DISPATCH Unearths The Life Of A 5th Lady Who Used to be  Just about Raped Via JYJ Yoochun

DISPATCH Unearths The Life Of A 5th Lady Who Used to be Just about Raped Via JYJ Yoochun

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn June 28th approximately 6:00 PM KST, Dispatch reported of a lady that was oncejust about raped through Yoochun. She alternatively told DISPATCH the explanation that she did now not seek prison action opposed to Yoochun.

The lady who Dispatch these days interviewed told them that she turned intovirtually raped on a date that Dispatch chose not to expose at her request.

She said that, Who would accept as true with the words of a woman who works at this sort of place?, however she corroborated her tale alongside a message she sent backward and forward with her friend at the day of.

On that day she sent her friend a message pronouncing Park Yoochun had come as a visitor and soon after she messaged back saying, I nearly were given raped. FXXX Park Yoochun

She recounted the day saying, The band got here in and the songbegangambling he called me to the washroom and attempted to rape me.

She struggled and kept refusing and a couple ofmins later was ready to escape. At this point she was livid and messaged her friend yet she concept to herself that reporting would no good.

I didnt think reporting it should make a difference. Each person would be against me, no they wouldnt have confidence me to start with. A woman that works as an escort being raped.I was afraid they would say that

The woman still has no purpose of in the quest for legal action against him.

DISPATCH also interviewed four other ladies who served Yoochun as a customer.

They remembered Park Yoochun as a guy who tipped smartly and enjoyed music, especially hip-hop.

They all acknowledgedsomething in common, When the band comes in and the music starts he's taking his spouse to the washroom. We dont know what occurs inside, we cant listenthe reston account of the band. When he is going in his buddies started snickering. They almost definitely know whats going on inside. We could be able tobest guess.

Since there had never been an indication of violence Dispathc asked if it mighthad been voluntary. To this they shook their head stating.

Sure some of them potentially were willing but there would have been others that werent. Its difficult to combat such a state of affairs thoughbecause we paintings in this field. A massive number ofmind would go your mind. His chums are sitting appropriate outside, its not the thought about violence but the idea that nobody will assist you to that scares you

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Dispatch finds  payment of products and services at brothel frequented by capacity of Yoochun

Dispatch finds payment of products and services at brothel frequented by capacity of Yoochun

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Despite the reality thatgovernment are still investigating JYJ member Yoochuns sexual attackinstances after he used to be accused of rape by capability of4other women, Korean media retailerslatelyprintedadditional inforelating to Yoochuns activities. 

While his agency C-JeS Entertainment has publicly denied that he had any involvement in the sexual assault of any of the four women, however, media outlet Dispatch revealed that he did in realitycommon the form of adult entertainment establishments in which the primary victim had claimed he had raped her in. In fact, Dispatch even released several footage of Yoochun entering and exiting the similar room salon on more than one locations.

After finding the establishment, media reports were in a position to discover more main points on what sort of consumerswheredrawsand what sort of their services and products cost, which they later revealed to the public. In line with a document by Korean media outlet My Daily, beverages at Yoochuns favouriteestablished order in Gangnam payment from about 500,000 won to one million won (~$425 USD to $851 USD) per person, and that its principally frequented by high officials in the monetary industry and celebrities. Outraged by the sheer frivolity of the mannerusers of such an institution spends money, many lovers criticized Yoochun for frequenting the place, irrespective of whether or now nothe'sresponsible or blameless of sexual assault.

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DISPATCH Unearths  The reality  in the back of Lee Seung Ki’s Rumoured Hidden Wife And Child

DISPATCH Unearths The reality in the back of Lee Seung Ki’s Rumoured Hidden Wife And Child

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the newfile of actress Kim Min Hees adulterous courting amongst director Hong Seung Soo, netizens have begun thinking there perhaps more reality to those alleged rumors that permeate during the K-Pop industry. DISPTACH has replied to one of the mostnewest rumors involving singer Lee Seung Gi and one of his former stylists who allegedly mothered his kid in secret.

