Dutch Artist Wouter Hamel Responds To KNK After Sudden Post

Dutch Artist Wouter Hamel Responds To KNK After Sudden Post

Dutch Artist Wouter Hamel Responds To KNK After Unexpected mail choralee August 12, 2016 0 Dutch Artist Wouter Hamel Responds To KNK After Surprising Post Wouter Hamel, a noted Dutch jazz artist, latelydiscussed KNK on his Twitter.

After KNK member Park Seung Joon uploaded Wouter Hamels song Breezy at the KNK respectable Twitter page, Wouter Hamel shared the post and asked, Expensive Korean fans, whats going on here. My hangul is still actuallytruly bad sorry.

In reaction to Wouter Hamels tweet, a Korean fan messaged the artist and explained that the KNK member instructed his song. After figuring out the post, Wouter Hamel posted on his Twitter, saying, Awww thats sweet! Thank you, member of Korean group.

After the relationship on Twitter, Wouter Hamel went directly toobserve KNKs official Twitter account in addition member Park Seung Joons explicit account.

KNKs firm YNB Entertainment responded, Park Seung Joon has been partial to Wouter Hamels for a while, so he was once touched via Hamels thank you message.

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Lee Seung Hwan to Collaborate with Dutch Singer Wouter Hamel

Lee Seung Hwan to Collaborate with Dutch Singer Wouter Hamel

Lee Seung Hwan to Collaborate with Dutch Singer Wouter Hamel Dutch pop singer Wouter Hamel will be collaborating with Lee Seung Hwan for the Korean artist’s upcoming 11th album.

The well-known Dutch artist expressed his excitement through Dream Factory‘s YouTube channel, “You probably know that Lee Seung Hwan’s new album will be released soon. I am proud to have received a request to collaborate with him for one track. I hope everyone will like the song.” It is his first time working together with a Korean singer.

A representative of Lee Seung Hwan commented on March 6, “Lee Seung Hwan was a guest at Wouter Hamel’s Korean concert some time ago, and that is how they became closer. They have seen each others’ performances, and by crossing the borders of language and genre, the two gave shown respect for each other as musicians and decided to work together.”

“While working on his 11th album, Lee Seung Hwan sent a demo for him and and requested a collaboration, and after hearing the song, Wouter Hamel willingly agreed on participating in the album,” the source continued.

The track has a fresh sound inspired by genres of swing and rockabilly. Known for his silky voice, Wouter Hamel’s vocals are said to fit well with the bright lyrics of the song.

Dream Factory revealed, “In addition to Wouter Hamel, domestic top tier artists and other surprise guests have participated in Lee Seung Hwan’s 11th album. We will soon reveal the track list and the names of the featured artists.”

The 11th studio album of the popular singer will be released at the end of March, and this will mark his comeback to the scene after a four-year hiatus.



Juniel responds to backlash for her flawed post about Korea's Independence Move Day

Juniel responds to backlash for her flawed post about Korea's Independence Move Day

Koreans, adding idols, celebrated the country's Independence Circulation Day on March 1.  However, turns out like solo artist Juniel wasn't in a position to peacefully celebrate because her SNS post has transformquitedebatable alongside netizens.

On March 1, she wrote on Instagram, "Today's the Independence Motion Day!  It's the day when South Korea's front into the sectorused to be made known.  I commemorate and thank our patriots who did the independence movement.  Hurrah for South Korea's independence!"

However, one netizen pointed out to her, "The actual independence happened in 1945. The Independence Movement Day became the day when the large-scale movement for the independence got here about in 1919."

Immediately, Juniel mounted her writing with, "Korea's Independence Movement Day was the day when the purpose was printed to make South Korea independent," and added, "There was some unsuitable information, so I have revised it.  Thank you to the particular person that let me know.  I will be mindful this."

SEE ALSO: Idols commemorate Korea's Independence Movement Day

However, other netizens started leaving negative comments, so she returned to Instagram to write, "What do you mean I am pretending to be a patriot.. It is not that I were givenat a loss for words with National Liberation Day and the Independence Movement Day.  I even made certainyet one more time ahead of I posted that writing, and when what I wrote got just pointed out to be erroneous, I wondered if what I wrote will have been misunderstood or if it were truly wrong, and as I used to benot able to be certain, I did indeed edit it.  It may be true that I made a mistake and that I have learned anything anew.  It is good for me to be criticized for that, yet makeno longer disparage me by potential ofannouncingit is all pretense when I stated practiceno longeromit and let's don't forget the patriots.  I will be more wary from now on when I write posts like this!"

