EXO’s Baekhyun has invaluable reaction to enthusiasts throwing things at him on stage

EXO’s Baekhyun has invaluable reaction to enthusiasts throwing things at him on stage

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGIFs of EXOs Baekhyun went viral yet again, this time for his precious reaction to lovers throwing things at him on stage.

A contemporary post at the Korean network board website online Instiz via the name of Baekhyuns reaction to fans throwing things on levelfunctions of series of GIFs that illustrate Baekhyuns lovely reactions when fans throw things at him whilsthe's on stage.

In the clips, Baekhyun can also beobserved being hit by a fan-thrown object, however, his reaction is cutely pretending he is harm and pointing towards the fan who threw the item. In some other one, after being fairly scared by the flying object, Baekhyun provides the fan a sly smile and throws the object back into the crowd.

Every time he is nearly gain alongside something, the idol turns out to fake to be mad, yet in the end, flashes his fans a gigantic smile.

Check out the fashioned posts gifs of Baekhyuns reactions below!

Meanwhile, EXO made their summer comeback in June with their 3rd album, EXACT, and double title tracks Monster and Fortunate One. Their comeback was once highly successful, as EXO demonstrated their reputation with fantastic physical album sales numbers.

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19 Things Most effective “Running Man” Enthusiasts Understand

19 Things Most effective “Running Man” Enthusiasts Understand

19 Things Best Running GuyFanaticsNotice binahearts June 27, 2016 0 19 Things Only Running Man Lovers Understand The individuals of the SBS typedisplay Running Man have graced audience amongst six years of fun, laughter, and ridiculous games. What would we do on Sunday evening without them? There are an unendingselection of things that only Running Man lovers can understand, and even if ITwas oncechallenging to narrow the list down, I picked some of my favorites!

1. SpartaceThe Monday Couple is notorious and I used to beactuallyenthusiastic about them at one point. Yetdid you know the couple that many Running Man fans are not-so-secretly rooting for? Sparta and Ace.

Just get married, already!

2. The boredom of waiting in jail.Being the primary one to have your call tag ripped off isn'tactually fun. The members/guests also hate it because that suggests theres less air time for them.

On the infrequent occasion, they'llin findinganything to occupy their time.

3. Dining is a luxury.Each fourth dimension the members are given the opportunity to eat freely, the members get suspicious. They are ready toinfrequentlyrevel in their scrumptious meal, in its place spending all the time looking to figure out what the manufacturers volitionlead them to makeafter they are accomplished eating.

You told me to consume and I chose happily, so dont do stuff like this. (No wonder thoseother people wouldnt just give this to us.)

4. Moving boxes.In the sooner episodes, the producers used to put random boxes in the races in order that the members and visitors would have more puts to hide. This become amusing to observe especially when the cameraman would catch them trying to move!

5. The fashioned Song-Song couple.Im just going to leave this here.

6. The egg and Kwang Soos perpetual bad successThat egg game where they get a host of eggs- some boiled, some not- and the members/guests must crack them over their head. Deficient Kwang-Soo lost lovely much each time.

7. Lee Kwang Soos muliple identities and nicknames.Lee Kwang Soo as the giraffe? Kwangvatar? Prince of Asia?

Or how about Song Joong Kis feet?

8. 7012 and the number 7.At the Consensus episode of Running Man (episode 267), the members played a game where six of them had to select a random number and Yoo Jae Suk had to jump rope the number that he concept they picked. The members picked the number seven and crazily enough, Yoo Jae Suk jumped 7 times. It was a simple, but emotional a section of the episode since it displayed their implausible teamwork. Since that episode, the number seven has turn into symbolic of this family.

In a later episode, 7012 was the password for Gary to escape. The numbers 012 mean all the time in Korean. Cheesy, but adorable!

9. The pain this is acupuncture mats.Noted as having many health benefits, the members poured their blood, sweat, and tears when having to compete on these painful mats. From time to time if the producers were being nice, they would let them wear socks.

