Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 16 Final

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 16 Final

Initially the plot for the overall episode centers around a scheme to take a glance at out and get Bonnie and Soo-ho back together. Ultimately it turns out that this scheme used to bea whole waste of time without a payoff as Bonnie and Soo-ho meet in their own special way. The reunion is if fact exist toldmoderatelycandy and heartfelt. It does a excellentactivity integrating all of thevery bestportions of"Lucky Romance"to bring an superbremaining message about love. Yet none of this adjustmentsthe reality that the whole first part of the episode turned intoa total waste of time.

It's a gorgeous effective metaphor for the overall quality of"Lucky Romance". Whilsthalf of of it's far decent romantic comedy, the opposite half is simplyunnecessary subplots that never move anywhere. Each and every new episode ended in the introduction of a minimum of one new subplot, and the old ones were only ever solved haphazardly. Even main plotlines were very hit and miss. Bonnie offers up on superstition, for example, but the only real explanation introduced is an excessivelyindistinct "power of love".

AdvertisementWhat makes this especially frustrating is that there has beennumerous potentially applicablesubject matter that just went underdeveloped. Imagine the thematic importance of Bonnie's oldsters being dead, I still cannot figure out why"Lucky Romance"was so minimalist in exploring Soo-ho and Geon-woo's circle of relatives relations. Geon-woo were given all of one scene with his father, and Soo-ho's folks spent more time soaring about a birth secret that never materialized than they did with their son.

The leisure of the solid was just more physically provide than they were helpful every bit characters in their own right. Bo-ra is the maximum productive case of this- she's quite literally the physical embodiment of all Bonnie's motivation, yet the last episode is the primary fourth dimension we see the young lady in ample context to get an evenseize of her personality. We do most commonlyto find out what took place to each personbasically because Soo-ho helpfully brings they allin combination in the similar room.

That's what they are there for after all- as bullet issues in Bonnie and Soo-ho's own life, instead ofother folks amongst internally consistent motivation. While this is not a dealbreaker on its own, the time spent seeking tobuilding upthose subplots instead ofcare for Bonnie and Soo-ho's dating as the principlecenter of attention makes too much of the finishing unsatisfying."Lucky Romance"ends, at best, as very well average- a virtually perfectly even distribution between sensible and bad, worthy neither of seriouscompliment nor over the top scorn. It just is.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 15

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 15

There are two mainseverecomplications in"Lucky Romance". The primary is that lots of the drama's concepts are undeveloped. The second, more complexhassle is that maximum of the drama's ideas are truly clichd and bad, so coming up them would make"Lucky Romance"worse in position of better. This factor kept coming back to me staring at this episode, which is painfully predictable as Soo-ho is hospitalized, whilst Bonnie gets scared and affects a ultimate minute separation.

The largedifficulty alongside this scripting is that via design it inhibits interplay between Soo-ho and Bonnie, when their interaction is by some distance the drama's best dynamic. Were I to chart episodes by what percentage of the time Soo-ho and Bonnie are on-screen together, the most productive episodes would fairlyfor sure exist the ones with the top percentage. Whether they arecombating or being adorable is rather but even so the point.Ryu Jun-yeolandHwang Jeong-eumknow how to do romantic comedy.

Their chops at romantic drama are lower than impressive, even ifthat can be more an issue with the direction. It isdifficult to pin-point any unmarried weakness of"Lucky Romance"because there are numerous them. The majorthingfighting the drama from being awful is the usuallyuninteresting nature of the plot, yet the script is so disinterested in its own tale that it'llregularlyput from your mind major plot issuesslightly an episode after they're introduced.

AdvertisementNote, for example, that it turns out that the hackers just won- there isn't any indication post time-skip that Soo-ho ever if fact be told solved that problem. He does stay the bumbling idiot who created that crisis round the office, though, so who knows, perhaps there can be some type of unsatisfying answer to all that. But even potentially appealing story components but fade out and in at random. The manner Soo-ho's dad reacted to Soo-ho's coincidenceused to be sweet, but it might take had a load moreaffect if up till now he'd been portrayed as anything elseapart from a drunkard come angry cuckold.

That's what isactually been lacking in"Lucky Romance"- a feeling of intensity to persona relationships until when the actors are just rightample to go beyond that. The Dal-nim/Jang-hwa romance has had about as much exposition as any of the opposite random plotlines, yet it is substantially more memorable because those characters are portrayed with genuinely interesting passion. Why could notall the drama have just been about that roughly interplay?