A photo posted by JUNIEL (@930903_juni) on Feb 29, 2016 at 8:04pm PST

A photo posted by JUNIEL (@930903_juni) on Mar 1, 2016 at 12:37am PST


'Seoul Song Awards' responds to outrage at Junsu's absence   Junsu leaves indistinct post on Instagram

'Seoul Song Awards' responds to outrage at Junsu's absence Junsu leaves indistinct post on Instagram

Junsu fanatics were surely outraged when they came upon that Junsu never gainedan invitationto wait the '25th Seoul Tune Awards,' in spite of raking in just aboutpart of the votes beneath the ceremony's repute category. 

Indignant fans attempted to seek an reason behind this fake pas from 'The Minjoo Celebration of Korea's assemblywoman Choi Min Hee, raising their suspicions and questions referring to how the 'Seoul Music Awards' is operated. Fans at once addressed Choi on her Twitter, seeing that she was oncethe user who had proposed the 'JYJ Law.' 

Earlier, reps of 'Seoul Music Awards' had printed that they would completely reflect the result of the subscription-based votes, which become conducted to resolve Korea's most neatly likedsuperstar of 2015. The effects showed that Junsu was the preferred star this beyond year as he earned 46.7%, or almost half, of the votes.

Though Junsu obviously placed first under the recognition category and reps from 'Seoul Music Awards' had said that they would reflect the balloting results, fans failed to pay attention or see any news of Junsu's invitation to the ceremony. 

When fans raised this factor to 'Seoul Music Awards,' all they were given was a indistinctreaction that went, "We shaped this lineup in accordance withthe major prize category. We don't appear to bemaking plans to send an invite to these nether the popularity award category." 

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When Choi Min Hee got involved amongst the 'Seoul Music Awards' organization committee, they reportedly told her, "We sent realize to Junsu's firm that we can't invite the nominee of the popularity award." 

Choi promised fans, "It's difficult to wrap my head around this situation. If it turns out that there is unjustifiable cause, I candeal with ITimmediately like I did with the 'JYJ Law.'" 

Media outlet Insight attemptedattaining the committee yet to no avail. 

Junsu himself has spoken up about this controversy on his Instagram, writing, "I feel terrible. Regardless thatI am alright, if I dare try andconsider how you all feel, I resent myself for now not being in a positionto answer to to your entire love and sincerity. My center is tearing to pieces knowing my inability to do anything. I owe you once again. I'm sorry." 

A photo posted through 김준수 (@xiaxiaxia1215) on Jan 14, 2016 at 12:18am PST


Netizens ponder whether Jessica

Netizens ponder whether Jessica"s newest Instagram post become once relating to Taeyeon + Jessica subtly responds by way of converting her caption

Around the similar time girls" Generation member Taeyeon announced she would take felony action opposed to haters, former member Jessica had coincidentificationentally uploaded an Instagram post. This led many netizens to wonder what the that means at the back of her caption replaced into once.

On July 20, Jessica had uploaded a stylish black and white photo of herself with the caption "What is going around comes around #karma #sweetdreams."

Some netizens had written, "I"m curious as to what the intentions to her words were," and " regardless of how I bring to mind it it kind of feels like she replaced into once firing opposed to Taeyeon."

After the comments like those, Jessica replaced her caption into "actually..?"

you can see Jessica"s post with her up-to-the-minute caption above and her old caption under.

After Jessica"s plain reaction with "actually?", it kind of feels transparent to us that her old caption replaced into once in no relation to Taeyeon"s existing scenario whatsoever.

What do you observed?

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Clara Responds To Allegations She Was Lying During Her TV Appearances In Scathing Facebook Post

Clara Responds To Allegations She Was Lying During Her TV Appearances In Scathing Facebook Post


Clara Responds To Allegations She Was Lying During Her TV Appearances In Scathing Facebook Post South Korean actress and model Clara, took to Facebook on Tuesday to defend herself against allegations that have been mounting for months that she has been lying in television appearances. South Korean actress and model Clara, took to Facebook on Tuesday to defend herself against allegations that have been mounting for months that she has been lying in television appearances.

The accusation that Clara was being dishonest stems from what are perceived as contradictions in her answers by some online observers, during her many different interviews over the years.

