'Familyhood' Kim Hye-soo and Ma Dong-seok take a selfie with cast:

'Familyhood' Kim Hye-soo and Ma Dong-seok take a selfie with cast: "'Familyhood' is open now"

A workforce selfie of "Familyhood" forged is drawing attention.

Ma Dong-seok posted the crowd selfie and also wrote on his non-public Instagram on June 29 pronouncing ""Familyhood' is open now. Please come and revel in #Familyhood".

In the published photo, "Familyhood" leads, Kim Hye-soo and Ma Dong-seok strike pose in conjunction with Kwak Si-yang, Hwang Mi-yeong, Jeon Seok-ho and other actors.

"Familyhood" tells the tale about a superstar, who is a unmarriedlady living alone, and her pregnancy scandal as she tries to create somebody who can at all times be on her side.

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Interview "Familyhood" Ma Dong-seok, "I'm lazy in the complete thing yet work"

Actor Ma Dong-seok claims he is lazier than he looks.

Ma Dong-seok used to be interviewed at the 13th in a caf in Seoul and he said, "I'm diligent by way of work, yetin a other wayI am lazy".

Ma Dong-seok takes on the role of bestmegastar Joo-yeon's (Kim Hye-soo) youth friend and manager Pyeong-goo. He may be a stylist and he is goingthru 24 outfits for the movie.

Ma Dong-seok said, "I am now nottypicallyinquisitive about clothes, but they told me I used to be a stylist so I did some research. I presumeddifficult just about what my taste is or evenattempted on glasses. I asked the director for advice".

"I even tried striking on makeupto seem less strong. I only wear make-up when I had tohide myself".

He changed into asked which vogue he cherished the maximum in the film and he said, "Nothing. The total lot was uncomfortable. I wore hiking pants today. I do not like taking time to place on garments and I don't like dresses with many buttons".

"I am very hard running but lazy about other things than that. I don't even buy groceries for clothes".

"I am lazy when it comes to love. It is just not my style. I loveoperating for now and my brother were given married first so my folks just tell me to paintings when I can. I wish to work for goodbye asimaginable and thenI am prepared on it".

Meanwhile, "Familyhood" is a comedy motion picture about a height star saying her pregnancy to the world. The movie comes out on June 29th.

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'38 Income  Sequence Unit' Choi Soo-young, Search engine marketing In-guk, Ma Dong-seok take a set selfie

'38 Income Sequence Unit' Choi Soo-young, Search engine marketing In-guk, Ma Dong-seok take a set selfie

Girls' Generation member idol grew to become actress Choi Soo-young published her selfie she took along sidethe forged of OCN's upcoming drama, '38 IncomeSeries Unit'.

Choi Soo-young stated on her private Instagram, "#DespiteApril dressed in padded jackets. # Ma Dong-seok # Seo In-guk # Choi Soo-young #38RevenueCollectionUnit" when uploading the photo.

In the revealed image, Choi Soo-young, Seo In-guk, and Ma Dong-seok are wearing thick black padded jackets. The 3 actors strike the precisely same pose with the large bright smiles whilstappearing off their victory sign. Their impending drama OCN's '38 Profit Collection Unit' premieres on June 18.


"Masked Singer" Sin Go-eun takes selfie with Ma Dong-seok

"Masked Singer" Sin Go-eun posted an image of herself and actor Ma Dong-seok on her Instagram.

She tagged quite so much of words and said, "Ma Dong-seok prefers to be called 'Mayomi'. Excellenttask today".

They are posing in combination for the picture.

Meanwhile, MBC "Masked Singer" guest Sin Go-eun seemed as 'Back To The Future' on February 21st.


Taeyeons attractive new open-shirt selfie has lovers hypnotized

Taeyeons attractive new open-shirt selfie has lovers hypnotized

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterGirls GenerationTaeyeon has enduredto provokeloversnow notbest every bit a vocalist, yet as one of the crucialbest visuals in the industry as well. 

And with the unlock of her 2d solo mini-album, Taeyeon surprised fans another time alongside her overflowing beauty. But whilst fans are used to seeing gorgeouspictures of Taeyeon, many were stunnedto look her release a slightlyboldhorny photo for Why, in which she reveals a bit more skin than shes used to.

Check out some more shocking photos for Why from Taeyeons Instagram below:

A photo posted via TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on Jun 20, 2016 at 6:08pm PDT

A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on Jun 20, 2016 at 6:14pm PDT

A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on Jun 26, 2016 at 10:03pm PDT

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'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin:

'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin: "An actress with accumulated abilities and knowledge, amazing acting ability"

Movie "Familyhood" director Kim Tae-gon gave an unreserved compliment at the actress Seo Hyeon-jin, who is operating amongst him currently.

On June 20, director Kim Tae-gon met OSEN reporter in a caf in Samcheong-dong, Seoul and printed his mind approximately Seo Hyeon-jin. He said, "Whenever I saw Seo Hyeon-jin, I assumed she is an actress with talents and knowledge".

He also mentioned casting Seo Hyeon-jin for his movie, "When she was once filming with us, it becamesooner than she did "Oh Hae-Young Again". When I heard she was going to do a drama, I stated 'hope it'll turn out well' and it if fact exist toldbecame out to be daebak". The director smiled happily.

He persevered on, "When we had a assembly with Seo Hyeon-jin, what I used to be wondering was if an actress who used to play a leading role in a romance drama would play a role as a mother with two children. It would not be a very easyresolutionyet she permitted the be offering without hesitation. When we were settling onthe thought that for her costumes, we readylovely clothes. But she chose the humble garments and said precisemothers wear those clothes. We were slightly surprised".