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 14

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 14

Soo-ho takes his rather alarming reversal of profession fortune in informal stride this episode, being completelymade up our minds to play the role of cheerful boyfriend via all imaginable negative circumstance.Ryu Jun-yeolreally is relativelyjust right in this role. Soo-ho is simultaneously ample of an adult to be the leader of his own company, yet socially immature enough to think tossing the entire lotapart for the sake of love is romantic instead of foolhardy. Soo-ho has at all times been a true person, instead of the cartoon of adult virgins this is more not unusual when they display up on tv at all.

In reaction to this,Hwang Jeong-eumfinally gets some smartsubject matter to paintings with. Bonnie is smitten by bad success and superstition which, for many of the drama's run, has felt utterly grounded in fantasy. Yetwe could bein a position to see that with the entire bad stuff going down to Soo-ho, Bonnie's worries come off as a little bit justified. Alternatively tangential the datingcould have been, Bonnie's movements did ultimatelylead tothe corporate being attacked.

But Bonnie can notin factcommunicate to Soo-ho about any of those fears because he thinks it is overreaction and Bonnie doubts she can convince him otherwise. That is legitimately excellent dramatic tension in an episode that is for the maximumphase very lovable and pleasant. We adoregazing Soo-ho being the insistent power boyfriend whilst the larger realities of the placement creep at the back of uncomfortably. It is abrilliant approximation for how Bonnie feels.

Advertisement In other places the supporting forged struggles. Geon-wook and Seol-hee have turn into confidantes for characters with greaterexplained storylines most commonly because there just isn'tanything else else for them to do anymore. I am still baffled that when minimum exposition, Geon-wook's father just popped up out of nowhere and the heartfelt reunion doneprior to we had any time to react to it. Seol-hee is in an even more awkward position, having come what maycontrolled to lose her 2nd lead prestige to Dal-nim.

Although severely speaking, the most ire has to be reserved for the ridiculous cliffhanger. I havenoticeddashingvehiclespop outof a fewlovely ridiculous puts in Korean dramas, but here'sthe primary fourth dimensionI will recall an twist of fateoccurring in front of a police station of all places. Writing like that does, but unintentionally, sell the speculation that Bonnie is the consistent victim of a merciless mercilesswriterGod who calls for constant supplication lest He makes a decision to ruin her existence amongst some type offantastic disaster.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 13

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 13

For a spell"Lucky Romance"continues to be sickeningly, adorably adorable amongst its primary romance. It isdifficult to hate a drama that isenthusiastic about its own sheer goofiness- I wagerperhapsas a result ofhow it works in memory? That is thea laugha phase of being along side a new person, after all. All of the minor gestures which stayannouncing in as specificconceivable terms "I like you and wantlets spend more time together". Soo-ho even brings that power to exposing the not-so-secret courtingeach person has no longer been in a positionto recognize at work.

Then the drama gets weird. The family-related twist we now have been anticipatingat last pops up. It is notthe maximum obvious twist, though, yet rather the other twist that does notactually make sense because I used to bebeautifulcertainwe mightnoticed this persona in flashback and that he did now notundergo any resemblance to the existing day actor. Well, I never truly paid much attention in the primary place, so why get started now?

But the genuine frustration comes when writerChoi Yoon-gyo, having long ago given up on looking to exist accurate on game design, comes to a decision to write a tale aroundbusiness espionage that manages to be even more idiotic. Like, I do not evening know where to begin on how stupid this plot is. The villain's plan must not have worked. Even with get correct of access to to the workplace he wouldn't know which laptop had the best files or where the files were situatedat the computer, let by myself take any concept how to govern them without any individual noticing. No onein thisstaff has ultimate minute trojan horse checkers?

AdvertisementWhat makes this plot point so agitating is that or not it's painfully obtrusive why Soo-ho does the heroic thing and becomes a martyr to a state of affairsthat isn't his fault- to be offeringcoverage to Bonnie from blame. The issue with here'sthat duringgenuine life, any such high-level hack will requirethe help of a technical co-conspirator. The "wrong" theory is in realitythe proper one unless I twist my thinking in such some way to agree with that cyberterrorism is so simple that any fool with spiked coffee can pull it off.

