EXO Xiumin's Film 'Seondal' with Yoo Seung Ho Debut Gets North American Screening

EXO Xiumin's Film 'Seondal' with Yoo Seung Ho Debut Gets North American Screening

Seondal It looks as if EXO is expanding their horizons as individuals branch out to other fields of entertainment but even so music.

It used to be reported thatEXO member Xiumin can be starring along popular actor Yoo Seung-Ho in the recentfilm Seondal: The guy Who Sells the River. In step with the synopsis, the movie portrays a noted con-artist that has ever ceased to exist.

As Xiumin has been featured on quite so much oftv shows, this may exist Xiumin's first actual film debut.

AdvertisementSeondal: The Guy Who Sells the River will premiere in North The united states on July 15. The motion picture will be released in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Honolulu, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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Video North American trailer released for the Korean film 'The Wailing'

Video North American trailer released for the Korean film 'The Wailing'

North American trailer released for the Korean film "The Wailing"

"The Wailing" (2014)Directed by way of Na Hong-jinWith Kwak Do-won, Hwang Jeong-min, Jun Kunimura, Cheon Woo-hee, Kim Hwan-hee, Her Jin,...Also referred to as "Goksung"Crank in : 2014/08/31Crank up : 2015/02/28SynopsisA tale about a creepy case in a nation-state village.FestivalCannes 2016 (Out-of-competition)Release date in Korea : 2016/05/12

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USA & Canada South Korean Romantic Comedy

USA & Canada South Korean Romantic Comedy "Like for Likes" Makes North American Debut on February 26

All-star forged includes: Yoo Ah-in ("Veteran"), Kang Ha-neul ("Twenty"), Esom ("Scarlet Innocence"), Lee Mi-yeon ("A Corporate Man"), Choi Ji-woo ("Actresses"), and Kim Joo-hyeok ("Beauty Inside")DramaFever hosts complicated screening February 25 in New York"Like for Likes", a South Korean romantic comedy about locating beloved amongst a little lend a hand from trendy day social networks premieres in North The usa on February 26. The filmfunctions an all-star cast including: Yoo Ah-in ("Veteran"), Kang Ha-neul ("Twenty"), Esom ("Scarlet Innocence"), Lee Mi-yeon ("A Friends Man"), Choi Ji-woo ("Actresses"), and Kim Joo-hyeok ("Beauty Inside"). "Like for Likes" is giftedthrough CJ Entertainment, Asia's leading studio and the signature moviedepartment of primary media and content agency CJ EM.

"Like for Likes" follows 3 couples: the first, a sharp-tongued tvauthor (Lee Mi-yeon) on best of her game and a carefree celebrity actor (Yoo Ah-in) who started his profession on her television series. The 2d one couple is made up of a middle-aged nosy chef (Kim Joo-hyeok) whose fiance left him, and a spinster flight attendant (Choi Ji-woo) who lost her home. The ultimate couple is a talented composer (Kang Ha-neul) who writes popular love songs yethasn't ever experienced love and a television manufacturer (Esom) who knows how a game of love is played.Director Park Hyeon-jin, who made her directorial debut with "Lovers of 6 Years", created this film to capture the cultural landscape of up to date day dating. The motifs of social networks and romance is relatable to audiences everywhere.The film may be released in 17 major places in North America adding New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Toronto. In partnership with CJ EM, DramaFever, the leading online destination for global telly shows, videos and concerts, will be web hostinga complicated screening on February 25 at AMC Empire 25 in New York. Attendees who don't appear to be already Top ratecontributors volitionget keep of a unfastened 30-day DramaFever subscription. Tickets will also bebought here. Seating will be limited.