On June 21st 6:37 PM KST, DISPATCH reported that there was once a blind item circulating the industry that singer Lee Seung Gis former makeup artist mothered his baby and changed into raising him in secret.

The rumor also said that DISPATCH, a famend Korean media channel known for uncovering secrets in the K-Pop industry, was accumulatingknowledgeat the case. However, DISPATCH stated, This is totally untrue. Here is so instantly and in all honesty we lately makenow not take the manpower to appear into this rumor. We however, checked the rumor out and there has been no such consumer on Lee Seung Gis make-up staff. Dont accept as true with in blind items, they do turn out true yetmaximum of them are entire fiction

A: Lee Seung Gis former make-up artist..

DISPATCH: No no this is absolutely untrue.

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Netizens Investigate What type of “Body Show” Yoochun Allegedly Tipped A lady $250 For

Netizens Investigate What type of “Body Show” Yoochun Allegedly Tipped A lady $250 For

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In the center of rumors and allegations regarding JYJYoochun and his present controversy, either the media and lovers have attempted to elucidate any claims that experience been made. 

And whilst Korean media outlet Dispatch released a comprehensive timeline and explanation of the situation, many fans were left wondering what a framedisplay was. In their breakdown of the case, Dispatch clarified that even supposing there were rumors that Yoochun had paid his first accuser Lee 600,000 won (~$512 USD) in replace for sex, that claim was once false. Instead, they printed that in line withgroup of workers from the adult entertainment establishment, the number most likelygot here from the reality that Yoochun had paid kind ofpart that quantity (300,ooo won or ~$256 USD) to any otherfeminineworker at the power for a body show.

Although many netizens were at a loss for words as to what precisely a body prove entails, a post on Instiz recently clarified what it was. According to the post, a body show is when a visitor puts cashat the table, and the feminineemployeeis going onto the table and gets rid of her lingerie for a performance, which will feature quite so much of sexual acts. For example, she can pour liquor on or stick a cigarette in her personal parts, or pour liquor down her chest. After studying exactly what a body show is, netizens expressed their disgust and contempt for Yoochun and his crew for having paid for such an act.

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4th girl emerges claiming Yoochun also raped her in the washroom

4th girl emerges claiming Yoochun also raped her in the washroom

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA document from International Daily, a Korean news portal printed that the Gangnam police branchgainednow not one yet two reports of alleged rape from JYJ Yoochun

The victim who the report recognizedbest equally A could also be a employee at a adult entertainment status quo and claimed to had been raped in the washroom of this kind of facility.

The report also revealed that the 2dgirl who filed feesopposed to Yoochun stated, Yoochun locked me in the washroom ahead ofmaking an attempt to rape me so please punish him for locking me up as well.

The police mentionedthat they'rehaving a look into this topic and stated that it can beimaginable that he will be charged for locking her up as well.

However if it's far revealed that thosegirls were paid for these sexual services, the ladies are going to turn out to bein charge of prostitution and it'll existvery unlikely for them to keep away from punishment as well.

The police also revealed that the 2nd lady in query reported Yoochun ultimate December correct after the incident. The police stated, When we investigated the matter last time we discovered no signal of forced sexual activities and we were worried about the truth that investigating the matter mayend inany other crime so we didn't investigate further.

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BREAKING Dispatch Finds The Detailed Reality  In the back of Yoochun’s Rape Scandal

BREAKING Dispatch Finds The Detailed Reality In the back of Yoochun’s Rape Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn gentle of the ongoing rape investigations brought upon JYJYoochun, Korean media outlet Dispatch released some up to now unknown main points involving the case. 

