EXO Launches Line Of Swish  Clothier  Bags Bags

EXO Launches Line Of Swish Clothier Bags Bags

EXO Launches Line Of GracefulClothierBaggage Bagsehk38 August 12, 2016 0 EXO Launches Line Of Sleek Designer Luggage Bags EXO continues to end up their logovitality with the release of a designer luggage bag line.

The bags feature a sleek, trendy blueprint that accommodates the initials of the contributors names in addition EXOs logo. The luggage are carry-on length and come in white, black, navy, silver, and gold, among others.

The bag launch is highly anticipated, having attracted wide attention because the initial stages of the bag construction process. The carry-ons were first offered at a contemporary EXO concert, and a competitionused to be held to get a cling ofthe maximum efficientcall for the bags.

The EXO Carry-Ons are to be had in SM Entertainments SUM Marketplace as of lately and might bereadily availableto buy on August 16 at the without delaycontrolled Agatha store, a designated SM Entertainment store, and JS Advertisementsreputable online store.

The bags also are slated to launch across the world at the finish of August.

Are you digging the design?

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2PM"s Nichkhun says he"s happy and discusses new line of bags with "rosa.K" on "One Night of TV Entertainment"


2PM"s Nichkhun wittily avoided indirect questions about his girlfriend Girls" Generation"s Tiffany during his interview with SBS" "One Night of TV Entertainment".

The "One Night of TV Entertainment" reporter met with him at the showcase for the launch of his collaboration line of bags with "rosa.K". When ask how he"s been, Nichkhun responded, "I am filming a drama in China." The reporter then went right into an indirect question about his love life, asking, "You"re happy, right?"

Nichkhun, who is known to be quick-witted, understood the underlying question and simply replied, "I am happy," with a shy smile. The reporter continued, "You"re extremely happy, right?" He answered, "Yes, I am extremely happy," and changed the subject, "But filming makes me happy because being busy is good." The reporter commented, "There are so many good meetings (relationships) these days," making Nichkhun flustered.

In relation to his new collaboration line of bags, Nichkhun shared, "I like drawing and making things a lot, so this was perfect for me." The reporter suddenly asked if he knew he was handsome, and the 2PM member replied with confidence, "Sometimes... Before I started this career [as an idol], I was a total shy boy. If there were pretty girls, I couldn"t approach them."

He also showed his aegyo set, and when asked if he still has his abs, "I don"t have time to go to the fitness club [these days], so I work out in my room... Not getting to eat the food I want is the most difficult. I normally eat a lot," and revealed that he"s craving samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) and hot peppers.



2PM"s Nichkhun and "rosa.K" celebrate the launch of their collaboration line of bags

2PM"s Nichkhun celebrated the launch of his collaboration line of bags with "rosa.K" at the brand"s showcase!

The showcase was held at Lotte Hotel World"s Crystal Ballroom in Jamsil, Seoul on August 26. Approximately 200 people attended the exclusive event including 2AM"s Jo Kwon and Jinwoon, Sunmi, miss A"s Fei and Jia, DJ DOC"s Kim Chang Ryul, Park Ji Yoon, Eric Nam, Kim Tae Hoon, Park Joo Hyung, Yoon Park, Jung Yoon Sun, and Wang Ji Hye.

Nichkhun shared through a Q&A session following the presentation, "I am still far from being qualified enough to be called a handbag designer... But I am joyful that my ideas and concepts were expressed through the handbags well." Nichkhun was also asked by the MC to walk the runway as a model for his handbag line.

Following the showcase, the 2PM member made an appearance at the pop-up store on the first floor of Lotte Department Store in Jamsil with approximately 100 fans surrounding him.


Photos Kong Hyo-jin attempts at designing bags

Photos Kong Hyo-jin attempts at designing bags

Actress Kong Hyo-jin is designing bags now.

According to VINCIS', the Hiyo Bag, a collaboration with Kong Hyo-jin, is popping outat the 26th of August.

The Hiyo Bag comprises Kong Hyo-jin's 'Hyo'. The half-moon design is convenient, purposeful and trendy. It is made with the similarsubject matter as the product from final year.

