Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumin’s Movie Receives Hot Box Place of business Results

Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumin’s Movie Receives Hot Box Place of business Results

Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumins Movie Receives Hot Box Administrative centerEffects kokoberry July 9, 2016 0 Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumins Film Receives Hot Box Office Results On July 9, the Korean Film Commission printedthe effects for collective box office price ticket sales. Seondal: The guy Who Sells The River sold 155,572 tickets on July 8 and a general of 424,764 tickets since its release.

The film was once released on July 6, best3 days ago. On opening day 135,155 audience watched the film and 120,166 tickets were sold on July 7.

Seondal: The Guy Who Sells The River is first position in the box office for three days straight. It's miles expected to achieve over 500,000 insideday after today or two. Many are wondering if the film can gather over a million viewers.

“Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River” is historic heist film in reaction to a vintage novel and depicts the legend of the Joseon dynasty’s biggest con man. Yoo Seung Ho plays Kim Seon Dal, a infamous scammer seeking to tell the Taedong River, and Cross Chang Suk plays his his sidekick Bo Won. Ra Mi Ran plays the fraudulent fortune-teller Yoon Bo Sal, and Xiumin, in his first film, plays Gyun Yi, a con man-in-training.

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'Goodbye Mr. Black' ranked first, 'Entertainers' takes 2d place, 'Master - God of Noodles' comes last

'Goodbye Mr. Black' ranked first, 'Entertainers' takes 2d place, 'Master - God of Noodles' comes last

"Goodbye Mr. Black" ranked first among all of the Wednesday Thursday dramas.

According to the viewership score survey via Nielsen Korea on Would possibly 19th, MBC's Wednesday Thursday drama, "Goodbye Mr. Black" scored 8.5% nationwide. The number belongs to the primarypositionin spite of the number 0.1% down from the former episode, 8.6% a few of the dramas throughoutthe similar airtime.

SBS "Entertainers" and KBS 2TV "Master - God of Noodles" recorded 7.8% and 7.0% respectively, which placed the dramas at 2d and 3rdhandiest by the slight difference in numbers.


'Entertainers' ties 'Goodbye Mr. Black' for first place

'Entertainers' ties 'Goodbye Mr. Black' for first place

MBC's "Goodbye Mr. Black" and SBS' "Entertainers" recorded a tie.

According to the viewership score survey by capability of Nielsen Korea on Would possibly 13th, the 2 dramas aired on May just 13th recorded 8.6% nationwide.

"Goodbye Mr. Black" ranking dropped from old 9.5%, yet "Entertainers" went up from past 7.8%. "Master - God of Noodles" rating also went up to listing 6.6% this time.


"Six Flying Dragons" results in first place

The SBS drama ended in first place.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 50th episode of "Six Flying Dragons" ended with a percentage of 17.3%.

This is 1.2% more than the former episode and "Six Flying Dragons" ended with flying colors.

"Deep-rooted Tree" was once depicted in the general episode and Lee Do (Nam Da-reum) gave the affect todisplaythe relationship between the 2 dramas.

MBC "Glamorous Temptation" rated 12.4% and KBS 2TV "Babysitter" rated 3.5%.


"Oh My Venus" results in 3rd place

According to Nielsen Korea, the general episode of KBS 2TV drama "Oh My Venus" rated 8.7%. Here's 0.3% more than the former episode.

Sin Min-ah and So Ji-sub's "Oh My Venus" is a romantic comedy about a worldnotedinstructor and an undeservingattorney who attempts to move on a diet.

Kang Joo-eun (Sin Min-ah) and Kim Yeong-ho (So Ji-sub) took their wedding photos. Kim Yeong-ho then left to give scientificstrengthencorrectsooner thanthe marriage and got here back. Kang Joo-eun stunned him with news that she used to be pregnant with twins.

SBS "Six Flying Dragons" rated 13.7% and MBC "Glamorous Temptation" rated 11.1%.


Poll Results: "Missing You" Bumps "The Heirs" From First Place

Poll Results: "Missing You" Bumps "The Heirs" From First Place

Poll Results: Missing You Bumps The Heirs From First Place There has been an unexpected upset in the kdramstars poll. Themelodrama "Missing You," starring Park Yoochun, Yoon Eun Hye and YooSeung Ho, has pushed "The Heirs" out of first place for the temporarytitle of best drama.

"Missing You" earned 43.77 percent of the vote, while "The Heirs"only earned 34.08 percent. "Queen of Ambition" weighed in at 8.17percent, earning third place.

For the first week of the kdramastars poll, it looked as if "TheHeirs' would have no competition.

With ratings around and over 50percent, no single other drama even came close. Then today, with only afew days left in the poll, "Missing You" pushed ahead to first place.

To read the article, visit kdramastars.com.


Super Junior Eunhyuk,

Super Junior Eunhyuk, "Voted Last Place for Looks... I Accept the Results"

eunhyuk, super junior

eunhyuk ugliest in super juniorGroup Super Junior's Eunhyuk revealed the appearance rating for his group.

In MBC "Come to Play" aired today, Eunhyuk came out as one of the new MCs.

On this day, Eunhyuk revealed that he was voted 1st place as the ugliest member in Super Junior. Eunhyuk said, "The members voted together. They all voted for me."

He continued, "We judged solely on eyes, nose, and mouth without any charm considered. I accept the results."

He also revealed that Super Junior fans found out about this result. Eunhyuk said, "I'm perfectly fine but later my fans came up to me and said, 'Cheer up,' 'You're better looking than Siwon', and other things that they don't mean."

Then, Kwanghee said, "I hate everyone whose name has 'si'. When people tell me Siwan is better looking han me, I go crazy," bringing laughter to everyone.

Photo Credit: MBC


ZE:A Im Siwan,

ZE:A Im Siwan, "After the Completion of 'Aftermath' activities, We Gained Better Results than Winning 1st Place"

ZE:A, Si Wan, Dong Jun, Aftermath

ZE:A Im Siwan, After the Completion of Aftermath activities, We Gained Better Results than Winning 1st PlaceIdol groupZE:AmemberSi Wancommented, "After our 'Aftermath' activities, we gained something more than winning 1st place."

On Thursday, Si Wan commented, "We performed 'Aftermath' for 7 weeks. This week will be the last week we perform 'Aftermath'. We did not win 1st place but we earned a result that was worth even more."

He continued, "Our group has never had a song that has received this much support. 'Aftermath' has made our group more known to the public. We are happy with the results from this song."

Dong Junalso commented, "We did have some disappointments with this song but we will be coming out with a new song next week called 'Phoenix'."

ZE:A will be coming back with their new album on August 27.


Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon meets Hyosung:

Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon meets Hyosung: "I've were given one remaining thing to do"

On the episode 10 of SBS' Wednesday Thursday drama, "Wanted", the kidnapper (Lee Jae-kyoon) disguised himself as a physician and got hereto look the victim, Park Bo-yeon to apologized to her.

Once he disguised himself as a doctor, the kidnapper may justpassthroughout the police safety line without any problem. As he faced Park Bo-yeon, he concealedthe harshfacet of a assassin and apologized to her pronouncing gently, "I am sorry. This will have tono longer takecame about to you".

Park Bo-yeon feeling intimidated grew to become her head clear of him. He said, "I've were given one final thing to do. I should now not have much time". And then he asked her to pass a mysterious memo to Cha Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo).

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