First Impressions: The mystical Universe Of “Ice Fantasy”

First Impressions: The mystical Universe Of “Ice Fantasy”

First Impressions: The paranormal Universe Of Ice Fable somilha August 12, 2016 0 First Impressions: The Magical Universe Of Ice Fantasy I’ve at all times had doubts about book-to-screen adaptations because I to find IT difficult to mirror the magic you get from reading a novel. Theres just anything about the written structure that doesnt continuously translate to the large screen. I can’t lend a handyet wonder how fanatics of the books will react: Will the live-action editionare living up to their expectations? Will the keyforged adequately paintingeach and every character? Will it remain true to the story?

These were one of theconsiderations one held for the novel-to-TV display adaptation of Ice Fantasy featuring Victoria from f(x), which began airing in July. The drama was onceinitiallya unique titled Town of Fantasy written by ability of Guo Jing Ming. To start with slated to be adapted to a movie, manufacturersmade up our minds that the opposite universe Guo had created turned into and complex for an 120-minute production, and thus Ice Fantasy was born. Even supposing Ive never read the novel, my promptconcept was that it was a sensibleresolution to make. 

Victoria stars as our heroine, Li Luo, a commoner who rises to grow to bean impressive sorceress in the Ice Tribe. Little is on the market to us about her background, but from the primary two episodes we will enjoin she is an outstanding soldier. Li Luo also serves the kingdom by advising the Crown Prince Ka Suo at theday-to-day lives of the people. Despite the reality thatthey've never met, as they keep up a correspondencevia an owl, they appearrelativelyacquainted with one another.

Li Luo is a strategically speedyphilosopherbecause of her schooling every bit a soldier, but this also translates to the way she communicates with others. She will also becaptivating and playful, but she always knows where to attract the line with her just right judgment. Thus far, we can tell that she is highly clever and a great fighter.

Feng Shaofeng plays our male lead, Prince Ka Suo of the Ice Tribe. A loving older brother, he seeks to become self sustaining from from the confines of being royalty. The drama opens with the party of the princes 130th birthday. However, tragedy turns out to be just round the corner with the semblance of the suspicious 2nd prince of the Hearth Tribe, Xin Jue.

As the tale unfolds in the 1st two episodes, I'mknowing why this novel had to be made into a Television series in position of a movie. The first two episodes by myself were jam-packed with background history about the 2 tribes and the existing conflicts between them. Because we are being drawn into a other universe, it is vital for the producers to introduce the entire central figures and get the target audiencestuck up with the story. By the finish of the moment one episode we are already witnessing primarypersonaconstruction that cannonballs into a crisis scenario for the two tribes.

Crown Prince Ka Suos more youthful brother, Ying Kong Shi, starts the tale as young boy who has yet to expand his magical abilities. His loss of powers and resolution for justice make him the objective of teasing and bullying from the other boys. Either princes are fond of one another and go to fantastic lengths to give coverage to one another. When the second prince of the Fire Tribe, Xin Jue, harasses the mermaid princess, the two brothers combat back to shield her.

We see Ying Kong Shi evolve from a meek boy to a frustrated adolescent in a position to fight injustice. His magical talents are ignited by the attack from the Fire Tribe prince; in his impulsiveness, he finally ends up killing Xin Jue. Their battle creates severe outcomes between the two tribes and sooner than long, the Fire Tribe and the Ice Tribe are all of sudden engaged in war.

It was a wild ride from just the first two episodes, but its a critical prelude to the major story: the tale of the way two people from very alternativecases meet, and how in the route of human struggles they learn how to love and depend upon one another.

The prove boasts a lineup of distinguished actors, collaboration with the set clothier for Lord of the Rings, and a meant budget of three hundred million yuan (approximately $45 million USD). Its no wonder it was also able to recruit most sensible Taiwanese singers Jay Chou and A-Mei only for the pointof making the opening theme song.

Because the show is still in its early stages, and Ive yet to peer our two leading characters meet, I'll exist giving it a couple more episodes before deciding whether it's farvalue following. Li Luo and Ka Suo undoubtedlyappear to have a special bond which precedes the fact that they dont know what the other looks like. This romantic trope is one of the numerous that I live for; Im always excited for our main characters to determine what they didnt know about one some other and meet one another for the first time. Despite the irregularities in its cinematography, the dubious want for dubbing, and questionable CGI effects, an action-filled romantic tale is taking shape and I am prepared to see the expansion of Li Luo from a commoner to a robust sorceress.

You can watch Ice Fantasy here! 