According to Dispatch, Lee (the girl who first reported the alleged sexual assault) and C-JeS Entertainments executive staff met to get to the ground ofthe problema couple of times throughout the time of the incident earlier than she filed an legitimate complaint with law enforcement authorities. Lee reportedly approached C-JeS Entertainment for an apology and repayment for Yoochuns actions, and the firm in turn wanted to prevent the news from going to prison channels.

Dispatch used to bein a positionto acquire roughlydiscussion between the 2facets during their initial mediation, with C-JeS Entertainment representatives saying, We are searhing forsome way to compensate this for you, whilst Lees facet answered, She is devastated and shocked. Here isthe primary fourth dimensionthe kind of thing has came about she doesnt know what to do.

On June 4th, the day after the initial incident, C-JeSs branch head met with Lees side, and on June 7th, 4corporatebody of workersadding the director of the corporate met with Lee. At the same day, Lee also met with Baek, a member of a wide Korean gang family, and also the father of C-JeS Entertainment CEO Baek Chang Ju. On June 10th, Baek Chang Ju sat down to speak alongside Lee.

Lees side ultimately took legal action and reported the incident to authorities because the two sides were no longercapable ofget a hang of any solution referring to compensation after a week of discussion.

Lees boyfriend, who to start with reported the incident, stated that she turned into crying when he met her the morning after she had met Yoochun at the . When he asked why she was crying, she acknowledged Yoochuns crew treated her like a plaything. In line with Lee, one of Yoochuns crew participants eve approached her and said, You did it in the washroom right? Come on shall we take a pass with me too.

After hearing her story, Lees boyfriend wanted to lead them to pay for the style Yoochun and his crew treated her and filed the document to the police. However, Lee made up our minds to drop the case only after four days, or even worried for Yoochun, saying, The factor blew out of proportion and I believe Yoochun has suffered adequate damage.

After assembly with Lee, Dispatch published some additionaldata as well. In line with Lee, she doesnt paintings at the adult entertainment facility regularly, yethandiest 1~3 times a week and irregularly when she wishes the money. Dispatch also added that while there are rumors that Yoochun paid Lee 600,000 won, a personnel member from the adult entertainment established order explained that a otherwomancarried out a framedisplay on the table for Yoochun and his crew, and that Yoochun had tipped her 300,000 won for her performance, which is where the rumor most certainlygot here from. Lee remained adamant that she did no longer take any cash in go back for sex, and that any rumors that she took money from Yoochun is totally false.

Dispatch also released several footage of Yoochun entering the facility, but added that the imagesdon't have any ties to the incident. In reaction to the photos, netizens expressed surprise that Dispatch had more photos of Yoochun entering such places, noting that Dispatch will have to make known that he frequented them before the incident.

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JYJ Yoochun’s Fanatics Harass An Blameless  Lady They Mistook For The Alleged Rape Victim

JYJ Yoochun’s Fanatics Harass An Blameless Lady They Mistook For The Alleged Rape Victim

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Lovers acceptlong gone ballistic after the non-publicknowledge of the victim eager about Park Yoochun’s rape was once released online. 

On June 14th, fans called out their fellow fans to prevent spreading the acknowledgeddata online after it becomediscovered that it was now not the victim in the reports anyway.

The cross was alleged tohad been organised after fans found out that the reports of the said victim losing her case opposed to the singer and actor were false. In a bid to research the incident, fans have allegedly known the victim and posted her privateguide online. After verification by way of young man fans, the claim was found to be unfaithful and eventually asked fellow fans to chorus from posting her details online.

Amidst the speculations, Yoochun’s control agency, C-JeS Entertainment asked the clicking and fans alike to refrain from spreading filesin keeping with unconfirmed sources. At the moment, the claim is still being investigated for authenticity and threatens any misrepresentation to be a kind of defamation the spread of the rumours online as libel.

Park Yoochun is lately being investigated and accused of sexually assaulting a feminine in the toilet of an adult entertainment establishment.