Last year, the Hiyo-Bucket bag was once designed, bringing out the fanciness of leather and minimizing the decorations. It changed intovery muchwell-liked by the young women and it sold out three times nationwide.

Gong Hyo-joon attended all assemblyreferring to this year's design and it was her concept to create a half-moon design.

She said, "I conceptnot easy about shapes when bobbing up alongside the design much like VINCIS' does with its other designs. The triangle and circle led to the bucket bag and this time I cut a circle in part to create the half-moon design".

The Hiyo-Half Moon will get started taking orders from the 16th to 25th of August and pre-orders come with coin wallets value 100,000 won.

Meanwhile, Kong Hyo-jin is starring in the hot SBS drama "Incarnation of Jealousy".

#Kong Hyo-jin #Incarnation of Jealousy #news

Hwang Jeong-eum with short bob coiffure looks lovely alongside a handful of buying groceries bags

Hwang Jeong-eum with short bob coiffure looks lovely alongside a handful of buying groceries bags

Hwang Jeong-eum shared a lovable moment of hers.

On April 26th, Hwang Jeong-eum posted a photo of herself on her private Instagram.

In the published photo, Hwang Jeong-eum looks so pleased with a handful of buying groceries bags in either one of her hands. The cute glance on her face and her signature short bog coiffurescouse borrow capture your attention.

Hwang Jeong-eum will co-star with Ryu Jun-yeol in MBC's approaching Wednesday Thursday drama, "Lucky Romance".


AOA's Seolhyun Displays 2016's 'Must-Have' Bags In New HAZZYS Campaign

AOA's Seolhyun Displays 2016's 'Must-Have' Bags In New HAZZYS Campaign

AOA Seolhyun HAZZYS 2015 Spring Summer Photos(Photo : HAZZYS)AOA Seolhyun HAZZYS 2015 Spring Summer Photos(Photo : HAZZYS)AOA's Seolhyun has grow to beone of the mostmaximum sought-after crusadeitems in South Korea.

After signing with icinessattireemblem Buckaroo, the famous person is now the face of accessories brand HAZZYS. The 2016 Spring/Summer series has an excessivelyformidable "Have it!" tag-line.

Seolhyun modeled a beige tote and colorful shoulder bags in the teaser lookbook images. The remainder of her dresserintegrated a tight halter top, leather pants, white mini get dressed and strappy wedges.

According to the brand, "Seolhyun has been appointed the recent 2016 muse to respirelifestyles into the new accessories with her authenticsublime yet bohemian style. Seolhyun is ready todisplayother charms and mysterious expressions for the 'Oh My Venus' campaign."

The collection will introduce two new bag designs: the Erin and Hertz (HZ) bags. The Erin is described as a day through dayhelpful bag with a vintageexternal and generously massive interior. Meanwhile, the Hertz can be very compact, yet volition make up its small length alongsidea widevariety of to be had colors. To shop for the new bag arrivals, click here!

In other type news, Seolhyun currently rocked low-cut denims in Prime Cut Vol. 161. She also flaunted her "It Girl" prestige in the November factor of Ceci.

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Bizarre Asian Model Trend: Plastic grocery bags

Bizarre Asian Model Trend: Plastic grocery bags

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Model trends come and go, some stranger than others This one has were given to be one for the records. According to Chinese media 凤凰网 a fashion of dressed in plastic bags from convenience shops and taking a selfie has long gone viral among Taiwanese netizens.

This trend is particularly popular among teenage ladies and probably the mostnecessities is to have the logo of the plastic bag visual in the photos.

The trend has spread to Taiwanese men and their SNS channels are being full of selfies of ladies and men wearing not anything but.plastic bags.

Perhaps it wont be long till this trend reaches Korea or did this Korean superstar already

kickstart the trend in Korea?

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Netizens speak about bags that even Suzy couldn’t save

Netizens speak about bags that even Suzy couldn’t save

Share on FacebookShare on Twittermiss As Suzy is probably the mostmaximum sought after items in Korea as a result of her skill to sell items, yet netizens claim that those bags were so bad that even her endorsement couldnt save them. 