More data : cj-entertainment.com/movies/160111-002/like-for-likes

Los Angeles CGV Cinemas 2/26/2016 621 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005Dallas Cine Oasis 2/26/2016 1130 W Trinity Generators Rd #100, Carrollton, TX 75006Fullerton Regal Los angeles Habra 2/26/2016 1351 West Imperial Motorway La Habra, CA 90631DC Regal Fairfax Towne 2/26/2016 4110 West Ox Rd Suite 12110, Fairfax, VA 22033Dallas Cine Oasis 2/26/2016 1130 W. Trinity Mills Rd, Carrollton Tx 75006San Jose AMC Eastridge 2/26/2016 2190 Eastridge Loop, San Jose, CA 95122New York AMC Empire 2/26/2016 234 W 42nd St, New York, New york 10036Seattle AMC Alderwood 2/26/2016 18733-33rd Ave. West Lynnwood, WA 98037Denver AMC Arapahoe Crossin 2/26/2016 6696 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80016Chicago AMC Showplace Niles 2/26/2016 301 Golfing Mill Middle Niles, IL 60714Atlanta AMC Sugarloaf Mills 2/26/2016 5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30043Irvine Regal Edwards UTC 2/26/2016 4245 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612New Jersey NA Edgewater 2/26/2016 339 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020Honolulu Consolidated Pearlri 2/26/2016 98-1005 Moanalua Road, Aiea, HI 96701Vancouver Cineplex Coquitlam 2/26/2016 170 Schoolhouse Street, Coquitlam, BC V3K 4X9, CanadaToronto Cineplex Empress Wal 2/26/2016 5095 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N 6Z4, CanadaSan Fransisco AMC Cupertino 2/26/2016 10123 N Wolfe Rd #3000, Cupertino, CA 95014


Kris' Film 'Somewhere Only We Know' Premiers In North American Theaters On February 13

Kris' Film 'Somewhere Only We Know' Premiers In North American Theaters On February 13

(Photo : Somewhere Only We Know)

"Somewhere Only We Know" starring former EXO member Kris will premier in select North American theaters on February 13. Somewhere Only We Know starring former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) will premier in select North American theaters on February 13. The film also stars Wang Li Kun, Re Yizha, Zhang Chao along with Gordon Alexander.

The film was shot in both English and Chinese

Directed Xu Jinglei, the film is a romantic drama which was shot in the Czech Republic city of Prague. As a seasoned performer, Xu Jinglei also acts in the film, in addition to directing the project.

Renown Chinese screenwriter Wang Shuo is responsible for the script. Wang is responsible for the successful projects If You Are The One and Personal Tailor. Somewhere Only We Know tells the dramatic tale of two couples whose romantic interludes are set within Prague and China.

Somewhere Only We Know is the first project for Kris, who departed from the Korean boy band EXO in May 2014. Luhan followed his departure and was recently featured in the Chinese film 20 Once Again.

On February 5, Korean news outlets reported that SM Entertainment would allegedly seek reprisal against both Kris and Luhan for their professional activities since departing from EXO.

China Lion Distribution is responsible for bringing the film to North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The company is credited for the recent distribution of the Chinese film version of Running Man starring Kim Jong Kook and Angelababy.

(Photo : China Lion)

Kris" "Somewhere Only You Know" will be released in select North American theaters. Somewhere Only We Know will premier in select North American theaters on February 13. Detailed theater information can be found on the website for China Lion.


North American screening

North American screening

North American screening

North American screening - From left, co-director Kim Byeong-seo, actor Jeong Woo-seong, actress Han Hyo-joo and co-director Jo Eui-seok attend the North American premiere of the Korean film "Cold Eyes" at Roy Thomson Hall during the 38th Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, on Friday.


New Korean film to open at 12 North American locations

New Korean film to open at 12 North American locations

Related movies/dramas

New Korean film to open at 12 North American locations Deranged( - 2012)The new Korean film "Deranged" will open at 12 North American locations this weekend, its overseas distributor said Monday."Deranged", also known as "Yeongasi" in Korean, will be shown in cities including Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago and Vancouver, on Friday, said CJ EM.Directed by Park Jeong-woo, "Deranged" is a science-fiction horror thriller about an infectious disease. Actor Kim Myeong-min plays a father who struggles to save his family from virus-infected mutant horsehair worms, called 'Yeongasi", that can control the human brain. The flick has drawn 4.17 million audience members since opening at local theaters on July 5. (Yonhap)


Video   Photos Added new primary trailer and stills for the Korean-American animated film 'Bling'

Video Photos Added new primary trailer and stills for the Korean-American animated film 'Bling'

Added new primary trailer and stills for the approaching Korean-American animated film "Bling"

