Epic Rap Battles of K-pop: Highest of Unpretty Rapstar, Season 1

Epic Rap Battles of K-pop: Highest of Unpretty Rapstar, Season 1

20140127_seoulbeats_unprettyrapstarEpic Rap Battles of K-pop: Perfect of Unpretty Rapstar, Season 1Written through Mark On August 9, 201620160807_seoulbeats_unprettyrapstar_jiminWith Unpretty Rapstars 3rd season underway, its a fantastic timeto mirrorat thepresentations inaugural season and spot what it was once that made it so special. For me, it changed into the diss battles. Being the displays first season, no one knew  what to expect. The ambience was a lot more contentious and the contestants werent afraid to chop deep into one another. As a result, there were many epic battles that took place, some of which Unwell exist highlighting here.

Be forewarned that I mayno longerto find any clips with English subtitles so I took the freedom to translate the rap battles underneath in the sole way I know how. Watch the clips to refresh your reminiscence and read on for translated lyrics youll most probablynow notlocateany place else.

Who mightoverlookall of the toe to toe battles between Cheetah and Jimin? Whilstsooner or later Cheetah receivedthe higher give and have become the winner of season 1, shall we not forget the time that Jimin, the underdog, held her own and unusuallygot here out on top.

Cheetah vs Jimin, Episode 6

This position is like a jungle, no place for lovelyplant life to grow

To me you’re still an unbloomed, flower without the petals to turn

Coming up in here, there’s a thing or two it’s most productive y'all oughta know

Run up in my lair, bad things take place where the sun dont never display

You can’t succeed inpart every bit much whilst you step up over here

Your limits get startedto teach when you’re frightened, triumph over by worry

Your enthusiasts can’t even save you when youre rolling with the massive cat

San E can’t even compliment you with your lyrics comfortable and undeniable bad

Honestly talking I’m a gorgeous little liar

AOA leader and my rap is hot hearth

Better not come speaking smack and shit

Cuz giant things come in small applications

Sign sign sign, even your fans know who I'm

Your pals don’t even know your songs yet they all know who I am

I sing, dance, rap while here's your best schtick

Got million greenback CFs while this is your only gig

Sexy idol, just you and me, no AOA

Ain’t so fly regardless that without your sexy beats, no 808

Can’t date can’t cuss, just a slave in yourcorporate

Cat’s got your tongue, but it’s assets of FNC

Hey fairly star, come here having a look like a barbie

Come here seeking to rap but you can’t even rap like Bobby

Im the unpretty rapstar, its more than just a job, see

This my lifes paintings and to you its just a hobby

No subject what I say, haters gonna bash

No matter what you say, it’s all just talking trash

Mouth so rotten, smells like a bathroom and socrossdevour shit

Say hi to this center finger and watch me go ape shit

Yes I’m an idol, it approachI am getting my dough

My career’s in bestequipment while your’s sitting idle

Posing Like a Cat but you’re not anything but a small fly

This kitty’s got you going cuz I’m freshing and I’m so fly

Jessi and Kisum had a bit of of a competition that reached a juncture when the 2 met in a diss struggle on one of the vitaltune missions. Jessi, feeling overly confident after gaining several consecutive victories, came a piece unprepared and Kisum took advantage by digging into Jessis past.

Jessi vs Kisum, Episode 5

Kisum, you're directlyat risk

Dont’ be afraid though, Ill be your mother or father angel

Listen, this the gospel and I’m the preacher

Time for your lesson, let me be your instructor

Step one, run Woodland run run

Better run for cover, I bring the thunder

Step two, take a glance at not to get hysterical

And remaining but not least, pray for a miracle

Jessi, I don’t realize what you’re pronouncing

Let’s take it back to Itaewon, you know what I’m announcing

What passed off in that bathroom, the attack event you treated

Avoided the entire charges, but couldn’t get away the scandal

Back if you occur to called yourself Jessica H.O.