KakaoTalk characters and Suzy are either incredibly popular in Korea, but netizens agreed that the a product the usage of both were so unsightly that nobody would purchase them. Consistent with netizens, the Beanpole bags which feature the preferred SNS characters no longersimplestglance childish, but are too dear too. The baggagepayment around 500,ooo won, approximately $424.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the most smartly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

That thing prices over 500,000 won??? what a waste of leatherWow Im sorry but here's It seems like a bag they sell in the underground markets for 50,000 wonIt looks adore itmay work.but it doesntKakao attempted wayy too challenging for thisIts lovable only information technology doesnt make me wish to buy it at all Source: Daum

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JYJ's Junsu Designs Limited Edition T-Shirts, Bags For Charity

JYJ's Junsu Designs Limited Edition T-Shirts, Bags For Charity

junsu In honor of his upcoming birthday, JYJmember Kim Junsuis making plansa distinct charity design assignment alongsidefashion designer Lee Joo Young.

In conjunction with Makestar, a "global K-pop crowd investment platform," the pair is liable for 1,215 limited edition T-shirts and bags that might be sold throughout thewebsite online to elevatecash to get advantages charter colleges for underpriviledged kids in Cambodia.

The charity design project will officially release on Dec. 15 at 12:15pm KST, signaling Junsu's birthday celebrations.

For many years, the Junsu and the alternativeindividuals of JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun) were active participants in quite so much of philanthropic endeavors eitherregionally and abroad. Projects have integrated raising finances for earthquake sufferers in puts like Thailand and Japan, acting as Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Countries HIV/AIDS campaign, and maximumcurrently promoted the sector Water Forum held in South Korea previous this year.

Junsu could also be captain of FCMEN, a famous personfootball team that plays charity suits in Korea and around Asia.

For additional information about Junsu's newest fundraising project, take a glance at the respectable Makestar crusade page HERE.

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Honest Review: Beauteque per month Subscription Bags (BB Bag + Mask Maven)

Honest Review: Beauteque per month Subscription Bags (BB Bag + Mask Maven)

It"s been a couple weeks since I"ve gained a different kit from the pretty girls of Beauteque and have had a number of time to exploit the majority, if now not all, the goods from their September BB Bag and Mask Maven subscription bags. This was once my first ever subscription bag and in spite of my worries of receiving products that I had no initial data on, it turned into unusually delightful being ready to take a glance at out such so much of attractiveness products that I'd have never done so if it weren"t for Beauteque.

Full disclosure: Beauteque is a sponsor of allkpop and this post does involve associate links. However, all critiques are my own and not influenced in any way.

the primary points (BB Bag): Cost: $24.00/month, Discounts for longer subscriptions.

Shipping: $3.95 shipping for USA.  Shipping fees range dependent on where you live.

What"s in the bag?

the vital points (Mask Maven): Cost: $15.00/month, Discounts for longer subscriptions.

Shipping: $3.95 shipping for USA.  Shipping rates vary reckoning on where you live.

What"s in the bag?

Hanaka Eye Patch (Collagen + Aloe)

It was transparent that it was operating since a minute into hanging at the mask, I felt a tingling sensation below my eyes. i used to be in desperate want of a approach to cast off those clothier bags that I"ve received from hours of staring at the screen and drowsing lower than the wanted amount. After I took them off, my eyes felt refreshed in general, yet I didn"t see much development when it got here to my dark circles.

Overall: mask was actually simple to position on and it felt refreshing on my tired, dry eyes. I for sure suggest this mask to others and I may acquire them one via one myself.

Rating: 5/5

Hanaka Hydro gel Lip Mask

Again a product that I was desperately in need of. Especially all through bloodless weather, my lips get started withering and having a look crusty. not anything is less horny than dry lips and no lip balm did it justice. When I saw that there has been a lip mask in the Mask Maven, I was incredibly excited to in the end be capable of use the product for the primary time and the timing may not were more perfect.

Overall: I enjoyed this product. The smell was friendly and gentle on the nose and it truly did it"s process of moisturizing my lips. i could be able to definitely buy these for long term use. For the price, it exceeds what it would do, but the handiest drawback is that you'll have to practice it more than once a week especially if you have really dry lips like I do.