The director also said, "When she was gambling mom, there isnot anythingbizarre or awkward about her acting. I thought she was an actress with a in realitywide selection of acting" and "Also, when anything becomes otherwise even a bitright through script reading, actors generally get confused. But Seo Hyeon-jin may justalternate her voice tone acting instantly. It was a excellent surprise. It is onlyconceivable for actors who are prepared. I thought she has accumulated qualificationsand data equally an actress. Kim Hye-soo also complimented Seo Hyeon-jin so much on the filming set".

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Spoiler '38 Earnings  Sequence Unit' Ma Dong-seok faces reprimand after throwing a punch at Oh Dae-hwan

Spoiler '38 Earnings Sequence Unit' Ma Dong-seok faces reprimand after throwing a punch at Oh Dae-hwan

On the episode one of OCN Friday Saturday drama, '38 IncomeSeries Unit', Baek Seong-il (Ma Dong-seok) and Cheon Seong-hee (Choi Soo-young) conducted a spaceseek on warrant to assemble unpaid tax from Ma Jin-seok (Oh Dae-hwan).

Baek Seong-il could not take Ma Jin-seok's nasty behaviors any more and ended up throwing a punch at him. The manager officer of the collection agency, Ahn Tae-wook (Jo Woo-jin), called in Baek Seong-il and Baek Seong-il later was once called in via the mayor of Seowon, Cheon Gap-soo (Ahn Nae-sang).

Cheon Gap-soo asked Baek Seong-il, "Why did you act like that? You are an 8 year veteran" Baek Seong-il dropped his head and apologized. The mayor ordered Ahn Tae-wook to make surethe primary points and send him to a disciplinary committee.

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Sung Dong Il Explains Why He’s Thankful To The “It’s Okay, That’s Love” Cast

Sung Dong Il Explains Why He’s Thankful To The “It’s Okay, That’s Love” Cast

Sung Dong Il Explains Why Hes Thankful To The Its Okay, Thats Love Forged kminjungee June 14, 2016 0 Sung Dong Il Explains Why Hes Thankful To The Its Okay, Thats Love Cast Right through his appearance on tvNs Taxi, Sung Dong Il presentations how the finish of a drama doesnt mean the end of the friendships shaped between the cast members.

Because the actor is widely known for the hugeselection ofbuddies he has, the MCs ask if any of his former co-stars have for my part visited his home. He easily replies that Jo In Sung has, and they drink in combination often.

Sung Dong Il then talks about how many of his former co-stars at all timesrecall to mind his kids equally well. He explains how his childrenincessantlypass over to Gong Hyo Jins house, and Lee Kwang Soo commonly sends presents, equivalent togarments and toys. Go Hyun Jung also sends over home made accessories as well, yet his youngstersdo now not know how noted their uncles and aunts are.

Similar to his kids, he then recalls how when he first met EXOs D.O., he had no concept he was once a famous idol, and idea EXO referred to the alcohol emblem of an analogous name.

At that moment, Sung Dong Il reveals, However, although hes this kind of busy kid, D.O., at the facet of Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung, got here when my mompassed directly tothe good beyond and stayed with me for 2 nights and 3 days. Gong Hyo Jin stayed through my wifes side, protecting her hand all the time, for the duration of all 3 days. He expresses his gratitude for the complete Its Okay, Thats Love cast.

Many audience reacted undoubtedly to his statements, commenting things like, Everyone has such a robust sense of loyalty, and Good other people are surrounded by good people.

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Photos Added new Kim Hye-soo stills for the approaching Korean film

Photos Added new Kim Hye-soo stills for the approaching Korean film "Familyhood"

Added new Kim Hye-soo stills for the approaching Korean film "Familyhood" (2016)Directed by ability of Kim Tae-gonWith Kim Hye-soo, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Hyeon-soo, Kim Yong-geon, Seo Hyeon-jin, Kwak Si-yang,...Crank in : 2015/08/27Formerly referred to as "Family Plan" (, ga-jok-gye-hoik)Synopsis"Familyhood" is a humanism family drama. The majorpersona is an actress, who has the entire lot perfect. Alternatively there is somethingthis islacking in her life. This is a family. The motion picture is a witty cinematic interpretation of a sequence of occasionstaking place to the major character when she herself tries to create a family for her.Release date in Korea : 2016/06/29

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Kim Hye-soo,

Kim Hye-soo, "I'm pregnant", D-line in "Familyhood"

Kim Hye-soo seems to be pregnant.

Still cuts from the hot comedy "Familyhood" released images of Kim Hye-soo taking a look pregnant.

"Familyhood" is ready a most sensiblebig namegrowing a mythical scandal to make other folks turn to her side.

Stills displaythe pinnacle star effectively getting herself pregnant.

Kim Hye-soo is dressed in a yellow tone one-piece get dressed alongsidea largeabdominal in the primary picture. She has a small smile on her face, one hand on her waist and one hand on her big belly.

In the 2nd one picture, she's wearing a checked apron with a bandana on her head. She looks satisfied as she's smiling.

Kim Hye-soo went viaquite so much of efforts to make her pregnant state appear more real. On height of makeup and props, a systematicverifyused to be also run to peer how pregnancy in genuineexistence feels like.

Kim Hye-soo holds the question, "Is it a woman or a boy?"

"Familyhood" might be released at the 29th of June.

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