“Why don’t you've a boyfriend yet?” ask my relatives. I shrug and tell them I’m too busy, declining to mention the fact that I am in reality in more than one parasocial relationships with my favourite celebrities. It’s the fan-girl lifestyles for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sign up for me, somilha, as I consume more K-pop, more dramas and anything elseI will become my hands on in the process the internet.

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Watch: VIXX Rocks Their Dark Thought In “Fantasy” MV Teaser Video

Watch: VIXX Rocks Their Dark Thought In “Fantasy” MV Teaser Video

Watch: VIXX Rocks Their Dark Thought In Fable MV Teaser Videoilmare42 August 10, 2016 0 Watch: VIXX Rocks Their Dark Concept In Fantasy MV Teaser Video VIXXs comeback is kind of here, and the hit boy crew is getting fanatics even more excited with the teaser for their identifymusic music video!

On August 11 in the dead of night KST, VIXX shared the reliable teaser video for their upcoming music video Fantasy. The track may beintegrated as a phase of their unmarried album Hades, which is due out on August 12 at midnight.

The teaser presentations more glimpses at the chillingly dark concept for their comeback, in additionslightly of the guys choreography. Watch it below!

Hades is the 2nd onecomponent of VIXXs Conception trilogy, which started in April with the unlockin their single Zelos, featuring the title track Dynamite. As smartly as Fantasy, the recent single album will come with the tracks Love Me Do and Butterfly Effect.

Are you excited for VIXXs go back amongst Fantasy?

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Watch: VIXX Releases Eerie And Mysterious Thought  Movie For Name  Tune “Fantasy”

Watch: VIXX Releases Eerie And Mysterious Thought Movie For Name Tune “Fantasy”

Watch: VIXX Releases Eerie And Mysterious ThoughtMovie For IdentifyTuneFable kminjungee August 5, 2016 0 Watch: VIXX Releases Eerie And Mysterious Concept Film For Title Track Fantasy With only a few days left till the free up of the 2d onea phase of their Conception trilogy, VIXX continues to tease at a dismal and creepy concept for their latest album, Hades.

On August 6, the gang dropped a concept film for either the album and its title track, Fantasy.

While eerie background music plays, the individualsseem to bein seek of something while quite so much of other shots are interspersed.

Staying in keeping withold teasers, the black-and-white film also displaysa couple of scenes of thorns as well.

Check out the mysterious video below!

Meanwhile, the total album may be released on August 12 at the hours of darkness KST, while the music video for Fantasy will drop on August 15 at nighttime KST.

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f(x)’s Victoria’s Candy Kiss Scene Published In “Ice Fantasy” Stills

f(x)’s Victoria’s Candy Kiss Scene Published In “Ice Fantasy” Stills

f(x)s Victorias Candy osculate Scene Published In Ice Fable Stillsleonid August 2, 2016 0 f(x)s Victorias Sweet Kiss Scene Revealed In Ice Fantasy Stills Footage from Victorias passionate kiss scene were released!

On August 2, Ice Fantasy teased the f(x) leaders kiss scene by way of publishing still cuts of the clip earlier than it aired. The pictures capture the leads Li Luo and Ka Suo, portrayed by Victoria and Feng Shao Feng, sharing a sweet moment together.

Surrounded by a paranormal white landscape, the 2 kiss lovingly as snowflakes descend around them.

In the preferred Chinese show, Victoria stars along actors Feng Shao Feng and Guy Tian Yu, with a unique appearance by Kim Hee Sun. It's miles an original tale of fantasy and romance by lauded creator Guo Jingming. The drama these days is airing on Hunan TV.

Catch the newest episode of Ice Fantasy below!

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Victoria Celebrates Completing “Ice Fantasy” Filming

Victoria Celebrates Completing “Ice Fantasy” Filming

Victoria Celebrates Completing Ice Myth Filmingkokoberry August 2, 2016 0 Victoria Celebrates Finishing Ice Fantasy Filming f(x)s Victoria has celebrate the finish of filming for her drama Ice Fantasy.

The news was oncepublishedin the process the stars workshop in China and accompanied with a photo of Victoria with body of workersindividualsat the set. The post incorporates a message saying, Victorias workers members all worked very hard! Filming becomeready to end smartlythank you to everyone.

In the photo, Victoria holds a bouquet of flora and smiles next to team members. There also are cakes and beverages in front of them.

Previously, new stills of Victoria were released. Her action acting abilities and attractiveness is noticeable as she wields plenty of weapons.

