Drama Review Reflect of the Witch' Episode 13

Drama Review Reflect of the Witch' Episode 13

A tussel over the jar containing the spirit of Yeon-hee's departed brother defines the majorstruggle this this around, making it reasonablysimple to staymusic of the story. Yet strictly talkingthe solepersonality amongst any specificreason why to care about what occurs to the jar is Queen Dowager Sim. Hong-joo best cares because she can use the jar as emotional leverage opposed to Queen Dowager Sim, and everybody else only cares because they are ready to purpose the jar to damage Hong-joo's grip on power.

Ever since Hong-joo's flashback final episode I have been having hassle squaring her movements with her motivation. If Hong-joo's majorgoal were to survive, then why are practically all of her activities practically tradition designed to antagonize tough people? From the very starting Hong-joo's resolution to kill Yeon-hee's brother and thieve his spirit appeared likea reasonably questionable one. That one action on her section is the single reason folkswere threatening to kill her such a lot lately.

Elsewhere, Jun manages to glossy over a huge number ofissues and assist Yeon-hee out most commonlythroughno longer being an fool and in reality telling possible allies what istaking placein its place of keeping secrets for no excellent reason. That isat all times the qualifier I appear to finally finish up with when it comes to"Mirror of the Witch"- nogoodreason. There are almost continuouslyreasonablyobviouslyexplained reasons for why positive characters act the style that they do, it is just that those reasons cause them toglancelovely dumb, since they have been making the similar mistakes during the drama's whole run.

Advertisement It betotally counter-intuitive, for example, that Jun is Yeon-hee's absolute bestbest friend when he has by some distance the least wisdomregardingthe entire dark wizardy about which the plot revolves. But all people else is too blinded by sentiment to even recognizebeyond mistakes, let by myselfright kind and be informed from them. This sentiment is the simplest reason Hong-joo has been at all effective, as itwe could her are expecting everyone else's actions.

...Put like that I wagerthat really sounds like a beautifulsensible theme. But"Mirror of the Witch"continues to irritate me on minor inconsistencies too. Jun is improbably nice at struggling with here taking into consideration that up till now he used to be mediocre at best. But hey, a minimum of the costumes are nice. Yeon-hee's princess suit looks great. Oh, and a lastnote of warning- do not watch the preview. So far asI will tell it supplies away eachunmarried plot twist of the following episode.

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 20 Final

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 20 Final

With Hong-joo most commonly out of the way,"Mirror of the Witch"is ready to continue without a villain. Which is to say, as a substitute of having to combat an intractable conspiracy, Jun and Yeon-hee just solve complications and make desires come true. Here is immensely more gratifying than the skulduggery that has labeledsuch a lot of the drama's plot till this point. In context it isn'ttransparent whether any of the potions are in truth magical at all- it is more about the habit they provoke.

Which naturally results in the final candle and...you know, if Hong-joo had just led with that restriction rather thanarising amongstadvanced plans to do things her way via force, she most certainly would werea load more successful. Given the most often repentant nature of her personality here, actually, I used to be (and still am) wondering whether Hong-joo herself lit the candle. Certain she's been a little bit of a jerk, yet her ultimate moments are almost poetic, albeit undeserved. Hong-joo will have benefitted so much from a more ambiguous portrayal.

Jun and Yeon-hee thankfullywouldn't have that much. Their happiness this episode is well-deserved, sweet, and on the whole heartfelt. This is the romantic chemistry that may also be used to convincingly spark offa whole drama series, and I amunhappy less by the plot arc of the general episode as I'm by the reality that"Mirror of the Witch"did no longer brandjust right use of its runtime to delve into the Jun/Yeon-hee relationship. We bestwere givenshort glimpses like this in between unnecessarily confusing plot twists.

AdvertisementAnd the very last one, after the 2nd one time skip, is the maximum baffling of all. When I'm left asking questions like "so are they dead or did they solve that hassle with magic or is a metaphor what is going on exactly" that isa beautifulsmartsignal that a drama is prioritizing warm fuzzy emotions over striking effort into an finishing that really makes sense. How may a drama so passionate about explaining all its most minor plot issues fail at anything then basic?

