Girl Crew Member Charged With Helping Indecent Attack Of Trainee

Girl Crew Member Charged With Helping Indecent Attack Of Trainee

Girl Crew Member Charged With Helping Indecent Attack Of Traineeehk38 August 5, 2016 0 Girl Organization Member Charged With Aiding Indecent Assault Of Trainee A lady group member has been booked on a rate of abetting the top of a controlfirm in the indecent assault of a trainee.

According to the Ideally suited Prosecutors Workplace of the Republic of Korea on August 6, leadership agency head Mr. Lee (38 years old) allegedly assaulted a newly-signed trainee on April 7. Woman group member Ms. Shin (27 years old) has been charged with being complicit with Mr. Lee in the act, allegedly laying down at the bed herself without any garments on and doing as Mr. Lee said.

Mr. Lee allegedly told the trainee that if she needs to grow to be a celebrity, she wishes to learn how toexperience lobbying with sex and stripped her clothes.

The prosecution filed for arrest warrants for either Mr. Lee and Ms. Shin, yet the court denied the warrant for Ms. Shin, pronouncing that there used to beno usepossibility of her fleeing.

The prosecution plans to also investigate whether Mr. Lee if reality exist toldpost any of his agencys celebrities or trainees for sex lobbying. Mr. Lee reportedly already has a crookchecklist for threatening and assaulting aspiring trainees all the style through auditions.

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Girl’s Day Member Minah’s Older Sister Joins Lady  Crew Wanna.B

Girl’s Day Member Minah’s Older Sister Joins Lady Crew Wanna.B

Girls Day Member Minahs Older Sister Joins LadyTeam Wanna.BJiwonYu April 6, 2016 0 LINE it!Girls Day Member Minahs Older Sister Joins Girl Organization Wanna.B Girls Day member Minahs older sister, Linah, is now a new member of girl group Wanna.B.

On April 7, their agency Zenith Media Contents stated that member Seo Yoon has left the gang and the group will have seven individuals from now on with new members Loeun and Linah. Loeun is the 3rd one from the right, and Linah is the 0.33 one from the left.

Affiliates revealed, After promotions for the teams2ndunmarried album, Hands Up, ended, SEO Yoon began having pelvic and decrease back pain. After a long communicate alongside her family, we determined to admire Seo Yoon and her familys resolution and agreed to her leaving the group.

Now Loeun and Linah have joined to fill Seo Yoons spot. Affiliates continued, Loeun has very excellent vocals whilst Linah is multi-talented member, being Women Day member Minahs older sister.

Meanwhile, Wanna.B is getting ready for a comeback at the finish of June as a seven-member group.

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Girl Crew Member Goeun Suffers Cloth cabinet Malfunction Because of  Loss of  Protection Shorts

Girl Crew Member Goeun Suffers Cloth cabinet Malfunction Because of Loss of Protection Shorts

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA video clip from a contemporary fancam of rookie womanstaff Laysha dance functionality has gotten much buzz on web forums because of a close to epic dresser malfunction.

The video is of a new girl neighborhood called Laysha, member Goeun, as she does the splits she nearly suffers what can have been a disastrous wardrobe failure because of the the loss ofprotection shorts. Enthusiasts pointed out that she seems to bedressed in underwear, very identical to rumours involving the Bambino Hadam incident a couple of months ago. Some have also in comparisonthis example to a similar one that occurred these days involving Girl’s Day’s Sojin. Are security shorts changing into a thing of the past for girl teams in Korea?

Video and footage below, view at your own discretion.

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New Five-Member Girl Crew Named Unicorn to Debut in September

New Five-Member Girl Crew Named Unicorn to Debut in September

New Five-Member Lady team Named Unicorn to Debut in September New girl group Unicorn is gearing up for their debut!

On August 28, the five-member girl group’s firm released a set photo of the hot idol group and announced the date in their debut release. In the teaser image, the five individuals of the group, Winnie, Yoojin, Rumi, Gayoung, and Sally, may also be observed carrying colorful hair.

Unicorn is a woman group this is produced through R&B singer Kim Jo Han. Even earlier than their legitimate debut, they have got seemed in Naver television Cast’s internet sitcom series “I’m a Lady Group.”

Unicorn will debut with their first mini album “Unicorn ‘Once Upon a Time’” and name unmarried “Huk” on September 3.

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Girl Crew  Individuals Are Ranked In Logo  Recognition For July

Girl Crew Individuals Are Ranked In Logo Recognition For July

Girl TeamContributors Are Ranked In EmblemPopularity For Julynotclaira July 30, 2016 0 Girl Organization Members Are Ranked In Brand Reputation For July The emblem reputation ratings for the month of July are out!

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation testedgiantinformation from June 28 to July 29 so asto inspect which girl group members had the best brand reputation among their peers. The kindsbelow investigation integratedthe quantity of brands the celebrity has participated in, their talent to keep in touch alongside the public, the communitys belief of them, and the Brand Reputation Index.