Check out popular drama Ice Fantasy below!

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Unnies From “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Do Their Very best Jessi Impressions

Unnies From “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Do Their Very best Jessi Impressions

Unnies From Sisters Slam Dunk Do Their Very best Jessi Impressionsleonid August 1, 2016 0 Unnies From Sisters Slam Dunk Do Their Best Jessi Impressions The Sisters Slam Dunk individuals all reworked into Jessi!

On July 31, Jessi shared a picture of the women on her Instagram and wrote, Jessi x6.

In the photo, members Hong Jin Kyung, Tiffany, Kim Sook, Min Hyo Rin, and Ra Mi Ran all become into the rapper, carrying Jessi-style jackets and sunglasses.

To peak it off, they wear their top Jessi influenceby skill of following her trademark pout and fierce expression.

A photo posted by Jessi 제시 (@jessicah_o) on Jul 30, 2016 at 9:50pm PDT

Meanwhile, Jessi currently reunited with her father on the displays July 29 broadcast, and the display will now be following the casts project of fulfiling her dream to move on a holiday amongst her family.

Catch the newest episode below!

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First Impressions: “W”

First Impressions: “W”

First Impressions: Wbinahearts July 24, 2016 0 First Impressions: W westward is a new Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, and is one of the various highly expected dramas of 2016. Theres numerouspowerin this drama to bring since it is going to exist airing at the similar time as Uncontrollably Fond, and itll be amusingto glance atthe 2 male leads and real-life buddies duke it out in the ratings. Even if the two dramas are utterly different, if youre trying to find an edge-of-your-seat, romantic, funny drama, then W is certainlythe only to watch!

Curious to look how I suspect W did in the primary two episodes? Stay reading to discover out! (Minor spoilers ahead).

1. Production PriceWe will have toin realityspeak about the graphics because this facet of the drama has completely won me over and Im no longer eventidethe sortto truly manage about the type of stuff. The webtoon theme of the storyline calls forso much of CG because it has to tripfrom aspect to side between the comediane-bookinternational and real life. Its seriously cool seeing the scenes and characters transform.

Theres truly no other be aware to describe this except cool.

Theres lots of shift in scenery duringthe 1st two episodes, yet IT didnt feel disheveled at all. I assumedI'd becomepissed off alongside the non-stop traveling back and forth from comic world to genuine life, but it used to be produced so smoothly that it wasnt a problem.

One thing I did realizebecome that there has been no noticeable OST. Im used to hearing some noted singer or workforce bust out a music when the mood changes, but there hasnt been the rest significant. Im hoping things trade on that front because I cant lend a hand but love a excellent drama OST.

2. Forged and CharactersLee Jong Suk as a comicpersona is life. Period. Doesn’t he have the very best face up to be a webtoon character? You cant even tell the difference.

(Again, I cant get over those graphics!)

Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) plays a famous Olympic gold medalist in shooting who is charged with the homicide of his whole family. His character is precisely what you couldbe expecting out of a comic book hero — flawless face, rich, a girls man, and he has these killer one-liners that make you squeal. Lee Jong Suk is manifestly perfect for the role.

We also notice that this entire earth that Kang Cheol is in is in truth a webtoon that any person is drawing (Ill get to that later). Regardless that Kang Cheols lines were sparse and we havent had a possibility to really get to understand him, Im loving the interactions with him and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) already. Hes already obviously in love with her and its making me wait forthe following episodes.

As for Lee Jong Suks first appearance in the drama, there wasn’t anything heart-dropping about the moments at first where he’s in court, competing in the Olympics, or in the sanatorium bed. The massive moment most likelygot here when he pulled up to Oh Yeon Joo in his pricey car, having a look like this:

Hello, Kang Cheol. You've got officially arrived and you’re ridiculously handsome.

(Who else can pull off jean on jean, btw?)

Aside from his perfect webtoon face, Lee Jong Suk’s acting is drawing me into his drama – yet again. Seriously, what is it about him and this skill to suck you in? His character Kang Cheol is so perfect for him and I will enjoin his fan base is going to grow exponentially.

Now let’s communicate close to Han Hyo Joo, because she’s the maximum importantreasonI used to be and thendesirous about this drama. Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) plays a resident who lacks the self-confidence and talents to be a doctor. Her father could also bethe consumer who created Kang Cheol and the webtoon world that he lives in. She spends lots of the two episodes seeking to relieve Kang Cheol, which also is how they meet and how this love tale blossoms.

