Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 12

The kidnapper is in spite of everythingprinted in episode twelve of "Wanted", yet this handiest complicates the situation. There could also bethe chance of an partnerin the police and the investigation still does now not acceptall of thebeyond culprits. The presentventure is met with fantastic resistance as SG Team starts to interfere with the display and put largedrive on its team. With the show's long run and Hyeon-woo's protection now uncertain, time is running out for the "Wanted" team.

In Mi-ok (Kim Seon-yeong-III) we trust, for the explanation thatwoman has finishedso much for this investigation, adding being appropriate close to her non-public suspicions for the kidnapper's identity. Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) has been a chance from the get go, because his dating amongst Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) made him one of the vital first folks she would request lend a hand from. He used to be likewisethe consumer whoadvised Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong). This makes me inquisitive about the obviouslynon-public relationship between those3 people.

AdvertisementHowever, I don't feel Joon-goo is the final piece of his own puzzle. We still don'tunderstand how he controlledto obtaininside ofknowledge about Sang-sik's (Seo Hyeon-cheol) case and frame placement. Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) discussed that only contributors of the investigation will have known. This suggests that there may just even so be an confederate nosotrosdon't know of within the force, keeping up my suspicion of Yeong-gwan (Sin Jae-ha). I do hope here is addressed by ability of the end.

The mission to make Choi Pil-gyoo (Baek Seung-hyeon) pay has been completed, but we know that he isn't the just one to had beengoing through Jo Nam-cheol (Park Sang-wuk). This indicates that Ha Dong-min's (Son Jong-hak) contact, who seems to be a prosecutor, could be Choi's accomplice and most likelythe secretindividual that can exposethe entire thing about SG Group's wrongdoings. I still have the nagging suspicion that he mightif fact exist told be Joon-goo's secret partner, but possiblyI'm overthinking this.

Things are about to get badand i'mjust a littleconfused by the investigative team's loss ofsecurity precautions. They overtlyspeak about the case at UCN's premises and Seung-in even brings in the maximum important evidence supplied by Lee Yong-hwan (Choi Deok-moon) to wherethese days function by the very group they are running against. Seeing the police and the production cooperating is nice, but some secrecy would assistance here.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, there's no telling what Joon-goo will do. I do not think he would harm Hyeon-woo (Park Min-soo), but if the lady Jin-woong (Lee Seung-joon) interviewed is his circle of relatives and Hyeon-woo's present captor, he might grow to be agitated. SG Group's grip at the investigation will also tighten. Hye-in and Seung-in will wantthe completeaidthey may also be ready to go to kind this large mess out.

"Wanted" is directed by Park Yong-soon, written by Han Ji-wan-I and features Kim Ah-joongJi Hyeon-wooEom Tae-woong and Park Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 9

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 9

Crisis hits the"Wanted"production when Ha Dong-min's legal professional and a member in their own workforce are abductedvia copycat criminals from the program's fan club. Episode nine takes a step back from Hyeon-woo's case to observethe results of the kind offact show, yet the kidnapper's habitthroughout this scenario acts as an extra clue in the investigation for their identity. The time to determine Ha Dong-min and Kim Woo-jin's connection to all of this approaches.

Bo-yeon's (Hyosung) kidnapping and the next halting of all show-related activities serve as a just right marker of the drama's midpoint. Except its phase in the major plot, which I may bein a position to go to in a bit, this crisis lets in the author to in shorttake onthe truth show's societal influence. I in finding the episode's use of its 3 fan club criminals very insightful, as it subverts the uneducated stereotype of a troubled adolescence automatically being a deranged crook in the making.

Advertisement A massive number of the darkness in this global hides in ordinary, well-adjusted adults and making an attemptto disclaim this frightful reality by othering criminals is most effectiveadverse to our society. In spite of the wise handling of this actual part, the impression of media is an issue too advancedfor a fast peek and hence the episode's manner feels lacking. The similar applies to the sensationalistic presentation of youngsters reenacting the show. The subject is oversimplified and there isn't any mention of parenting or society's role.

Coming back to the major story, Bo-yeon's case throws Hyeon-woo's (Park Min-soo) true kidnapper off and this finds that they aren't willing to sacrifice an blamelessuser and imaginable acquaintance. Detective Park Yeong-sik (Ji Hyeon-joon) suspects Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) and given we still have no ideathe rest approximately his beyond with Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong), he's a possibility. Yeong-gwan's (Sin Jae-ha) menacing reaction to the copycat criminals could also be suspicious to me, because a member of the police also is a possibility.

