet Mamamoo's 'You're The Best' Mar 21, 2016 21:03WJSN.PNG

Five contributors of WJSN/Cosmic Ladies make a canopyin their role model, Mamamoo's song "You're The Best".

The girls are stuffed with vigor and extremelyfull of lifemaking a song and dancing along to the song. They appear to in realityexperience the song and provoke their lovers alongside their excellent vocals. With a slightly of cuteness and adorable antics in front of the camera, here's "You're The Best" functionalityby ability of Cosmic Girls for you!

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Cosmic Ladies  Pleasure “With Would You Like”

Cosmic Ladies Pleasure “With Would You Like”

20160227_seoulbeats_cosmicgirls2Cosmic LadiesPleasure With Would You Like?Written by skill ofFirst light On February 28, 201620160227_seoulbeats_cosmicgirls3Hailing from the house of Hallyu stars SISTAR and emerging stars Monsta X, Starship Entertainment’s new lady group, Cosmic Girls, made their professional debut this week. A joint collaboration with Chinese agency, Yuehua Entertainment, the gang of twelve is composed of either Korean and Chinese members, each and every representing a zodiac character.

Split into 4 sub-units, the rookie womanstaff has been in comparison to their seniors EXO, most commonlybecause of their similarities when it comes to numbers, their outer area concept, in addition their addition of Chinese members. Whilst IT is a little pre-emptive and untimely to make this sort of comparison, it's far undeniable that Cosmic Women has made an indelible impression.

With multiple members having made appearances in their seniors tune videos as smartly every bit in quite so much offactpresentationsakin to Superstar K Season 1 and Unpretty Rapstar even sooner than their official debut, they aren't any strangers to the industry. It is thus with wonderful anticipation that Cosmic Girls debuted with their first mini-album, Would You Like.

Starting off with the introductory track “Cosmic Cowgirl,” the girls make a continuing showtime impression. In step with their name, this first track uses synths and effects to create the influence of being in outer space. Im no longerslightlycertain as to why the track is titled as such the cosmic phaseis extremely apparent, yetnow not quite so the cowgirl bit. Nevertheless, the editing of the refrainin theirname track “MoMoMo” into the background makes for a pleasant segue into the 2nd one track.

As their debut song, “MoMoMo” does the easiestprocess highlighting the girls’ early life and innocence. In keeping with the cosmic theme, the song starts off rather in a an identical fashion to the former track in terms of instrumentation, with a heavy reliance on electronic effects that produce an environment of magical-ness. The chorus is intensely catchy as Dayoung contemplates the secrets that she needsto inform her object of affection.

Should I say it one by one, just me and you

The things we want to say, handiest between us

Embarrassing things, braggable things

It’s a secret somewhere else, just me and you

Its cute, fluttery lyrics paired with the younger vocals of the Cosmic girls make for an addictive track that reflect the nervous, excited sentiments of young love highly appropriate for a debut song.

Immediately after “MoMoMo,” we've got the moment title track of the album, “Catch Me.” Distinctly other from MoMoMo, “Catch Me” starts off robust alongside an air of assertion. What is maximumappealing about this track is that it doesn't take any solo vocals at all. Aside from rapper EXY, all of the track is carried out either in unison or at the very least, by a trio of voices. This number of production format serves to stressthe chillieridea that the song is attempting. At the similar time, the bass drop in the beginning of the chorus extra confirms “Catch Me” as a dance track, taking into account the girls to turn a alternativeaspect to themselves.

With two such solid tracks at the start of the album, “Tick-Tock” has rather massive shoes to fill. But this 3rd track manages exceed expectations, keeping up with the rather primecriteriathat experience already been set. Following at the tails of “Catch Me,” “Tick Tock” continues in theme with the assertive concept, where the girls call for for their overwhelmto forestallgambling games and be fair with them, lest they continue wasting their time. Somewhat milder than “Catch Me,” “Tick Tock” takes on a a bit of jazzier feel, entire with an electric guitar riff. This song not justpermits for the vocalists to demonstrate their prowess, but also allows brings out yet any otheraspect of Cosmic Girls – one this is simultaneously playful and sassy.

20160227_seoulbeats_cosmicgirls4Finally, the album wraps up with “Take My Breath,” where the girls go back to the more cutesy, flirtatious ideaharking back to “MoMoMo.” Going straight into the chorus right from the get-go, this track is very fitting as the general track for the album, with its harmonious, nearly celebratory sound. As the girls return to the breathless, feverish excitement of having a crush, there isn't anyhigher way to finish off the album than to remind the listener that Cosmic Girls is a fresh, young rookie community whose innocence and effort plant only to make you smile.

Also incorporated in the album is the bonus track of “MoMoMo” in Mandarin. This is a great touch given the emphasis that Starship Ent. has been placing on the intentional inclusion of Chinese individuals in the group. It also works in the teams favor, seeing as they are simultaneously selling in both Korea as well as China.

Overall, Would You Like is a secure but undeniably forged debut album for Cosmic Girls. It couldhad been better if the album had included a minimum of one ballad song, just to present a little more contrast and variation. Nevertheless, the tracks worked well together; there used to bemerely enough dissimilarity among the songs to render them distinct from one another, while still being in a positionto stick in theme. At an analogous time, the heavy use of unison and the downplaying of particular person voices in theorganization allowed them to advertise themselves as a united entity, assisting them in setting upa set identity to get started with instance. With a relative strong debut as this, it's now up to Starship to sell the group well, and with a section of luck in their next comeback, Cosmic Girls will have even more to provide with their music.

What did you take into consideration Cosmic Girls’ debut?

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Cosmic Ladies Talks About Their Debut and Long term Plans

Cosmic Ladies Talks About Their Debut and Long term Plans

Cosmic Ladies Talks About Their Debut and Long run Plansck525 February 28, 2016 0 LINE it!Cosmic Girls Talks About Their Debut and Future Plans Cosmic Girls has printed their mindin the back of their debut and shared their future goals.

On February 26, the crowd held an interview with DongA before their “Music Bank” functionalityto discuss their “Mo Mo Mo” promotions and future plans.

“We’ve waited this sort of long time to debut, and it still turns out surreal. We’re having fun, and though we could also beinvolved in some areas, we’ll displayeach person that we’re progressing. Because there are 12 contributors in the team, we’re at all timeslively and lively. That’s why we’re now not bored even if the waiting time is long,” they say.

Cosmic Girls receivedmeaningful attention even sooner than their debut because they appear to be a Korean and Chinese collaboration group. Not handiest volition they be actively appearing in Korea, yet as wellthey're going to existcreating acall for themselves in China as well.

“Since there are numerous members, we think it’s an merit that we willshape several unit groups. We may beready to take on more ideas and obtain love from in all places Asia as a result of our Chinese members. We think we’ll be capable of spread Cosmic Girls name in China,” they state.

The group’s debut song “Mo Mo Mo” is made up of witty lyrics and an addictive chorus. The adorable choreography is like icing at the cake for this upbeat, bright song.

“The name Cosmic Girls comes from the truth that the cosmos surpasses either fourth dimension and space. Thus we wish to be the maximum efficientwoman group. They say that the cosmos has no middleand should be set in the centerregardless of which facet you lotglance from. All 12 of our members wish todevelop into a center,” they say.

“Our greatestobjectiveis equivalent to any other rookie: to receive the rookie award,” the staff adds.

What do you bring to mind Cosmic Girls dreams for the future?

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