Went and changed your call but couldn’t keep away fromthe detestalthough

Should have took more rap courses from Mi-rae unnie in Uptown

Your abilities are inconsistent, now go and take an EXID like “Up Down”

You’re a light-weight and I don’t even gotta rap

I can sell a mill just making a song on the track

I constitute New Jersey, I got it on my back

In case you ignored my rant, neatly I’m a bring it back

We’re not a team, this is a pageant

You can’t pass judgement on me, I explain the placement

Now in this game I’m the mummy fricking height dog

I’m the CEO and you’re my mom loving lap dog

Now let me prove you what a queen do

I stay information technology classy, take you to the women room if I want to

You think you’ve noticed bad but you ain’t even visible bad yet

I come and go like a migraine, go and get your brain checked

Got you all worked up once you used to forget about me

Thought you was bad, now your antics just bore me

Your foul-mouth imitation of Biggie is done poorly

Rap in prime pitch and make the fanboys adore me

The only thing alive is your pride, Im a stomp on it

The only thing you were given is your career, I just chomped on it

I work tough while you figure hard kissing people’s asses

My career’s starting up while your’s fading away the fastest

Last but not least, the show built up the beyond hatred and rivalry between Tymee and Jolly V since the primary episode. Tymee werekeeping off the disagreement for a while but after San E called her out on it, she came back tomorrowutterlyready to take her shots. This impromptu conflict was each and every moment as emotional and intense as Jessis revenge rap and it was thoseunforeseen moments that made season 1 so a laugh to watch.

Jolly V vs Tymee, Episode 5

I’m bout to grant your wish so listen up careful

Get your head out your ass cuz you’re bout to get an earful

Stepping on a cockroach is like being in a bathtubfull offilth

Seeing your face day-to-day makes me would like to vomit all the time

I confess I can’t take care of you, who’s not an individual but a pig

Your looks and not your talents are what’s as regards to being B.I.G.

On Show Me the Money you’d be edited out without me

Ask the manufacturers why you’re even here while you doubt me

Instead of riding on my coattail, why can’t you are making it on your own

Quit hitting me up for charity, I ain’t throwing no dog a bone

Stop with the disrespect and come proper if you need to get this settled

From my projection to my pronunciation, I’m obviously on a otherpoint

I’m not eye-catchingly pretty so I’m not an idol

No, I can’t be an idol nor a sexy style

But I’m a rapper so like a rapper I rap

But the only thing you do is fake like you’re all that

You’ll most certainly shake your chest while you communicate like “Shake It”

Or hit us with the aegyo and ask, “Oppa, Am i in a position to make It?”

Your stuff was lewd and uncool back earlier than you’re Tymee

Now all you do is fuss and cuss cuz you’re at all times two timing

I feel pity-a for E.via cuz you looked so fricking tiny

And now you’re here with out a career, bet that’s just bad timing

If you were better than me, you’d be here as a manufacturer

But you’re just pissed and broke, so now you’re here a sore loser

Remember Show Me the money 3, your level was all fail

Ask me back why I mightare looking out to ride your coattail

On the opposite hand, I'll enjoin forget you but I rather say thank you

I ain’t trying to find a hand out, I’m just looking out to lyrically shank you


“Unpretty Rapstar 3” Contestants Remark And Disclose Upcoming Battles

“Unpretty Rapstar 3” Contestants Remark And Disclose Upcoming Battles

Unpretty Rapstar 3 Contestants Remark And Divulge Upcoming Battleschoralee July 28, 2016 0 Unpretty Rapstar 3 Contestants Comment And Reveal Upcoming Battles On July 29, Unpretty Rapstar 3 had an professional press release, where all 10 contestants of the display were present. The contestants and the displaysmanufacturersmentionedthe impending program.

Go Ik Jo CP stated, There are positive differences with the contestants between each and every season. The primary season was oncestuffed with outgoing contestants, whilst season two turned intofull of passive rappers. However, this season is filled with outgoing rappers, so you'll existreadyto look a otherroughly image. The surroundings or mood that the contestants create at theprove is the largestside of the show. There may also bemuch better producers this season than the former ones.