Well,"Mirror of the Witch"has mostly just been a long term of failure punctuated by brief robust performances earlier than they get smothered by the following turnabout. So I betfinallyor not it'snow notthat gigantic a wonder for the drama to finish on a an identical note, providing piffling more than a sad reminder of what may need been if only the talemay have been more well condensed. Ah well. It will accept been worse.

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 18

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 18

Jun and Yeon-hee in brief accept an stress-free fourth dimensionat the run. Well, all right, being on the run by capability of definition cannotin reality exist enjoyable, yet they do have some great flashbacks or evenset upto hang hands. Daw. Alas, it does not take long for the plot to catch up to them again. Once separated, Yeon-hee utterly loses her marbles and is going on a miles welcomed rampage. And because there are still two episodes left, Jun has to speak her out of it for some incomprehensible reason.

How time and again has any person been appropriate on the cusp of murdering Hong-joo most effective to backtrack at the remaining minute? Part a dozen? A dozen? I cannot eventidestaytune anymore. It isdifficult to accept as true with that long ago in the primary episode, when Hae-ran's latent powers were unlocked and therefore used to terrify every person in the close by vicinity, that scene used to beif truth be told visually striking and terrifying. Hong-joo herself looked totally freaked out. Now? It be simplyindustry every bit usual.

Even the drama's imagery, one of its few prime points, is regularly used to incomprehensible purpose. The public members of the family turn opposed to Yeon-hee invokes Eu witch-hunting imagery, but make no sense in a Korean context. Hong-joo and Hyeon-seo are known magic users. The cliffhanger explicitly comes to the use of Hyeon-seo's ancestral fireplace powers. Why is their magic excellent and Yeon-hee's magic bad when Yeon-hee saves lives and they just kill people?

Advertisement Perhapsthis is becausethey have gotget admission to to a printing press and Yeon-hee doesn't. That, among other things, is the solereason whyI could beready torecall to mind why folksare not horrified that Hong-joo has any affect at all when she turned intoshown to be the sponsor to a serial killer. Incidentally, Seol-gae escaped from prison at some point. I mightbitch about this excluding that"Mirror of the Witch"is at the point where off-screen legal breaks are a choice of the less incredible things that happen.

Notice, by the way, how lots of the implausibilities I talk about makenot anything to do with magic, no less than directly. The issues in"Mirror of the Witch"are entirely the outcome of its characters acting like idiots to pad for time. I can not flush feel sorry for Yo-gwang- he was the 1stuserto noteanything was wrong with Hyeon-seo but time and again he failed to even warn anybody, let by myselftry and solve the issue proactively. Whatever Yeon-hee's curse is going to allegedly do, it can't most likely be much worse than what we have already seen.

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 16

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 16

...So apparently"Mirror of the Witch"is a twenty episode drama? I would been assuming it was oncemost effective sixteen. Now notcertain whether theyadded 4whilst I wasn't being attentive or if it become just wishful thinking. Taking into account what little there is for any of the characters to in reality do anymore, I am at a loss for what willtake place in even the following two episodes, let on my own four. Precisely how many contrivances can the drama perhapsget a grasp of to stay letting Hong-joo break out at the closing minute?

"Mirror of the Witch"has joined the dubious club of dramas that couldwerestepped forward substantially if it had made use of the "magical trouble of the week" structure to pad for time. We even had that with the wishing tree, from which we were givento look exactly one wish. I wagerall the "people who use the wishing tree get murdered" facet of that would have that plot turn a little gloomy, yetit is going to existhigher than the repetition we got instead.

The excuse this time for why the characters do not just stab Hong-joo to death and be done with her is that it sounds as if the spell she forged on Hyeon-seo has related them such that he would die too, so Hong-joo has to be killed in an overlyexplicit way. Again, if we are taking Hong-joo at her observe that the majorpurpose is survival, why is she even bothering to combatany individual at this point? They mightforestallseeking to kill her if she stopped wanting to kill them!

Advertisement The only real fig leaf rendering any of this at all understandable is the overall prophecy about how Yeon-hee will kill each person she loves. Somehow. I actuallywish to see the fine print in this prophecy because to this point Yeon-hee has only been a chance to her buddies to the level that they usually tend to get in the mannereach time Hong-joo tries to homicide her. The last time we saw a non-Hong-joo comparabledanger was long ago on Yeon-hee's 17th birthday.