"Bling" (2016)Directed via Lee Kyeong-ho, Lee Won-jae-IIWith Hong Jin-wook,..."Bling" is a co-production between Korea and the United States.SynopsisThe fate of a completetown is left in the hands of those sketchy other folksyou will have never observed or heard before.The best possible robot someday City, Genius Sam, and his eccentric robot creations, Son Oh-gong, Sa Oh-joeong, and Jeo Pal-gye. The robots who motiveinjuries and mistakes here and there on a day by day basis are stuck up into a conspiracy plotted by the great villain Oscar, who tries to wreck their entire city. The robots take place to jump into their righteous challenge to save the city in the spur of the moment. The nice and unpredictable adventure by the strange robot buddies begins.Release date in Korea : 2016/08/11

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Interview Yoo Seung-ho is going for comedy in

Interview Yoo Seung-ho is going for comedy in "Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River"

'The nation's little brother' is now a depended on actor. Yoo Seung-ho is back with "Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River".

Other casts of the film are Ko Chang-seok, Ra Mi-ran, Xiumin from EXO and more. The motion pictureis ready Kim Seon-dal who fools the king or even sells the Daedong River.

Yoo Seung-ho takes at the office of Kim Seon-dal, a genius fraud with a thick face. Ko Chang-seok is Bo-won, a guy who died twelve times and lived thank you to his fast thinking and disguising techniques. Ra Mi-ran takes on the role of Yoon, a shawoman who does not accept any skillto inform the long runyet has wit. Xiumin is Gyeon Yi, a a phase of Kim Seon-dal's fraud team.

Yoo Seung-ho used to bethese days interviewed in Seoul and he becomea bit of boy who was shy unlike his absolute best and cold(?) visual.

The following is the interview with Yoo Seung-ho:

Q: You are trying at a comedy with "Seondal: The Guy Who Sells the River"

Yoo Seung-ho: I am now not a amusinguser and I do notunderstand howto talk humorously, so I used to be worried. But I had Ko Chang-seok, Ra Mi-ran and Xiumin to speak amongst and triumph over my worries.

"Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" is a comedy. I considered the workforce every bit my target market when I acted.

I felt like a comedian, making the employees laugh. It is aglad thing, being in a position to make any individual laugh. It istricky simply the fulfillment is greater.

I did notdo that to make a metamorphosis in my image. I began acting when I was young so I assumedI did not possessa wide rangeto select from. I haveat all timessought after to do anything funny and this was my chance.

Q: "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" turns out familiar

I have no idea or so the others, but Kim Seon-dal hasn't ever been used in other videossooner than and thenI believefolks were concerned about this character.

Q: Is there the restyou need to steal?

It's a pleased thought, but I should not have anything I need in particular. If I have to make a decision on something though, I mightthieve the country. Of course, it's a joke.

Q: "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" VS "The Joseon Magician"

They are either historical. But "The Joseon Magician" was in keeping with romance between a man and a lady but "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River" is a funny movie. The characters in both filmsalso are very different".

Q: What is the synchronizing percentage between you and Kim Seon-dal?

I am utterlythe other from him. Kim Seon-dal is self-assured and laid-back whileI'm not. It was troublesomein relation to him.

Director Park Dae-min needed more. However, in any case of the making, he stated one was Kim Seon-dal-like.

I am not a honestpersonality but I am self-conscious and anxious. I was attracted to Kim Seon-dal because he was other from me and he gave the impact of he was having a just right time.

I don't on a typical basiskeep in touch with the public. I paintingson my own in my international and I attemptednot easy to method them first.

I met pals and my parents whilst making the movie and they told me I have become sly. Here is thanks to Kim Seon-dal.

Q: How was running with Xiumin?

The 4 frauds were given along in point of fact well. We were unhappy to have to mention goodbye. It was awkward seeing him dance and sing on stage.

Xiumin was perfect for Gyeon Yi. He'svigorous and bright so that is what helped him synchronize with the character.

Q: There has been less romance in the movie.

I was ok with that. It is not like romance has to be the usual of everything. Or not it's up to the audience to come to a decision the courting between me and Seo Ye-ji.

Romance is hard. Being evil and other dramatic characters will also be imagined but mellow has to narrate with the individualstaring at the movie. I have a difficult time with mellow because I will notin finding anything to relate with. I betthat is because I have not had much enjoy with ladies before.

I would like to existreferred to as an Good enough guy around the folks I know. My parents continually tell me not to be a nuisance to others so I are having a look to be someone dependable.