There are numerousother folks wondering if there may besome otherpersonality like Jessi on the show, yet we dont think individualswill have tobe expecting that. But each one contestant on the show has their own personality, persevered the CP.

Yuk Ji Dam commented on her appearance on the show, having gave the impression in a prior season. I think like viewers are getting bored of me so I sought afterto turn them a alternativesort of image. Thats why Im operating much tougher than the others, acknowledged the rapper.

Former Jewellery member Ha Joo Yeon also shared how she felt saying, Im gladto teachfolks the normal me as an alternative of Jewelrys Ha Joo Yeon. The members of jewellery gave me quite a bit of encouragement.

In the 1st episode, rappers will be pitted opposed toone another in a 1 vs. 1 battle, with a general of five rounds. Pairs come withLargeRed vs. Kassy, Miryo vs. Nada, Janey vs. Yuna Kim, Jeon Soyeon vs. Ha Joo Yeon, and Yuk Ji Dam vs. Grace.

Unpretty Rapstar 3 will air its first episode on July 29 at 11 p.m. KST.

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#Ha Joo Yeon #Star Daily News #Unpretty Rapstar 3 #Yuk Ji Dam

“Unpretty Rapstar” Teases 3rd Season

“Unpretty Rapstar” Teases 3rd Season

Unpretty Rapstar Teases 3rd Seasonehk38 July 12, 2016 0 Unpretty Rapstar Teases 3rd Season Unpretty Rapstar has dropped the 2nd one video teaser for the impending season of feminine rapper survival festival Unpretty Rapstar.

The teaser functions the ceaselessly quoted lyrics from Jessis freestyle from season two.

So far, 10 rappers had beenshowed for season three. They include, Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls, old Unpretty Rapstar and Display Me the money contestant Yuk Ji Dam, Yuna Kim (former member of The Ark), Jeon Soyeon (Produce 101 contestant), Ha Joo Yeon (formerly Infant J of jewellery and Prove Me the Money five contestant), Nada of Wassup, Grace, Massive Pink, J.Ney, and Kassy.

Unpretty Rapstar 3 will premiere on Mnet on July 29 at 11 p.m. KST. You'll also take a glance atthe primary video teaser for season 3 below.

Will you be tuning into season three?

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“Unpretty Rapstar” Is Slated To cross back With Season 3 This Summer

“Unpretty Rapstar” Is Slated To cross back With Season 3 This Summer

Unpretty Rapstar Is Slated To cross back With Season 3 This Summerehk38 June 7, 2016 0 Unpretty Rapstar Is Slated To Go back With Season 3 This Summer Mnets Unpretty Rapstar is slated to return with a 3rd season this summer!

According to an industry source on June 8, casting for Unpretty Rapstar is in its ultimate stages, and the display is aiming for a July 22 premiere.

Unpretty Rapstar 3 will reportedly take over the time slot of its hip-hop sibling Prove Me the moneyfive on Mnet.

The casting of an remarkablecollection offeminine idol rappers becomea topic matter last season, resulting in Mnet PDs to free up statements discouraging viewer discrimination opposed to the idol contestants.

No news at the lineup yet, so remain tuned!

Who do you wantto lookin this next season of Unpretty Rapstar?

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Netizens expect  the forged  participants of Unpretty Rapstar’s next season

Netizens expect the forged participants of Unpretty Rapstar’s next season

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMnetUnpretty Rapstar has been incredibly popular, aidingeitherfeminine underground and idol rappers gain recognition. 

After the good fortune of the primary two seasons, netizens had beenexpecting the some other installment of the competition. In fact, netizens currently discussed who they would truly liketo peerseemat the show. A post on Pann discussing imaginable contestants for the displays3rd season has wona huge number ofrepute online, with many suggesting idol rappers such as EXIDLE and AOAChanmi.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented on the common article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

331, 6 I might bein a position to already image it. If LE joins they are going to shoot her legs and crossThe following rapper is..? and the door will open and they'llmovement up slowly and preventcorrectearlier than her face and put captions EXID LE and display her saing Hi Im EXID LE and play Up Down, Hot Red and Ah Yeah and than go back to the interview

226, 4 If Chanmi seemsshe will be able to exist criticized from episode 1

113, 4 EXID LE will needless to say

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“Unpretty Rapstar” to pass back With 3rd Season

“Unpretty Rapstar” to pass back With 3rd Season

Unpretty Rapstar to cross back With 3rd SeasonJiwonYu January 6, 2016 0 LINE it!Unpretty Rapstar to Go back With Third Season Unpretty Rapstar can be back with any other season.