Maybe that is the direction"Mirror of the Witch"is going from here- get Hong-joo out of howin order that the heroes can handle a bigger, more bad villain. Smartly I welcome that much fascinated by a spectral entity it is going to be amore convincing catalyst to Poong-yeon's horrific inconsistence. Poong-yeon, women and gentlemen, the fellow who canmoveuntouched and unseenby endless guardsbut cannot physically subdue a fifty year old woman.

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 14

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 14

Now that the jar has been destroyed Hong-joo is forced to interchange gears to her old plan to handle power- King Seonjo's physical illness. Which more or less begs the query of why Hong-joo ever even wanted two plans in the primary place. King Seonjo most commonlycherished Hong-joo back when he first invited her to the palace. Now he doesn't, thank you to the entire politicking concerned amongst Hong-joo's 2nd plan. We willpass back even additional than that and beauty why Hong-joo had to kill the crown prince at all since making him unwell would werea load more efficient.

But whatever questionable twisty avenue led"Mirror of the Witch"to this point, one truth nosotros now know for sure- it is up to Jun to save the day. The level to which the supporting solidhas a tendency to be superfluous at best possible and outright adversarial at worst is one of the vitalstandard frustrating spots of"Mirror of the Witch". Poong-yeon has by some meanscontrollednot tobe toldthe rest over the process the drama's complete runtime, so we just have to pray he does not ruin things via being a whole idiot.

What's specifically uncanny is that Jun is the only forced to make political inroads with those who Poong-yeon if fact exist told knows personally. That Jun is the user who has to cajole Sol-gae to re-examine her allegiances is solelyundeniable weird. It also takes a rathera bit of of good fortune and effort on Jun's phaseso asto hang council with King Seonjo, while Poong-yeon, who speaks to the regent regularly, just comes up with more bad ideas.

AdvertisementAnd he is notthe sole one. It be perplexing how Hyeon-seo is obviouslyno less thanin part in keep watch over of his own body, yet is not able to take correct counter-measures opposed to Hong-joo's magic or maybenicely warn people that he would possibly randomly lose his own mind. Yo-gwang turns oututterly incapable of working out what to on his own, and is only useful when following Jun's orders.

All in all Heo-ok is truly a more nicejust right guy than many of theexactsmart guys, because he is too incompetent to be of much use to the villains. Of path at this point his role in the tale is similarly equally pointless, so that is not much in the style of praise. At the least the story's winding down, but it actually is discouraging to look Jun solve issues in mere mins that other characters have failed to take on for the whole course of the drama.

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 12

Predictably, Yeon-hee does no longerif fact exist told kill Gong-ju, even though doing so would as at all times solve an ideal many more issues than keeping her alive for ill-defined moral reasons. I consistentlyto find IT rather irritating when heroic characters act merciful simplestin terms ofthe large boss. Poong-yeon for sureshould have killed no less thana couple ofcontributors of Gongju's non-public guard remaining episode. I heard slashing sounds.

Speaking of slashing sounds, characters brandishing swords at neckpoint has develop intothis kind ofcommonplacematch in"Mirror of the Witch"I'm no longercertainit isreally a threat. The gesture simplyturns out to be a kind of greeting intended to ascertainthat just becausewe may beready to have a verbal exchangedoesn't suggestI truly like you. My point being that here'spreciselythe style of dramatic action that loses emphasis when overused. I mean really, on Heo-ok of all people?

But not all is worthy of mockery. The production team makes the rather smartresolution to the truth isdisplay Jun convalescing from his serious wound this time around, a procedurethis is slow, painful, and terrifying. And yet Jun's willingness to remain with the process, and continue to agree withand supply Yeon-hee with emotional give a spice up to for all his evident fear...well, it says so much about his character. Jun has no aware magical powers or battling skills, yet he is consistently Yeon-hee's maximumtreasuredbest friendfor the explanation thatguy is made up our mindsto stick in the loop with her.

It's a marked contrast to how incredibly bad each other personality is at communication. Even Hong-joo has her susceptible points- a flashback presentations how Hong-joo is in the awkward role of trusting Hyeon-seo's sincerity whilst doubting that he has any fashionable sense. Probably the mostgreaterparts in"Mirror of the Witch"is that it has consistently shown how Hyeon-seo and Hong-joo can either be wrong in utterlyother ways.