The contradictions include telling the host of the program "God of Food Road" that she doesn't like chicken and beer and then expressing her love for the classic bar food pairing on an episode of "Cultwo Show" and claiming she didn't know how to do yoga on the show "Happy Together 3," after demonstrating yoga poses in the past on the shows "Vitamin" and "Reckless Family."

The 27-year-old star was also observed giving different answers regarding her social life, stating on "One in Fantasy" that she had never dated a celebrity, before revealing on the program "Radio Star" that a famous former boyfriend had become obsessed with her, according to the website allkpop.

In a September 10 Facebook post that has since been taken down, according to the publication eNEWS, Clara, whose real name is Lee Seong Min, told her critics to lighten up.

"I did variety [shows] that put humor as a priority," Clara wrote.

"It wasn't a documentary that [ensured] honesty. I would understand if you said that I was not funny [in my appearances], but if you say that I wasn't be truthful then..."

The actress proceeded to launch into specific responses regarding several of the alleged examples of her lying.

"I don't like chicken and beer, but is it a lie to say I like it between good friends in a good atmosphere?" she asked.

"If I've never learned yoga but I'm good at it, is that a lie? If I have dated a celebrity before, but didn't want to say and said I didn't date one, is that a lie?"

"My real name is Clara Lee," the star added.

"I was born in Switzerland, I was educated in the US, and my citizenship is in England. Just like you all have said, maybe I don't know the Korean sentiment. So I will work very, very hard to learn and fix it. I think you can hate me and you can leave mean comments and curse at me. However, just because things are different, don't say it's wrong."

After deleting the post Clara replaced it with a new message apologizing to any fans that might have been offended.

"I left a post after thinking way too much," Clara wrote.

"I won't be writing anymore and will focus on learning about my heart and acting. If there was anyone who became uncomfortable because of me, I'm sorry."


Interview CL Post-Solo Artist Debut 'Rather Be Cool Than Pretty'

Interview CL Post-Solo Artist Debut 'Rather Be Cool Than Pretty'

2NE1, CL

Interview CL Post-Solo Artist Debut 'Rather Be Cool Than Pretty' CL Interview Post-Solo DebutIn K-pop, there are plenty of idol girls who are nothing short of gorgeous and pretty. Some are more beautiful than handmade dolls and others are just simply hot and sexy. Very few, however, are naturally described as 'cool.' The exception, possibly the one and only female artist to garner such a description, is2NE1'sCL. She is a cool girl.

CL, who debuted as a solo artist last week with her first solo song,"The Baddest Female", loves the word 'bad.' To be a bad girl, in the best positive way possible, is her aspiration as an artist and a woman. "I want to let the world know that there are lots of stylish girls in Asia, whether it be fashion, music and everything else," CL states.

Here is a QA session with CL.

Q: How do you feel about your solo debut and what did you want to show?

CL : I have always wanted to showcase a solo performance sometime and I am glad to have come out with a song I dearly loved. The baddest female is not about being bad but more about being cool. It describes who I strive to be.

Q: How did "THE BADDEST FEMALE" come to be?

CL: It all started from banter with producer Teddy which then turned into a song. We didn't set out to make a song but rather it is a collection of cool things we attempted here and there. I took part in every detail of the song, from outfits to music video. Teddy, my stylist, the music video director and I all liked similar things so we created everything together.

Q: It was surprising that you released only one song, not a mini album.

CL: This single serves as an announcement that 2NE1 is back, much like Bom's "Don't Cry" came before 2NE1's upcoming album.

Q: Some have said that "THE BADDEST FEMALE" is a bit hard to understand.

CL: My fans have similar music taste as I do. Even just yesterday at 'Inkigayo,' my fans were chanting off-beat on purpose. They know how to enjoy music.

Q: You took first place right off the bat.

CL: I was surprised that so many fans showed their support even though it was just me. Not that I did not consider familiarity and potential popularity of the song, but I was so focused on making a song that I love that I was a bit shocked when I took the trophy home.

Q: In comparison to Lee Hyori's "Bad Girl," what is your strength?

CL: Even from the start of 2NE1, I have always wanted to represent a strong, independent woman. That has been at the heart of 2NE1's music and I think that is why I have a lot of female fans.

Q: So you want to send a message to all the women out there?

CL: Because I attended an international school and lived overseas, I learned that the general perception of Asian guys and girls is that they are shy and passive. Growing up under that attitude, I wanted to break the stereotype one day. When Jeremy Scoot commented, "There are Asian girls who dress like you!" I was surprised. Many are still unaware that there are lots of stylish men and women in Asia.