Rating: 5/5

Baviphat cash Sheet mask

First impression, I was instantly drawn by the original packaging. I"ve never noticed the rest adore it and low-key gave 3 slow claps for the package designing team in the back of this. Being a widespread sheet mask user, I was really happy to look so many of them incorporated in the Mask Maven package. I also felt slightly wealthy for roughly 2 seconds of my life. 

You really can"t get it wrong with sheet masks since maximum of them, despite the partiality ingredients, just assist moisturize your face. the only ordinary thing about these money sheet masks were that it has a flap that covers your eyes.  Like, are you intended to hide your eyes too…? I just flipped them upwards so I can revel in the drama that I was looking at at the time.

Overall: Amusing packaging, but nothing special. Plus, I do not know what to do with this mysterious eye flap thing. (Tip: remember to don"t wash off the remnants of the sheet mask and pat in the nutrients till it's miles completely absorbed into your skin for maximum effect.)

Rating: 4.5/5

Aritaum Aloe No Wash detoxification Water

This is one of the vital best products that was included in the September BB Bag and I"ve been the usage of it nonstop ever since I"ve received it. The product itself is explained as a product that guarantees a deep, soothing blank and removal of makeup without drying out your skin and it truthfully did just that. I typically don"t wear much makeup during the week, but on the ones infrequent times that I do, the product helped in getting rid of all of the makeup pore deep without frustrating my face.

Overall: Fantastic for a lady in her early 20s who doesn"t wish to take off their makeup after a long night. Takes less than a minute to fully get rid of a wide variety of makeup thick and thin.

Rating: 5/5

internal Kallia Special Care Modelling Pack ($6 value)

This modelling mask takes a section of time and I definitely don"t put forward it for those who are all about the "ain"t no one were given time for that" educate like myself. i'm all about potency to the point where I believe dining takes too much day trip of my day. Yeah, it"s that serious.

This modelling pack calls for you to make the gel mask by blending the powder with water. Then, you will want leave it to your face for about 15-20 minutes. the result's amazing however, making your face baby-butt glossy and moisturized.

Overall: Super result, too much effort.

Rating: 3/5

Aqua gemstones Herbal Soothing Cream ($18 value) This was one of the closing products that I used just because I didn"t think that I wanted a product to sooth my skin necessarily… unless one evening when my face appeared a chunk flushed so I determined that perhaps that the sky was telling me that it"s time for me to apply this product.

Overall: Product feels very smooth on skin and assists in keeping it moisturized without leaving it sticky. The product will also be used for quite much of functions (face, skin, body, etc).

Rating: 4/5

Secret Key Secret Kiss Holic Pigment Glitter ($8 Value)

First off, it's not that i am much of a makeup user initially so you already know where this is going. The product has great colour and pigment overall for fun nights. Therefore, it"s so easy to overdo the quantity that you use. It"s not a very easy use for makeup learners and certainly tough to master, but effortless to learn. in line with quite plenty of online resources and style gurus, you're suggested to use sticky glitter primer so as to make it long-lasting all around your day/night.

Overall: Great color, long lasting, effective packaging, but a product this is hard to master.

Rating: 4/5

Verdict:  There were glaringly pros and cons to either BB Bag and Mask Maven. The cons will be the reality that there'll be no less than one or two products that won"t suit your explicit skin sort and at the least one that you're going to never get to employing because of natural laziness.

However, both subscription bags are fun and it keeps you guessing on what you"re going to get the next month. i'd recommend Mask Maven for other folks that are sheet mask junkies like myself and BB Bag when you are more into collecting lots of makeup products.

Recommended "Will-Buy-Again" Products: Hanaka Hydrogel Lip and Eye patch, Aritaum Aloe No Wash cleaning Water, Baviphat sheet masks, Acqua Gems Herbal Soothing Cream

For your very own Beauteque subscription bag, take a glance at their reputable website here!

Coupon Code:  Use coupon ALLKPOP for 10% cut price on your purchase