I prior to now expressed interest about one of the mostreputedly unrelated undertaking subjects. I thought Ha Dong-min's (Son Jong-hak) element ended when he failed to disclose Hye-in's secret, but his newly printed lawyer friend and perhaps he himself are immediatelyhooked up to the murders. ActorSong Yeong-gyooenters the series as a new character, but his feature voice betrays him as the only Jo Nam-cheol (Park Sang-wuk) spoke to at thetelephone before being arrested.

Now that this connection is made, I sit up for the revelation of Kim Woo-jin's (Jeong Wook-I) role in this, because he is obviouslynow not a random abusive husband. I'm hoping nosotros get to understand Dong-wook more now, but I wonder about the fate of the actuality show. If I will also be greedy, I also hope Hye-in will evolve as her morality helps to keep being challenged.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 7

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 7

"Wanted"has been raising more questions than it's been answering and each personseems like a suspect. The creators make a choiceto give roughly answers in episode seven, giving audience some pay-off for the guessing game we have got been going thru then far. Some connections between culprits and sufferers are explained, the nature of positive characters becomes clearer and the elephant in the room is addressed when the display comes beneath serious scrutiny for its fatal influence.

A way of keeping viewers invested in a mystery is understanding how much to show and when. The onescollaboratingwant to feel engaged and curious, yet if things remain confusing for too long, many are bound to discover IT tedious and give up."Wanted"makes the sensibleselectionto bare the kidnapper or one of the vital kidnappers and give us his talewhilst still opening a new branch in the mystery. This isthe relationship of Hye-in's (Kim Ah-joong) ex-husband to this case.

Advertisement We have the connection of Na Soo-hyeon (Lee Jae-kyoon) to Ham Tae-yeong and we know his brother, Na Jae-hyeon is hooked up to Kim Sang-sik (Seo Hyeon-cheol) and the persons focused on that case. I'm still curious how the abusive Kim from the primary event is related. A phase of me feels Ji-eun (Shim Eun-woo) might be the Nam sister hiding in the back of a faked death, but she would should be 15 years old for that to make sense and i'mundecided of Ji-eun's age.

I agree with the age of crookobligation in South Korea is 14 so Ji-eun can be a small fry and in prison, but why did we never see any schoolmates questioned? Most likely this is plain to Korean viewers and I am just lackingvital information. Still, it feels like a neglected opportunity, because her emotional connection to her project is clear. Na Yeong-hyeon died just as Soo-hyeon entered the military. This sort of twist may have been Jae-hyeon's try to hide either while whatever ended up killing him two years later went down.

Putting my far-fetched conjecture aside, Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) gets some construction and is going deeper into dark puts amongsteach and every episode. Having his authority defied by skill of his team will also be dangerous, but it poses some appealing questions. How a ways can they pass to save one life? Is the loss of more lives and glamorization of vigilantism okay? Where is the censorship frame in all of this? Are they too busy deciding at the morally appropriate duration of drama kisses?

Episode seven has left me rather satisfied, even if I do in finding the kidnapper's simplebreak out likewise silly, bearing in mind the spacemust exist flooded with the authorities. I'd also appreciate other camera angles for the provein the show. The use ofthe similar shots we see as drama viewers feels lazy. I have minor gripes with the series, but not anything deal breaking so far.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 5

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 5

Deeper down the rabbit hollow we pass with"Wanted"and things are beginning to get private for more of the folks involved. The kidnapper's desiresand dataappearto achievesome distance beyond Hye-in and Hyeon-woo whilst Seung-in's involvement mayhad been planned all along. Our heroine is achieving the prohibitof the way long she can stay Hyeon-woo's identity a secret from the sector and our suspect list grows larger amongsteach and every episode of the culprit's twisted fact show.

Due to the instancesthus far leaning heavily at thefacet of social justice, Mi-ok (Kim Seon-yeong-III) made the belief that the culprit is trying to appropriate wrongs thru his actions. Episode five, on the opposite handunearths a more complex motive. The kidnapper turns out to have a thorough plan, which they will accept been growing for a long time. The case of Seung-in's (Ji Hyeon-woo) mentor method that this user is either concerned with the police or has the potential to get insider knowledge from them.