Q: You might be the only one who gets described as 'cool' among all idol artists.

CL: It is probably because I strive to be a strong woman. I like cool more than pretty.

Q: What's the difference between CL and Lee Chae Rin (CL's legal name)?

CL: I try to keep the two separate When I am alone or meeting with old friends, I am Lee Chae Rin. But I am CL on stage.


Can Dakota Fanning Get Rejected Sometimes, as K-Pop Artist Responds, 'Not This Time'

Can Dakota Fanning Get Rejected Sometimes, as K-Pop Artist Responds, 'Not This Time'

G-Dragon, Big Bang, Dakota Fanning, YG Entertainment

Can Dakota Fanning Get Rejected? Sometimes, as K-Pop Artist Responds, 'Not This Time' Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning (left) and K-Pop star G-DragonCan Dakota Fanning Get Rejected? Sometimes, as K-Pop Artist Responds, 'Not This Time' Dakota and Elle Fanning walk around in Seoul, South Korea on January 7It doesn't seem like many men would reject a dinner proposal from Hollywood star Dakota Fanning. However, if recent reports from YG Entertainment are true, apparently, even A-list actresses get turned down once in awhile.

Fanning, who is in Korea with her younger sister Elle for a promotional project with luxury jewelers J. Estina, recently revealed that she is a fan of G-Dragon, the charismatic leader of the K-Pop group Big Bang. According to YG, Big Bang's management company, Fanning contact them "through a Korean agency" in hopes of meeting the 24-year-old pop star. However, "though G-Dragon, who is also a fan of Dakota Fanning, tried to adjust his schedule to meet with her, in the end, they've decided to meet at a later time due to conflicting schedules." G-Dragon and his group members are currently busy preparing for their Japanese tour in Osaka.

YG's statement made headlines in Korea and seemed to confirm the widely held belief by Koreans that K-Pop has truly become an international phenomenon. Although Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, has been well documented throughout Asia, it had largely failed to reach the West. Of course, that quickly changed with the success of Psy's mega hit "Gangnam Style" in 2012.

However, there does seem to be some confusion because Fanning's representatives later released this contradictory statement: "Dakota Fanning never called G-Dragon, and they never promised to meet in Korea. There's no truth to the rumors."

Fanning is largely known in Korea for her role in I Am Sam, which also stars Sean Penn, and more recently for the Twilight movies. This weekend, she was spotted wandering around Hondae University, an area known for its indie music, street fashion, and club scene. Fanning, her sister, and their mother also visited Garosu-gil, Seoul's equivalent of New York City's Soho.

The sisters took part in various events, and also made an appearance on Paik Ji-yeon's People Inside, a local television show, on January 7.


“Doctors” Responds To Complaint Of Park Shin Hye’s Nails In Drama

“Doctors” Responds To Complaint Of Park Shin Hye’s Nails In Drama

Doctors Responds To Grievance Of Park Shin Hyes Nails In Dramajun2yng August 9, 2016 0 Doctors Responds To Criticism Of Park Shin Hyes Nails In Drama SBS drama “Doctors,” following the hot episodes, won some flak for Park Shin Hye’s nails.

The criticism was once that as a surgeon, the nature shouldn’t have long nails, nor be dressed in nail polish.

In response, “Doctors” personnelsaid to news, “Park Shin Hye’s nails were discussed with the production prior to filming. For the explanation that polish wasn’t overly glamorous or conspicuous, we failed to believe that it wasnt suitable for the characters job. We recognize that the location wasn’t realistic. We can bein a position to take care not to to leave outthe onesmain pointsduring thefinish of the drama.”

Meanwhile, “Doctors” has been keeping up its spot as the no. 1 drama airing on Monday and Tuesday.

Watch the newest episode below!

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Sulli’s instagram post becomes subject of controversy yet again

Sulli’s instagram post becomes subject of controversy yet again

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In a while after opening a new Instagram account following her departure from the social media platform, Sulli has come beneathfireplaceonce more for a risque post. 

After seeing Sullis most fresh photos, which feature her walking down a grassy trail in an effortlessgray hoodie and matching sweatpants, some loversspotted that her apparelappearedjust a little strange. Despite the truth that she was onceobviously covered up and no longerappearing any skin, some noted that it seemed she wasnt dressed in a bra under her hoodie. As increasingly fans inspected the photo, many agreed with the claim and criticized Sulli for making the kind of risque post.

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