I don't like having to positionidea into this stupid storyline when"Lucky Romance"had just executed making some degreeof the way information technologymay also becandy and fun when going throughsubject material that's less serious. Like Dal-nim. Someone really wishes to get on the telephone withLee Cho-hee's agent and get her some higher roles- she transitions perfectly from bubbling excitement to horrified embarassment.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 12

Bonnie's consistent rejection of Soo-ho has gotten to be rather tiring, so it is alongside relief that I write that this episode they in factin spite of everythingget started dating. Yes that issomewhat of a spoiler yet 1do not care at this point- it be taken goodbye for"Lucky Romance"to get to any exactamusingsame old romantic comedy subject matter that see Bonnie and Soo-ho is tournament worthy of a few celebration. If bestit will have took place without the the use of of such a lot clumsy game corporate gossip.

To date Soo-ho has most commonly been comedian relief (weird, for the explanation thathe is the lead), so it's greatto peer his courting being promptedby capability of some rather candy flashbacks indicating how he used to be being thoughtful to Bonnie more for the sake of niceness than any expectation of reward. Strictly talking what Soo-ho did turned intomore or less creepy, but it is the sentiment that counts. Let alonethe straightforward logic. Bonnie's obsession with superstition has avoided her from doing the standard things other folks with in deficient healthmembers of the family do.

Namely, continue to have a look at to are living life. Don't forget, but don't fall into constant self-flagellation either. It's at all times been reasonablyobviously implied that Goo-sin's abnormal tiger commands were really an inducement to get Bonnie at the aspect of Soo-ho. The maximum importantremarkable questions are whether Goo-sin did so deliberately, whether it truly was validspiritual guidance, or if the total lot was just contrived plotting all along.

Advertisement Somewhere else Dal-nim's appearance is ruined, as was to be expected, despite the reality that the jokes due to her makeover are funny sufficient to warrant forgiveness. Ryang-ha is simply sototallypetrified of what he's done it's simple to laugh at his misery. Any otherfacetI love is how Dal-nim has manifestlylong gone too far- certain heels are sexy, but they are also not easyto stroll in for any personwho isnow not used to it, so of path she's horribly clumsy.

That's where the point of interestis good now- exaggerated personality traits, and the acknowledgment thereof. Now that Bonnie is seriously chatting with Soo-ho in a non-crazy context, there is room in the discussion for her to acknowledgment plain facts like how Soo-ho lacks any sort of respectful gravitas even althoughhe's a a success businessperson in his thirties. And more importantly, that's OK. Once the superstitions are got rid of Bonnie and Soo-ho can attachbeautiful easily, and I amhappy she was ready to eventually figure that out without Goo-sin explicitly leading her on.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 11

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 11

So after that large climactic kiss closing episode Bonnie...is still trying to find excuses to keep away from the plot. Agh! Already I miss"Oh Hae-Young Again", with its characters at all timescreating a mutual effort to stay their romance alive. Bonnie is nearly the living personification of the entire reasons Soo-ho has not to like dating, because she insists on making the entire thing so tough for reasons she may not explain. Bonnie is long late for a discussion with Goo-sin, because the shaman is lovely much the most effective realpersonality who can make Bonnie give an explanation for herself.

Bonnie's habit makes me uncomfortable because she's practically forcing the male ends up in stalk her, that being the one way to transportthe tale forward. I think bad for Geon-wook especially, because Bonnie's coy attitude has the effect of creating ITreally ambiguous what he will have to exist doing correct now. Admittedly, if I had a speaking refrigerator I wouldmore than likelyglance for excuses to take benefit of it always too.

Outside the product placement"Lucky Romance"has other unique visual elements. There would possibly bethe complete "line dividing the home into two halves" sitcom gag that up till now I have only observed used in parodies, now not as a real plot. And there's also the red string of fate, which is a sexy patently odd visual symboltaking into consideration how Bonnie helps to keep resisting Soo-ho. Indubitably she's acutely mindful of the symbolic importance of connecting herself to Soo-ho with a red string?

AdvertisementThe humor in"Lucky Romance"is now not all that bad, once thosepoints are taken into account, since extraordinary visuals can dovetail fairlysmartly amongst comedy. The maximum productiveseries is when Soo-ho panics over the chance that every other character will see his wall chart. An honorable mention is going to Ryang-ha and his confetti. YetI'm going be very disenchanted if he in reality succeeds in changing Dal-nim's appearance and ruining her goofy charm.