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Long-Time Fan Unearths Alleged “Secrets” About JYJ’s Yoochun Following Prostitute Rape Controversy

Long-Time Fan Unearths Alleged “Secrets” About JYJ’s Yoochun Following Prostitute Rape Controversy

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJYJ leader Park Yoochun was lately accused of sexually assaulting a girl at an adult entertainment establishment. 

And whilst the singer hasnt been shownblameless or guilty, many enthusiasts have already became their backs on him for visiting this sort ofpositionall over his navy enlistment. In fact, one fan who has been partial to his former group TVXQ for about seven years, recently posted what she claims to be his dark secrets.

According to the fan, Yoochun on a typical basis visits such adult entertainment institutionssimilar to room salons and rub down parlors, and that his asthma is simply an excuse to steer transparent of serving active duty. She also added that hes also a smoker and doesnt plan on quitting smoking any time soon. She then reminded fans about Yoochuns alleged involvement with a sasaeng fan from Busan, claiming that he seduced and then dated her. The fan also hooked upfootage of Yoochuns alleged sasaeng fans albums, proving that she was once a fan.

While hes currently serving his obligatoryarmy duty, Yoochun released the tune video for his song How Much Love Do You've gotOn your Wallet now not too long ago. Take a glance at the music video below:

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AOA’s Seolhyun Unearths The “Good Luck” In Her Life

AOA’s Seolhyun Unearths The “Good Luck” In Her Life

AOAs Seolhyun FindsThe greatSuccess In Her Lifestyles porshia Might 17, 2016 0 AOAs Seolhyun DisplaysThe coolest Luck In Her Life On Could 17, AOA staged their comeback performance for their new nametuneJust right Luck on SBS MTVs The Show. Whilst backstage, the members share experiences from the making in their music video for the hot song.

At one point, the query What is sweet luck to the members? comes up. Seolhyun instantly answers, Assembly the individualswas oncesmart luck. At this the alternative members make it transparent that they believe shes being cheesy, yet Seolhyun continues regardless of the cries of opposition.

Its the truth, what am i in a position to do? she says, while hanging her handsround the other members. Theyre the excellent luck in my life. Despite their embarrassment at the unexpected proclamation, the members seem to understand the sentiment and they show a wonderful bond.

AOA is currently selling their new mini-album Sensible Luck together with the title track of the similar name.

AOA Mini Album Vol. four - Nice Luck yesasia Enhance the artist by ability ofpurchasing Good Luck from YesAsia Source (1)

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Lee Search engine marketing Jin Unearths Lee Seung Gi’s Present  Favourite  Lady Group

Lee Search engine marketing Jin Unearths Lee Seung Gi’s Present Favourite Lady Group

Lee Search engine optimization Jin Unearths Lee Seung Gis PresentFavouriteLadyCrew an0ya Might 2, 2016 0 Lee Seo Jin Displays Lee Seung Gis Recent Favorite Girl Group Lee Seo Jin has up to datelovers on his highest friend and soldier Lee Seung Gis current favorite girl group.

On the April 2 broadcast of SBS Vitality FMs Choi Hwa Jungs Force Time, the actor made an appearance as a guest.

When asked who he has been placing out with following Lee Seung Gis enlistment, Lee Seo Jin replied, I havent been in a positionto move out after he entered the armybecause of my filming schedule, and then revealed that Lee Seung Gi lately contacted him from the army base.

He told me that he likes TWICE, and how he now gets why other folks start liking girl teamswhen theyturn into soldiers, the actor laughed.

I called Taecyeon and asked him to give me a video and a signed album from TWICE. After receiving them from Taecyeon, I sent them to Lee Seung Gi, he talks about getting ready a morale-boosting gift to his top friend.

One of the Two timesindividualsit turns out that send him a video message saying Seung Gi oppa, excellentgood fortune with your armed forces service. Lee Seung Gi now starts off his day throughlooking at that video.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi enlisted in the military on February 1. He's expected to serve as a different Operations Soldier until October 31, 2017.

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