Q: What will have to nosotrosbeware of in "Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River"?

The movie itself is a at ease one without a message or 'lesson of the day'. It's a fun movie and we had a fair time making it so the audience must enjoy it too.

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Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumin’s Film Records Impressive Selection of  Price ticket Sales In barely  4 Days

Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumin’s Film Records Impressive Selection of Price ticket Sales In barely 4 Days

Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumins Film Records Impressive Collection ofPrice tag Sales In precisely4 Dayskminjungee July 10, 2016 0 Yoo Seung Ho And Xiumins Movie Records Impressive Number Of Ticket Sales In Just Four Days On July 10, CJ Entertainment revealed via their respectable twitter account that Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River has sold 1 million tickets since its premiere on July 6.

Starring Yoo Seung Ho, Pass Chang Suk, Ra Mi Ran, and EXOs Xiumin, the movie was once just lately reported to have sold a little beneath 500,000 tickets as of July 8, making this contemporarysuccess even more astonishing. Over partone millionother folks went to look this movie the ultimate two days, and quite a bit of are having a lookahead to seeing the videospower success.

Based on a vintage novel, Seondal: The Guy Who Sells the River is a ancient heist film focused around mythical con man Kim Seon Dal (played by Yoo Seung Ho) and his motley crew. They tryto tug off their best heist yet: fooling the king and promoting the ownerless Taedong River.

Congratulations to the entiresolid and workforce members!

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Film Review 'Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River'   Tickets Giveaway (USA)

Film Review 'Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River' Tickets Giveaway (USA)

Seondal (played byYoo Seung-ho) and his friend Gyeon-i (played byXiumin) are Koreans who were conscripted to combat roughly random war in the barren region to support the world political status of aristocrat Dae-ryeon (played byJo Jae-hyeon). Even thoughthe hole scene is relatively bleak it does now not take long for Seondal and Gyeon-i to run into Bo-won (played byKo Chang-seok), a guy who focuses on survival thru scamming. Soon enough, your entire gang is loose to run increasingly more elaborate con jobs on lovely much everyone.

"Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River"is a comedy with precisely one joke- we get to watchYoo Seung-hoput on a devilish smirk as he is goingby way of amongst an elaborate plan that is designed for maximum humor in position of to be realistically effective. Which is fine via me. Seondal goes through numerous costumes in pursuance of the maximum recent scam, and the presentation levels from regal to cornball to oddly enticing. The punchline to the scam is rarely every bit much amusing as observing Seondal's team in truthpass through with it.

That, unfortunately, may be the movie's primary downfall. There is nogenuine dramatic tension. We know that even if the stakes appearfully serious Seondal has planned for this eventuality in some way and the entirety volitionfinally finish up all correct in the end- the handiest realquery is how. Some gentle fun can also be had being attentive to the clues, namely the explicitabilities demonstrated all throughthat permit Seondal's later cons to work. Beyond that, though,"Seondal: The Guy Who Sells the River"is a reasonablyelementary heist movie.

AdvertisementThere is one key distinction- set as it's far during Joseon times, the needful wacky comedy setpieces glance very distinctive, and the rustic atmosphereon a normal basis makes Seondal's schemes seem disproportionately plausible. It is helping thatYoo Seung-hois constantlycaptivatingall aroundall the movie, such that it issimpleto look why characters would rather just think that Seondal is a random fun guy instead ofany person who turns outa little too friendly.

But the more complex the plot point, the more difficultit'sto pay attention on the adventures of Seondal's crew. This makes the inevitable takedown of Dae-ryeon feel unearned if only because Seondal wishedso much of good fortune to get that far. Additionally, whileYoo Seung-hois incrediblyfantastic as a sleek con artist he isless compelling in more romantic or dramatic scenes. Which is most definitelyprincipallya question of presentation. Seondal is more a one-man comedian relief team than he'sa prime character.

That much is able to become writer/directorPark Dae-mina fairlygood wayin the case of making"Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River"decently entertaining even even thoughthere would possibly be not sufficientintensity to assist much in the styleof sturdy content."Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River"is a reasonably funny film that starts to pull when the key plot comes up. The creativity in the gags more than makes up for the relative staleness of the central storyline, though, so I will be ready tomost commonly reccommend it.

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