Because that is themajor thing"Lucky Romance"has going for it- goofy charm. The erratic pacing makes it tough to have interaction with the story, which is too predictable to have the ease ofprolonged runtime. Even supposing we finally finish up getting a curveball in regards to the most obvious twist referring to Soo-ho's parentage, there isn't going to be much of an affect because Soo-ho's courting to his oldstersis purely tangentially associated with his more appealing character traits. Really, Soo-ho's inability to care much about the restwith the exception of his activity and Bonnie is one of his more fun quirks, and"Lucky Romance"does well when it specializes in that.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 10

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 10

One benefit of slow pacing is that once characters in spite of everything act dynamically to transport the plot forward, it comes off as a authentic surprise. I used to be around every bit bewildered as Bonnie when apropos of not anything a love confession pops up, and had as little concept about what the correctreactionwill have to be. Granted, her weirdly uncommunicative stance instantly afterwards used to be a little annoying, even if Bonnie is so bad about verbal exchange in total that this is notprecisely a new personality trait.

By and large, though, this episode takes position from Soo-ho's point of view. And for onceRyu Jun-yeol's one guydisplay is relatively appropriate, as a result ofdirectionall and sundry has had that experience- waiting in greater panic for a transparent response whilst superficially acting like we do not care. Soo-ho is pretending to be a lovely person, which is beautiful inherently funny taking into account the episode began out with Bonnie explicitly declaring which personality characteristics he has that she likes, and none of them were at all standoffish.

Which makes sense when we imagine Soo-ho's beyond experience. While Soo-ho's loss ofenjoy is the foremostglaring culprit, I am more proneto indicate the finger at Seol-hee. Where Bonnie acts great yet fails to verbalize, Seol-hee is repeatedly giving Soo-ho verbal false hope while privately still making plans to leave the rustic on her in the pastmade up our minds timetable. I do no longer believe Seol-hee is doing this out of maliciousness- she just hasn't stuckdirectly tothe reality that her ideas of appropriatehabit are utterly incompatible with Soo-ho's.

AdvertisementWhile the romantic subject matteris reasonably strong, the major characters' other plot issues remain moderately weak. The production team is just not even pretending to care about the video game building anymore, and my eyes glaze over fairly much any time parental problems are discussed. Thoughthis can be more a relative problem."Oh Hae-Young Again"is so just right at facing parental considerationsanything else else is going to come off as substandard by comparison.

The secondary characters do pretty well, though.Lee Cho-heeis disproportionately adorable in comparison to her character's precise importance in the story. I truly like how Dal-nim jumps from being in whole freak-out mode to being romantically lovey-dovey at the drop of a hat. Once Dal-nim loses keep an eye on of one emotion, it is like the others sense a chance and get started dogpiling. What assists in keeping this from getting irritating is that the major lineament to endure the brunt of this inconvenience is Ryang-ha, who is simplyslightly unlikable sufficient to deserve it.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 9

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 9

Bonnie wears her center on her sleeve, while Soo-ho is on a normal basis cryptic with his feelings. The maximum obvious difference between those two personality sorts is the keyappealingfacet of"Lucky Romance", so I used to be relieved that this episode after all had these two interact in some prolongedinformal conversations. This being an admittedly relative term. Bonnie getting emotional over her sister is casual for her, despite the reality thatmost of the people would rather do this in non-publicin position of in front in their boss.

Soo-ho being Bonnie's boss does uploada sophisticatedperspective to the relationship, though. Strictly talking he will have to take fired her for coming directly to him in the primary place. Yet Soo-ho is a sort sympathetic guy who in most cases does no longer care to act that way because nobody ever acts like it is important. And making an allowance for how Seol-hee's consistent apologies usually come off as insincere so or not it'ssimpleto look why Soo-ho acts this way.

Seol-hee is beneficial less as a personality amongst her own dynamic role in the plot and more as comparison, because her personality actually is the other of Bonnie's in lovely much each way. Thematically"Lucky Romance"has a massive number ofsturdyissues like this. Almost certainlythe most efficient moment of interaction between Bonnie and Soo-ho this episode is where she demonstrates how satisfied she is because of her rather nutty non secular obsessions. Soo-ho still thinks Bonnie's ideals are superstitious and crazy, but is beginning to respect that the certain effect they have got on Bonnie is slightly real.

AdvertisementI ought to note, though, that i am yetfairly skeptical that writerChoi Yoon-gyois doing any of this intentionally, because such a lot of the remainder of"Lucky Romance"is little more than filler. All theworker retreat is most commonly just an excuse for everybodyto head ride on dirt bikes. Sure, the optics on which are neater than all peoplestriking out at the office, though information technologyform of conflicts with the total arbitrarily frontloaded deadline.