According to an affiliate, Mnet will broadcast Display Me the moneyfive in Would possibly and then air Unpretty Rapstar 3 in the latter part of this year. Unpretty Rapstar first started out as a spin-off prove of Show Me the Money, yet its emergingfame has made yet some other season possible.

Many talented hip-hop artists were in the highlightthank you to Unpretty Rapstar, now not just Cheetah and Truedy who were the winners of season one and two respectively. Many enthusiasts especially enjoyed this show because most effectivefeminine rappers gave the impression and showed their feisty facets to audiences.

The only con about Unpretty Rapstar is that Mnet, who is in command of the show, is understood for deceptive the target marketby skill of purposefully editing scenes to make any person accepta undeniablesymbol or reputation. The audience will have to stick tuned to determine how its third season will turn out.

Are you excited for the hot season?

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'Unpretty Rapstar' confirms its 3rd season

'Unpretty Rapstar' confirms its 3rd season

Just following the scoop that 'Show Me The money 5' is coming this May, it is been showed that the popular, feminine rap festival show 'Unpretty Rapstar' may behaving a lookahead to its 3rd season.

Mnet's rep told XSportsNews on January 7, "Unpretty Rapstar 3' will be produced. It be formation is pending."

Now that isn'ta massive number of info, yeta minimum of it's proven that 'Unpretty Rapstar 3' is happening!

SEE ALSO: HIGHGRND releases mysterious 'Lip Reading' teaser

Stay tuned for more details.


Next 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' to feature 1-on-1 diss battles

Next 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' to feature 1-on-1 diss battles


If you"ve been keeping up with "Unpretty Rapstar", you know that the one-on-one diss battles are one of the vital maximum expected portions of the show.

On the impending episode of "Unpretty Rapstar 2", airing on October 2, the ladies will compete head to head, having a good-natured change of disses. As in the past mentioned, 4minute"s Jiyoon will also be joining the competition, which lovers and audience were curious about. 

Check out the preview for episode 4, and let us know what you think! 

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San E, Tymee and Lil Cham discuss their Season 1 scandals on 'Unpretty Rapstar Statement Section 1'

San E, Tymee and Lil Cham discuss their Season 1 scandals on 'Unpretty Rapstar Statement Section 1'

San E, Tymee and Lil Cham speak about their Season 1 scandals on

Before we get invested into "Unpretty Rapstar 2", let"s re-live the largest moments in Season 1, shall we? That"s precisely what San E, Tymee and Lil Cham did in section 1 of the "Unpretty Rapstar Commentary" series!

Tymee and Lil Cham hilariously made a laugh of San E for being the MC back and how he manifestly appreciated AOA"s Jimin final season. They also mentioned how Tymee and Jolly V blatantly did no longer get along, and Lil Cham"s, for lack of a higher word, "dance skills" all the style through her performances. 

Stay tuned for the following a part of the commentary series, and of course, the premiere of Season 2 on 9/11 at 11pm KST!

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'Unpretty Rapstar' teases its 2d season with a cypher spotlight video!

'Unpretty Rapstar' teases its 2d season with a cypher spotlight video!

Make way for the fierce girls of "Unpretty Rapstar 2" everyone! 

With the finishing of "Show Me the cash 4," "Unpretty Rapstar" is getting its gears in movement for its upcoming premier next Friday, September 11. To build further hype, the Mnet released a cypher video which showcases the contestants, adding Wonder Girls"s Yubin, shedding some in deficient health lines. 

Let those girls galvanize you with their punchlines in the cypher and get in a position for season two of "Unpretty Rapstar"! 

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