Enough of the very importantknowledgein regards to the plot of"Mirror of the Witch"has been published at this point that there ishappilymuch less to nitpick, which makes the drama less annoying to watch.Doheeeven controlled to get me to crack a grinright through her scenes, where she tries to solve a majority of these spirit realm problems in her own way. While strictly speakingDohee's character is more or less pointless, she's representative of numerous the charm"Mirror of the Witch"has in its best possible moments, which can be less about the tale and more to do with character interplay.

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Video Added Korean drama 'Mirror of the Witch' episode 19

Video Added Korean drama 'Mirror of the Witch' episode 19

Added episode 19 for the Korean drama "Mirror of the Witch"

"Mirror of the Witch" (2016) Directed through Jo Hyeon-tak Written by Yang Hyeok-moon Network : jTBC With Yoon Si-yoon, Kim Sae-ron, Lee Seong-jae, Yeom Jeong-ah, Kwak Si-yang, Jang Hee-jin,... 20 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30 Formerly referred to as "Witch Exemplar" on HanCinema Synopsis This ancient fantasy-romance drama is set an unlucky princess Seori who is desertedonce she is born because she is born with a curse and becomes a witch till she meets Heo Joon. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/05/13

Note : because of licensing, videos would in all probability not existto be hadfor your country

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 16 Final

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 16 Final

Initially the plot for the overall episode centers around a scheme to take a glance at out and get Bonnie and Soo-ho back together. Ultimately it turns out that this scheme used to bea whole waste of time without a payoff as Bonnie and Soo-ho meet in their own special way. The reunion is if fact exist toldmoderatelycandy and heartfelt. It does a excellentactivity integrating all of thevery bestportions of"Lucky Romance"to bring an superbremaining message about love. Yet none of this adjustmentsthe reality that the whole first part of the episode turned intoa total waste of time.

It's a gorgeous effective metaphor for the overall quality of"Lucky Romance". Whilsthalf of of it's far decent romantic comedy, the opposite half is simplyunnecessary subplots that never move anywhere. Each and every new episode ended in the introduction of a minimum of one new subplot, and the old ones were only ever solved haphazardly. Even main plotlines were very hit and miss. Bonnie offers up on superstition, for example, but the only real explanation introduced is an excessivelyindistinct "power of love".

AdvertisementWhat makes this especially frustrating is that there has beennumerous potentially applicablesubject matter that just went underdeveloped. Imagine the thematic importance of Bonnie's oldsters being dead, I still cannot figure out why"Lucky Romance"was so minimalist in exploring Soo-ho and Geon-woo's circle of relatives relations. Geon-woo were given all of one scene with his father, and Soo-ho's folks spent more time soaring about a birth secret that never materialized than they did with their son.

The leisure of the solid was just more physically provide than they were helpful every bit characters in their own right. Bo-ra is the maximum productive case of this- she's quite literally the physical embodiment of all Bonnie's motivation, yet the last episode is the primary fourth dimension we see the young lady in ample context to get an evenseize of her personality. We do most commonlyto find out what took place to each personbasically because Soo-ho helpfully brings they allin combination in the similar room.

That's what they are there for after all- as bullet issues in Bonnie and Soo-ho's own life, instead ofother folks amongst internally consistent motivation. While this is not a dealbreaker on its own, the time spent seeking tobuilding upthose subplots instead ofcare for Bonnie and Soo-ho's dating as the principlecenter of attention makes too much of the finishing unsatisfying."Lucky Romance"ends, at best, as very well average- a virtually perfectly even distribution between sensible and bad, worthy neither of seriouscompliment nor over the top scorn. It just is.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 7

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 7

"Wanted"has been raising more questions than it's been answering and each personseems like a suspect. The creators make a choiceto give roughly answers in episode seven, giving audience some pay-off for the guessing game we have got been going thru then far. Some connections between culprits and sufferers are explained, the nature of positive characters becomes clearer and the elephant in the room is addressed when the display comes beneath serious scrutiny for its fatal influence.