Girls Generations Taeyeon took the No. 1 spot with a blendedrating of more than 1.1 million (each category is given a score and the numbers are added together).

9MUSESs Kyungri got here in 2ndposition with a score of 1.08 million.

The chief of the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation stated, We examined the brand reputation of feminine singers who are recentlya section ofa woman group. Their teams brand reputation and their person reputations are examined differently, so there is also a difference between the two. Singers who are active on kindtechniquesin maximum caseshave a tendency to acquireupper scores.

Taeyeon (Girls Generation)Kyungri (9MUSES)Cao Lu (FIESTAR)Eunha (GFRIEND)Jeon Somi (I.O.I)Jungyeon (TWICE)Kei (Lovelyz)Soyou (SISTAR)Sunmi (Wonder Girls)Seolhyun (AOA)Victoria (f(x))Hani (EXID)Sun (MAMAMOO)Suzy (miss A)Joy (Red Velvet)Jun Hyosung (Secret)Hyeri (Girls Day) Source (1)

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Cosmic Women Teases Comeback As A 13-Member Crew With Yoo Yeonjung

Cosmic Women Teases Comeback As A 13-Member Crew With Yoo Yeonjung

Cosmic Ladies Teases Comeback As A 13-Member Staff With Yoo Yeonjungehk38 July 28, 2016 0 Cosmic Girls Teases Comeback As A 13-Member Organization With Yoo Yeonjung Starship Entertainments rookie woman group Cosmic Girls has dropped the primarycircular of symbol teasers in anticipation in their comeback as a 13-member group with the hot addition of I.O.Is Yoo Yeonjung.

On July 28, Cosmic Girls posted thirteenperson teasers at the facet of a collage compiling them. Apparently their upcoming namemusic and/or album could be entitled 13 Secrets and is slated for free upa while in August.

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A photo posted by way of 우주소녀

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Which Underrated Woman  Workforce Member Took The Crown In this Weeks Girl Spirit

Which Underrated Woman Workforce Member Took The Crown In this Weeks Girl Spirit

Which Underrated LadyStaff Member Took The Crown In this Week’s “Girl Spirit?”notclaira July 26, 2016 0 Which Underrated Girl Organization Member Took The Crown On This Week’s “Girl Spirit?” The July 26 episode of JTBC’s “Girl Spirit” featured performances from Cosmic Girls’ Dawon, Lovelyz’ Kei, CLC’s Seunghee, Sonamoo’s Minjae, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, and Pledis Girlz’s Seongyeon. .

Cosmic Girls’ Dawon covered Girls’ Generation’s “Way to Go” and showed off her robust vocals and a memorable flag performance. “There were loads of things that came about to us when we ready to debut,” she said. “I consideredthe ones things and practiced this performance” Dawon were given 83 points.

Lovelyz’s Kei conducted “Atlantis Princess” via BoA and published that the song encouraged her to turn out to be a singer. Her tough choreography and function won her 88 points.

CLC’s Seunghee sang Ivy’s “I Will have to Be a Fool” and said, “When I practice, even now, every so oftenI think bad about myself. All through my trainee days, each personmost effectiveserious about my susceptible points. I continuously felt that I will have done smartly if any person only cheered me on.” She also expressed her gratitude at the audiences’ reaction to her functionality and won 65 points.

Sonamoo’s Minjae sang Maya’s “Shout of Myself” and mentioned the hardship of leaving her local Busan for Seoul to changed into a trainee. “The toughestsectionwas once feeling people’s passion in us wax and wane. I would like to sing a song that truly comforted me during those times.” Minjae won 90 issues and was crowned the winner of this week’s episode.

Last’s week’s winner, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, covered “A Goose’s Dream.” Her performance was a otheridea from last week’s “Dream Girl,” yet her emotional rendition won her 87 points.

The ultimate functioning of the evening was Pledis Girlz’s Seongyeon. She covered S.E.S’s “Just A Feeling” and gave a groovy and brand new RB-style performance, winning 81 facets with her impressive “3-level note.”

After the performances, the 111 target audienceindividuals voted back in a 2nd round. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Lovelyz’s Kei joined Minjae in the head 3.

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Naver Ballot  finds who is the maximum productive  Woman  Crew Visual Member in K-Pop history

Naver Ballot finds who is the maximum productive Woman Crew Visual Member in K-Pop history

23kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter The votes are in! A contemporary polling held by skill of Naver had netizens vote for the headmaximum visual member of womanteams in K-Pop history. 

Conducted between October 26th and 27th, the ballot attracted over 140,000 netizens (146,136 to be exact) in precisely a span of 2 days.