10. Hahas uncanny resemblance to a cool animated film character.Haha Pororo = Haroro.

11. Betrayal Trio!You'll never believe these 3 to be loyal. If it method winning, these three will betray their team in a heartbeat. Their iconic trio arm cross has became a staple in the provefor lots of years!

12. Patiently waiting for Song Joong Kis return.Its been forever since Song Joong Ki was a member of Running Man. He did get backin shorta couple of months after he left, but I believe its about time he comes back and this time perhaps forever. Please?

13. MongJi is a woman?!Its now notsimple being the only realgirl on the Running Man team. The man members incessantlyfail to remember that shes a fantasticgirltill the days she displays up taking a look like this:

14. Biases and Running Man all in one!When Running Man announces that they're having a guest or guests that I actually truly heart, I might be able to hardly involve myself. I am getting and so excited because its like my two giant loves coming in combination and forming a large love party.

15. THE BELLS.The eerie sound of these bells coming from afar. When youre hiding from the chasers, its a legitimate you lot dread hearing as itskill they are close to and are going to take a glance at out and rip your name tag off.

This worry and terror cant be expressed through a gif or pic. It must be heard.

16. Block Gary.The ever so accurate drawing of Kang Gary.

17. Lee Kwang Soo Lee Sung Kyung FOREVER.They. Are. The. Cutest.

Look at how genuinely glad they are to peer each other.

18. Epic brow slaps.These brow slaps are given as punishment when anyone loses a game. It's milesstated to reason dizziness and blurry vision.

19. HOT PANTS!Back in the previous episodes, as punishment, the wasting team would have to wear hot pants out in public. These hot pants were generally super short and super tight shorts. I feelthey want to bring this punishment back. What do you think?

Did we omitanything else else, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her unfastened time immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her existing obsessions are Song Joong Ki, Akdong Musician, SMTM5, and Fortunate Romance. When she isn’t gazingthe newest Running Man episode, she may also benoticed indulging in her favouriteleisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her center out at karaoke, photography, fidgeting with her dog, and eating dessert!

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EXO’s Chanyeol and TWICE’s Nayeon To Team Up For Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream” Collaboration Stage

EXO’s Chanyeol and TWICE’s Nayeon To Team Up For Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream” Collaboration Stage

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics give noticesit up fora distinctlevel as the hit music Dream via miss As Suzy and EXOs Baekhyun will after all existconducted live! Unfortunately, no longer by the songs two customary singers themselves.

Come June 24th, TWICEs lead vocalist Nayeon and EXOs rapper Chanyeol could be taking the stage in combination on Music Bank for its half-year birthday celebration episode, and should be making a song Dream.

In particular, the explanation why this collaboration stage is gaining the eye of fans is that the song itself hasn't ever been sung on broadcast before. Now notbest that, this is a labelmate and fellow staff member who will be mission the project of appearing the song reside for the first actual time.

Additionally, as Chanyeol holds the placement of rapper in EXO, it isnt very incessantly that fans can listen him sing. In fact, he currently released an OST track for the Chinese film So I Married An Anti-fan called I Hate You, which has already gained praises from fans.

The upcoming episode can also befull of artists who have won to this pointat thedisplayas neatly as special stages being performed. Other artists who will be playing the special episode adding SISTARs Soyou, MONSTA Xs Shownu, EXIDs Hani, KNKs Jihoon besides EXOs Chanyeol and TWICEs Nayeon.

Music Bank will air its half-year episode at 5pm KST.

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Tao regrets his harsh reaction to Kris's departure + explains the video of him shoving Baekhyun

Tao regrets his harsh reaction to Kris's departure + explains the video of him shoving Baekhyun

Tao regrets his harsh reaction to Kris

On August 10, Chinese media outlet Sina released an exclusive interview in which Tao explains all of the misunderstandings touching on himself and makes an apology for his wrongdoings.  

According to Korean media policy of the interview, he used to be asked, "Are there circumstances that you be apologetic about or idea you did wrong?" and he replied, "I be apologetic about what came about with Kris."  He turns out to be touching on the beyond when Kris left EXO and Tao criticized his act.  

