Eric Nam Is helping  Satisfy Solars Dreams Of Being A Radio DJ

Eric Nam Is helping Satisfy Solars Dreams Of Being A Radio DJ

Eric Nam Is helpingSatisfy Solar’s Dreams Of Being A Radio DJboxclub August 12, 2016 0 Eric Nam Helps Fulfill Solar’s Dreams Of Being A Radio DJ This couple just continues to exude #relationshipgoals!

MBC released still cuts of the approaching August thirteen episode of the diversitydisplay We Were given Married, and it displaysthe preferred virtual couple turning into radio DJs for the day.

According to broadcast representatives, Eric Nam joins along Solar, who has at all times had dreams of converting into a radio DJ, at the MBC FM4U radio prove Kim Shin Youngs Midday Song Of Hope. They take over a corner formerly called Shin Young Evening and converts it to Ddongees Night for the day as they excite the surroundings with their a laugh loving personalities.

Solar even prepares a unique cheat sheet for Eric Nam to assist with his Korean pronunciation and he says, Its okay. Since you’re here, It's no longer that i am worried, appearing the encouragement and fortify they give to each and every other.

As you look forward tothe following episode, you'll be ready to catch up on the final weeks on Viki below!

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How to Officially  Satisfy a Fantasy: Eric Nam’s “Interview”

How to Officially Satisfy a Fantasy: Eric Nam’s “Interview”

20160401_seoulbeats_eric_namHow to OfficiallySatisfy a Fantasy: Eric Nams InterviewWritten via Irteqa On April 4, 201620160401_seoulbeats_eric_namPerchance the maximum prolific and widely-recognized interviewer of foreign celebrities to South Korea and the K-entertainment scene, symphonic solo artist Eric Nam has made a comeback with the March 24th liberate of his 2d mini-album entitled Interview and featuring a remarkably aesthetic in addition playfully enticing MV for his sub-title music of the similarcallas smartly as his dreamy identify track “Good for You.”

Since his debut in 2013 with his first mini-album Cloud 9, Eric has paved a magnificently effortful trail of musicality with his quite so much of covers, duet tracks (most lately an SM Station collaboration styled “Spring Love” with Red Velvet’s Wendy), melodic singles (my favorite being “I’m OK” back in 2015), and vigorous activities as a tv host and interviewer. His re-entry into the K-pop scene as a solo artist has been enlivened because of the rhythmic efficacy, vanilla meaningfulness, and colourful cinematography encased inside of “Interview” and appeals to the youngerand creative sensibilities of K-pop fanaticswhilst catering to the overarching sensationalism of the interviewer-interviewee romance outline.

“Interview” progresses from its advent in the likeness of a work of art taking shape equally the MV is predicated heavily at thecreative substructure of every scene; imaginably as an bubblingshade palette sunglasses in every one little entity fluidly and florally, as a slice of decorated paper is folded into a unheard of shape, and as photo frames are aligned in a labyrinthine means to spell out a poignant word which in this example is “Interview”. The melody that blossoms underneath the visionary cine is an audibly comfortable correlation between the jazziness of the percussion instrumentals and delicate electronic dance beats, Erics serene vocals then make a silvery access and bringthe primary welcoming verses of “Interview.” The beautiful young lady who is being interviewed seems to beworriedyet is gained warmly by Eric’s captivating vocals and the interviewer’s meticulousness as she is asked if she is in a position toget started the interview.

The scenes following the beginning of the interview are by a long way the most aesthetically satisfying sequences I have ever observed in any MV of an analogous flavour and concept; soft-hued sticky notes of all calligraphies and designs with adorable and random messages are slathered across a steely laptopas though the interviewer is taking a in particular studious pastime in his interviewee, and his interest in the beautiful interviewee is extra accentuated by the surfing he does on social media networks in hopes of learning roughly her interests and passions. Throughout the simplistic lyrics the hook of the song is constantly reiterated thru the beginning of the interview and ensuring the interviewee is comfortable, in the meantime the interviewer himself is truthful about his own feelings; how tough he practiced to care for his calm and charming externaland what sort of he if truth be toldneeds to get to understandthe pretty interviewee earlier than him.

If you need to have to know about me

It seems that as the shy and awkward interviewer makes small communicate alongside the interviewee in hopes of having to know her higher and whether or now not she reciprocates his feelings, the vibrant interludes that pop up and are sung romantically by Eric to precise the interviewer’s inner elation over how fine she looks. The interviewee is valuable to the point that she is treated as a famous person in a pseudo-film surrounding with two booms, LED lights, a clapperboard, upon a director’s chair and asked in detail about herself.