AdvertisementSeung-in isn't a suspect, yet his beyond with an abusive father and his connection to Kim Sang-sik (Seo Hyeon-cheol) and Lee Ji-eun (Shim Eun-woo) mean that the kidnapper focused him. So the query now is, who assigned him to Lee Ji-eun's case? Lee Yeong-gwan (Sin Jae-ha) used to bethe only to carry suspicion about her murder. He also let us know that he has been with Seung-in since Sang-sik died and that he went to fantastic lengths to be Seung-in's partner, making him a conceivable accomplice.

These chances create more questions than they answer. If each player's participation is planned, did the culprit know Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) would visit Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) for lend a hand and is his own past going for use soon? Mightthey've gotten him fired? What about the 2 men who died all the style through the display and their likely killers? What about the guytalking to Jo Nam-cheol on the phone? Just how large is the kidnapper's reach and power?

There are such so much of plot similar questions, but the series intrigues me with its characters as well. I'm curious as to why Hye-in refuses to show Hyeon-woo's (Park Min-soo) origin to the world, but then exhibits IT to the crowd she is afraid will take him away. For one, can they legally do that? Even supposing they can, would making it public now not bring everybody on her side and make it tougher for them to do so?

Dong-wook exhibits his chillier side as he motion pictures his co-worker being threatened, and his collaboration with reporter Jang Jin-woong (Lee Seung-joon) might get badfor everybody involved. I am satisfied that Hyeon-woo's prestige every bit alive is showed and the author addressing it as a netizen concernin theprove is a pleasant touch. I have no idea if they are ready to bring all of the open threads together, but I am invested.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 3

Drama Review 'Wanted' Episode 3

"Wanted"could have without problemstrusted suspense over a inventory kidnapping story, yetit's miles refreshing to peer how formidable its creators are in touching refined social mattersvia it. This time around domestic violence and its remedy by the law and press turn out to be a topic. We also in finding out more about our characters, adding Seung-in and his possibly painful past. With the 2d oneproject being passed and Hyeon-woo's prestige being unconfirmed, Hye-in has so much to deal with.

The domestic violence case is difficult to watch, but it'sany other reminder of the way much and how little trial by media matters. Justice is blind, but its hands are incessantly open to the perfect bidder and media does now notalternate this. What media does is supply United States of America alongside an phantasm of power. Hundredsobserve trends. We combat for reasons when anything is changed into a spectacle. Then we leave the actualwarring partiesat the back of and godirectly tothe following Twitter hashtag which makes us feel relevant.

AdvertisementThis false sense of importance and causing switch in the arena is inflated by the media which have the ease of it. Seeing Bo-yeon (Hyosung) crack a grin when she sees her helpfulpaintingsbecoming more popular is a blood-chilling scene. Seeing the team speak about how they will have to use the trending call for the kidnapper displays merely how much their work relies on getting the loads to feel integrated and in control.

Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) knows his greed for those reactions, giving us a little trace of self-awareness and hence kindness, when he tells Yeon Woo-sin (Park Hyo-joo) that he wishessomebodygreat to stay him in grounded. Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) provides us his own moments of sincerity when he displays emotional connection to the domestic abuse case. Most likely he and his mom suffered a equivalent fate. This would possibly occasionallyassist him empathize, but it'll potentially cloud his judgement.

The list of suspects isn't getting smaller and the creators of"Wanted"are obviouslydecidedto debris with viewers. Hye-in's (Kim Ah-joong) manager, Kwon Kyeong-hoon (Bae Yoo-ram) may neatly besmitten by her, but I don't see him as the culprit. Jeong-ho (Park Hae-joon) is a jerk, but he may be hiding affection and fear for Hyeon-woo (Park Min-soo). That will be the more appealing twist.

Few works would kill a child, but Hyeon-woo's fate worries me and I wish to see everyone's reactions to the photograph. If his cries had been recordings, anything else but a video indicating the present date and time generally is a lie. The photomay just exist manipulated or Hyeon-woo might be dead in it. I'm hoping the series gives no less than one personathe similar doubt, which is an affordable one to have and which wants addressing if it isn'tthe large twist.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'Wanted Episode 1

Drama Review 'Wanted Episode 1

If you've already watched the primary episode of"Wanted", please have a pitcher of water. Once you take not, put the snacks down. There might now not be any time for them. The series waits for no person and we are thrown in at the deep finishcorrect away. The abduction takes position and the displayin theproveis set to begin. There are a couple ofproblems alongside the writing and persona introductions, yetthe ambience and suspense are spot on.