"My non-public emotions were the reason for how I spoke to Kris that way," he continued. "My dating used to be the most productive with Kris in the group, and I had no concept why he left.  I aroused from sleep in the morning, saw the news, and discovered out he had left, so I posted [those criticisms] on impulse.  He"s a in reality excellent hyung and a excellent friend, yet he had now no longer told me when he left. I even wrote so much about the stories from the time I knew Kris, from schooling to now and when we debuted, at the time."

He also printed he used to be in widespread touch with Luhan, yet showed caution when speaking about entering into touch with Kris.  "I don"t know if he"d be in a position to forgive me," he explained. "I"m scared he would possibly recall to mind what I wrote at the time.  It used to be in reality impulsive at that time. If I were how am I now, i could have supported Kris"s choice.  I hope that he's going to do well.  I hope he thinks of me."

He also explained the rumors of his discord inside of EXO whilst they were in China, in particular about the video of him shoving Baekhyun.  He said, "If you saw the whole video, you"d know that we were gambling around.  I love all the EXO members.  I don"t know why they edited the video on the other hand they sought after and uploaded it.  All of the individuals are playful."

It used to be also printed that he shed tears as he mentioned the new controversy touching on his habit and his reasons for leaving SM Entertainment.  

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Staff member scares Taemin on stage…His reaction will make you LOL hard

Staff member scares Taemin on stage…His reaction will make you LOL hard

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterA vine video of SHINees Taemin has started to go viral online, gaining a massive amount of loops as it never failed to make viewers crack up in laughter.

About to greet their fans in the audience after performing Sherlock and Everybody, SHINee calmly stood on stage when a staff member comes up from the side to hand them water bottles.

But Taemin did not expect her.

Fans on site had quite the chuckle over it, and so did the SHINee member ㅋㅋㅋ

It wasnt the only incident fans caught at the concert, which occurred on August 30, 2014, and not only will they make you laugh, but be amazed at his stage professionalism.

Taemin is not a fan of mothsand one is incessantly bothering him during the performances.

Jonghyun notices and cant do anything but laugh heuheuheu

Moth vs Taemin: Moth2, Taemin0

Watch the staff scaring incident from different angles here:

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FT ISLAND's Lee Hong Ki Shares Excited Fans Throwing Undergarments Onto His Stage

FT ISLAND's Lee Hong Ki Shares Excited Fans Throwing Undergarments Onto His Stage

FT Island's Lee Hong Gi made his guest appearance on jTBC's "Witch Hunt" and talked about his shame memories that happened at a concert!

"During the world tour, there was a time when I got shocked because women′s underwear was thrown onto the stage," said Lee Hong Gi, provoking the curiosity of the MCs. "I was singing on stage when over 20 pairs of women′s undergarments suddenly came flying onto the stage."

FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi Talks about Underwear Being Thrown at Him at Concerts

Shin Dong Yeop then brought up and old memory from 1960 when Korean female students threw underwear onto the stage during Cliff Richard′s concert in Korea.

"When I heard the news, I wondered when Korean singers would go abroad and have underwear thrown at them."

The episode will air on March 13.


"Music Bank in Mexico" reported to have paused recording due to fans throwing underwears on stage

"Music Bank in Mexico" which was held on October 30th in Mexico City was reported to have a pause in the recording due to some fans throwing their underwears onstage during B.A.P and EXO-K" performances.

According to various reports, over 12,000 fans gathered at Mexico City Arena to watch their favourite artists at "Music Bank". Maybe since this was once in a while event, some fans were overly excited and they started throwing their bras and underwears on the stage during B.A.P"s "One Shot" and EXO-K"s "Growl" performances.

As the situation was getting more serious as the underwears were clearly shown on screen, the organizers had to pause the recording and said,"Please restrain yourself and stop throwing your underwears on stage". One EXO-K member said following the incident,"Although there were some fans who got a little too excited, it was nice seeing them to link arm with each other to create a barrier in order to stop the chaos situation".