I love how imperfect Han Hyo Joos character is, because if anything, its made her more relatable and lovable. I also love the inner, panicked monologues she has.

If the characters or plot arent enough of a reason to get you to monitor the drama, have a look at the chemistry between these two — even off-screen! Theyre oozing with love for each and every other.

I didnt watch any trailers or read much about this drama leading up to the premiere. So, you'll be in a position toconsider my delightfulwonder when I saw this fine specimen of a human on screen.

So Do Yoon (Lee Tae Hwan) plays Kang Cheol’s bodyguard (what is it with him at all times being cast as a bodyguard?). Though he doesn’t appear to have much screen time, it’ll still be value the watch. Thank you to the team at W who was concerned in the casting process.

Its a little early to tell, but I am gettinga feeling that So Do Yoon might be that loyal, soft-hearted, but sturdy quality who is willing to do anything for Kang Cheol. Are we able to beloved him any more?

3. StorylineI really didn’t know I was partial to fourth dimension travel-type dramas till anestumbled on Nine: nine Times Time Travel. I’m just gonna say that the writer, Song Jae Jung, is a genius. I was just a littleanxious about this “time” theme and wondered if “W” would be very identical to Nine, but I guarantee you, it’s fullyother and it’s awesome.

The first short time of a drama is fundamental for me. If Im now not hooked from the get-go, I generally tendnot to like your entire series. I was a little worried at the start of W as it began with Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) competing in the Olympics and winning, which I wasnt absolutely sold on. But, then it got to the beef of the plot. Although Kang Cheol wins the gold medal in shooting, he's likewise charged in a while after for the murder of his family. With inadequate evidence, Kang Cheol is released from felony and spends his days wallowing.

After an attempted suicide, he decides to avenge the death of his circle of relatives and sets out to determine exactly who murdered them and why. This sounds like a narrativedirectly out of a comic book, right?

Han Hyo Joos character comes into play when we find that her dad is the famous mastermind in the back of Kang Cheols comic world.  Oh Yeon Joo spends more commonly than not in the first two episodes wanting to save Kang Cheol. We dont know why, but her dad really needs him dead and he turns outsomewhat angry about his daughters interaction with him. Normally, I wouldnt care too much about some of these unanswered questions, but this one has piqued my curiosity.

The juxtaposition between the comic world and real world is simply brilliant. I admire how they display pages out of the comic book and then prove the actors in real time. Wasn’t it just amazing when Han Hyo Joo first saw herself in the comic book?

And how hilarious was that slap? I laughed out loud.

At this point, this mysterious, suspenseful drama became into a comedy. It was also at this point that I was officially hooked. Its funny, suspenseful, and romantic. Whats not to like?!

4. UltimateMindI watched either episodes in one sitting and was shocked at how temporarily the two hours went by. For the explanation that story was moving at such a quick pace, I didnt have time to figure out if I loved the drama or not and ahead of I knew it, it was over. On height of the superb script is a cast of a fewwonderful actors (and eye-candy).  I’m waiting for seeing how this drama unfolds and I'm hoping it’s capable ofmaintain my attention; on account of the writer, I’m self-assured that it will!

W” airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the newest episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

Soompiers, what do you place self belief in W so far? Let me know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her unfastened time immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her present obsessions are Song Joong Ki, 1llionaire, and Doctors. When she isn’t looking atthe most recent Running Man episode, she may also benoticed indulging in her favoriteleisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her middle out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and dining dessert!

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Fei’s “Fantasy” Is A Disappointing Dose of Reality

Fei’s “Fantasy” Is A Disappointing Dose of Reality

20160721_seoulbeats_fei_fantasyFeis Myth Is A Disappointing Dose of FactWritten via Lo On July 22, 201607202016_seoulbeats_FeiIts best been two months since Jias departure from Miss A was once announced, and enthusiastshad beenfrightened about Omit As long run since, especially as Min and Suzys contracts expire next year, leaving Fei as the only real member whose long-term destiny alongside JYP is assured. In that vein, its demandingnot to read her solo début as a bad omen of whats to come, either for her and her group, because Fantasy is a global of disappointment.

If youre hoping that Feis solo profession would continue Miss As self reliantlady image, I recommend y'alltake a glance atsome other dimension, because in this one, Fantasy is as some distance from that as possible. Both the song and MV frame Fei as a literal male fantasy, interested only in what she can do to thrill her partner.