By the finish of the emotively flushed and creatively crafted MV, it emerges that the various takes that had to be performed proved a success in unearthing the fairly interviewee’s true emotions and helped her and the interviewer interact on a romantic point with a rosy having a look future. Even supposingthere's noobvious bridge, the refrain in the musicality of “Interview” and how it's miles emboldened by Eric’s soft falsetto is helping the song to stay ingrained within our minds and silkily upon our tongues; the song is fanciful, subliminally invigorating, and soft to the touch.

After co-composing and co-writing several tracks on Interview, Eric Nam was oncecapable of pour his privaterevel in with the art of interviewing and ardour for music into a stable and sensorial album. The sub-title track “Interview” is one of my most favourite musical compositions he has released; the MV is unmatchable in it’s semi-saturated splendour and with its vernal colour palate, and the plot is a relatable state of affairs that many young folkscrossvia or by some means emulate so as to get to know the only they fancy. Meanwhile the song is a poignant and playful balance between percussion instrumentals and mature electronic beats that makes it enjoyably fast paced without being confined to the obstacles of a ballad. I'deffortlesslysuggest this song to anyone!

Readers, what do you preferabsolute best about “Interview”?

(YouTube 1 2, Kbeat. Picturesby potential of CJ EM)


PSY Is Thankful Toward Lee Seung Gi and Kim Jang Hoon For Assisting Him Satisfy His Dreams

PSY Is Thankful Toward Lee Seung Gi and Kim Jang Hoon For Assisting Him Satisfy His Dreams

PSY Is Thankful Toward Lee Seung Gi and Kim Jang Hoon For Assisting Him Satisfy His Dreamsck525 November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!PSY Is Grateful Toward Lee Seung Gi and Kim Jang Hoon For Helping Him Fulfill His Dreams PSY thanked Lee Seung Gi and Kim Jang Hoon for helping him fulfill his dreams.

On the sixth episode of “PSY Little Television” aired on November 29 via Naver’s V App, PSY is asked about his long run vision.

“My customary dream used to be to grow to bea well-liked song writer,” he says.

“I becamedisappointed that I made a song and it didn’t sell well,” he says. “I have become a singer in the hope that I'd just sing it myself. Lee Seung Gi later on helped my get started off my dream as a celeb song writer.”

“Once I changed into a singer, I dreamed to accomplish in a greater stadium,” he adds. “Kim Jang Hoon helped me so much with that. I’m very grateful for him.”

“PSY Little Television” aired from November 24 to 29. His seventh album can be released nighttime on December 1.

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Red Velvets Seul Gi to satisfy on Radio Star

Super Juniors Kyuhyun and Red Velvets Seul Gi to satisfy on Radio Star

--> Park Kyung Lim, Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey might be acting on Radio Star.

According to a rep from MBC′s Radio Star on September 23, entertainer Park Kyung Lim, actor Jin Yi Han, Red Velvet′s Seul Gi and grey will be filming today.

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun and Red Velvet′s Seul Gi to fulfill on ′Radio Star′

The episode will be focused on celebrities without double eyelids and their entertaining conversations.

This is Park Kyung Lim′s first time appearing on Radio Star. enthusiasts also are excited to peer Seul Gi, whom MC Kyuhyun in the past chose as his ideal type, at the show.

The episode will air on September 30.


[Video] Eric Nam and 15&s Park Ji Min Sing of Dreams in Sweetune Donation Project

[Video] Eric Nam and 15&s Park Ji Min Sing of Dreams in Sweetune Donation Project

--> Participating in a special donation project with producing team, Sweetune, Eric Nam unveiled a new single with 15&′s Park Ji Min.

[Video] Eric Nam and 15&′s Park Ji Min Sing of ′Dreams′ in Sweetune Donation Project

Eric Nam′s Dream was released on May 29 as he stepped forward as the first artist to participate in Sweetune′s donation project. Park Ji Min featured in the beautifully calming song.

Regarding the project, Sweetune stated, "There aren′t a lot of opportunities to create music that innocently show our own purpose, especially since we create music as a business. It′s not a huge project, but we wanted to purely share our emotions through songs and donate all profits back to society."

Photo Credit: HNS HQ


[Radio Star] Junggigo Shares He Didnt Initially Satisfy With Lyrics of

[Radio Star] Junggigo Shares He Didnt Initially Satisfy With Lyrics of "Some," and Got Surprised With Its Success

Junggigo Didn’t Initially Like the Lyrics of “Some”

On the upcoming broadcast of MBC's talk show "Radio Star," Junggigo, Noel’s Kang Kyun Sung and actors Kim Seung Soo and Jo Dong Hyuk will talk about their Valentine's Day!

During the broadcast, the singer shares unexpected anecdote about “Some,” his hit duet song with SISTAR’s Soyu which recently took the triple crown on Gaon’s 2014 end-of-year evaluations.

Junggigo, who was part of the songwriting team for the song, says he initially didn’t like the lyrics for the chorus, “The guide contained the lyrics of the chorus. As soon as I heard it, I asked, ‘We’re not going with [these lyrics], are we?’”