Check out some of the videos below


Did Taeyeon's SNS Apology Make Things Worse For EXO Baekhyun

Did Taeyeon's SNS Apology Make Things Worse For EXO Baekhyun

(Photo : SM Entertainment)

Did Taeyeon"s good intentions backfire on her? On June 19, Girls" Generation member Taeyeon turned to Instagram to issue an apology to her fans (SONES) and audiences who were upset about her relationship with EXO"s Baekhyun.

The Instagram posts, which are no longer available,included a sincere apology to those who were distressed about news regarding her relationship with Baekhyun.

(Photo : Taeyeon SS Instagram ) Taeyeon apologized through three Instagram posts. In the posts, Taeyeon stated, “I really want to apologize to you.I"m sorry for the pain I have caused.”

While her fans may have responded positively to the sincere apology, this acknowledgement to perceived guilt over the relationship scandal may have helped to shape negative reactions from fans of EXO.

(Photo : Inkigayo)

The happiness of "Inkigayo" was marred by heckling audience members. On the June 23 episode of “Inkigayo,” program host Baekhyun was subjected to audience members who called the EXO member a traitor for his relationship with Taeyeon.

While this was distressing for Baekhyun and the other program hosts, it was an interesting side effect of SM Entertainment"s acknowledgment of the idol relationship.

Some fans of EXO began to call for the removal of Baekhyun from EXO, following the “Inkigayo” broadcast and the situation which began to evolve into a full blown scandal.

While it was not previously considered a scandal, Taeyeon utilized the word in her statement.She opened her apology with “I know you guys were shocked and hurt by the scandal today.”

The situation has become further compounded by reports that Taeyeon was allegedy seen crying and apologizing to fans while boarding a plane in Gimpo International Airport on June 26.

 According to English language outlet Allkpop, witnesses who supposedly interacted with Taeyeon turned to SNS to spread news of their interaction with idol.

The Allkpop article goes on to state that one witnessed said that Taeyeon had asked her to, "relay to her fans that she was really sorry. She kept asking me to tell them she was really sorry and apologetic." 

Girls" Generation has announced numerous relationships throughout 2014, however, none of the members have been as outspoken in apologizing to fans.

It is not unprecedented for idols to turn to SNS platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Weibo to express their frustration with either their fans or circumstances that were occurring within their lives.

However, the particular wording of the statement issue by Taeyeon not only acknowledges that she is dating, but serves as an admission of wrong-doing.

As opposed to the previously announced relationships within Girls" Generation, Taeyeon and Baekhyun had an on-going history of appearing together in cutesy photos and variety show spots.

Upon the announcement of the couple, many fans of both groups expressed betrayal and described feeling tricked by Taeyeon and Baekhyun.

Taeyeon chose the most resourceful method she knew to address the controversy, but this method appears to have completely backfired on her.

The Korean entertainment industry has utilized a combination of Confucian philosophy and post-feudal rules to create a situation in which an adult woman feel guilty for dating another consenting adult.Aside from the fact that both are public figures, the announcement of their relationship was only an announcement, not a sex scandal.

If situations such as this continue, K-Pop and Korean entertainment as a whole will suffer in terms of longevity.Hopefully, Taeyeon will be the last idol who has to apologize for dating.


Anonymous idols and agency reps asked about their reaction to Taeyeon & Baekhyun's dating news

Anonymous idols and agency reps asked about their reaction to Taeyeon & Baekhyun's dating news

With the outbreak of the news about Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon and EXO"s Baekhyun dating, there have been mixed reactions from the public and fans . But how about within the idol or celeb world? To find out, Kuki News revealed they went backstage during "Music Bank" last week to survey the various types of reactions to the recent Taeyeon and Baekhyun news, as well as the topic of idols dating in general.

SEE ALSO: K-Tigers kick butt with their Taekwondo take on EXO"s "Overdose" - hyahh!