A way of keeping viewers invested in a mystery is understanding how much to show and when. The onescollaboratingwant to feel engaged and curious, yet if things remain confusing for too long, many are bound to discover IT tedious and give up."Wanted"makes the sensibleselectionto bare the kidnapper or one of the vital kidnappers and give us his talewhilst still opening a new branch in the mystery. This isthe relationship of Hye-in's (Kim Ah-joong) ex-husband to this case.

Advertisement We have the connection of Na Soo-hyeon (Lee Jae-kyoon) to Ham Tae-yeong and we know his brother, Na Jae-hyeon is hooked up to Kim Sang-sik (Seo Hyeon-cheol) and the persons focused on that case. I'm still curious how the abusive Kim from the primary event is related. A phase of me feels Ji-eun (Shim Eun-woo) might be the Nam sister hiding in the back of a faked death, but she would should be 15 years old for that to make sense and i'mundecided of Ji-eun's age.

I agree with the age of crookobligation in South Korea is 14 so Ji-eun can be a small fry and in prison, but why did we never see any schoolmates questioned? Most likely this is plain to Korean viewers and I am just lackingvital information. Still, it feels like a neglected opportunity, because her emotional connection to her project is clear. Na Yeong-hyeon died just as Soo-hyeon entered the military. This sort of twist may have been Jae-hyeon's try to hide either while whatever ended up killing him two years later went down.

Putting my far-fetched conjecture aside, Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) gets some construction and is going deeper into dark puts amongsteach and every episode. Having his authority defied by skill of his team will also be dangerous, but it poses some appealing questions. How a ways can they pass to save one life? Is the loss of more lives and glamorization of vigilantism okay? Where is the censorship frame in all of this? Are they too busy deciding at the morally appropriate duration of drama kisses?

Episode seven has left me rather satisfied, even if I do in finding the kidnapper's simplebreak out likewise silly, bearing in mind the spacemust exist flooded with the authorities. I'd also appreciate other camera angles for the provein the show. The use ofthe similar shots we see as drama viewers feels lazy. I have minor gripes with the series, but not anything deal breaking so far.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 15

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 15

There are two mainseverecomplications in"Lucky Romance". The primary is that lots of the drama's concepts are undeveloped. The second, more complexhassle is that maximum of the drama's ideas are truly clichd and bad, so coming up them would make"Lucky Romance"worse in position of better. This factor kept coming back to me staring at this episode, which is painfully predictable as Soo-ho is hospitalized, whilst Bonnie gets scared and affects a ultimate minute separation.

The largedifficulty alongside this scripting is that via design it inhibits interplay between Soo-ho and Bonnie, when their interaction is by some distance the drama's best dynamic. Were I to chart episodes by what percentage of the time Soo-ho and Bonnie are on-screen together, the most productive episodes would fairlyfor sure exist the ones with the top percentage. Whether they arecombating or being adorable is rather but even so the point.Ryu Jun-yeolandHwang Jeong-eumknow how to do romantic comedy.

Their chops at romantic drama are lower than impressive, even ifthat can be more an issue with the direction. It isdifficult to pin-point any unmarried weakness of"Lucky Romance"because there are numerous them. The majorthingfighting the drama from being awful is the usuallyuninteresting nature of the plot, yet the script is so disinterested in its own tale that it'llregularlyput from your mind major plot issuesslightly an episode after they're introduced.

AdvertisementNote, for example, that it turns out that the hackers just won- there isn't any indication post time-skip that Soo-ho ever if fact be told solved that problem. He does stay the bumbling idiot who created that crisis round the office, though, so who knows, perhaps there can be some type of unsatisfying answer to all that. But even potentially appealing story components but fade out and in at random. The manner Soo-ho's dad reacted to Soo-ho's coincidenceused to be sweet, but it might take had a load moreaffect if up till now he'd been portrayed as anything elseapart from a drunkard come angry cuckold.

That's what isactually been lacking in"Lucky Romance"- a feeling of intensity to persona relationships until when the actors are just rightample to go beyond that. The Dal-nim/Jang-hwa romance has had about as much exposition as any of the opposite random plotlines, yet it is substantially more memorable because those characters are portrayed with genuinely interesting passion. Why could notall the drama have just been about that roughly interplay?

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