Meanwhile, “Radio Star” airs every Wednesday on MBC at 11:15 p.m., KST.

Soyu Junggigo Some


f(x)’s Victoria shares her dreams of opening a bakery on ‘Radio Star’

f(x)’s Victoria shares her dreams of opening a bakery on ‘Radio Star’

f(x)s Victoria shares her dreams of opening a bakery on Radio Star

f(x)s Victoria revealed that her dream is to open a bakery.

On the July 11th broadcast of MBCs Radio Star, guest Victoria stated, Starting a bakery is my ultimate dream. It will be different from other bakeries.

I would like a bakery with a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a buffet all in one, she continued. I would serve Korean food, Chinese food, and more so that whoever drops in can enjoy their meal.

When asked about the groups profits, Victoria looked a bit upset as she said, I save it all in a bank here in Korea, because of the exchange rates

Meanwhile, this episode of Radio Star was a Second Home episode starring 2PMs Nichkhun, f(x)s Victoria, and TV personality Robert Holley.

SourceImage: Segye via Nate



Sohee, "I Want To Work With Jang Gi Ha" Dreams Come True: Coming Out in Jang Gi Ha's Radio

sohee, wondergirls, jang gi ha radio

soheeSohee will be coming out in Jang Gi Ha's radio.

Wonder Girls, including Sohee, is planning to come out in SBS PowerFM 'Jang Gi Ha's Amazing Radio' on the 28th as guests.

On this day, the members of Wonder Girls are planning to talk about the daily lives and behind stories of their new song 'Like This'.

Sohee had previously mentioned her love for Jang Gi Ha on the 19th during a press conference held for 'Wonder Party.' She had said, "I really like Jang Gi Ha. I saw him recently at the broadcasting building so I became even a bigger fan. I really want to work with him once. I've always liked his music a lot. If chance allows it, I want to work with him."


Eric Nam Raises Cash For Children’s Charity Thru Karaoke

Eric Nam Raises Cash For Children’s Charity Thru Karaoke

Eric Nam Raises Cash For Childrens Charity Via Karaokenotclaira August 9, 2016 0 Eric Nam Raises Money For Childrens Charity Through Karaoke Eric Nam currentlygave the impression at a karaoke room and sang his comeback music Cant Lend a hand Myself, scoring 99 points.

He then traded his ranking for 990,000 won (about $898), which was once donated to kids alongside hearing loss.

It becomea section of a issue hosted by Genie, which has to this point raised more than 5.8 million won (about $5300). The cash is given to strengthen newborn babies born with hearing loss and 10,000 won is given for every karaoke score point.

I wish I may justtake part in more campaigns where you'll be in a position to give folks hope through singing, Eric Nam said. I had a excellent timemaking a song and dancing as thoughIdentification come with my friends.

The Genie Music Project has been running for 4 months and taking part artists have so some distanceincorporated TWICE, Akdong Musician, Crush, SHINees Jonghyun, and f(x)s Luna.

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Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOO’s Sun And How He Photographs His Long term Married Life

Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOO’s Sun And How He Photographs His Long term Married Life

Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOOs Sun And How He Photographs His Long run Married Lifestyles JiwonYu August 8, 2016 0 Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOOs Solar And How He Pictures His Future Married Life Eric Nam these days sat down for a interview and had a couple of drinks, too, whilst answering some questions about his We Were given Married wife Solar from MAMAMOO.

At first, Eric Nam says that it used to be awkward between the two. I called her honey once in a while and it made me cringe, says the singer, laughing.

I just got comfy while filming the remaining two or 3 episodes. I presumed Solar become a playful consumeryet information technologystunned me that she was the full opposite. I used to be very worried at first because this felt like I was signing a wedding contract, Eric Nam confesses.

He continues, The folks in the studio sought after us to get closer quicker, but that doesnt fit alongside our concept. My preciseobjective when marrying in genuine life is to reside like buddies even after marriage.

Eric Nam comments that Solar is an overlyexcellent person, saying, I wish totake care of my friendship with her, calling each and every other each timean excellent or bad thing happens. I learned that my personality fitssmartly with hers once you haveto understandevery one other. My wish that I told her when we were in Jeju Island have become a hot topic. I in point of factintended it when I stated that I wishedto talk informally with her. Thats the sole way we mightdevelop into close. Getting to communicate informally was the key.

In a recent episode of We Got Married, Eric Nam let Solar take pricein their finances. When asked if Eric Nam would let his real wife, later in life, do this, he says, I loveto watchthe massive picture. I may justtackle detailed portions of my budget but I'd leave it up to my wife if she offers. If you glance at my parents, my dad looks at the giganticimage while my motherlooks after the detailed things. Oh, here isslightly fascinating. It seems like 1 prefer my parents style.

Watch Eric Nam and Solar in the maximum recent episode of We Got Married below!

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