The MV starts off promising, with a gritty urban dystopia harking back to Blade Runner. However, it briefly becomes transparent that the easier comparison is to Total Recall. A tenderguy enters a seedy building, one where other folks (presumably) have sex in the hallways and sell seedy services. He can pay for time with a suite of virtual reality goggles, goggles that bring Fei into the MV as a program.

Voyeur Boy watches as Virtu-Fei is going about acting out his whims. He watches her draw a bath, lie on a bed, dance, pose sexily, or evencarry out rhythmic gymnastics. Its no longer precisely a framing tool either; the MV cuts back to Voyeur Boys thick swallows and enraptured expressions more than once. It does now notpermit you tofail to remember that that she is not anythingyet the object of his desire. She has no needsrather then to please him, not even a voice Fei is onlyobservedmaking a song in the MV, as thoughpermitting her to voice her choice to please him would give Fei too much agency. She doesnt even get pants!

The twist comes round the three-minute mark, when, to Voyeur Boys suprise and delight, Fei materializes appropriate in front of him. Upon knowing this, attractive dancing and implied coitus ensues, finishing the MV. However, for the explanation thatno person else ever sees Fei in the genuine world, I'm of the opinion that Fei never actually entered reality, but that Voyeur Boys obsession with Virtu-Fei have become so tough that he lost the facilityto inform fantasy from reality. Honestly, Fantasy is more frustrating than anything, just because ITbecame so with reference tocreating aobservationat the objectification of idols and women, the aid of them to mere fantasy. . . and then it doesnt. Just goes on being sleazy and objectifying.

07202016_seoulbeats_Fei3The song Fantasy is nothing special. Its a softer take on house; lusher with a delicate, planned arrangement. And yet, it falls into the main failing of trendy electronica: Fantasy never builds to anything. It just repeats on an never-ending loop that wears out its welcome very quickly. Fei herself is serviceable. Shes stable and her falsetto is lovely enough, but she doesnt wow and her voice on a standard basis blends with the instrumentals in an aural slurry.

The lyrics, though, are a large letdown. Miss A was tricky and independent, even in love, and it's farmiserable to see Fei provide herself as a passive object, willing to develop intoanything else her spouseneeds her to be in position oflast her own woman. The reality that those lyrics were penned by JY Park does nothing but upload a measurement of squick.

Fantasy is an utter letdown. The song is tepid, the MV sleazy, and Fei grew to become into a willing doll for whoever wants her. It hurts my soul. I dont know whos fantasy this is, but it aint mine. My only hope is that the following fourth dimension Fei releases a solo MV, she gets pants.

(Images by the use of JYP Entertainment, YouTube)


Watch: pass over As Fei Is A Fantasy Come To Existence In Solo Debut MV

Watch: pass over As Fei Is A Fantasy Come To Existence In Solo Debut MV

Watch: leave out A’s Fei Is A “Fantasy” Come To Lifestyles In Solo Debut MVilmare42 July 20, 2016 0 Watch: miss A’s Fei Is A “Fantasy” Come To Life In Solo Debut MV girl A member Fei has now made her solo debut!

On July 21 in the dark KST, Fei dropped the song video for her first solo release, entitled “Fantasy.” In the video, Fei acts as the celebrity of a virtual truth fantasy, dancing and attractivethe guy who’s watching. Yet after he eliminates the virtual truth goggles, Fei without noticeseems in the room he’s in, apparently coming to life.

Watch the video below! Be warned that it's far rated 19for sexual themes.

Fei made her debut in 2010 as a member of miss A with their track “Bad WomanJust right Girl.” The gangmaximumlately released their mini album “Colors” in March of 2015.

What do you bring to mind Fei’s solo debut track?

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Watch: omit As Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut Fantasy MV

Watch: omit As Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut Fantasy MV

Watch: leave out A’s Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut “Fantasy” MVilmare42 July 19, 2016 0 Watch: miss A’s Fei Drops Teaser Video For Solo Debut “Fantasy” MV On July 20 at nighttime KST, miss A member Fei shared an intriguing teaser video for her upcoming solo debut!

Fei could be making her solo debut with the song “Fantasy,” that may exist released on July 21 at midnight KST. In the recent teaser video for the song, a guy enters a depressing basement, where he sits down and an eye mask is put on him. Once the mask is on, we see what seems to be a projection of Fei in a bikini. Watch the teaser video below!

It was onceprior to now reported that Fei’s music video will be rated 19 . Her new solo album became produced by way of JYP founder Park Jin Young, and her name track “Fantasy” is described as a Britpop-inspired dance and RB track.

What do you call to mind this glimpse of Fei’s debut concept?

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