Taking over a quarter of the votes was once S.E.Ss Eugene with 25.8%. S.E.S is a first generation idol team who have becomeone of the crucialmost neatly liked girl community at the time, and debuted below SM Entertainment as a trio adding Bada and Shoo in 1997.

Despite breaking apart in 2002 and going their own way, the 3 makeenduredto turnsturdy friendship right through the years even thru marriage. They these days held a quick reunion on Infinite Challenges Saturday, Saturday, I'm A Singer (commonly referred to as Totoga) althoughbecause of her pregancy, Eugene turned intonot ableto take part and was represented by Girls Generations Seohyun.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

In 2dpositionis women Generations Yoona with 15.9%. She debuted with the gang in 2007 and continues to advertise alongside them till today. Since her debut, Yoona has spanned her talents into acting, acting in such dramas as You Are My Destiny, Love Rain, and Cinderella Man.

JYP Entertainment vitality visual and omit A member Suzy takes in 3rd place with a close 15.4%. Very identical to Yoona, she has branched off into acting as well, appearing in dramas such as Dream High and Gu Circle of relatives Book and flicks like Architecture 101. She is determined to have every othermovie released this year, The Sound of A Flower.

2nd Women Generations Yoona (15.9%)

4th Fin.K.Ls Sung Yuri (12.3%)

8th Red Velvets Irene (4.2%)

12th Etc Please comment (0.8%)

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

5131, 565 On the primary airing of S.E.S all the country went loopy eventide celebrities were going crazy how lovely she was.

3577, 452 Of path its Eugene

2901, 765 Sung Yuris visuals tho

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YG Entertainment In the end Unveils Their Logo New 4-Member K-Pop Girl-Group: Black Pink

YG Entertainment In the end Unveils Their Logo New 4-Member K-Pop Girl-Group: Black Pink

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even if media reports advised that YG Entertainments upcoming ladyworkforce would be adding more members, the firmcurrentlyclose down those rumors by skill ofofficially introducing their newest four-member woman group Black Pink

One June 29th, the agency released a collection of footage featuring the 4 members, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie, along side the teams name Black Pink, stylized with a backwards c and n. Despite the truth thatfanatics were waiting forthe gang to upload more participantsahead of the announcement, they were howeversatisfied that it roughly feels YG might beafter all debuting the group. In fact, with such so much of girl groups debuting with part a dozen more more members these days, many fans have applauded the agencys resolution to debut a smaller group.

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Korean Girl Accusing Yoochun Of Rape Describes Sexual Attack In Graphic Detail

Korean Girl Accusing Yoochun Of Rape Describes Sexual Attack In Graphic Detail

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilstgovernment are still investigating main points regarding JYJ member Yoochuns alleged sexual attack cases, the media has persevered to unencumbersmall printrelating toevery case. 

And while precisely which accuser used to benow notparticularly named, one girl has come forth with factsrelating to her assault, revealing the total lot in an nameless interview with broadcasting station MBC. In keeping with the woman, who worked as a server at the adult entertainment established order at which Yoochun frequented and allegedly assaulted several othergirls at, she still recollects the incident vividly.

In the interview, she explained that she worked at the institution because she wantednumerouscash to pay for her tuition. And while such puts are known to be synonymous to brothels, she explained that she knew that the precise institution wouldnt prostitute her because they didnt would like to existconnected to scandalous activities.

In regards to the evening of the alleged assault, the accuser claims that while entertaining himself, Yoochun is understood to sing and turn up the track very high. She went on to supply an explanation for that while she turned into working, Yoochun grabbed her waist and commenced dancing with her. While proceedingto invite her how much cash she obligatory and pronouncing he couldnt pay attention her reply, Yoochun allegedly brought her to the bathroom, where it was noticeably quieter.

She then explained that afterthe 2 reached the bathroom, Yoochun proceeded to take hang of her face and kiss her earlier than breaking it off and complaining, What theyou don't have any emotion on your kiss, no emotion at all. At that point, she added that she was on her period, and that when he lifted her skirt up while kissing her, she told him to stop, even telling him that she was lately on her period.  However, his most effectiveanswer was, YetI believe I want to see if were a just right match.

According to the woman, at that time she attempted to leave, but if she looked at the mirrored image in the mirror, Yoochun was already starting off his pants, and proceeded to snatch her and sat her down. Afterwards, she recounted him saying, Its okay, smartly start date. You'll be ready to give it to me just this once, right?

As she concluded her account of what happened, she explained why she idea Yoochun acted as he did. According to her, he knew that she was running at an adult entertainment establishment, so nobody would agree with her if she reported him to the police for sexual assault. Furthermore, the toilet is the onlyposition that doesnt have a CCTV, so without evidence, there would be no way she would win in a lawsuit opposed to him. Lastly, she added that he most definitelyalthough she wouldnt feel bad about having sex with him because hes a best star. However, she explained that she cant forgive him for taking a look down on her and having sex with her against her will simply because she was wanting money.

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