Yes, with each one passing episode it becomes more transparent that no one in the production team knows or cares about how video game constructionin fact works. It may neatly bemore straightforward to forget about these sections aside from that deficient Geon-wook's majormotive in the tale at this point is to bring up headachesby potential of being a notedfamous person affiliated with a video game. That isone of theseordinary source for struggleI am not even sure how to react to it.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 7

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 7

Bonnie continues to sulk about how Soo-ho sabotaged an intimate come across which at very bestwas once going to lead to an unauthorized video floating round theNet and at worst turned into going to be a gang rape. Bonnie does have a tendency to be frustrating like that- for all her robustreligion in the whims of fortune, Bonnie is rather unappreciative of tangibleother people making a true direct effort to assist her and has a tendency to stick withthe complete "have sex with a tiger" command very literally.

...Which incidentally, she would possibly have completed this episode unintentionally. I do notbear in mind the precise wording of the recommendationyetI ambeautifulcertain it was a euphemism and that sex was never in truth mentioned. It roughly feelsmost probably that Bonnie is in the similar position, for the explanation that she tries to be successful in her non secularguide for a rationalization and he is mysteriously out of the office. Most commonly though, I just need Bonnie's self-destructive habit to end. And I would also like to look Bo-ra do anythingrather then exist a vegetable.

"Lucky Romance"takes its candy timedealing withthese tale threads as the plot once back moves at a crawl. The foremostexplanation why for this I can beready to encounter is that directorKim Kyeong-hee-IIreally just needs to take her time with setpieces, sticking to the classics. A drunken evening in one of the onesout of doors tents, an emotional war of words in the rain. The 2d one lead worried to death about what took place to the major character.

A less charitable explanation- writerChoi Yoon-gyois only in particularself-assured in his talent to write generic scenes like this, which is why we get such so much of of them for such a longerduration of time."Lucky Romance"makes some extent of being an aggressively secure drama. It takes few dangersand gives the minimum point of deviation from the romantic comedy formula. Motivation notwithstanding, it can be fairlysimpleto select out up what is going on this episode without knowing the rest around the prior to now established plot.

But the loss of creativity manner that numerous the drama is missing in gravitas.Curious scenes implying mysteries i Soo-ho's circle of relatives background fail to impress, as does much of what occurs at the company.The major exceptioniswhen Ryang-ha (played byJeong Sang-hoon) teases Dal-nim over his having receiveda slightlyvitalownership of hers. Now that type offunctionality is quirky and fun, and more the kind of thing I would love to see from this drama.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 5

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 5

This ingeniousselectionby way of the production team is a puzzling one. It beggars disbelief than in a question of weeks Bonnie and Soo-ho are going to triumph over this awkward tension about guessing each and every other's true motives and turn into agenuine romantic couple. Given the demandingcut-off dateseither Bonnie and Soo-ho are operating amongst in regards tosick sister / new game taskit istricky to believe that"Lucky Romance"is going to finalany further than either of the ones two conflicts.

Elsewherethe pacing manages to be too fast.Remember Geon-wook's problemsrelating to his birth father, and how that influenced his go back to Korea? That struggle isfinished. Now not progressed, just instantly up finished. Bearing in mind how this used to be Geon-wook's primaryappealingpersonality trait apart fromjust being a spoiler love interest, I am not at all certain how he is going to be incorporated into the tale from here on out. Yes, he's modeling for the game, yetpossibly that can also becompleted from Televisionpictures without Geon-wook's direct involvement.

Well, I bet there are those heartfelt chats with Bonnie. Which for me is more than likelythe largestspotlight in"Lucky Romance", because they are not even all that romantic. It be just, hiya girl, you would possibly have had a difficult day, let's unwind. Geon-wook is a in realityexcellent friend. After "Sensible Love" and "Scholar Who Walks the Night" I am rather joyful to seeLee Soo-hyeokin a role where he can act normallysatisfied and healthy emotionally, even by way of tears.

"Lucky Romance"is not in anyway a bad drama, it just suffers from an excessively questionable sense of pacing that has a tendency to dilute lots of the production's strengths. It nearlyseems like writerChoi Yoon-gyois stalling for time because he can notrecall to mind a believableexplanation why for Soo-ho to cooperate with Bonnie's request without just finishing the drama's clash immediately. That istruly not a difficulty which will have to exist with a tale that's adapted from a preexisting work, though, so I'm not yeswhat is going on in the background.

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