Creating an intense and fast moving premiere episode would possiblypurposeissues of the float later on, but it also works for the genre of a thriller. After all, if the thrills aren't in place to hook audiences, why would any individual return? The outlet ratings for"Wanted"are lovely bad, but this resolution can still be excellent for the story. Starting up the action early on is a superb call if the function is to expand the plot in tandem with the characters.

Advertisement We don't get so much on those characters in the 1st episode, but the dating dynamics are smartly established. Jeong Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) is a loving mother. Song Jeong-ho (Park Hae-joon) is a lousy husband who uses her and does no longer manage about a kid who isn't his own. Her other two partners, Choi Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) and Sin Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong) haven't gotthe maximum efficient relationship with her either. She feels remoted and this makes her plight all of the more sad.

The nearly inhuman nonchalance of the folks in Hye-in's lifestyles over the scoop of Hyeon-woo's (Park Min-soo) kidnapping is unnerving and it also conjures up suspicion in the brain of the viewer. Each and everyvital character may well be the culprit, because Hye-in stepping out of the highlight is bad trade for some and a fact testify at this a very powerful fourth dimensionis niceindustrial for everyone. I do feel the series pushes this loss of empathy to unrealistic extremes, however.

Everyone is too calm for the severity of the location and the truth show is being created in the similar manner. The prison implications of covering a kidnapping are not discussed, the advancedprocedure of production occurs andrapid and regardless of everyone's transparency, not anything leaks out till Hye-in announces it. For a show promising to be the most realistic thriller, it demands rather the suspension of disbelief.

This extends to the culprits. There is obviously a mastermind in the back of the scarred kidnapper, but they are already making grave errors. The pawns are exposed, they leave evidence in the back of and they have got traceable connections. I'm hoping this justpotential the villain is too protected to care. Detective Cha Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo) is optimistically the sensibleand sortbest friend Hye-in wishes to catch them.

"Wanted"is directed byPark Yong-soon, written byHan Ji-wan-Iand featuresKim Ah-joong,Ji Hyeon-woo,Eom Tae-woongandPark Hae-joon.

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Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 8

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 8

"Uncontrollably Fond"is overwhelmingly about Joon-yeong and his laborious journey. The opposite characters are provide and they obtain screen time, yet IT isKim Woo-binwho carries the display alongside his hot-tempered and life-loving Joon-yeong.

Not that Joon-yeong is an ideal character. No. He's a dominant male who believes that pushing a ladiesto like him is okay. He approach well, and is honest in his affections, but that roughlyforceisn't okay. To make his love for No Eul parallel the bullying habit he pulls is not okay. It should existhighest if she got hereto realize her feelings for him herself.

AdvertisementThat said, the beauty of his affections is endearing and his sincerity is far appreciated. He is fair where Ji-tae is not. The secrets Ji-tae assists in keeping and mixed with his soaring brand him a slightly unlikeable character. He wavers in limbo instead of build a decision. It lets in for the manipulative and Machiavellian Jeong-eun to have her way with him and his family. There's a distinct loss of individuality in his character, and also with Jeong-eun's. The similar lack is once in a whilediscovered in No Eul, especially in scenes when she will not be with Joon-yeong. Those characters wantdesires and alternatethat's not dependent on others.

"Uncontrollably Fond"hits some beautifulcandy emotional notes, but its personality continuity (aside from Joon-yeong) and the contrived plot are a uniquesusceptible spot. It still has a possibility to improve. If not, please enjoyKim Woo-bin. He is hitting it out of the park.

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Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

Drama Review 'W' Episode 4

One of the standards that makes Cheol any suchattention-grabbing protagonist is that he's legitimately actually smart. Even if the guy's a persona in a genre mystery comic, Cheol thinks like a realgenuine person. When loopyatypical contrivances jump out of nowhere for the sole obviousreason of killing him, Cheol simply notes that there isn't any such thing as coincidence. And he is right, even if the genuinesolutionis way stranger than Cheol may have ever most likely imagined.

Or any individual else for that matter. Let's glance at So-hee (played byEugene Jung). She breaks ranks with Cheol here at the Yeon-joo factor less out of spite and more because her interpretation of the location is unquestionablyway more logical. Whilst Cheol is ratherbloodless alongside So-hee, at the similar time he cannotactuallyprovide an explanation for why she's wrong, because Cheol's own incomplete theory is so utterly bonkers that So-hee would just think the strain of some of these attempted murders is getting to him.