◇ Girl group member "A" 

Member "A" of a female idol group revealed that she was quite envious. "How can I not be envious of the fact that the agency even acknowledges that you are dating someone you like?" However when asked about her love life, she waved her hands and commented, "I don"t have anyone I"m seeing, but even if I did have someone, I don"t think it"d feel all that enjoyable or desirable... I think the agency would try to block it, and also, I think it"s discourteous to the fans who"ve watched over only me."

◇ Boy group member "B"

A member of a boy idol group, being referred to as "B" by the media outlet, revealed himself to be a fanboy of Taeyeon. He said, "I am Taeyeon sunbaenim"s fan, so it"s unfortunate that she"s now off the market." He revealed that he had been a fan of her since before debut and continued to pick her as the sunbae he most looked up to even after debut. "But even so, I will continue to like Girls" Generation... As for me, I don"t think it"s time for me to be dating yet," he shared.

◇ Boy group member "C"

"C", who is said to be an older idol from a boy group, was asked about his thoughts on two artists from the same agency dating. He laughed as he responded, "Why are you doing this to me," then added, "I think it"s best to date secretly", revealing that he thinks that not much can be done about love, but that it"s best to keep things secret and also end things quietly so that the fans and the agency do not find out. When asked if he had also secretly dated, he once again laughed as he said, "Have I done it? Hahaha. Well.."

◇ Girl group member "D"

Another older idol "D" was asked about the topic, but from a girl group this time. She said, "To be honest, I think it"s good to date more when you are young and pretty... When I first debuted, I didn"t really know anything so when I sang love songs, there wasn"t much emotion there and the producers would scold me. However, after I experienced love, I was able to sing more maturely." She also mentioned that experiencing love can also help one realize how amazing fans" love is.

◇ Rep of an idol group "E"

"E", a rep from the promotional team of an idol group, stated, "If I were to be honest, I don"t think that we could stop idols from dating... But I hope that when they date, they will at least tell the agency". "E" tried to point out that if something were to happen or break out, the agency would be able to respond and resolve a situation faster if they had already be given a heads up. "E" added, "To be frank, the agency has to know about it in order to deny or confirm... It"s a very shocking and confusing situation for us when a reporter calls out of the blue to ask, "Is it true they"re dating?""

◇ Rep of an idol group "F"

Another rep of an idol group, "F", revealed that he/she didn"t think news of idols dating was too serious in comparison to all the other types of scandals or controversies that could arise. "F" commented, "Rather than going out and doing something bad that could end up on the general news section of a newspaper [rather than limited to just the entertainment section], it"s better for them to go date." "F" also added humorously, "Whether you"re dating within the agency or outside the agency, just don"t do anything that will land you on the general news section... It"s fine to appear however much you want as long as it"s limited to the entertainment section." 

Do you agree with any of their thoughts? Also, any guesses as to who these anonymous idols or reps could be? 


Things Taeyeon and Baekhyun Probably Do In Their Relationship

Things Taeyeon and Baekhyun Probably Do In Their Relationship

Now that they have openly admitted to being in a relationship, Taeyeon and Baekhyun have been the topic of much discussion among Girls" Generation and EXO fans alike. This has led to a lot of speculation about what it must be like to be K-Pop"s new "it" couple.

Here are some guesses about what they probably do in their relationship:

They talk about their years of training at SM and those long days where they never imagined their hard work would pay off.

They talk about how amazing it feels to be out in the open, declaring their love for the world to see!

Even though Taeyeon is older, she definitely appreciates Baekhyun"s energy and outlook on life.

Taeyeon and Baekhyun can definitely teach each other some new and old tricks about how to successfully maneuver their way to the top of the KPOP game.

When they"re apart, they are so thankful they have social media to keep their relationship alive!

Now that Taeyeon is officially the 4th/5th SNSD member, (not completely sure of Hyoyeon"s current boyfriend status), to come out and pronounce their relationships, they definitely go on quadruple dates together to watch movies, eat at cafés, and chow down at dinners!

They listen to each other"s music and Baekhyun does "Gee" choreography and Taeyeon does "Wolf" choreography.

Congrats on your love you two young love birds!!!