Yet for all this Cheol is still willing to benefit from an unwanted scenarioto have a look at and bully Yeon-joo for answers. In short, Cheol is a shockingly complex character, and this is the reason why Yeon-joo's descriptions are as ironic as they are unbelievable. An individual says "comic e book character" and the picture that pops up to brain is anything very two-dimensional and simply defined. Yet over and over again Cheol defies Yeon-joo, the readers, or even his writerwith regards to unpredictable behavior.

AdvertisementCheol's complete world, for that matter, is so impossibly well-defined that it ischallengingto trulycall to mind IT as being a paintings of fiction. Study the sheer attention to detail in terms of character reasoning, politics, and logistics. Cheol's globalis solely as"Real"as Yeon-joo's, if no longer moreso taking into account how much we havenoticed of the 2 in relation to one another. Which one is the more manmade construction- where with goofy doctors or the only where the police are best mildly agitated with an glaringly uncooperative suspect?

But never intellect our reactions to this episode- how are the real world comedianlovers going to react to this? As the plot progresses and the comic world has to react to how Yeon-joo seems and disappears out of nowhere, the"W"comic has to talk about its own genre conventions in some waythat totally breaks suspension of disbelief. And the cliffhanger to this episode of the"W"drama is only going to place a more insane spin on it.

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Video Added Korean drama 'Wanted' episode 12

Video Added Korean drama 'Wanted' episode 12

Added episode 12 for the Korean drama "Wanted"

"Wanted" (2016) Directed through Park Yong-soon Written by Han Ji-wan-I Network : SBS With Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo, Eom Tae-woong, Park Hae-joon, Lee Moon-sik, Park Hyo-joo,... 16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 Synopsis The maximum efficient actress in the rustic follows the missions her son's kidnapper is not easy her with, on a factTelevision show. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/06/22

Note : because of licensing, videos would most likely not existto be hadfor your country

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Drama Review 'W' Episode 3

Drama Review 'W' Episode 3

Yeon-joo does now not take the slightest concept how to supply an explanation for the lifestyles of Cheol's parallel universe, so she starts investigating the most effective realposition with doable answers- her dad's annotations. Yet Seong-woo's authorial notes are not special capabilities intended for reader enjoyment. They areunusually painful reminiscences of a hard time in Seong-woo's life, and how the key plot movements in"W"were all reactions to Seong-woo's emotional state. That is, till Cheol took on a life os his own and begandevelopment Seong-woo's life much as Seong-woo built Cheol's.

"W"is imminently intriguing as an explanation of the dating between an writer and his creation. The relationship between Seong-woo and Cheol hits all kinds ofappealing beats that anybody who has ever attempted to seriously write a tale can understand. Despite the truth that Seong-woo created Cheol, he cannotregulate him because Cheol has his own distinct sense of motivation. Seong-woo can not draw Cheol to act a selected way with the exception ofthru external circumstance, or else Cheol's movements volition feel unnatural and poorly written.

And Cheol maintains all of this intensityinside of his own global every bit well. Apply how even although Yeon-joo assists in keepingseeking tohave interaction Cheol as though he were a clich, the guy manages to stayunexpected her backthrough acting like...well, by acting like a guy who has observedevery type of extraordinary suspicious stuff, and will only remain alive viaconsistentingenious thinking. Cheol turns out to have figured out that whatever external force is combating him from solving the mystery isn't bound by coherent logic.

AdvertisementThis, I think, is why Cheol is so attracted to Yeon-joo. Her habit from the very starting has made it transparent that she thinks in the similar mysterious common sense as Cheol's creator. For the hooded assassin of Cheol's circle of relativesto seem and disappear without leaving a hintis unnecessary rationally, but it does make an analogousroughly irrational sense as Yeon-joo forestalling attempted homicide and solving issues of unprovoked kisses.

Unluckily for Cheol, as a technical spectator he lacks the facilityto use such meta-reasoning. You'll be in a position topossibly see how this all works to positionthe elemental narrative of"W"in a moderately baffling place- but in a just right way. The storyline is so totally off the rails it isnot possible to betwhat is going totake place next. Incidentally, do not watch the preview."W"lives and dies at theenergy of its plot twists, and the preview spoils several of them.

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